As Worlds Collide, It’s Politics As Usual

The time has come the walrus said…

We only had one hashtag last year, ZW’s first year, #2014FuckYouTour and it was a lot of fun.

We started off the second year with #WorldsCollide and man it has been hectic. Most of it happening on other posts and sites or in PMs and phone calls. But trust me, the worlds have been colliding and they shall continue to. Haunt season is just around the corner and it will come crashing in on the ZW very soon. But as I mentioned, ZW’s second year will have 2 hashtags and we are just about to get that second one started:


Pretty big huh?

Well it had to be, because it has to take us into next year, ZW’s third (and yes there will be 3 hashtags next year). Plus this election is pretty big itself, so many candidates, so many issues they have to tackle. Yes, this will be a big election year and it deserved a big hashtag.

And this hashtag will only compliment the #WorldsCollide one, since so many worlds collide in politics.

Today seemed to be a good time to start on all this, since Hillary Clinton relaunched yesterday and Jeb Bush is about to get into the race tomorrow. Because I truly believe these will be or 2 candidates. In fact I will go out on a limb and probably puzzle some of my readers by predicting Jeb Bush as the winner of the presidential race and will be our next president. This of course has to do with some strange theory I have about 3 Bushes in the white house, but there is plenty of time to get into all of that.

I think the place I should start when it comes to politics and Presidential elections is why I don’t vote anymore…

Yes, that’s where we should begin…

14 thoughts on “As Worlds Collide, It’s Politics As Usual

    • yea, believe it or not most of our presidents don’t have many fans… Obama is hated by many, W. Bush was hated by many and both of them got elected twice. I’m not saying I’m for jeb, just calling it as i see it… and i see him as our next president… but again, it’s more of a superstisious, nostradomus type thinking there, 2016 could very well be the year of the woman…

      • Don’t you think the Republicans have muddied Benghazi to the point that she has no chance? The conveniently forget the 8 or so attacks on US Embassys under Bush.

      • Sigh…I kinda do know politics, or THOUGHT I did…and have never missed a vote, YET (however my ENTIRE world view has changed since then)..And it hasnt been easy, in fact, it caused a MAJOR depression for me, and im still not sure I shoudve even sought this info…Having said that, i needed to get my inhaler and take a muscle relaxer, just to get through the above post…This is going to be VERY difficult for me, but you guys havent steered me wrong yet…I doubt however, ill ever be able to comment publicly (i dont necessarily think what I have come to believe, is NEEDED or even responsible to share, if that makes sense) It will be satisfying enough to watch intelligent debate here…
        BTW, for once, this IS not a joke..

      • well, that sounds like a very interesting discusion. I hope as i blog more on politics and we get closer to election day, you might share a little more on your feelings and experiances on all this… if not publicaly, you know how to reach me, lol. And please, everyone else, i hope my political discusions to come don’t cause any hard feelings or ruffled feathers, it’s just politics…

      • Lol..For anyone that cares, and no on e should: When I go like this:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I agree with something!! linda speak, right Z?? Lol, im such a jerk…But im nervous!!!

      • we are gonna hear a lot of talk about not wantng another Bush or clinton in the white house… but don’t buy it… as a rule we don’t like change, and always go with what we know. the devli we know, the devil we don’t know… you know how it goes…

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