The Duggars

OK… as I mentioned on ZW’s FB, I’m once again not sure what to do here. There are many things I want to get into, and back into. I want to start over on a few things, and a few people, lol. But there is always something new that I want to discus as well. And as I said, lately I  end up just not posting about anything… just waiting for those shoes.

But that’s not good, this is a blog… and I need to stop neglecting it. I don’t want it to end up like that creepy guy’s liar Vlog.

So while we wait for me to decide on the next post, I’ll get to a request of sorts.

Some of you may remember, last year when I explained how Cara had come back to read the blog to see if I had posted on Ferguson. At the time I had been contemplating writing a post on all that was going on there, but was struggling with it. And we all know that although I said I would try to get through that post and actually get it posted, I did not.

The reasons for this I have mentioned a little before, part was the way the story grew and changed, I didn’t want to write something prematurely. It seemed witnesses were lying on both sides of the case… and many remembered wrong or were not even there, so it makes it hard to know exactly what happened in those last moments when Brown charged the officer even though there seemed to be hundreds of accounts of it. Remember, at this point Brown had already been shot at least twice, had lost a lot of blood, and may definitely not have been in a good frame of thinking or understanding what was happening to him. I have questions about how it went down, but it seems you can’t trust anyone to just get to the point of the matter or speak the truth on such things, it’s just either he had his hands up and that doesn’t sit right with the autopsy results or he charged the officer wanting to kill him. And again I stress, that so much of the eyewitness reports contradicts each other and the facts. Plus there is the question of that witness #40, if I did do a Ferguson post I promise you, witness #40 would be who I blogged about mainly, that is the part that really makes me go WTF? By the way, Hannity on Fox news loved to quote Witness #40… so I’m sure my post would have become a rant on that dueche bag and what good would that do? I mean the world knows Hannity is a dueche bag.

It is obvious that you never get into a fight with a police officer who is still sitting in their car, I would never even get close to the window of a police car, sorry but fuck that.

So that part of the confrontation seems to be where most people base their decisions (ok, maybe not most, but definitely anyone who has any common sense, cause from there on, it all goes wrong on all sides, and again I say someone suffering from gunshots and blood loss running away and then charging, may have felt afraid for their lives and was trying to protect it and “survive” at that point, much as the officer said he felt when Brown reached into his car.

Can you see the struggles I had with it? How confusing such a post would become? There are 2 sides here. No scratch that, 3 sides.

The side of someone who feels treated badly by the system and police in general, who do treat many like criminals instead of human beings as a rule. We have the side of LE, who have to deal with the worst of situations all the time, and treating someone like a human instead of a criminal could get you killed. And we have those of us on the outside who manage to stay out of LE’s way for the most part, but have definite opinions in favor or against one of these other 2 sides. When in reality both sides are valid and need to be discussed and understood if we are to change what is going on in any way.

So yea, what point would it be for me to struggle through the post when really all I want to say is fuck you Hannity, you God-Damned dueche bag!

Alright, before everyone starts screaming WTF does this have to do with the Duggars… I’m getting to it.

So the other day F1-Girl asked me if I was gonna do a post on The Duggars and “19 Kids and Counting”. Just like when Cara asked about a Ferguson post, I had been struggling with doing a post on The Duggars when F1-Girl asked me about it. And they are similar struggles as with the Ferguson post, well sort of. In fact I told F1-Girl I probably wouldn’t be doing a post and instead we discussed it and I put out all my points and why I didn’t want to try to attempt a post about it.

Yet as you see by the title, I am going to attempt it.

But first I want to once again explain my word Hypo-Crites.

We are all hypocrites in some way. I explain my own hypocrisies by saying I’m a contradiction. I hate humanity but love it at the same time. I am against abortion, and hate how easily it is used in this day and age, but also strongly oppose it being made illegal or it not being covered by insurance and healthcare help type programs, including the christian and catholic ones. I’m not gonna get into a long discussion on how or why feel I this way, any more than I’m gonna get into a discussion on how I can watch a boxing match even though I find the whole thing barbaric and sad sometimes and don’t want to enjoy someone taking the chance of brain damage for my entertainment (yea, I didn’t get to the whole fight post either, and that was because I’m just not ready to discus my own hypocrisies yet, though here I am doing it, I also didn’t write the “Fight Post” because it would have gone into Mayweather’s domestic abuse, and opening that can of worms so close to Mother’s Day just didn’t seem right to me, yes some important post never get made).

So yes, I like everyone else have many different biases. Yes, we all can be bigots of some sort. We should know that about ourselves and strive to change our hypocrisies when possible and at very least try to understand where they come from or why we have them.

But there are those who can’t see any of this, and in fact do not find their beliefs bigoted or biased at all. From the Christians who believe in “eye for an eye” over “turn the other cheek” any day of the week. Or any religious person who doesn’t support food and healthcare for the poor, sick, and needy.  There are people who still think slavery was a good thing or that the color of their skin makes them superior in some way.  There are those out there who go out of their way to stop others from having the same rights as them.

Homophobes and racists… religious nuts and righteous wrong doers.

These are what I call the Hypo-Crites. A tribe that will not grow and learn with the rest of the tribes as we bring the tribes together.  It actually comes from a book I was writing (and never finished) when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t have a name for it, it was the story of a group o of supernatural beings that were a lot like the group of lost boys both in “Peter Pan” and in “Lost Boys”. Their leader was the oldest male being on our planet and was the product of  the rape of mother nature by 2 battling forces of good and evil  (both male) that landed on our planet in the beginning of time. (I really stole the idea from Clive Barker’s “Great And Secret Show”)

So anyways, this bastard child of Mother Nature is the one who populates the world and is the father of humanity in a way. But in the time of my story he has a small group of guys and they live in a sort of hidden Garden of Eden, the last of what the world was like in the time of Mother Nature,  you  learn in time that mother nature died while giving birth to not one, but 2 children. Yes there is a brother. But that comes later in the story, when we get to another story of good vs evil (I used to love to make up epic stories on this subject. Much like our ancestors). The story starts as a tale of a God like group of man-childs, who go around doing outrageously evil as well as outrageously good (seen as miracles by most who experience them) to keep the balance in the world. A world they call “land of the Hypo-Crites”.

Wow, I’m getting way off topic, more than usual I would say. And I’m a little worried about someone stealing my story… out of all the books I almost wrote, that story is my favorite. The ideas I had for it are both beautiful and drastically morbid. Yes, a core idea of the so-called contradictions that haunt me.

Wow, over 1500 words and still not on topic yet, gotta get focused here…

Anyways (I use that segue, way too much), Hypo-Crites would stay with me and become my way to describe a sort of super hypocrite, which I guess was all I had to say.

So, on to the Hypo-Crites otherwise known as The Duggars:

Like I said, I struggled with the idea of blogging about the Duggars, and that is mainly because we don’t really know what Josh Duggar really did. It is described as “over the clothes molestation” or “forced fondling”.  And if this is true, well then it could be a lot for nothing. Kids experiment in strange ways if they don’t have the proper understanding of the sexual feelings they get while growing up.

Most of you are probably not to happy with what I just wrote, F1-Girl didn’t exactly agree either, which is why I didn’t want to write this post.

But since I am writing it, let me try to explain. If this was a more serious molestation, (yes I know how that sounds, deal with it or stop reading, or just yell at me in the comments, in fact I prefer that to the stop reading choice) then it would be easy to cry in outrage and say that this was handled wrong or that Josh may have some severe issues he needs to deal with. If he had been caught instead of coming to his parents confused about his feelings and actions, or if the sisters came out years later saying what happened to them, I’d be able to write a post I’m sure we’d all agree on and it would not be a struggle at all. But this could just be a case of bad parenting and child curiosity.

Josh went to his parents several time before they dealt with it, and they dealt with it by putting it in God’s hands instead of a realistic sexual education the boy may have needed to know and understand his sexual feelings and urges. I also think that growing up in such a large, close family might have been part of why it happened like this and that Josh’s actions might not be so alien as we all think they are.

When I was in 5th grade, during recess, all of the boys in our class ran around smacking the butts of our female class mates, and they ran giggling from us. It was a weird sexual tag that if was done today, I’m sure there would be expulsions and cries of molestation or “forced fondling” and in a way it was. But as I said the girls were a part of it and they didn’t say anything to the teacher nor ask us to stop, we were all wrapped up in sexual urges we didn’t understand and our parents didn’t know how to explain them so we ran around smacking girls asses. So maybe Josh and those like him in big, close, dare I throw in, overly religious families might end up in such experiences and therefore are not sexual deviance but natural child curiosity and sexual awakenings of kids who don’t have kids their own age and not in the family to experiment with or learn from.

Man why didn’t I just not write this…

I hope I didn’t piss to many people with good intentions into thinking I am OK with people molesting children. If this had been an adult, I’d be calling for castration, and I don’t find that hypocritical in any way, just the reality. And as I said, if this turns out that there is much more to what Josh did, or if it continued as he got older, then everything I wrote is wrong and the guy is sick individual who needs to be off the street for the safety of other children.

Enough with what is difficult about it, let’s get to the “Hannity” part of it or should I say the “Megyn Kelly” part of it. (LOL, did you see what I did there?) Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are scary to watch, always have been for me, even before I knew about any of this. When I would catch their show “19 Kids and Counting” I would cringe sometimes (like I did many times in that Megyn Kelly interview). Something was just not right about them in my opinion. And the fact that they still want to spill ignorant views on people they do not know after all they have been through disgusts me.

It just bothers me when people with their own issues strike out at others. Worry about your own, which they did… I guess. Took care of it real good… “hush-hush and make a TV show about how great our family is even though we have way to many children to actually give the attention to each one needed, not to mention our religious beliefs have our family values all screwed up and we’d rather tell out children to pray than to actually help them understand what they might be going through”. Very judgemental statement, huh?  Well, every time this family opens their mouth to discus transgender equality and how they stand against it because they think they are child molesters and sick people, makes me want to judge right back. I know it’s wrong. But I can’t help it, I have bigoted issues myself. I said that, right?

Well, there ya go F1-Girl. I wrote it.

Bottom line, they are right, it was 12 years ago, it was dealt with, and it is none of our business. It’s sad that a minors sealed records would be exposed for what comes down to probably political purposes (yes the liberals can be just as bad as those conservatives).

That doesn’t mean the Duggar’s aren’t bad parents and are definitely Hypo-Crites who do not need to be on TV spewing their toxic beliefs. Keep it in the family, we know you know how to do that.

And don’t forget, all of this means nothing if Josh did more than what was reported or if it continued on into his adult life. Then, this post would be much, much different.

But the real bottom line is someone is probably gonna steal my version of “Lost Boys” and write a best seller. If this happens, when I open that book I better see the words:

“Special Thanks To Zero, Without Him This Book Wouldn’t Exist”

338 thoughts on “The Duggars

  1. I agree with everything you said 100% and understand what you were getting at. I do t know whether or not I am for abortion myself because I’ve never been put in that position fortunately, but I am pro choice for others and don’t want yoing women going through questionable and harmful back alley procedures to abort a baby. I can allow First trimester abortion. Nothing past that however.

    The Duggars definitely tried to put a “Jesus Bandaid” on the problem rather than teach their son about human sexuality and what is proper/improper touching. They also should have sought out therapy for him. But noooo, their children are innocent sheep who would NEVER misunderstand their sexual urges and motivations. Shyeah… Right.

    Also your book you were writing reminds me of the title of a book I have yet to read (got it for $1 at thrift shop) called “The Rape of the Cosmos”. Anyhow, your book idea sounds pretty cool.

  2. I agree on most of what you said. Hypo Crits everywhere.

    On the Duggar thing. Ive never watched it, but what I’ve seen written about them was uber creepy to me. The report was never a court sealed document. It has a police report that was requested in FOIA. I also read that Josh’s molestation of a child was also reported when he was 18. statute of limitations ran out. I could be wrong, I’ll check again.

    He is a child molester. He abused those who trusted him. I believe the Duggars are lying about the over the clothes only. Nothing was ever done for him, or more importantly his victims. It’s inexcusable. Their entire interview minimized Josh’s and the parents responsibility. I think they are douche canoes.

    • Yeah well we see what happens when parents don’t check their sons for touching their daughters – Jonbenet. Patsy Ramsey was a prime example of the denial “Jesus Bandaid” approach.

    • There is just not enough info for me to call him a child molester, I do agree red flags are everywhere and iI also agree there might have been some covering up or waiting to report things, F1-Girl mentioned those things to me and wanted me to read some articles about them. But I told her, if there is more to this it will come out. Popsicle know, the tv show knows and their are other victims than the family members as well as if Josh is truly a pedophile then there will be incidents after he turned 18. Someone will come forward. And then this post is null and void. But so far all I have seen was an incident of a child, and children do not think with adult minds. But I know I’m in the minority on this, I wasn’t gonna write the post and probably shouldn’t of because if there is more than I spoke way to soon and should of waited, because like everyone else I see this family as scary and messed up. They say their son was on that road to being a child molester. So either they are not telling us everything and or they are so fucked up they themselves looked at a child’s innocent cry for understanding of his sexual feelings as a evil thing. As said to F1-Girl and kind of in the post, I’m not ready to judge this guy on his parents fucked upness… yet.

      • Zero, I DO get where you’re coming from, as sexual exploration is normal at that age, YES even within families…Big deal I said it!! But these bastards are SO outspoken, I give NO pass…no freaking way…Its that glass house thing!!!!!!!! not to mention this was REPEATED behavior spanning yrs, by their own admission…

    • CA!: You are %100 correct…YES, NO REPORT, and conveniently AFTER statute of limitations…”over the clothes” my ass..JMO!! While Josh has a cushy Job with the “Christian Right”, being groomed for politics, and endorsing a bunch of Bigoted candidates!!!
      Do i seem a bit pissed, lol..TY for letting me rant guys!

      • Every lawyer questioned so far has said the report was legally obtained under the FOIA. Good luck suing Duggars!!!! The report mentions Josh touched a child under her clothing while she was sitting on his lap and in the laundry room. So much for only while sleeping and on top of clothing. This behavior went on for YEARS and not an isolated incident. I’m furious that the victims didn’t get counseling. I’m furious that their holier than thou mask has fallen off and they are desperately trying to push it back on. I’m very concerned about Josh’s own children . if he didn’t stop after “counseling” at a Christian center, his parents conveniently can’t remember the name of, what makes them think he ever stopped? I call bullshit on all of their claims.

  3. bTW is TLC becoming the Touch Little Children channel. It’s disgusting. Do the thoroughly vet anyone?

      • It makes me sick to my stomach that parents like Honey Boo Boo’s and the Duggars allow these people around their children. If the Duggars had to put locks on their daughter’s bedroom doors, they knew more was going on in their home. The part of the interview I watched was filled with red flags. They were clearly deceptive. I’m trying to find a transcript now.

  4. Im so damn pissed at these Duggars, i cant think straight…IMO!! They, PARTICULARLY Josh are outspoken to say the least, on many ‘right Wing’ ‘issues’…..So pissed am I, that I can only muster to re-post a tweet from Montel Williams…It sums up EXACTLY how I feel:

    Montel WilliamsVerified account
    @Montel_Williams Montel Williams retweeted Montel Williams
    Gosh, yet another anti-gay alleged “Christian” defender turns out to be a garden variety scumbag. Montel Williams added,
    Montel Williams @Montel_Williams
    BREAKING: Josh Duggar, a world class bigot, admits sexually abusing young girls – has consistently stated that LGBT folks r danger to kids
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    • Agree 100%! I’m furious that they are now minimizing what happened. They never got help for their daughters. They speak their “truth”, but don’t live it!!!

      Montel is speaking my thoughts. Thanks for posting his comments.

      • Lol, I’m being facetious, is that the right word, though I do find it funny that Montel is in this circle, wanna here my tower records story about him

      • Ok, was gonna write a post, but I’ll just keep it short in a comment. And by the way this is just the turning point of why I don’t like Montel, up till this point I was a fan of his show but ahh, that was a show.

      • So in 1994 or 95, Montel came into Tower Records to get a couple Cds, I was helping him find them, one was the doobie bros if I remember correctly. No one was paying attention to him and I quickly got him the music he wanted. Just then our security guard walks up. And I really need to explain about our guard, but that would take too long, let’s just say he was one of those star struck people, a very nice guy and very friendly. Well he comes up says very nervously, the guy was very child like,”hello Mr. Williams I’m a big fan may I have you autograph?” And in a shakey hand he held out a piece of paper and a pen. Montel coldly looked at him yes coldly, just calling it like I remember, and said, “I’m not working right now” And waved him off, and the guards faced dropped he almost started to cry, turned and sulked off.

      • Yeah, he’s an ass. It’s not like he was being mobbed by fans. I was never a fan of that kind of talk show. Let’s get DNA testing done and release it on national TV! Yeah, I don’t think so.

      • I swear the whole thing was awkward. I have a few cool tower record stories. Worked in th e west Covina store then moved to Vegas and was a manager for a few years there before I saw the writing on the wall that the tower was falling.

      • I think Montel is Hot, so shoot me, lol!!! sry i ONLY speak truth…didnt know the dirt on him though…hee hee

      • Tough crowd…Hey I think Steve Wilkos is Hot too, ya’ll betta have no dirt on him 😦

      • Linda likes her men shaved bald. I see you Linda! Bet you like you some Vin Diesel, too. 😉

        Wow Z Montel sounds like a jergov !

    • Yea, I saw that. Just for the record and this has nothing to do with any of this, I do not like montel williams. And I have many reasons. The guy is a big fake in my opinion. And one day I may write a post about him starting with what an ass he was when he came into Tower Records to by some CDs in Vegas years ago. And then go on to some of the other reasons I just don’t like the guy.

      • I’m sorry is it just me or is having 19 kids a completely fucked idea! Be fruitful and multiply? More like “be barren and shove a cork in your baby maker”. Why is it that all the normal people can’t conceive, but all the people with shit DNA are popping babies out like there’s no tomorrow?

        The stupid people are winning :*( :starts sobbing into her hands uncontrollably:

      • As someone who fathered 7, it is wrong. I was a good father, but to give a kid the attention they need, it’s best to keep that number down. 2 or 3 tops. They need lots of attention. My opinion of course, but an educated one on this subject.

      • Mike Huckabee: Josh Duggar Child Molestation Incidents “Regrettable” (Photo Credit: Facebook)
        GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is in full hypocrite mode, calls Josh Duggar’s child molestation incidents a “mistake.”

  5. Oh yeah…and if this was a poor black kid…well im sure this would have been handled quite differently…BTW: FY Mike Huckabee!!!! DONE>

  6. Jim Bob , got Josh a stern talking to by a state trooper freind, whose now doing 50yrs for child porno…Nice job JIm BoB…puke

    • Jim Boob is minimizing that too. He claims he was an acquaintance, not a friend. So, you’re now saying you brought your troubled son to someone you barely know? Jim Boob, I call bullshit on that!

      • So then we’re they promoting molestation? Is this a ring of child molesters? I’m just trying to understand what everyone really thinks here, because I’m really on the outside here, knew I would be.

      • I don’t know if he knew the cop was a pedophile. I doubt he was part of a ring. What I’m saying is he claimed to have brought Josh to a friend for a stern talk. Then when the guys background came out, he was merely an acquaintance.

      • I know, I really do land closer to all you guys on this, just making points, and of course you all get them. I do find that a weird coincidence though. But it shows how messed up their judgement is

      • CA1, i couldnt agree more…heres a question: What happens to a ‘troubled, molesting youth who received NO TREATMENT??? GAG ME!!!! He should be forced to have supervised visits with his kids, like what would happen TO ANYONE ELSE

      • Linda,
        Even with treatment the majority of pedophiles reoffend, without it, I’m sure they do. There is no cure other than death.

      • Agreed!!! My point is, heres a ‘kid’ whos completely screwed up mentally, and NO INTERVENTION was attempted..quite the opposite…I hope all their minor children are removed (yeah right)….But if it was you or I….Forget about it…

    • Yea, F1-Girl told me about that… But again sins of the adults do not make the child guilty of them. I’m just waiting to know more before I say the guy is a child molester, that’s all. But all the adults involved here are messed up. But I should have just stayed away from the story for now,lol. Wrote about Caitlyn Jenner instead, which would have been a good lead in to BJ Figat… I smell a rat there… But again, I don’t like to rush to judgements.

      • I’m glad you wrote this post. It’s vital that people who abuse children are brought out. I’m not saying you’re wrong in holding off judgment, I’m offering my opinion on the matter. I watched part of the interview, then had to stop because my head was going to explode.

        As someone who advocates for children, I thank you for posting this.

      • I know, I’m being that way on purpose, this post had to be written, and in truth they disgust me as much as they do you, Josh is an ass and possibly a child molester. And yes I agree with Montel

  7. Hey there Zero! It’s been a while. I’m still popping in from time to time to read. I can never keep up with all the troll stuff so this is more so something I can weigh in on. I’m glad the crazy died down so that you can write about other stuff. But I don’t know how much I have to contribute on this particular issue. I never watched the show “The Duggars”. I don’t have cable. We just have Netflix.

    My first thought when this came out was to wonder if he had been molested at some point. Sexual abuse can be like Physical abuse, in the way that it can be a learned behavior. I realize there can be teenage confusion. My brother was never like that though. He was a saint. Always looked out for me. So I can’t wrap my head around a brother doing this to his little sisters.

    I’m sad that there is more focus on the perpetrator than on the story from the victims. Their story could give others the courage to come out about their own abuse stories. They have a platform to make an impact and their whole family just looks so seedy from the outside at this point because of the cover up. I never did care for their philosophy of raising children that were raising their children. Much like you Zero, I like to have all the facts before making a permanent judgement. As far as Caitlyn Jenner goes… I say live and let live. I’m from the keys. Trans gender individuals have never been uncommon there. So I don’t understand all of the media blitz. This is nothing new in my neck of the woods. But I’m glad she can live her life how she wants with the support of nearly an entire country.

    I always wonder what is going on with our government and world issues while we have this sensational headlines. So much attention paid to what the Kardashians are doing. The way our media focuses on certain subjects and not others tends to feels like a slight of hand trick.

    • Cara..I doubt ANYONE would care at at all, especially on this blog, perhaps you should check out some of my links, and note what OUTSPOKEN separatists and bigots these folks are, particularly since some of our loved ones are gay (and are outstanding people!)…On Zero’s world, we hate lying hypocrites..its fits…Hope all is well 🙂
      Not to mention , as a parent, Im sickened that ‘certain’ politicians STRONGLY support the Dugger clan, in fact made and PAID him to be a spokesperson for ‘family values’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I hear you girl, and deeper topics are sure to come…But for some of us, this is an OUTRAGE!


      • Yes, funny how things connect, must be driving dot girl crazy, but yes, the Duggers and Jenner are gonna give us some reactions from the right side of politics that should be very interesting and very telling… Yes we are on that campaign trail already…

    • Ohhhhh, my bad Ms. Cara..i see youre referring to catlyn Jenner…Yeah, no one here cares about that…Folks are just jealous cause she looks so damn good, not to mention happy 🙂 haters hate happiness, ALWAYS will..Peace 🙂

    • Caitlyn Jenner is cool in my book. Like you, I believe in live and let live. As far as I know Bruce/Caitlyn never abused a child. My opinion would change then. Child abusers/pedophiles/murders should be thrown in jail for life and I do mean their entire life.

      I’m sick and damn tired of people getting away with atrocities they inflict on children. I’m glad this news came out. It opened up a national dialogue on child sexual abuse. I think we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg.

      • I agree, there is no cure for this kind of behavior, I hate saying that, like it’s a disease, it’s a sickness alright but they deserve no sympathy. People who sexually abuse children are broken and can not be fixed. Lock em all up forever or at least till general population can permanently take care of the problem. And yes, crimes against children needs brought to the forefront of our discussions, in my book it is the worst of all crimes. Abused children makes broken adults. From bullys to serial killers. Plus it’s just so evil and hard to comprehend why people hurt children. I can’t say any more, the thought makes me break down and tears me up inside. I can understand many things but I will never understand people who can hurt a child in any way.

      • Yes which does make it very scary. If it was more than a curious uneducated child,and with those parents we have to wonder how messed up all of them are, let’s not forget his sister/victims are speaking out as well and on their brothers side. So yes if Josh has issues, this is scary and is why I believe we will hear more, and unfortunately I mean from other victims…

      • Exactly! No cure, even chemical castration doesn’t work. So we put pedophiles in jail, release them and they go on a list. How did that save Polly Klaas, it didn’t. The system is terribly broken.

        I’m a huge Criminal Minds fan. In one episode, a guy who was abused as a child was using it as an excuse as to why he abused and murdered children. He said “some of us grow up and do the same thing.”. Hotch responded, ” some of us grow up to catch the ones who do.”. Most children who were abused don’t grow up and repeat the pattern. Jodi Arias tried playing that card and still got LWOP. I wish judges were stronger when it comes to child abuse. We need to change the system.

      • Childadvocate, we need to do more than change the system. I live somewhere that 30 yr old men inpregnate teenage girls and the parents marry them off to avoid the law. And you dont want to get me started on the things i see happening to kids. It just kills me.

      • One of my favorite shows, love ion tv cause I can watch blocks of it there. And I agree, but we are already battling with so much, inherited genes, obsessive traits that date back to early man and women, not understanding the world in general, and then you add bad parenting, and abuse, a child dosent have a chance. In not excusing anything, but to not account what happened to someone as a child is neglecting the child all over again. Regardless people who commit murder, rape, molestation, they have to be locked up regardless of the crimes done to them as a kid. But to say not all who are abused as kids grow up to abuse is in no way helpfully in these situations, no one reacts to things the same way, and honestly most abused children do grow up to abuse in some way, themselves with drugs and alcohol, their own children, some become suicidal, some dream out revenge on a whole school. Yes they have to be locked up and we can’t excuse their actions with what was done to them as a child… But we must at least understand how screwed up that someone who is abused as a child and the abuse is not dealt with and the abuser gets away with it, and that child grows up to abuse someone and is dealt with… yea we’ve still failed a child. And we’ve still failed as a society that should stand up against all abuse but yes especially that of a child.

      • It has always been my opinion that it is easier to prevent things than to fix them . But too many peopke dont want to bother doing either.

      • I agree Z. I went to a shaman once who read my aura when I was considering going into law enforcement/corrections and he told me “you wouldn’t be able to control yourself if you saw an offender raping a child or in posession of a deceased child. You will shoot the offender out of rage/anger”. He told me instead to consider counseling with kids in a school setting because that’s where i could effect/change the at risk individual before they grow up to become an offender or criminal. Btw, my aura is sky blue lol the color I always picked for my bedroom and things as a kid.

    • Cara! I believe Jenner is behind all the media. I love it because it’s election time and something like this gets the candidates all goofy. And it’s about to get very political here. Glad you are still around, your take on things is always welcome!

      • I so agree with that. Politics. Always. Sigh…

        Here in FL we will be hoping things go differently with elections. Things never seem to change here no matter how much of a melting pot this state is. FL can’t seem to get it together. I have a friend moving out of state because she is tired of meeting resistance getting her special needs child her early intervention services.

        My big hot button issue is over the hold up with approval for Marijuana legalization for medical purposes, insurance companies writing much needed autism services out of company plans and gmo labeling. But mostly people are asleep little sheep here so I don’t see change coming to FL for quite a while. So many subjects, so little time.

        Good talking with ya! I hope you and the family are doing well.

      • Im with you on Medical marijuana.(im a disabled person myself)..many here agree, many here have it worse than me, and found blessed relief from weed…Best of luck…
        But hey, you can buy booze at Taco Bell (sarcasm).. America ❤ Alcohol and Tobacco!!…Oh yeah, and Guns!! Awesome….

      • Go Jenner..Linda loves it…Ahhhh “Family values”, just in time for elections, lol…SWEET!

      • Yes, and many republicans don’t want her… this is gonna be an interesting year in politics. So many issues both domestic and foreign… I’m guessing we are gonna have record voting turn out…

      • Caitlyn is Republican????????…OOOOhhh baby, that makes my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        ❤ JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        She should run, I just might back her!! WOIW BOB WOW ❤

      • Isn’t it great?!? A transgender president, love it. Unfortunately the GOP don’t seem to be ready for a transgender republican, they all seem to be speaking out against her. Well there is Lindsey Graham. He says there is room for Caitlyn in the GOP. Hmmmm… Lindsey… what’s in a name? Or the fact that he’s never been married? Maybe we already have a transgender in the running…just saying.
        But transgender is now yesterday’s news, we are now on to transracial… And I don’t know how the rest of you feel about Rachel Dolezal, but man I don’t like what her parents are doing right now. It’s seems they are doing it out of jealousy and are just bitter. Reminds me of when Eminem’s mom made a rap album. They are not doing this to help her, that much I believe.

      • I would like to know what led up to Rachel Donezal’s family outing her as a liar. Why wait all these years? That being said, she’s a liar and a fraud. There’s no bylaw that’s says to be a NAACP official you have to be black. There’s an old Jewish guy who’s a chapter president. Claiming to be biracial is only one of her many lies. Personally, I think she has a mental illness. No one makes up the stories that she did and actually believes them without some problem.

      • unfortunately, again, i’m not willing to say all that yet, though i tend to agree. I do not know why she did what she did or what issues she has with her family… but truth is truth and it always comes out.

      • That is an interesting story. and confusing. At first i thought it shouldnt matter what color she is if she is doing her job well. But then i read comments and didnt know what to think.

      • again, I feel there is more to this dealing with her problems with her family. and them coming out to “help” her right now only makes me think this even more. But the whole thing is odd. and weird it is coming out now… i swear, the powers that be know when it’s electioon time!

      • OK: Yes Transracial, a new one…and although I COMPLETELY understand anyone who’s calling out Rachael as a phony…I gotta side with Zero, Im not loving her parents, or how they are going about this at all…Im gonna stop there for now….But who wouldve ever predicted the discussions we’re having these days??? On the whole, especially here, I feel its a GREAT thing..Yes, a very GOOD thing 🙂
        Bless you all!!

      • I don’t know much about her parents. I want to know why all of this just came out NOW. Was it jealousy or was she planning an even greater lie? I’m open to being totally wrong about her, but she sets my hinky meter into overdrive. If her parents are doing it for selfish reasons, screw them.

      • Funny thing but I knew someone like this. My mother in law considered herself to be black but was nit. But she was raised with her black sister in foster care and they didnt want them separated.

      • you guys know how I feel about colors… i don’t believe in white or black, i use these words only because it in embeded into me… to be told you are acting white or acting black is lso redicules to me… when i have to check an ethnic group on paper work i cringe, I hate putting caucasion, but since Irish is my prevailing bloodline legaly i have to, i think. But My grandma was a gypsy and her family is multi colored, the main 3, native american (sioux), french, and yes african american. And thats just on one grandmas side, my other grandma has russian and slovic countries in her tree. so to me, even if rachel is a big phony, i’m glad this discusion is coming up. i don’t want people to forget their heratage or family blood line, but man, I’m tired of it being who we are and part of the problem that keeps us all focusing on our differences. I’m very happy to call myself a transracial… but it’s only cause i really am. because i am NOT white!

      • CA1, I hear you, believe me…If you have the time and really wanna Shake your head, check out this Doc:

        Although NOT completely the same, and I DO feel differently about the “Rachael” case, I must agree, there’s definitely some emotional problems there…But what THIS woman(in the above documentary) got away with, was downright HURTFUL and cruel!! But she fooled many good, intelligent people for quite some time…get ready to shake you head..

      • I remember her. Worse than the woman who called in she was trapped. She wasn’t even there. Fuck them. Brian MacAleese grew up around the corner from me. He was a firefighter who rushed into the towers when everyone else was rushing out. He died. They might as well have spit on his grave.

      • yep, some of the witnesses in the Mike Brown shooting and hey how bout some of the people we have discovered here in the LISK case. and the amount of fake social media accounts, some claiming to have lost kids or wives to tragic events, all lies and fakes, some with mental disorders all needing some sort of attention. and yes it can be hurtfull and cruel to those who get wrapped up in it. My head never stops shaking.

      • Yes D, but much, much worse!! She actually claimed to be a survivor herself, her DETAILED story brought grown men to tears!!!!…She became the PRESIDENT of a highly respected 911 survivors group, this went on for YEARS…She also made insane claims about seeing/being saved by one of the heroic Firefighters who lost their lives…Became very close with victims families, who felt some peace by hearing her story…Its REAL bad…Worth watching!! See if you dont see Dorothy and the ‘nuts’ in this woman…Its an unreal story…Only to be finally revealed by a relentless reporter who wanted to do a piece on her..

      • Im pretty sure i know that story. If there was like a hawaiian honeymoon that was taken later, its the same one.

      • CA1, yes FUCK THEM, and anyone who does such things just to get their two seconds of fame and attention..ITS GROSS!!!! Completely unaware and unrepentant for the pain their lies bring others…But man, when these type of weak losers fall, they fall HARD!! ALWAYS 🙂

      • Ahhh Z, i just caught this comment..I dont talk 911 (and i dont think it was staged), however, want a bit of insight to why i wont talk politics?? feel me?…I CANT go there…and i wont here..

  8. I’m not a big Montel fan myself. (Sorry, Linda!). Mostly because he promoted that fake psychic Sylvia Browne.

  9. I didn’t know Sylvia Browne died. But add James Van Pragh and the the long island psychic to the list of fakes. (really, no dead people ask that lady whats up the the old fashioned hair do?)

    • I didn’t either, just read it now. She died six months after a Amber was found. Lived long enough to see her greatest failure and give a lake comment on it. I was just reading an article on her predictions that were wrong, like way wrong. There were quite a few of them. I still can’t find an article on her productions that came to be true… go figure.

  10. I have no idea whats going on in that video. I don’t know why the cops were there. It looked to me like a bunch of kids were watching what was going on, and then I don’t know what the rest was about. Where they there for one of the kids or were they just kids hanging out watching? I personally didn’t see the need to pull out a gun with all those kids around. I didn’t even think the kids were being bad or anything, they were just acting like teenagers act. At one point I think a couple of boys were trying to be helpful getting back a flashlight. I think that one cop doesn’t really knows how to deal with kids.

    • It was a pool party at what I think was a community pool and some of the neighbors thought there were to many there and complained. Security started telling them they had to leave and one of the adults yelled “go back to section 8 and get out of my neighborhood” it got heated and cops were called

      • SIGH….These KIDS (girl in bikini was 15), were acting appropriate, just nervous..I didnt even here any cursing…I know white adults that act worse on a daily basis (ever been to Walmart on Black Friday), I havent, just sayin!…Looks like ‘one’ cop had a bad day, and thought he’d play rambo..FOR SHAME!!! And i agree with Donna, shouldnt be running with guns drawn in a crowd of kids and INNOCENT people!!! Another word for cops is “Peace Officer”…please!!

        Please what is king of all DOPES (Hannity) saying…Let me guess, the ‘gang’ was “wildin out’….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Lawsuit time if that was my daughter!!

      • The cop was cussing though. I love how he falls at the beginning of the clip…he went rushing in like Rambo…no one tells the white kid video taping to sit down and shut up … or how bout the big white guy walking around touching people and getting in the way, why isn’t he told to sit the fuck down, but going for his gun and slamming that girl down then sitting on top of her like she was selling cigarettes, it’s just way to much…

      • Zero, I agree with all your points, and you see exactly where im coming from..Its a disgrace!!!!!!
        Ive repeatedly been a staunch defender of LE, but somethings REALLY broken with this system, and it better get fixed…I see bad things happening if change doesnt come, AND FAST

      • One last thing on this. Hannity kept going on that the cop was in danger when the 2 boys came up and he pulled his gun. I wish I was on that show to point out what needs to be pointed out. First, a group of girls came running up seconds before the boys and actually reach for the girl on the ground, at no point does he reach for his gun, just swings at the girls. Then tubby the police helper grabs the girls, oh I’d sue that guy, not a cop and should have been told to leave the scene, anyways, then 2 boys come running up, Hannity likes to say behind the cop, but really the cop sees them coming, one boy pushes the other and the one pushed slips, Hannity says he was dancing and taunting the cop. The cop goes to get up and the 2 boys start to retreat, the cop then pulls his weapon, take a look at the cops face does he look scared for his life or danger, or does he look pissed. Also Hannity liked to say that the girl wouldn’t stay down, but look, the cop goes after the 2 boys but 2 cops thankfully come up and continue that chase, because at that part into someone really bad could have happened, would you want you kid shot because another kid pushed him into a cop? So now this Rambo cop turns to the girl who is still seated on the ground like she was told to do, did not get up and try to turn away, plus let’s remember she is a minor in a bikini, the cop grabs her by the hair, slamming her head into the background, and then climbs up on her holding both legs on down on her. We’re there too many kids at this thing? hell yes, did it get out of hand? yep, did this cop make it worse? Fuck you Sean Hannity, you are now my new arch enemy! So go ahead and like Montel Linda, lol

      • Zero, how you’re able to watch Fox without throwing something at the TV is beyond me!!!! Damn!! I havent watched network news in aprrox 4yrs…I did love my local News 12 though…But neither propaganda channel am i able to withstand for two minutes, yes NEITHER..Puke!! Reporters??? OMG, i need a shot 😦

      • my son comes in all the time and tells me to stop yelling at the TV, lol. I told ya I’m a masocist, I know I shouln’t watch it, but I can’t help myself.

      • “Al Jazeera , very good…LMAO, I pay for like 400 channels and watch like 2 or 3, insane right??? Thats gonna change when my son moves out…Not that hes unwelcome, but just PULEASE with the ignorance already…Dont think Government doesnt love that we’re obsessed with the Duggers or Honey Boo Boo (and we wonder why other nations think were dumb and spoiled)…or that we HATE Mexicans, Muslims, Gays…yep, How bout the situation with China? Awesome, two nations with nuclear weapons and HUGE EGO’s..Not too terrifying!! NOPE, not at all…The scary enemy…yes INDEED…Let us not worry we’re one of the STUPIDEST of the ‘civilized’ nations in the world..Not just in education IMO, or that our infant mortality rate is below Cubas (just a few facts, i could go on)…Nah…Now listen, before some “redneck” type ( i said TYPE) gets on and says “If you hate America, than leave” Allow me to explain: I love America, and our people..I love all GOOD people of all countries… I DONT LIKE OR TRUST any Government..Ok dopies???

        Hee 🙂

      • My oldest son is against practically everything I believe in. I’m so ready for him to move out, if I didn’t have 2 kids in college, I’d pay for him to move. If ignorance is bliss, he’s the most blissful person on the planet.

      • He’s 24. He’s free to a good home. You won’t have to teach him anything, he knows everything!

      • You’re u guys keep mentioning honey boo boo, and I have no idea what happened there, no need to fill me in, I’m gonna Google….

      • I miss lots of things, lol. So is this about her dating a child molester? Again, can’t judge people I don’t know more about. And maybe I just haven’t read the part that makes me judge them yet, but yea, that family was another train wreck on tv. Though the mother does comment on the Duggars:
        Keeping it all connected so Dorothy can find them dots.

      • Uncle Poodle did a lie detector test on dr phil. He told the truth about mama june and the guy

      • lol, I hate Dr Phil…If he would just stop sayin things like “this aint my 1st rodeo ya’ll”…plus by the looks of it, he diet book failed, feel me??

  11. If it was a community pool and they were having a party, it more than likely had to be prearranged. At least that’s how the pools around here work. Here you pay a deposit and they close the pool to other residents most of the time. So, if it was a community pool and someone had a problem, they should have complained to whoever handles that stuff in their community. I don’t understand if the complaints were about too many kids were there, or if they thought too many black people were there. From the section 8 comment, I am assuming they meant black people. Where were the people responsible for these kids? Shouldn’t the cops or security or whoever addressed the adults in charge?

    • Donna, Totally agree…’cant have too many black folk in one area, you know how those people act’…..GROSS

  12. The flying nun, Barbara hackers EBT did not go well yesterday….Canning about to break. Not looking good for LISK and his little gang… What a arrogant sack of shit that is either butt dumb or is completely aware of her husbands actions. Either way she did a great job
    Of contradicting her partner in crime. They love each other so much, hopefully they’ll get to share a cell…it’s not like he can have sex anyway…..

    • I’d point out all each ridiculous part of this comment. But it’s just pointless at this point. But please keep us posted Joey, let us know everything before it happens. Because in keeping tabs on what you are right about and what you are wrong about I find it incredibly telling.

    • Love the new email address flukie. Hey how bout you grant me an interview. I’m one of the few people still letting you post your sewage without an ounce of proof or any results ever. Yea, those cannings are cracking, lol. Deja Vu, you’ve been promising that for years. And yet not them or anyone other than the laughably insane Dorothy Price Hill has ever collaborated anything you’ve said. Anyways, lol, sorry, anyways, give me th inclusive flukeyou interview right here on zeros world, what do ya say fluke?

      • That ought to shut him up for a good long while, hes such a wuss…Embarrassing dude, lol…Hes as obsessed with ZERO, almost as much as Shannon…Creepy man!

    • Totally off topic here, but my son graduated tonight, so I’m a little in the festive mood if you know what I mean and I’m commenting a little off the cuff here, but I was private messaging tonight and when I wrote hacket, my tablet spell corrected it hacker, and that totally made me think of fluke, I even mentioned in that PM that my spell correct made me write like Fluke, which is funny cause it usually make me write like Nan Nan. Sorry maybe only funny to me. But hey, isn’t there a saying, “speak of the devil and the devil appears”? Ok sorry back to the party. But thanks for stopping by fluke. Perfect timing. And please, think about that interview.

    • Hey Joe?? Who cares?? Why would anyone care about your above comment??? You have really lost it dude….No one cares, whatever happens, happens…LMAO, Joe, NO ONE CARES….youre battling yourself, its pathetic…..Just so ya know……………………..TAKE NOTICE FOLKS “…Did not go well”…But he didn’t say she FAILED, lol…Guess why?? HE REALLY HAS NO CLUE…Joe, will Mari be taking the stand?? How bout the scoop on that??? Oh and BTW, kinda hypocritical for YOU to be calling anyone ARROGANT, lol….You sound pissed. Know what I think, your not doing so good….Karma

      PS: PLEASE resume you meds for BPD, your speech sounds jealous and incoherent., beyond obsessed..Its getting worse

      • Oh…I just gotta say…IF what Joe says were true, which its not….Mrs Hackett in no way was forced to take an EBT, meaning she volunteered….Sound like the action of a guilty woman?????…Youre so OVER Joe…Got play in the sanbox

      • Spousal testimonial privilege (also called spousal incompetency and spousal immunity) protects the individual holding the privilege from being called to testify by the prosecution against his/her spouse/the defendant. A minority of states apply testimonial privilege in both criminal and civil cases.
        Spousal privilege – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      • I was gonna bring that up. What a dope Joey is. But can’t stop himself from coming back here. Making up stuff just so he can comment here.

      • Sad…Sad that he has no filter.??..He just as his long gone predecessors, have all ‘hung themselves’ by their very own HUGE lying mouths..Screw him…KARMA

      • It’s sad that he sends these from work. I wonder if that will come back to bite him ones day. Employers usually frown upon using the company computer to slander people. Just thinking out loud here.

      • Like it matters if joe has a job, lol…Mommy will always bail his ass out…musta been some great parenting going on in that house, IMO…Soooo, once again, I MUST post THIS SONG..what a wuss, gag me! he’s just so easy…Please tell me you now understand why he only befriends the ignorant or vulnerable?? Hes just a NOBODY…So jealous of you ZERO (it must kill him A.& E contacted YOU, lmao!!1)..Nice job!! thanks for permanently knocking him off his HIGH horse…Its SO over Joe, regardless of what happens with ANY trial: you’ve been PROVEN a cruel, joker and FRAUD…Lol

      • LOL…Joe is OBSESSED with every other males sex life…you know what they say when one acts this way, lol..Feel me guys?? Seriously, its actually very, very sick…last year, i lost one of my closest male friends, like a brother to me and so much more..He was only 47, and just one of ‘the GOOD guys”..not to mention a brilliant osteopath (tragically for the family, they ALSO lost their daughter Linda the year before)…I was so upset, and Zero was kind enough to let me comment about it….Well, Joe said such cruel things: “Were you named after his dead sister Linda??” “He and his two brothers remind me of the Canning clan”…Patrick was a handsome man, 6ft 4inches as well…so Joe made some remark like ‘The SIZE of a man (lol) doesnt make him a man’…some shit like that (who the FUCK is jealous of a dead man!!!???)…Its all true, and Zero can back me on this…He’s a sick fucker…Extremely scary, unstable specimen…Classic comments for Joe…
        Karma 🙂
        Its coming for ya Joe, lots of BAD earned it all too…PIG

      • I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. It’s never easy and tends to make us think of our own mortality. My condolences.

        Everything I read by and about Joey screams sociopath. He can’t fake normal human emotions.

      • Ty CA1, a devastating loss…More so for his family, losing two out of five children under 50…What people can get through truly amazes me ❤


      • CA1, im so glad youre able to see it that way…I dont attack people, nor would I participate in any ‘group mentality’ gang up…He’s as scary and dangerous as he appears, so are the rest…The pain he and his female groupies have caused is as REAL as it gets, inexcusable stuff here!!….ALL will be revealed one day (when ALL can be SAFELY told) Theres simply no need to ‘check’ your conscience when it comes to them….Nor should any ‘descent’ person EVER be intimidated to join the conversation here 🙂

    • Oh by the way, the new fluke email address,
      Lmfao… these 3 top nut sacks in all this, at least here in zw, Nancy,Dorothy, and Joey the fluke, really have some strong obsessions… dealing mainly with Mike, Wolff, and Hackett, each respectfully or disrespectful actually, but they don’t mind sharing their obsessions and they all seem to have come to settle on one person to obsess on together. ‘Waving’

      • His email before that was lol, don’t bother writing them, I’m sure they are not real. Though fluke may have actually made emails, he is that obsessed with Hackett and his other neighbors. But trust me, I shared a quick email exchange with fluke, it’s a lot like his comments, he says what he wants usually repeats about his neighbors then he comes back months later with the same crap ignoring any questions or replies, years of this crap… please God of the other shoe, drop it already.

      • Hubby and I have been watching The Monkees on Saturday morning! I watched so many of those shows growing up. Man do I feel old!

      • I feel you Z, Its SO apparent hes hated the man for years!!!!! It eats away at him…Sicko fucko

      • How pathetic that hes actually been caught PRETENDING to comment as CPH (with MM7s and jens stamp of approval), yet he’s SOOOO offended when hes accused of trying to frame the guy….Just a real transparent , bitter, PHONY bitch…..His poor wife (no joke)!! His 1st wife is terrified of him…wonder why………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    • Ewww…Lonely Joe?? God what a broken record…How much do you pay youre wife anway?? Womans a saint…Anyway, have a lovely day…and do get back on the meds, give your parents a break already, you’re a grown man….

  13. Peter Hyatt did a SA on the Duggar’s interview. I’ve tried to post a link but it won’t work. It’s statement an analysis.blogspot. com. Both the analysis and comments are interesting.

    • Just Google Peter Hyatt, his blog comes up. I think you’ll like how SA works and how we leak the truth when we seek to lie.

      • This case has rocked me. I can’t believe it… I just went back to look at the comments on this article, I was happy to see the usual racist comments were not there and many people touched by the story like us and brought to tears, as I admit I am right now. I understand that most of us are doing the best we can, that the world is struggling with many issues, but we need to do better, this is not acceptable.

      • That is heartbreaking. Rikers has never had a good reputation, but this? For a backpack? Held 3 years with no trial, 2 years in solitary, beaten, abused in ways we can only imagine, all while innocent of stealing a freakin backpack! But some rich kid in TX gets sent to rehab after killing 2 people while driving drunk. SMH.

      • I wonder if Josh knows what a ‘lucky’ man he is.???? A backpack vs Child molestation….Some Justice system huh??

      • Right after you Linda noted that story it was on the news, heartbreaking, reminds me of that Alcatraz movie with Kevin bacon, heartbreaking.

      • Sleepers? About the kids sent to the reform school and are brutalized? That movie tore me up.

      • My friends: How disheartening it is to know money buys justice?? Its depressing, causes rage, total disgrace?? causes ‘us’ tears…..Now imagine being ANY minority, or the parents of this child , or being born into poverty!!!!..Think you might be a little pissed?? How do you think you’d feel about ‘The system’??..We better start loving eachother, or at least exercise some major TOLERANCE, because as Zero said, the ‘other’ shoe is dropping,. and fast…Will ‘you’ be part of ‘the problem’, or part of ‘THE SOLUTION’…Hint, hint: %99 > %1…Feel me?? Karmas a bitch people, PLEASE keep you OWN side of the street clean, or dont, lol…Just dont be a shocked ,wussy cry baby when judgement comes down on you..AND IT WILL, in spades, always does……..

      • Just thinking aloud here: But how do parents explain to their kids why ’19 Kids’ is off the air?? Thanks Duggars!!…Id particularly like to know the reaction of the extreme right Christain movement, Ha! You DOPES have been telling ur kids EVERYONE who’s not like “US” are a danger to children…Ahhhhh, Gotta love karma…IGNORANT, ughhhh

      • Yup. The duggar defenders did the forgiveness thing. Until someone brought up gay people. Theres no forgiveness for that.

      • CA1, i buy it, just like when they say the world is only 2500 yrs old..Oh, and Dinosaurs did walk with man!! Just like in Land of the LOST…yes..

      • Wait it wasn’t like in land of the lost? And people don’t live in hats like in Lidsville?? Next you’ll be telling me flutes can’t talk and there aren’t sea monsters… oh how I loved Kroft! Oh by, the way, ca1, woke up to The Monkeys today. Watched a couple episodes. Good way to start the day.

      • The Earth isn’t 2500 years old? O-M-G!!!!

        I’m sick of people defending the Duggars. Their timeline makes no sense. Josh had to still be molesting young girls when be was 17 according to the police report. And no Michelle Dugger, it does not happen In every family. Jim Boob, if you’ve heard worse from your friends, you need different friends.

        Gays will never be forgiven by them. Not that they need their forgiveness! They cherry pick the Old Testament. They are disgusting and have no concept.

      • Zero, you should be proud of yourself! You created this forum for people to share thoughts. From your history that you’ve shared and the thoughts you express today, you’re one of the good guys. That’s rare today. You don’t mind people disagreeing with you, you don’t like assholes. Seems reasonable to me.

      • Oh you guys didnt know?? Sry…yeah, the whole “Fossil Record” is just left wing Propaganda!! ALL TRUE

        Lmao…Sigh 🙂

    • I’ll have to look it up. The whole thing is rough for me, I find myself hoping that nothing more is discovered because I don’t want to think about his own children or other victims having to go through such things. But then of course I want to be able to delay, look at these sicko Hypo-Crites, spewing hate based n their barbaric religious beliefs meanwhile they hang out with child molesters and raise monsters. Time will tell… And as if does I can’t help but wonder did Josh learn this from an adult in his life? It’s too bad everyone has turned this into politics instead of getting to the truth. Or telling the truth. The whole thing is just so disgusting. But hey we are coming up on an election year…

      • You hang in there Zero!! People like you are making a real difference, the only way one can: One person at a time, BY EXAMPLE..Its an honor to know you…Peace

    • TY Childadvocate1, you certainly DO seem to live up to your Screen name….Unlike others before you…its admirable and quite refreshing..There IS still hope…Stay!!

      • Thank you, Donna. I try to make a difference. I don’t always succeed, but I’ll never stop trying.

        I like it here, I’m not going anywhere!

      • I meant to say Linda. Duh! I’m tired. Time to head to bed. It’s been a long day! Have a great night! Xoxo

    • Theres a whole Christian theme park (like Disney), that one could bring the kiddies for ‘education’ and fun!!
      I recommend the Movie “Religulous”, It highlights the Extremist Christian education and “FACTS” quite well..,Chock full of homophobia (and a CURE), real “Science” too!! Go get!!

      • I realy thought those reprogram places were all gone, guess not. Again, we come back to 3 main issues here, one is the internet and that is because that is where I keep us anchored, the other 2 are mental illness and treatment of our children. All the other stuff always leads us back to those 2 things. Think about it.

      • I agree Zero…Although thinking is quite the opposite of “having faith”, at least by some…If you have to question it, you aint got faith (thats what i was told)..Opposite of free will or critical thinking!! Ok, im just poking fun here…Im trying to avoid political discussion at all costs!! Ty for indulging me my friends!!
        Peace ❤

    • Thank you for asking. My Dr thinks it was caused by my starting Lyrica. He took me off it and the headache and neckache completely went away.

      • No. I have nerve damage caused by back problems, chronic pain. You know, the usual.

      • Well that totally sucks. I hope you find something for relief. Im all for going the “herbal” route for pain.l

      • It’s not fun, but I have it better than a lot of other people. There are people suffering from worse health issues than i have. I try to keep positive, count my blessings and give back. I’ve always been interested in social issues. In a way, this gives me a way to advocate for children, that I didn’t have when I worked full time and taking care of a family.

    • Me too. Most people do not look past their own pain to see there are others who suffer much more, let alone reach out to help those others. I’d take on a thousand Dorothys to meet just one Ca1… or Linda or Donna or any of you who can see the bigger picture. I am proud of ZW, but it’s mainly because of the readers. Thank you. Hope you are ready for some serious politic discussions!

    • I appreciate the kindness. It doesn’t help anyone to be miserable, most of all myself.

      I’m ready for some serious politics. I’m not sure who I like in the next election. I know who I don’t like, but who I want to back, I’m not there yet.

      Zero, you know my passion for missing children’s cases. You should write about them. Any awareness is a help to find them. Take Kyron Horman. Just passed the anniversary of his disappear. Terry Horman knows where he is, but she won’t talk. She hated that poor child. I can’t comprehend anyone hating a child. The best case scenario is she gave him away. The worst is she murdered him. The pain his mother, Desiree, feels is indescribable to me. He’s only one of the thousands of missing children in this country. Consider writing about them.

      • my biggest cause is for children, not that adults don’t need help, just in my opinion, they are adults and need to act like it, we need to be responsible for what we do, we are adults. Kids need to get there and unfortunately adults who should be there helping children become self respecting adults, are the main cause of the pain and horrors children go through. I tend not to get into issues like that here though because of the type of readers here who might cloud and belittle such issues and I am not about to let that happen. I’d like to write a blog for teens, and discus things like teen suicide and cyber bullying, but I don’t think ZW is the place for that, in fact I don’t think kids should read here, it tends to get confusing in here, which I do to make people really have to think, but teens and kids have enough confusion, they don’t need a place like this. As for missing children, I thought of doing that on th FB, I want to share the stuff I see some of you sharing, but again, I don’t want people who don’t get me to use my posts to cloud any missing person case. Still yes I feel I should be doing something more than playing games and entertain myself with internet crazies… that was my intentions when I started the red and black… But I found myself doing this blog which is really more like that masked vlog I did, hard to tell when I’m serious, which I liked keep cause only the real get through and stay, but I’m rambling now. Only cause I really have been thinking about taking on issues our children face, I really want to, but just don’t know if what I have done on the net already and the people I have let into my world, you know, the nutty ones, will cloud it and so I stay away from the most important issues to me, after all I am a father. And unlike most adults, I did not forget what it is to be young in this world.

      • Lol, good. I feel some times it’s good to fill the head with a lot and then sort through it all. But just so you know, political posts today. It’s time I jumped into this race. I’m sure it will lead to the rest of this stuff we want to discus as well. This should be a very interesting election year. And a very important one.

      • Im deathly afraid to talk politics (Zero knows this)….You’re all so brave..Imagine a topic I wont chime n on…Terrified!

      • The Kyron case has always weighed heavily on me…And i totally agree, Terry knows what happened!! The case remains open, may it only be a matter of time!! I believe theres someone else who has knowledge too..or DID…
        Great cause, and absolutely deserving any and all attention!!

      • Is the other person Dede her bff who also refused to answer questions by pleading the Fifth?

      • Ca1, yeah Dede makes me puke..could be..I wasnt trying to hint I have inside info though..That women hung around a lot of assholes!! I mean theres the ‘gardner’ friend she tried to solicit to kill her husband (allegedly)..IMO, she led a secret life, had alcoholism as well…So sad…Ya never know..I think the poor dad had no clue, or began seeing red flags too late..Either way, it makes me sick to think this adult woman hated this child so much..JUSTICE!!

      • I was lost so I googled, ugh. Another sad story, and someone knows what happened here. I don’t know who Dede is though, so I guess I need to do some more googling. Man, this stuff is what really gets to me.

      • Ok, friend of the step mom. Yes, he must have left school after the science fair with the step mom, if someone else had come for him it would be known. But it is strange the father at first went after the mom saying she tried to get the Gardner to kill him, though it seems he also believes the step mom had something to do with it. And Dede was gardening that day, things like that is how stories get confused.

      • LE told Kaine that the gardner came to them with the story that Terri tried to hire him. LE wired him, but Terri cut the conversation short and left. No charges filed.

        I’m not saying Dede had anything to do with Kyron’s disappearance. What I’m saying is she did not cooperate with LE and pleaded the 5th on all questions, including do you know Terri Horman.

      • Oh, ok got it now. My bad. So it was Teri who is accused of trying to have him killed. His wife, not ex wife and mother of Kyron. Was the Gardner Dede?

      • Desiree Young and Kaine Horman are Kyron’s bio parents. Terri is his step mother. Terri was accused of trying to have Kaine murdered a few months before Kyron disappeared. When LE told him she tried to hire someone to kill him, he kicked her out, kept his daughter and filed for divorce. Dede wasn’t the gardner she tried to hire. Dede is her friend. IIRC during the same few hours Terri claims she was driving around, her phone pinged some place completely different. Dede was unusually unavailable at the same time period. She was not at work, she shut off her phone. It’s been suggested she’s an accessory after.

      • I agree, your kid is missing, expect to be investigated. I also agree with Mark Klaas, demand a polygraph. May not be exact science or admissible evidence, but it will help eliminate you as a suspect. The sooner they clear you, the sooner they look for the kidnapper. It helps your child to be forthcoming.

      • She was missing for a few hours that day though. She acted like she knew something, why do that if you don’t know anything (Dorothy!) F both those ladies. What the hell happened? They need to come clean.

      • Yes, that’s Kyron. Adorable boy. By all accounts, very timid, wouldn’t have left with someone he didn’t know. No one saw him after the science fair. Terri claims she was trying to calm down her daughter and drove aimlessly around. The cell phone pinged on Sauvie Island, no where close to where she claims she was.

      • The only reason I can think of that you would lie and not cooperate in a missing child’s case, is you have something BIG to hide.

      • I agree. If your child is missing, your life should be an open book. Theres nothing in anyones life that could be so embarrassing that it matters more than finding your child

      • I agree with everyone here…And ‘most’ missing children are abducted, abused by a family member…Yes, one should cooperate with LE at all costs in these cases…But please understand however, hiring a lawyer, does not mean someone is guilty…CA1 is absolutely correct..Terry and her friend were being OBVIOUSLY unavailable, and with no actual remains or physical evidence, there can be NO ARREST..LE is extremely frustrated by this case, and IF that ‘other’ person is still alive (wink), they will talk..if not to LE, to someone else..IMO…This is a sad one…What torture for the parents…

      • True, statistics prove family is most likely the person responsible. I don’t forget about Jaycee Dugard’s stepfather who was blamed for years, but came to be a stranger abduction. However, he cooperated and even after his life fell apart, he continued to cooperate. Stranger abduction is rare compared to family involvement. Sad but true.

      • CA1:Yes, cooperate, do a poly, and get a lawyer…..YES…Unfortunately these cases also cause a kind of witchhunt effect because of their severity, and pressure on police..The quicker the parents can clear themselves, the quicker LE can move onto more promising leads…if memory serves, Jaycees dad, made a documentary about his experience, call “Jaycees dad”…great guy ❤

      • Correction: The Doc Im thinking about is called “Jessicas dad”…Father of abducted and murdered Jessica Lunsford…Yet another horrific case, and yes this WAS a stranger abduction…Quite staggering too think about all these cases…Again, TY CA1 for reminding us all that these cases DO exist and need our attn..Lets all hug our kids tonight!
        Peace ❤

  14. I’ve got no clue what to expect with political posts. I know zilch about politcs. I’ve never voted in my life. I may not even know who you are talking about. Something tells me I’m gonna be googling a lot.

    • I’m with you. I have very little knowledge about the current people throwing their hats in the ring. I need to find out what they stand for. I’ve voted in the past, but never made it a priority. I think that may change this election.

      • Well then good, cause I’m gonna tell ya all what they stand for so we all can vote with some understanding that it really doesn’t matter who we vote for… lol

      • Linda, don’t be scared of the poltical stuff. I highly doubt anyone here would have a problem with any opinion you have. (Im not counting the crazies, but they have a problem with everything anyway.)

    • And believe it or not I agree. As usual it’s all how you look at it, or to semi quote from the Hitchhikers books, the answer isn’t what you seek, but the proper question. And the question is, what do you have faith in.

    • But back to Transrachel, if her parents were really concerned they’d be telling her to stop all that tanning and see a doctor, melanoma is real and it’s deadly!

      • When I first saw her pic, I thought she was biracial. Then I saw a pic of her young and I was like huh?

      • Z, As usual, you get where im coming from..and believe me, you cant make this shit up, nor do i wish things to be this way..

        CA1: I was quite outspoken for many yrs politically, pretty obvious which party i lean towards…But several yrs ago, a friend of mine got my ear, and made me question EVERYTHING I ever believed in…I watched and researched what i could, until I became way too depressed…I do not want to share my feelings because I feel it may possibly be irresponsible…I suffer from occasional depression, and the things i now believe can possibly make someone lose hope, or worse, become violent…The thing ive learned i guess, is to appreciate the HERE AND NOW…My life never really changed SIGNIFICANTLY no matter who was in office..Still had to support myself and kid..had to pay bills ect, like everyone else…Very simply put, I no longer have any faith in ANY candidate…But I DO feel hopeful again, and TRY to laugh a lot, and tell/show the people I love my feelings as often as possible..Its the best advice I have…as I could never find a solution to all that plagues society..
        LOVE ONE ANOTHER…Live in “the Solution”…Dont OVERTHINK anything…and LAUGH in spite of the enemy…Oh yeah, and dont isolate!! I think thats it for now, lol, but im famous for sayin that…im sure ill pipe in here and there…

  15. When I first saw that Rachels parents told on her, I thought maybe they were racist. But then I read that they had adopted 2 children, so it wasn’t that. Now Im not sure whats up with the parents. I don’t think I would go public if my child was doing something I didn’t like.

  16. Well, I for one don’t want Linda getting depressed over politics. I have never been one to believe any of them make anything better. And then my daughter showed me exactly how every vote does not count anyway. But I don’t get depressed about it. Things will change, just not by those people.

    • Im much better now..But i dont push these beliefs in particular..its heavy stuff, and If i see an opening, i MAY share..Otherwise, ive come to newly believe, in some cases, ignorance is bliss…And I didnt just convert overnight, nor should anyone, i saw enough to at least believe some things are VERY questionable, and if You question even a small portion, you MUST question all..Im sry, i dont mean to be cryptic in any way…Just responsible…i care very much for you all

    • Well then you are saying something different, that you questioned it, not that the church did. Again then if you questioned that faith, you must first ask what faith were they teaching you and why did you question it. Still I get what you are saying, the bible, churches, hypo-criteria Christians, it made me question their beliefs and teachings, but not my faith in what I believe, it only helped strengthen it once I realized what it was.

      • It was a catholic church. When I made sacrament of penance, I had to lie, then say I lied. They would not believe I had not sinned. So, I had to lie, then asked to be forgiven for the lie. Made no sense to me.

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