Flukeyou On Catching LISK

Before we get started on this post, I need to point out, that Catching LISK  is a dead blog. It was taken down, just as LISK.com was. If you go to read there, know that most of it (Catching LISK) is crap and many of the comments are either from the Dorothy/Joey side or the other side which was vast, a lot of Websleuthers and other trolls and avengers, MM7 and Joey had picked up along the way. Oh and there is Jen, who started out with positive comments about the blog, but later tried to get some not so positive ones through. Those were not let through of course, which is why Jen came to my blog I’m sure. Sorry, I keep forgetting it’s “Fluke Weekend”, so that too is a blog for another time.

So Joey, let me explain it to you. That blog is dead. It died May 2013 due to it being crap and it’s author no longer wanting to be associated to it. It was crap you, Jen, Dorothy and Cristin created, and is now just rubble left from its destruction. So going there and trying to comment or spin anything is not gonna happen. There is no reason to comment there at all as it will not go through… it’s a dead blog. Do you get it? So no more comments like this one:

fu on catching lisk 6 17 2015


Yes, it seems Fluke found his way back to “Catching LISK” blog and not only copied something and posted it in my comments (see previous post), but he tried to leave a comment on the “Catching LISK” blog while he was there.

Now this is supposed to be a reply to someone called Babylon Barry:

fu comment answer

Wow, that innocent man stuff sure sounds familiar. We will have to come back to that. First I want to go over some of the things Flukeyou wrote as himself and other screen names he thought were cute. These were all on the “Catching LISK” blog during its short existence:

fu b4 tcb

LMFAO! This one is great. Was Fluke wanting to write that as Barbara? Ooops, he left the screen name as Flukeyou. And then in the other comment he explains why these things happen. Only problem is he wrote the explanation before the mistake (how does Fluke always do this, posting things ahead of time? Does he have a time machine?) if I’m reading the time stamps right. Maybe MM7 tried to help him correct his mistake but somehow made the time stamp off. The simpler answer is that Fluke probably wrote something as the wrong screen name and then wrote the cover up comment, then MM7 probably deleted that post, so he reposted it or messed up again, lol.  I know confusing right? But the main thing is look what Flukeyou wrote as himself instead of the fake screen name he meant to use.

Busted! He made this mistake time after time. Others called him on it at LISK.com. I wonder how many times he messed up on “Catching LISK” but MM7 helped by deleting or fixing them? Hard to keep up when you have so many screen names, huh Joe? I want to point out as well, that the one I call NERD wrote as Fukeyou  (and I think this got to the real Fluke) as well as just about everyone else. But MM7 took  most of these down from the blog not wanting to confuse things. Which I admit without seeing the IP addresses, it could get confusing to see who was who. But why take down the names she knew were fake and written by NERD, but leave up all the fake ones from Flukeyou. Comments like this:

fu BH truck sex

Man Joey, you sure are obsessed with the docs sex life. Over and over again.  But seriously, see what I mean. MM7 took all of NERD’s mocking screen names down but left all of Flukeyou’s up. Here’s more:

fu b4 tc2

I mean why not clear up that these came from Fluke and remove them? I know she knew it was him, she could see the IP addresses. Just as she knew all the comments coming from NERD were his, she knew these were Fluke, difference was, she was working with Fluke and the blog was there to help with his slandering of his neighbors.  Take a look at this one:

fu tc

There’s Fluke commenting as Tom C. and it has got to be one of the most disturbing comments left by anyone in all this. And with so many of them complaining about language and calling others vile, MM7 just let that comment by Fluke stay. And remember, Cristin aka MM7 knew it was Joey aka Flukeyou and let it through no problem.

You’ll notice I’m removing parts of some of the IPs. This is because Fluke used different IPs (some only changing a little as he used a different port in the server, that’s the easiest way to explain it, remember, I work with this kind of stuff, so I know what I’m talking about, as do some of you out there reading this who get the whole IP thing), but there are a couple IPs used exclusively and those are the ones I have kept the ends off. And it is these matching ones that prove without a doubt Flukeyous was behind many comments including the ones he leaves on my blog.

Shall we continue:

fu bh dif ip

fu bh dif ip2

fu BH

Damn, Cristin even let him call her a bitch as Barbara in that last one. Sorry, but I had to point that out again… continue:

fu bh2

Sorry, got to stop again, because that is just obscene. Again Joey, why do you fantasize about the doc and his wife’s sex life so much? And that comment where Fluke is writing as Barbara saying how Evelyn (that’s Joey/Flukeyou’s mom if you don’t know) is such a good mom, it’s my favorite Flukeyou comment. Man Joey, a psychiatrist would have a field day dissecting that comment. I just want to add that Hackett is not a zero… I am… continue:

fu bh3

fu cl1b

fu cl2b

fu cl3b

fu cl4

fu cl5

I love how Fluke wrote MM7 was right about CPH posting as him. NERD was posting a lot as Flukeyou (and again all those post were removed from the blog so people wouldn’t get confused about fake screen names, damn, so funny it hurts), but Joey was happy to push on MM7 to help further convince her CPH actually would comment on her blog. I plan to get into all those NERD comments if need be one day. But for now let’s just stick with what Flukeyou posted there. The real Flukeyou, Joey Scalise Jr.

I save this one for last because it reminded me of anther commenter and, well,  decide for yourself:

fu bh dif ip3

Another very crude comment left by Flukeyou writing as Barbara and let in without question or clarification by MM7.  But the use of the word blumpkin (if you don’t know what it means, Google it, Joey obviously knows the word, just saying) made me think of a screen name that just may be… as I said, decide for yourself:

fu blumpkin

FU blumpkin nigger joke

The Ips are very close and the use of blumpkin again sure sells it to me. Plus it just sounds like Flukey. You are one messed up dude fluke. And if any of your cronies ever want to call someone here vile again, they better reread all these comments and then STFU!

We would stop here, I feel I’ve gone on enough about all this (aren’t ya glad you brought that stuff up from the “Catching LISK” blog Fluke?) but there is still something nagging me about Joey’s latest comment he tried to leave on the “catching LISK” blog:

fu comment answer

fu on catching lisk 6 17 2015

What brought Fluke to answer this comment? I mean Fluke goes to the dead blog and finds this comment out of all the rest and replies to it… wait… those IPs again are very similar to one of the known Fluke IPs… let’s take a look at this Babylon Barry:

fu bb

Let’s see…

Leads MM7 on to things he wants her to comment about… check!

Uses the Peg Leg Pete joke… check!

Hates Too Close… check!

Damn, did I just find another one Joey? Well we can’t stop there:

fu bb2

“Where has Flukeyou been?” AH HA HA HA! More… more:

fu bb3

Even signed it with your signature Fluke equation.

Joey=Dope… lmao!

And those tranny comments Joey, times are changing, people like you, Dorothy, Nancy, and the Duggars (yea I said it) might want to start chosing your words more wisely.

I also should point out (though most of you won’t need me to) that there is a lot of Dot Girl in those Barry comments. And didn’t Jen G. comment there as Babylon something? I may have to check on that.

Ha ha… fucking dopes.

Come back any time Flukeyou.

A Closer Look At Fluke’s Comment

OK, this is one of those “pay attention” posts… so pay attention.

Flukeyou came back with this clip and paste post 2 weeks ago before going on a little comment spree. And I had a case of Deja Vu

Let’s look at his stolen post turned into a comment:

fu zw cl comment1

fu ze cl comment2

That’s just a clip of them, you can go and see them for your self in the comments… or just read on, because I think we’ve seen this before.

Yes I know we’ve seen this before.

It comes straight from the MM7 blog, “Catching LISK”. Oh joy. I love when someone brings up “Catching LISK”. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I did so much reading at “Catching LISK” and “LISK.com” before and after they were pulled from the net (nothing ever really leaves the net, there are dark areas where you can find anything). I blogged a lot about LISK.com, but by the time I got to “Catching LISK”, everyone had run away. And since MM7 herself said the blog was worthless, I kind of let that blog go, other than a mention when needed from time to time.

And this is one of those times. Because Flukeyou’s comments on this blog on 6-17-15 came straight from a post on “Catching LISK” posted 4-13-13.

I know, I said that already. And will get to that post, but fist let’s look at a comment MM7 made about this post:

tcth mm7 cl

Ahh, how right Too Close had it. It must have driven some of you mad how right Too Close always was.

Anyways, MM7 seemed proud of the post she mentions here. Shall we look at this post? You can’t click on it there, but you can here:


How awkward that the one post MM7 called out as having not come from media or Fluke gets posted in Fluke agenda on my blog 2 years later.

I always found this post interesting, because it seems to have 3 authors.

One being Hackett writing the OB.

Two being MM7 who put it all together as a post and most likely wrote the end stuff on stalking, she almost sets up the back n forth there by saying Hackett would post stuff about her, knowing she had others out there like Jen just waiting to tell the truth about her. Damn I could go on for days about the lies and games played on this blog, and I have and I will, but this is “Fluke Weekend”!

And Three being the middle part that goes after the OB (obituary, not Oak Beach, thought I might need to clarify that) and also the second part that Flukeyou copied and posted here the other day.

Well I always thought that was probably written by Joey (Fluke) or Brendan (Truthspider).

Yea,  MM7 may have been proud of this post, but it’s not really hers. Most of this stuff came from somewhere. She says it not the media or Fluke, but at least some of it comes from the media and Fluke. Don’t want to call people liars when we know how much they hate that. But yea, liar.

Truthspider, is most likely where the majority of this post came from. Any one care to correct me… MM7? Truthspider? Fluke?

Yea, and I love how MM7 wrote she read the book, but doesn’t mind the misinformation about Hackett taking his son “to gamble and have sex with those “whores” he talked about “converting”” . Either MM7 once again is lying here when she says she read “The Last Happy Hour” or is lying about what she read.

That word… they really don’t like it.

But how else can it be seen? Fluke? Spider? MM7?

Thanks again for the comments Joey…

I love it when someone brings up “Catching LISK”.


So we’ve all heard about Joey and his mail order brides.

And in the three years I have been writing about Fluke, Dot, and the gang, many have come to me with concern for Flukes first wife, who I am told is Olga.

I’ve heard lots of stories about Fluke over these few years including the one most of you heard about Jen’s friend speaking to a russian lady who told her she feared her husband was the LISK killer. If you haven’t heard this dramatic tale of hearsay from Jen yet, don’t worry you will. And if you’ve heard it on Websleuths… well I guess that sleuther is out of the bag now. But I’ll stop there before I get in too much trouble. A blog for another time.

Well, back in the beginning of all this (for me that was January/February of 2013) when everyone was posting mug shots (no one found any for me still? what could that mean? I know some of you looked for them, lmao) I came across one that I was told was Joey’s ex-wife Olga.

I’ll post the link in a second but first I want to share with you what was written under the mug shot and arrest info when I frist saw it back then:


This explained some of the comments I had read on LISK.com calling Fluke an animal abuser and other things that obviously came from others finding this comment. Or did some people know more about this arrest? If so (and I get the feeling people did/do) then this could be part of the reason Olga is no longer with Joey.

Of course without Olga’s side to any of this it’s all just hearsay (but man there are lots of hearsay on this, coming from different places). Unless you’d like to comment on any of this Fluke. What’s your side of the events that took place in Florida on 8-31-09?

Wait, I think you might have already spoke out on this.

Later, when going back to look at this page a second comment was there. Now remember, this 2nd comment comes after all this was discussed on my blog and other places. Well here, just look at the second comment:

olga 2

When I saw that I thought, yes, that’s our Fluke. That cemented to me what everyone was saying about him. And yes, made me worry for Olga.

I hear she is fine and I hope that is true, probably staying as far away from you as possible Fluke.

I’ll leave this with more questions than anything else.  Care to answer any of them Fluke?

Olga, if you are out there and come across this, I’d love to hear your side of what Joey is all about.

By the way here’s the link if you don’t already have it:


I’m not one for posting mug shots, that game was started long before I got here, and I stayed away from this subject for quite a while now. But this is how it must be I guess.

Where ya at Fluke?

Fluke Weekend

It’s kind of like Shark Week… only smaller.

Still no fluke sightings since last week though. Just as we all expected. Fluke doesn’t like to answer important questions about himself or his internet lies. He just wants to post and run. And he just keeps posting old crap over and over… but we’ll get to that.

First, let’s take a look at something I should have posted long ago…

Something Diabolical

Well, The Stranger is back from the dead and ready to get at it!

I promised I would post The Stranger’s blog as soon as something was on it… and here it is:


If you don’t like scary stories, I’d stay away from it. Plus you have to be careful of The Stranger, he’s a strange one.

I have been asked to write the introduction, which I am working on and it should be up soon.

So click on and follow…

and enjoy…

not being able to go to sleep…




Big Brother Goes Big Sister

Why we are waiting for the weekend, I thought I’d mention that Big Brother 17 starts tonight. I’ve mentioned several times that reality T.V. is a staple in my house. And it all started years ago with Big Brother and Survivor (well it really started with Real World on MTV, but it was Big Brother and Survivor that made reality T.V. family T.V. in my house). I have watched every season of Big Brother and Survivor. In fact Big Brother is the only summer show I really watch (sorry “Under the Dome” I tried, I really did). I’ve done my best not to look up any thing on-line about tonight’s show or the season to come, but I did catch a couple of things that made me think we are in for a fun season. The theme this season is “the beach”, which is awesome! I will definitely be in my “beach outfit”! The other thing I heard was there was a transgender woman in the cast this season. That too is awesome! And about time, England’s version of the show already had a transgender winner. Well, I allowed myself to do a little Googling on this season’s cast and found this: http://haveuheard.net/2015/06/big-brother-2015-season-17-cast-announced-transgender-woman-cast/

This should be a record-breaking season as far as viewers. It could also create quite a stir on the internet. And you know how I love that. Yes, I’d say that this season of Big Brother could qualify as a #WorldsCollide moment. You know I’m there!

Shark Week And Other Things

I have to thank Joey. His coming back to spray my blog with his comments last week got my mind off the terrible things going on that I should be blogging about.

From the sentencing of the Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to the arrest of mass murder Dylann Roof. Which I have to say, the murder of 9 innocent people in their church in South Carolina is beyond tragic and while it sparks lots of debate on many subjects, I don’t want the deep loss and deep sadness of what happened to be lost in discussions of a flag or the President saying the N-word on a podcast. (people still do those?)

Yes, we need to discus these things as well as gun control and the epidemic of severe mental issues that is all around us. But please, can we just agree how wrong this is and grieve for those 9 victims and their friends and families before we start squabbling over politics as usual?

We also have those runaway convicts, David Sweat and Richard Matt So much to discus there, and we won’t. I think that will be done here soon, and it does seem like they didn’t have any real plans other than the one that failed when  Joyce Mitchell did not show up as the getaway driver. Seems cops were right and they are still in the area around or close to the prison. Of course this isn’t all good news, because now they will be more dangerous as they try to escape immediate capture… but like I said we aren’t gonna discus that.

We have shark attacks in North Carolina and Florida and crushing weather everywhere.

It can all be overwhelming to think about, and my thoughts and prayers go out to all who are affected directly by these tragedies as well to all of us who are indirectly affected by them.

And that’s where we will leave the important issues for now. There are many other places on the web to read about them and help in any way you can. There are plenty of places out there for both good, encouraging, helpful comments on these subjects as well as places for those who like to comment with hate and malice on the tragedies of others. So me not blogging on them will not be much of an issue (besides the comments here always speak loudly on such things going on around us).

Which brings us back to Joey “Flukeyou” Scalise Jr.

Joey, most people don’t want to read your rantings anymore, and I lose readers every time I let your comments through. But anyone whose been here long enough knows, that means nothing to me.

I beat a dead horse like no other. I’ve said and shown that enough that by now you should see it’s true.

You may have read in the comments that I was planning a “Fluke Week”, kind of like “Shark Week”, where I posted all about you all week Fluke. But to be honest Joe, you ain’t no shark… you are strictly a fluke. So I have decided to have another “Fluke Weekend”.

Trust me, there will be plenty more for you to comment on Joe (though no one will actually expect you to).

I’m sure I’ll have record “low” reading over the weekend, but it will be worth it to once again shut you up Fluke. Look around, even Nancy has left the comments… what’s that say about you Joey?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to answer that, we all know what that says about you.







P.S. Hey Fluke, I hope you have checked out the ZW Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/zerosworld?ref=hl

I posted 3 Bloodhound Gang videos just for you!

A Couple Other Things I’d Love For Flukeyou To Comment On

Fluke had so much to say last week, and when I give him something to talk about… nothing. Again, I figured as much, a weekend appearance by Fluke is rare. He prefers to use that computer at work for his slanderous agendas. Hope they never find out, people lose their jobs all the time for that kind of thing.

Well, when you do find your way back here Joey, here’s a couple other things for you to comment on.

Some may remember a post I did called. “Who Is Flukeyou”:


In it I combined many different things I have read about Flukeyou/Joe Scalise. It was a long paragraph using many different people’s thoughts and comments about or to Flukey Joey. Some of those comments were made by his own buddies, like MM7 and Jen, others from people on LISK.com, but a few were made by people who actually knew or had met Joey. And some of those were very telling… and troubling.

A lot of people who knew or met Joey said he suffers from some sort of ADD or  borderline personality disorder. At first, one or two people saying this didn’t mean a whole lot. But after reading what was written about Joe in the “Lost Girls” book I started to realize that these were very real depictions of Fluke aka Joe Scalise Jr.

So when someone says something like:

“what is strange is the whole while he could not refrain from spewing accusations about the Doc. I mean to the point where his mother reprimanded numerous times. Bear in mind that this is a 40 year old man who is being “corrected” by his mom as if he were a 10 year old autistic child!”

I put it into context with everything else said about you Fluke, and something just isn’t right.

And there are others who think something isn’t right:

“The odd part is this. Through all the claims I never really saw him express any type of sincere emotion towards Mary , her daughters, or even the situation at hand. In a room of many, he seemed to be the only one with an “agenda”. Honestly don’ let me over state this, I simply want to share that his passionate interest seems to have questionable roots. That is not a smoking gun by any means, and may simply be a window into his real character.”

Many people wonder about that “agenda” Fluke.

So then when someone who’s opinion means quite a bit to me, says this:

“He’s a little ADD, definitely could not stop going on about the Hacketts. While their behavior/story is bizarre no doubt, I have to point out that the very last place that Shannan was seen was in front of Joes house?!?! Which is in close proximity to the Hacketts. I have absolutely NOTHING to base this on but intuition, but I got this weird sense that maybe Joe was responsible for the death of Shannan, totally unrelated to the other girls. Just a feeling, though he did make mention of a number of accurate statements relating to the location of Shannan. Long before she was found. This can be found in the LISK postings.. Things about the channels behind Hacketts house. He made a bunch of accusations about them postponing EPA? Zoning reviews of the area. This was months before she turned up in virtually the exact spot he identified.”

I have to wonder… as many others do:

“I have always never trusted what Joe said to me. He feed BS to Mari cause he knows thats what he says she wants to hear and know. I understand that. Poor Mari is being played by a man who either has something to do with this all or a vendetta toward OB. I have done background on him. How he used to work as a stock broker in NYC around the times all four girls went missing and now he is working for a different company. I am not sure what his deal is and intrest is with this case but whatever it is it sure is not good.”

Yes, people very close to the case wonder about you Joe.

And yet you still come here with the same routine.

So, fluke, care to change that routine a little and comment on some of these things said about you?

If so, here’s one more thing people like to point out about you:

” Joey has a dock and boat, CPH does not have water access on his property.”

Things I’d Love For Flukeyou To Comment On

Flukeyou has said a lot over the years, some of it has turned out to be quite false while others, well you know.

So here’s some stuff you wrote Fluke:

LISK Flukeyou 1

LISK Flukeyou 2

LISK Flukeyoidth=

LISK Flukeyou 4


Care to comment on these comments Flukeyou? I love how you and Dorothy share that catch phrase “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. And calling him a wolf right afterwards, lmao, was that an inside thing, some sort of “shout out” to your girl Dot? Let me be the first (and probably not the last) to say… “EWWWWWW!!!!!”

You said a lot over the years Fluke. Let’s take a look at some of it. Feel free to comment on any of it Joey. In fact everyone, please feel free to comment on any of these comments.

fu 6 28 2011

fu 6 30 2011
fu 7 1 2011

fu 7 2 2011

LISK 200+14

fu 8 16 2011

fu 1 5 2012f

fu 1 5 2012a

fu 1 5 2012b

fu 1 5 2012c

fu 1 5 2012d

fu 1 5 2012e

fu 1 5 2012g

fu 1 6 2012

fu 1 7 2012a

fu 1 7 2012b

fu 1 7 2012c

fu 1 8 2012

fu 4 17 2012

fu 4 28 2012

fu 5 7 2012

fu 6 16 2012

fu 6 16 2012b

fu 6 23 2012

fu 6 26 2012

fu 7 5 2012a

fu 7 5 2012b

fu 7 6 2012a

fu 7 7 2012

Wow, Fluke, you said so much and yet so little. And this is all just from LISK.com (a small example of your LISK.com comments I should add). Like I said though, you can really see where all the crap originated, you really sowed the seeds for the other nuts to take growth, didn’t you?

I await your comments Flukeyou.

I have some of my own.


The Truth About The Last Happy Hour

the last happy hour

A lot has been said over the last few years about this book. Most of it seems to stem back to this review:

happy hour review

Back on my LISK blog I wrote about this review in the “Lost Girls” post. It’s about half way down:


When I wrote about this review, the name on the review was Brendan Murphy, which most of us here know is supposed to be the screen name Truthspider from Websleuths who’s main POI was Dr. Hackett. There have also been Truthspider comments on  my blogs and MM7’s old blog “Catching LISK“, as well as the LISK.com sight.  Some people thought Flukeyou was behind some of those comments. But there was also suggestions that Fluke and Truthspider knew each other. They often backed each other on LISK.com where someone actually commented there under the name Brendan Murphy. I came across an old GQ article someone had posted on LISK.com and got a glimpse of who Truthspider aka Brendan Murphy might be:


I should point out, that sometime after I wrote my “Lost Girls” post the name Brendan Murphy was removed from the Amazon review and now just says Amazon Customer:


I don’t know why the review no longer says it was by Brendan Murphy, there could be a simple explanation for it, or it could just be a case once again of people pulling away from the games they were involved in. But the point is at one time that review had the name Brendan Murphy as it’s author.

Now why am I bringing all this up again? Well, actually it was Flukey Joey Junior who brought it up in his comment take over last week:

fluke on happy hour

But more importantly, when ever the subject was brought up before I just always took for granted that the things Fluke, Truthspider, and other flukies and dotties were saying about the book were true. I mean no one was coming out to say the book did not say these things. So I believed the book’s author spoke of “converting whores” and not only told his son that this could not be done, but he also took his son on trips to Atlantic City where they “gambled and had sex with whores”. Yes, just as Fluke just wrote in a recent comment and just like Truthspider and others have said before.

Except this time, I do know a little more about the book. Because someone who actually read it came to me and pointed out where Joey and Brendan (or if you prefer, Flukeyou and Truthspider) twisted the things they said about the book.

Now again, I have not read the book, so once again I’m just taking for granted that what this person said about the book is correct, though they let me see some of it for my own eyes, so it seems right to me. Plus I never should have taken the word of Joey or any of his flukie flunkies.

Take a look for your self, here’s where it mentions taking his son to Atlantic City:

happy hour 1a

I don’t see mention of gambling or prostitutes in any of that. How ’bout “converting whores”?

Well, it seems there is mention of this, though it is not by elder Hackett to younger Hackett. It was actually something said to elder Hackett by someone else:

Happy Hour 3a

Not at all what Fluke and/or Spider made it sound like at all. In fact it looks more like a discussion about war and pacifism then “converting” or “saving” prostitutes.

Again, I have not read the book myself, so maybe what Fluke and Spidey are talking about are totally different things. So please Joey, Brendan, or whoever wrote that review, and any one else who has actually read the book, fill free to correct me if I’m seeing this wrong.

But if I’m not wrong then this is just once again an example of all the crap rolling down hill to you Fluke.

I may just have to get the book myself to see what is really said in it.

In the meantime, Joey, comment away…

Now what should I blog about next?

How about Joey?