The Death Of A Lemming

I first read about John “Don” Acree on the Joey blog. Someone had posted a LINK to the story of an armed, mentally disturbed man, shot by police when they came to his home to serve a warrant. The story was a lot like this one:

And there are others out there that pretty much say the same thing:

For those who don’t know, John is part of a group known to some as Lemmings.

It is a group of mentally ill people who have had some sort of problem with law enforcement or the court systems, usually due to the mental issues they are dealing with. A man named Bill Windsor had gone around America taking video of many such people, promising to help them and make their stories into a movie. The only problem is, their issues almost all are due to their mental instabilities and not court corruptions and therefore, the likes of Billy and his Lawless America group has really hurt these people more than help them. Because of all these unstable people coming together to blindly follow Bill right off the cliff, some began calling them lemmings.

As with most of the stuff I write about, this has been going on for a while, and I only came into it late in the game and really only as an onlooker.

It was all brought to my attention when a lady named Nancy Evans Figat started appearing on my blog and Facebook with all sorts of crazy stories..

I didn’t know who she was, but soon found a video of her on YouTube and learned she was part of this Lawless America Movie scam… yea, I call it what it is.

Here’s Nancy’s part in the so-called movie:

And just to compare, here is John’s part in the so-called “movie”

So here we have at least 2 people involved in Bill’s Lawless America “Movie” that seem to be alienated from their families, stalking people they don’t know on the internet, and harassing and scaring their neighbors… I mean John was taking pictures of people’s kids… how would anyone reading here feel about that? I know how I’d feel.

My heart goes out to John’s family. Dealing with a family member with mental issues is hard enough without this new craze of madness on the internet joining in to battle against the families of such individuals. You all get what I’m saying, and what I have been showing…

But just to make it crystal clear, both John and Nancy’s family had to deal with the likes of a group that calls themselves Lawless America, which is nothing more than a delusional “help” group, getting together to validate each other’s madness.

As I said though, when it comes to Lawless America, I’m just an onlooker (though I’m sure this post will get me labeled a joey, and not for the first time) and in my opinion (which I already stated) the shoe called Lawless America is about to drop. Bill has made his bed, dug his grave, and any other metaphor that means he’s fucked. Hopefully the remaining Lemmings (which unfortunately more than ever seems to be a fitting name for them) will get the proper help they may need once it’s leader is exposed beneath that falling shoe. Yes, one hopes, but their journeys seem so bleak now, don’t they. I mean more than before. John’s story is so unnecessary but what other way was there for it to go?

Again, this is not really my place to blog about this, and I wasn’t going to untill after I found our new nut John Price, or should I say, he found me. Or better yet, she found me.

Looking at Tom Price’s Facebook made me think of John Acree and I went back to look as his Facebook again:

Just like Nancy’s and Tom Price’s FB it is full of paranoid posts with endless comments from themselves. It also has another thing in common…

Dorothy Price Hill.

Dorothy is  Facebook friend with John Acree, and is one of the last people to comment with him on his Facebook:

dph donjohn3

dph donjohn4

dph donjohn2

I have pointed out again and again how I think Dorothy has preyed on Nancy and was a big part of isolating Nancy from her family by agreeing with her that they were evil and that her (nancy) ex husband knew her (dorothy) ex husband and were serial killers, part of an even bigger group of criminals. I truly feel that when Dorothy came into Nancy’s life she helped lead her into the delusional state Nancy is in now as well as the alienation from her (nancy) family.

Now I’ve been dealing with Dorothy for almost 3 years and Nancy at least for 2, so I feel I know of what I speak of here, and again welcome any imput that counters the many things I have shown to prove this has happened, is still happening, because I don’t believe Nancy is still not listening to Dorothy in some way.

As for Mr. Acree, I don’t know much about him other than what I read in the articles above and his own Facebook (and the fact he was part of Lawless Lemmings) but the fact that Dorothy was in contact with him right before he took a bad turn sends up all sorts of red flags. I’d be curious if Dorothy had private messages, e-mails, or phone calls with Mr. Acree as she did/does with Nancy. I would think LE and the Acree family would be interested as well.

RIP John

And now for all of you out there in the Dorothy gang, from friends, family, associates, and social media abusers:

Is Dorothy suffering from mental issues like those she is attracted to online? If so, please get her help, she is doing damage to others out there who need help themselves. If not, then she is really some kind of fuckin’ evil.

Either way, you need to ask yourselves, why do you enable her?

21 thoughts on “The Death Of A Lemming

  1. Take a Good HARD look Nan, with a capital “G”!! Another victim of Dorothy, and now he’s deaad!! Still think this is all harmless mentally ill fun?? Like getting revenge huh??
    Mat i also point out: What a freaking phony piece of shit Dorothy Price Hill is!! When Windsors legal troubles became public, she was one of the 1ST to denounce him..YOU SUCK DOROTHY, fuckin poser, barf bag …

    I said it before, and ill say it again: These lemmings ARE dangerous..Word to the wise! I am sry for Johns family, as i would have been if an innocent officer was killed because no one could stop this mentally disturbed individual!

    • love her comment about Connie Plaissay, hand fed straight from Joe, PLEASE!!….Guess Joe never told Dotty Connie had an affair with his mother…The only pedophile (by TODAYS standards) is Scalise senior, who met and dated joes mom whilee she was HIS STUDENT…DOPEY DOROTHY….Dorothy, why dont you ask joe who SY is (the creepy neighbor who ran a rehab), and why he hasnt been seen since the discovery of Gilgo four??? So dumb, you NEVER researched anything, just added your twist to Joeys lies and agenda!! What a fraud! The end of your games is near you animal!

  2. Good Lordy: Hey nutcases!!: If you MISS an ARRAIGNMENT, you go TO JAIL!! If i hear ‘trumped up charges” one more time!!

  3. Oy! Where to begin .. If I read this on any other blog, I wouldn’t believe a group like this existed. I wish I had more time to look into it. I haven’t transcribed Nancy’s segment, but my initial feeling is she believes every word she said. If her ex could do half of what she claims, he would be Bill Gates, not some used car salesman. Geez

    • thing is, Nancy is far more delusional in all parts of her life. She needs to be under full time care. She went from being part of the Royal family to being part of the Clinton family in record speed. She sees ALL handwriting as being her ex ‘s and part of a conspiracy. She has a dismorphic perception of so much around her.

      She truly believes her ‘stories’. She should be protected from people like Dorothy LOL, but then all those around her deserve protection.

  4. This all is depressing. Mental illness is very real. They find one disconcerting thing and then personalize it, obsess over it, and then become paranoid over it. Schizotypal 100%

    • I agree… but I also say, that if someone in my family was mentally ill and trashing the rest of the family online or getting manipulated by others on line my family would stand together and make sure something was done. I know it’s hard to get people help who won’t agree they need it and I also know that since I have not had to deal with this in my family it’s not fair to say what we “would” do… but fair or not, my family would never let this carry on like this destroying someone we love or slander our name in such away…

      • especially when she seems to have problems with her day to day life. I can’t understand how her family lets her run all over the internet and elsewhere without a major attempt at getting her help, or by posting disclaimers if the couldn’t. She has posted some pretty vile stuff about her immediate family.

      • And the next generation looks just as bad. BJ (that’s Brandon Jessica for those who haven’t caught on yet) is a chip off Nan Nans block, telling stories of his brother worshiping Hitler and talking about having disorders, and even possibly playing along online right beside mommy and Dorothy. The whole family seems to like to steal identities and slander their kin. I swear these nuts are gonna make a great book one day. Heh heh heh.

      • I hear what ur sayin Z. Interesting problem to say the least. Unfortunately , in this state, an adult with mental illness must be a threat to themselves or others…But DAMN, hasnt nan shown both these things???? Christ!
        Needless to say, my lawyer is watching CLOSELY when it comes to libel cases via social media…I predict many cases of internet libel to be coming down the pike, and lawyers are salivating!! Is that a good thing?? Sigh, we shall see…Stay TOONED, lol

    • Mental illness has such a stigma, many families deny their loved ones are ill. It’s a sad commentary on today’s society.

  5. Well explained blog article Zero.
    So many of the individuals devotedly following Windsor have had/have severe emotional & mental health issues, & have landed in dire situations in courts. They were impoverished, unfamiliar with the judicial system & had unfavorable to them rulings. They became convinced the rulings could not possibly be because of their actions or behaviors, it had to be #Corruption of some sort.
    That term of corruption is Windsor’s mantra & he used it as bait to lure these alienated individuals to increase his followers’ numbers. Windsor has yet to fulfill any deed helpful to these people in such dire situations.
    Instead? Windsor has abandoned ship, as it sank & began filing frivolous & voluminous lawsuits in numerous states against anyone he claims “upon information & belief” have ever disagreed with him or commented their disdain & disgust for Windsor.
    A maniacal mass of molecular human waste sucking vulnerable people into a void vortex he fueled by giving them #hope.
    IMHO? Windsor is low & scummy POS that preys on the weak & desperate by giving them hope & empty promises.

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