Why I Don’t Vote

Being born in 1971 has allowed me to grow with the decades. My childhood was in the ’70s, I spent my teenage angst in the ’80s, and the ’90s was the time of becoming a young adult.

One of the things that comes with being a young adult is the right to vote in our country’s elections. So in 1992 I voted for the first time.

I remember being very excited about it, and I also remember everyone I voted for won in that election, so I’m sure that helped the excitement, it was like I was part of deciding things that were important, or at least chosing the people who would decide such important things.

I also remember that before I voted, Bill Clinton had really captured the dreamer in me with his speech at the 1992 Democratic Convention which ended with Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop”.

My decision to vote for Bill Clinton was not a simple one though, part of me wanted to vote for Ross Perot because I did feel then as I still do now, the 2 parties need to be shaken up and could use a loss to an independent, but Ross was crazy and I was not “throwing away my vote”. LOL, that’s somewhat funny to me, because really, voting democrat or republican is throwing away your vote from how I started to look at things.

I also didn’t want to vote for Clinton because his running mate Al Gore had a wife that I really did not like. Tipper Gore had been part of the group “Washington Wives” which later became The PMRC and their goal was to end what they thought was “devil music”. Anyone from the ’80s probably remembers the PMRC and how they promoted censorship and eventually got the “Parent Advisory” sticker on all the good music.

Plus and again this may shock some of my readers, but up until that first vote, I had considered myself a republican of sorts. This had a lot to do with my love for the show Family Ties and my connection to the Alex P. Keaton character… but also had to do with Ronald Reagan who seemed like a super hero to my younger self. He was shot on TV and not only survived, but walked right into the hospital as if he didn’t even realize he was shot. He also ended the cold war and the threat of nuclear annihilation that hung over us for so long. But it was way back when he helped in the release of the hostages in Iran that probably really made me think of Reagan as a hero. That was the first thing in life I remember scaring me to my core… watching the news count the days of the hostages was a very scary thing for my younger self. So when the hostages came home and the nightly countdown on the news ended, there was relief for this scared 3rd grader.

I also believed that republicans stood for less government involvement in our lives as they constantly say. Man to be young and foolish again.

Anyways (does anyone ever get tired of my over use of this word? I’m truly sorry, I don’t like it either, but I do carry on and sometimes “anyways” is the only thing that can get me back on topic…) anyways… my first vote would go to Clinton and the democrats and I stand by it, I still say he was one of the best presidents in my lifetime, I put him right up there with that cowboy super hero.

Four years later I did not vote. It had to do with work as well as I don’t think I got registered in time. I felt like I was doing something wrong, but it all worked out, Bill Clinton remained our president and I was fine with that.

Four years after that and we come to a another election. At the time I still held fears of someone like Tipper as our first lady, I did not want censorship to ever get as bad as her and her group of bored housewives had let it get in the ’80s. But the alternative, the son of George Bush (a president I helped elect out), just seemed like a unsure bet to me. I spent time really looking at Al Gore and started to like him more and more. He had become less robotic over his 8 years as vice president and I even thought his wife might have learned her lesson about trying to censor things just because you don’t like or agree with them. I started to look at Gore as our next president and liked where I thought he might take our country. Towards a more responsible, more caring, and yes a more green America.

But we all know that didn’t happen. I remember going to bed that night not sure who our next president was, and then waking up very disappointed the next morning. And it wasn’t just because Al won the popular vote but still lost because of some electoral vote I didn’t understand, I was disappointed because it wasn’t what I voted for, and it seemed my vote did not matter contrary to what I had been told all my life. Yes, bottom line, I was upset cause the person I voted for didn’t win.

We could get into how bad some of us thought it was with W Bush being our leader in command for the next 8 years or all the funny and sometimes hilarious moments with W in the white house but instead I’ll just point out the W connection. From Bush to Windsor and even The Drifter, one of these guys is responsible for carving their initials into the foreheads of those Zombies (sorry I know some of you are not caught up with The Walking Dead, but I’ve been holding on to that one for way too long, lol).

By the time another four years came around we had endured 911 and were involved in another war in Iraq (like father like son). I knew no matter who I voted for, Bush would win, even though everyone was screaming to vote him out.

NOFX had an album: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_on_Errorism

Eminem had a video: https://youtu.be/NqPHAeqMvI8

It seemed everyone was tired of Bush and wanted to correct the error done 4 years earlier. But I knew deep down inside, Bush would remain to finish what he had started.

I realized then my vote really wouldn’t matter so why bother. Bush would remain our president, yes, deep, deep down I knew this. Besides, Bush made me laugh. Even Ford who could barely walk did not provide the kind of comic relief George W. Bush did. I miss him, really I do.

So four years later and I bet some of you might think I would have voted for the first black president.

Nope. And I was pretty sure he would be elected, I just knew by this point that it didn’t matter who was our president. Plus I figured our first black president would be tarnished by politics no matter what the next four years involved. Though I have to admit, when Sarah Palin was added to the republican ticket, I almost voted, just so I could say I did my part in getting her out of politics (still part of me thought she’d be a very good replacement for W Bush and would continue the comic relief in the White House).

Over those next four years I saw I was right and kind of stopped caring about the whole political game. As I saw it, the election had become a big football game to us, the super bowl. And each side was only worried about winning the next big game. I mean think about it, why would anyone on the right side of things (and that’s right opposite of left, not right opposite of wrong, I know some people get confused about that) want to do anything that made our president look good if they want him to lose the next election. So we have what politics has become, making the other side look as bad as possible so that our side can win the next big game in four years. And which side wins doesn’t really matter. Since both sides will be trying for the next win. I mean think about it, why would we expect anything to get done in a system like that. It may have worked at one time, but now it’s just sabotage and hate talk so we can win the next big super bowl of politics!

It should come as no surprise that four years later I also did not vote. Really, what’s the point?

So here we are, four years later, coming up on the next big presidential election. Do I still feel the same way? Yep. No matter who wins, the other side will do everything in its power to make sure they do not win again in four years.

Does this mean I will not vote once again? I’m not so sure on that question. Mainly because of this blog and the fact that I can make my third voting participation into a learning experience here. But also because I still have hope that things could change and that maybe, just maybe, if we get the right people in there and demand things get done, maybe they will.

If not, in four years we can wear our teams colors and do it all over again…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

I’ve heard that a few times before. It seems relevant here.

126 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Vote

  1. I hate politics! I hate dirty campaigns and mud slinging. If you can’t stand up for your own platform without trying to dirty your opponent, you don’t belong in the race.

    The thought of another Bush in The White House sends shivers down my spine. It makes me want to research all of his opponents. I’m wondering if Joe Biden is going to throw his hat in the race. After losing Beau, I have my doubts. RIP Beau.

  2. Why would CPH be in Jersey city on MAY 5th…..4 days after SG Disappeared???????

    This is a Fact………

    CHARLES PETER HACKETT KILLED SG. BARBARA HACKETT is fully aware of the sick f— she married and has allowed this to continue.

    • Shall we closely examine your family Joe?? You have interjected yourself straight into the case from the start…I find that interesting…I do!! Yes. tell us about the other victims Joe, remember them?? Yes. We’ll wait..

    • What was your ex wife fully aware of?? lol, Karma, its gonna make ur head explode..i see those temples throbbing with anger from here…Good lord youre creepy!

  3. Newsday (Melville, NY)
    September 13, 1997

    Section: NEWS
    Page: A27

    Index Terms: OBITUARY.

    Charles Hackett, Administrator
    Author: John J. Giuffo. STAFF WRITER

    Article Text: Charles Joseph Hackett, a retired administrator at Hempstead General Hospital, died Tuesday at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, West Islip. He was 87. Mr. Hackett had been admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital for four days in early August after suffering a stroke. Mr. Hackett had a wide variety of occupations throughout his life, including that of banker, tugboat captain in World War II, hospital comptroller, poet, author and administrator. Mr. Hackett was born in Flatbush in 1909. He attended Columbia University and worked as a banker at Brown Brothers Harriman in Manhattan before enlisting in the Army in 1941. While in the Army, he rose in rank from a private in field artillery to a major in military intelligence. Before leaving the Army, he served as a trial judge advocate and as provost marshal of the 11th Airborne, where he prosecuted German war criminals, among others. Having served in the European theater for four years, he stayed in Biarritz, France, after the war to pursue graduate study at the American University there. He returned home in 1946, attended Columbia’s graduate program in hospital administration in 1952, and was soon employed as the comptroller of the Hackensack Medical Center in Hackensack, N.J. It was there during the early 1950s he met his future wife, Maryellen. They were married in February, 1955. She died a year later from complications arising from the birth of their only son, Charles Peter. Mr. Hackett later moved to Marysville, Ohio, where he was the vice president of the Scott Lawn Seed Company. He left Ohio a year later and moved to Ogunquit, Maine, in 1960, where he lived for two years as he wrote a novel, “The Last Happy Hour,” about a hospital administrator bringing up a son by himself. “My father would never admit that any of it was anything but fiction,” said his son, who lives in Point Lookout. In 1962, Mr. Hackett moved to West Islip, and to Point Lookout in 1969. In 1991, he moved to Oak Beach, where he remained until his death. He was the executive director of Hempstead General Hospital from 1962 to 1986, and a professor of hospital administration at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University from 1974 to 1984. “He was a consummate gentleman. A man of very old traditions,” his son said. Mr. Hackett would often attend the yearly Breadloaf Conference in Middlebury, Vt., where he would study poetry with the likes of Robert Frost and Jack Kerouac. He also ran five to 10 miles a day until the age of 80. “He was very dedicated to the quality of health care, both in the region and in the country,” said his son, and he often spoke out for equal access to health care for all Americans. He was Hofstra University’s Man of the Year for 1977. Mr. Hackett was also president of the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce from 1972 until 1974. In addition to his son, Mr. Hackett is survived by two granddaughters and a grandson. Services were held Wednesday at the O’Shea Funeral Home in Wantagh. Mr. Hackett was buried Thursday at the Maryrest Cemetery in Mahwah, N.J.

    Copyright (c) 1997 Newsday, Inc.
    Record Number: 964427837

  4. This obituary was written by Dr. Charles Peter Hackett, liar extraordinaire. There are so many inconsistencies and bold-faced lies, to go through each one took a lot of time. To really understand, you would have to know that Hackett’s father’s highest education was 8th grade.
    1.“…attended Columbia University…” –8th grade education
    2.The ENTIRE portion of “Army, tugboat captain, field artillery, military intelligence, trial judge advocate, provost marshal of the 11th Airborne, and prosecuted German war criminals” is a maddening lie after lie after lie after lie that is so outrageous it’s indescribable. The lies don’t even make logical sense.
    3.“…vice president of the Scott Lawn Seed Company…” is easily verifiable to not having been Charles J. Hackett-ever. (Not as easy to verify in 1997, though, without Google searches.)
    4.“…comptroller of the Hackensack Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ.” Since he had no higher education, or even a high school education, if he had been employed there, it was based on a lie.
    5.“…married in February, 1955…” The 1940 Census has Charles J. Hackett “married”, the age of Mary Hackett states 48, but in 1940, the mother of Charles Peter Hackett would have been approximately 13, while his father was 32. Charles J. Hackett had a sister that was 2 years older, also named Mary. Sometimes, the written Census is transcribed with an error, and it appears that may be the case here. The number 4 was likely typed onto the transcribed report in error, instead, it is likely the number on the written Census was 1 for 18 (although, that age would still be a lie).
    6.“…he wrote a novel, “The Last Happy Hour,” about a hospital administrator bringing up a son by himself.” Charles Peter Hackett sates, “My father would never admit that any of it was anything but fiction.” This is the first honest statement. The book was about his father’s life, although his father would only ever admit it was fiction, but there were many truths written in that book. His father wrote about “converting whores“. That was the biggest bomb in the entire psyche of Charles Peter Hackett. His father would also take his young son to Atlantic City to gamble and have sex with those “whores” he talked about “converting”.
    7.“…the executive director of Hempstead General Hospital from 1962 to 1986…” He was an administrator.
    8.“…professor of hospital administration at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University from 1974 to 1984.” If he was, it was on a faked degree.
    9.“…Hofstra University’s Man of the Year for 1977.” Pulled out of thin air.
    10.“…president of the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce from 1972 until 1974.” He must have had an incredibly long resume for only having an 8th grade education.

    • What a joke, didn’t even read the book did ya fluke… you sound like you buddy Truthspider there, confusing the whole “converting whores” thing. I ain’t got the time to properly deal with this, and what does it matter, I mean Joey only comes here to comment and run, lol. But wow, these came sooner than I expected. Still when I get the chance we’ll take a step back from politics to cover all this. Can’t wait.

      • Joe has the WHOLE case tied to Hackett, and all the bodies havent even been identified, hes pretty amazing with the “dot connecting’..Yes indeed…

    • Im sure you wont be calling you mom an adulteress in her obit, or will you?? Interesting….Why did you have such a short teaching career anyway?? ….Just thoughts joe, just thoughts…

    • WOW..i finally read this EXHAUSTIVE exercise in Jealousy, lmao…BTW joey, being the Hospital Administrator is a very Big Deal (i know that which i speak here)…One only gets to this esteemed status after literally years of excellent, HARD work, something you know ZERO about..hee hee….You are TOTALLY jealous of this entire family, it CONSUMES you, and i find literal JOY in that 🙂
      TY 🙂

    • My own father didnt have “higher than an 8th grade education”, but he served in Germany, and went on to become Vice President of an extremely successful and well known financial printing business, its called HARD WORK joey boy, not nepotism.. 🙂

      • I made it to 10th grade and then took my GED, you all know the story. Yet, I doubt many here truly think that makes me dumber or less of a human being then someone like fluke or Dorothy.

      • And yet Joey had everything handed to him and still has to buy wives and live off mommy and daddy. Lol, yes I will enjoy my father’s day this year.

      • Thats great Zero…We too, will be celebrating the selfless, hard working man who’s “Dad” to my son 🙂

    • EVERYTHING…not to mention you PRETENDED TO BE HACKET, along with quite aa few others, didnt you?? Yes you did!!!..Dont pick on Donna Joe, thats a bad boy!!!

    • Hows Brewer doing Joe?? Ever wonder what Shannon saw there to make her run , in fear for her life?? No?? Thats odd?? How bout Bitrolff, he wordek right in your little sick town..but you MUST know that..yeah..you MUST

    • Fluke, I am not publicly going to say why I think you lie or what you hide. You want to talk about it, I’m sure you can find me.

  5. I guess you consider it normal to fabricate your father’s life story and have it published……you’re as delusional as Hacker. Just keep defending the indefensible, its working out well for the gang, their lives have fallen apart since Shannan bravely escaped and blew peg legs cover. Justin Canning’s life prospects look promising and his parents can thank their best of friends, the hacker’s for ruining their son’s life.

    • I ain’t defending anyone… And everyone here knows it, I find the whole oak beach bunch strange… But please, the list stars with yo, then to Brewer, then to Doc, and then to your other neighbors… at least in strange, that’s how I see it, and I’m somewhat of an expert on strangers

    • Bravely ESCAPED who JOE?? WHO WAS SHE RUNNING FROM AND WHY??? You keep defending that whore mongering drug addict Brewer (your words), and have never even mentioned Pak, why run from him as well??…All these shady characters will be brought up in court, youre aware of this right?? Idiot.

    • LOL, IF that were true, how does it equal murder?? The books been read cover to cover, not a shady word in it..unless you take it out of context to make it fit…See we had people read the book dope…Again whats the relevance to serial killing?? Yes, think it over, as the defense attorney will…

    • And he’s gonna be famous…Quite a few ‘people’ you know have even taken notice..But i musnt ruin the surprise, lol…You’d be surprised who comes out of the wookwork when the TV people take notice 🙂

      DONT WRY Z!!!! IM DONE with this creepy, jealous mental case..SWEAR

    • Yes i am a big zero, all you little people keep telling me that, and I keep saying duh, I chose my screen name… if you don’t like it you can shove it, but you’re u don’t like it you love it…
      Heading to the beach, see ya all tomorrow.

    • Really Joe? That’s all you got? Zero is an honorable man, something you will never understand. Call him names, it proves everything they say about you.

    • Hey Joe, when are you gonna tell cristen YOU were behind all those threats made to her, speaking of TRUTH??…Got that ones head twisted for a bit there too, bet youre proud of that…Sure helped he exs case against her, interesting..Nice job.

      • Well not the only one, there was nancy and her clan, Cristin didn’t know about them, but Dorothy did. Dorothy probably knew who nerd was all along, plus there was some other Websleuthers with axes to grind. But yea, Jen and Joey really played Florida. Trust me Jen will be popping up in this weekend’s posts. It’s a Fluke weekend, and all of his flukies will be there.

      • Oh definitely Dorothy knew…But lets not forget, she uses her own children in the games too..PIG of a mother

    • Oh, this zero is gonna bring it… all weekend long. Hopefully you’ll stick around because I’m gonna give you plenty to comment on, though you don’t usually comment on the weekend, I think that’s because you feel safer commenting from your work computer that has servers and there for that IP jumps around. Truth is truth.


  7. PETER HACKETT IS A KILLER……… he never saw technology catching up with his game until it was too late. I FEEL BAD FOR HIS NEIGHBORS IN POINT LOOKOUT. Barbara still visits the Canning’s to try and keep the lie going but it’s all falling apart………JUSTIN aimlessly walks around OB like the chemically dependent drone he’s become. LOCK UR DOORS!

    • Who cares what YOU think..tell me that?? BESIDES YOUR MOMMY joe….Sigh…this guy needs help, his students were right to be scared of him…

    • Joes some stalker huh>?? Kept an eye on all his neighbors, yet NEVER told cops about the drug dealing and “killing club”.. mysteriously gone (no proof) the night Shannon went missing..And STILL wont name his supposed source (second hand news)…Get help Joe, youre unraveling…Its the worst ive ever seen you…you must be very nervous about this trail….Yes, yes joe…it all gonna be ok…

    • Dish that dirt!! How’s your mom?? Bet she ‘shops’ a lot …lol…i know i would…wow, your a handful for a grown man..i feel for her!! Must be a nervous wreck, walking on eggshells…Id run away with a neighbor (whoopsie)

    • Joey,
      I’ll use small words so you understand. To arrest someone for the murder of Shannan, or any of the other victims, LE needs proof. That’s how the law works. You can’t say my neighbor is sketchy, so arrest him. If that were the case, you’d be doing LWOP. So, being the seasoned investigator that you are, please share the PROOF you have or sit down and STFU.

    • Very beach outfit?? Is that even a full sentence?? are you two yrs old baby??…Why are you so furious today my little fisher boy?? Wife serve you divorce papers?? What gives, lol?? Been commenting as Hacket lately?? you may want to bring that up in therapy…just saying..

      hey, say hi to Dorothy for us, KK??

    • LMAO, look at the book Fluke just wrote, and NO ONE HERE cares…Not to mention its old news..Fluke is your family normal??..You have diagnosed mental disorder, you’re students were SCARED of you and your mother had A VERY PUBLIC affair, and well peope whisper your a little TOO close with your sis…Joe, why dont you tell us about your neighbor who actually ran a ‘house for troubled girls”, huh??….lol..What a DICK, not to mention a total attention whore…last time: If Hackets guilty, hes guilty you dick, lmao!! You really are nuts, huh?? WOW…Scary dude!! look at this hit?? Can Joe scream “Pay ATTENTION TO ME” any louder?? why dont you block this lunatic already?? I bet Mari aint even talkin to him any more..Is that why yoy’re all butthurt Joe?? maybe Zero will MENTION you when A & E interviews him…LMAO…Jealous, Man!!! Desperate!!

      Mabye they moved because of media attion, thats sounds reasonable..lol…You’d get creamed in court..I hope i have front row seats you nut..

  8. “Maybe… he at the very least is an exaggerator… But what about you Joey, are you saying you are not a liar?” Are you kidding Zero. CPH= liar

    • I dont get the point of all this. You think Hacketts guilty and who knows, maybe he is. But why do you have to slam your whole neighborhood?

      • Exactly…Just let him battle his own brain..Sit and watch all you’ve heard about him…Get a joint though..

    • The Federal Bureau of Investigations, while not yet formally involved with the Gilgo investigation, is expert at hunting and apprehending such offenders, with extensive databases and virtually unlimited resources at their disposal. Here is the profile that trained criminologists have compiled for the, thus far unknown, Long Island Serial Killer:
      white male in his mid twenties to mid forties
      well-spoken and college educated
      financially secure, has a job and a vehicle
      knowledge of police procedures and forensics
      charming and/or in a position of trust
      methodical sadist, sexually deviant
      careful – classified as ‘organized’ serial killer
      lives in the NYC area, familiar with Gilgo region

  9. B= hackers former home he lost “because his legal bills have become so outrageous”….poor peter and his see you next tusday wife.

    • Are you saying those who arent financially stable are all murderers?? Whats your point Joe..Incoherent ramblings mean shit in court…Go talk to Dorothy and Nan nan, kk??
      The ‘profile” says LISK is in his 40’s and quite financially secure..Shall I post the profile YET AGAIN…GO!! run and play now..be a good boy!

      You should thank your mommy and daddy for fixing all your legal woes…now go say TY!! Hurry now!

      • See you next tuesday (he means CUNT), PUHLEASE!!….Donna, hes trying to win you over, hes got a FILTHY mouth..trust me…He thinks youre vulnerable…thats why hes talking to YOU…Careful hes a snake…Well its dinner time 🙂

      • He even got that wrong…c u next Tuesday. Joey doesn’t get the whole interweb thing. Whenever he talks I hear the Will Farrell movie…shutshutshut up, shut up, shutshutshut up!

      • Exactly CA1 (no swag), just saying, uhggg!!!…He’s being reserved in front of you and D, just in case he can get one of you to remotely listen to him (or worse)…One of the last comments Joe directed at me: (not for the kiddies) : ” Linda I hope hacker chokes you out and fucks you with his stump”…Thats exactly how Joe thinks and talks..NEVER forget that.

        When I 1st ‘met’ him and his sock puppets yrs ago (i was painfully ‘new’), he regularly insulted and attacked me, not to mention MM7 (his BFF) who came on the scene accusing ME of being hackett……One of her 1st comments to me and another commenter i was friendly with was “go lick each others taints”…

        Im not saying these things to get a laugh, just so you understand Joe is a disgusting person with ZERO respect, particularly for women.

      • ALL this crap, for a CIVIL trail no less…Regardless of the outcome of this witch hunt (IMO) trial, we sadly will be not one inch closer to knowing who the killer/killers of those 16 sets of remains are…THIS trial means nothing when it comes to that..There is an active animal still on the loose..And JOE could CARE LESS…He doesnt even care about the other victims…

        Sad part is, if I understand correctly, and i believe i do: Maris defense team believes Hacket administered a drug that caused her death, although i doubt that they can run with that premise any longer, KNOW WHY?? As Joe has REPEATEDLY said, Shannon had NO drugs in her system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they are trying to determine if she was possibly strangled, which will NEVER be provable in THIS court case..THINK PEOPLE…And for the last time, I defend no one, but its VITALLY important the RIGHT person is convicted of these crimes!!!


      • He’s disgusting! Saying things like that prove he’s a sociopath. Only someone devoid of human emotions can come up with the disgusting things he does.

      • Funny how those of us who only know Joey from his rants online get the same thing about him those who actually have met him, and those who have known him for years. Actually it’s not funny at all, but very telling.

      • BTW, i use curse words on this blog for a VERY specific reason, if you dont ‘get’ it, let me know…This blog is SATIRE, and my use of ‘bad’ words is done strictly to make people think about what BAD language REALLY is…One can speak UGLY and disgusting without using one curse word, AND THEY DO…Just let me know if u need further explanation..

        I DO however LOVE Eminem, that s all real, lol, yum!

      • Yes we covered this… But they always need reminders, don’t they Linda. Fuck is a word, my favorite one nothing wrong with it. Other words like fucktard and cunt are petty bad, but nothing compared to the words the likes of Dorothy and Joey and the whole nut gallery use, those are truly hurtful and wrong.

  10. Hey Joey, next time you drop by, prove to me YOU didn’t kill Shannan. I think you came across her that night and instead of helping her you killed her to frame CHP. I can say that without facts just like you. What were you doing that night, Joe? WHERE WERE YOU?

    • Bravo CA1!!! Dont think he’s gonna answer though, hasnt for four yrs.. BUT YOU GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bless you all ❤

    • Oh and CA1, Joe predicted with yards where Shannons body would be found, and his family and the Hacketts have been feuding for yrs, like decades (lawsuits too!!)..Chew on that Joe…Howd ya know?? Physic…More like physco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      All just circumstantial though, right Flukey??????????????????? Yep, just a CRAZY coinkidink……………………….YES JOE, YOU DID THAT, AND EVERYONE KNOWS YOU DID THAT, REMEMBER PS149???????? YEAH, YOU JOE

      • Yep… And how the bodies were kept in water, or something like that, plus how they could have been moved from that building to where they were found without going through the main gate. Just got home from beach, gonna do some digging into old blogs and comments and put together a fluke filled weekend. I hope that’s what junior wanted. I find it very funny that every time I move onto a new subject, Joey shows up. Well Joey, happy reading this weekend!

      • Welcome back Zero 🙂 Yes, why dont you do some digging, since Joe wants to know what an HONEST man has to hide, YES.

      • I must say, its pretty DAMN RUDE, that he gets to sabotage an entire post of intelligent discussion..What a prick..Asshole

    • Joes not only a liar but a hypocrite…Now look, i could give a rats ass about who does drugs, but since Joe likes to bash like the RAT PUSSY he is: Joe hung out with the Cannings, both Sr and Jr, and did plenty of drugs with them, FACT..And its my guess he hung out with Brewer plenty as well…What a RAT..BAD MOJO, joey, very bad

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