The Truth About The Last Happy Hour

the last happy hour

A lot has been said over the last few years about this book. Most of it seems to stem back to this review:

happy hour review

Back on my LISK blog I wrote about this review in the “Lost Girls” post. It’s about half way down:

When I wrote about this review, the name on the review was Brendan Murphy, which most of us here know is supposed to be the screen name Truthspider from Websleuths who’s main POI was Dr. Hackett. There have also been Truthspider comments on  my blogs and MM7’s old blog “Catching LISK“, as well as the sight.  Some people thought Flukeyou was behind some of those comments. But there was also suggestions that Fluke and Truthspider knew each other. They often backed each other on where someone actually commented there under the name Brendan Murphy. I came across an old GQ article someone had posted on and got a glimpse of who Truthspider aka Brendan Murphy might be:

I should point out, that sometime after I wrote my “Lost Girls” post the name Brendan Murphy was removed from the Amazon review and now just says Amazon Customer:


I don’t know why the review no longer says it was by Brendan Murphy, there could be a simple explanation for it, or it could just be a case once again of people pulling away from the games they were involved in. But the point is at one time that review had the name Brendan Murphy as it’s author.

Now why am I bringing all this up again? Well, actually it was Flukey Joey Junior who brought it up in his comment take over last week:

fluke on happy hour

But more importantly, when ever the subject was brought up before I just always took for granted that the things Fluke, Truthspider, and other flukies and dotties were saying about the book were true. I mean no one was coming out to say the book did not say these things. So I believed the book’s author spoke of “converting whores” and not only told his son that this could not be done, but he also took his son on trips to Atlantic City where they “gambled and had sex with whores”. Yes, just as Fluke just wrote in a recent comment and just like Truthspider and others have said before.

Except this time, I do know a little more about the book. Because someone who actually read it came to me and pointed out where Joey and Brendan (or if you prefer, Flukeyou and Truthspider) twisted the things they said about the book.

Now again, I have not read the book, so once again I’m just taking for granted that what this person said about the book is correct, though they let me see some of it for my own eyes, so it seems right to me. Plus I never should have taken the word of Joey or any of his flukie flunkies.

Take a look for your self, here’s where it mentions taking his son to Atlantic City:

happy hour 1a

I don’t see mention of gambling or prostitutes in any of that. How ’bout “converting whores”?

Well, it seems there is mention of this, though it is not by elder Hackett to younger Hackett. It was actually something said to elder Hackett by someone else:

Happy Hour 3a

Not at all what Fluke and/or Spider made it sound like at all. In fact it looks more like a discussion about war and pacifism then “converting” or “saving” prostitutes.

Again, I have not read the book myself, so maybe what Fluke and Spidey are talking about are totally different things. So please Joey, Brendan, or whoever wrote that review, and any one else who has actually read the book, fill free to correct me if I’m seeing this wrong.

But if I’m not wrong then this is just once again an example of all the crap rolling down hill to you Fluke.

I may just have to get the book myself to see what is really said in it.

In the meantime, Joey, comment away…

Now what should I blog about next?

How about Joey?

2 thoughts on “The Truth About The Last Happy Hour

  1. What an excellent way to start the week!!! Hope evryone enjoyed Fathers Day!!..Although I have not read the book either, i most certainly trust the member of this blog who did read it…I believe this person is methodical, and would have picked up anything even remotely suspicious…Many are aware and have actually read the book, and well, everyone has known for yrs theres nothing to it and FLUKE took the ENTIRE paragraph out of context…Great illustration of the nut cases’ “Dot connecting”: LYING

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