Things I’d Love For Flukeyou To Comment On

Flukeyou has said a lot over the years, some of it has turned out to be quite false while others, well you know.

So here’s some stuff you wrote Fluke:

LISK Flukeyou 1

LISK Flukeyou 2

LISK Flukeyoidth=

LISK Flukeyou 4


Care to comment on these comments Flukeyou? I love how you and Dorothy share that catch phrase “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. And calling him a wolf right afterwards, lmao, was that an inside thing, some sort of “shout out” to your girl Dot? Let me be the first (and probably not the last) to say… “EWWWWWW!!!!!”

You said a lot over the years Fluke. Let’s take a look at some of it. Feel free to comment on any of it Joey. In fact everyone, please feel free to comment on any of these comments.

fu 6 28 2011

fu 6 30 2011
fu 7 1 2011

fu 7 2 2011

LISK 200+14

fu 8 16 2011

fu 1 5 2012f

fu 1 5 2012a

fu 1 5 2012b

fu 1 5 2012c

fu 1 5 2012d

fu 1 5 2012e

fu 1 5 2012g

fu 1 6 2012

fu 1 7 2012a

fu 1 7 2012b

fu 1 7 2012c

fu 1 8 2012

fu 4 17 2012

fu 4 28 2012

fu 5 7 2012

fu 6 16 2012

fu 6 16 2012b

fu 6 23 2012

fu 6 26 2012

fu 7 5 2012a

fu 7 5 2012b

fu 7 6 2012a

fu 7 7 2012

Wow, Fluke, you said so much and yet so little. And this is all just from (a small example of your comments I should add). Like I said though, you can really see where all the crap originated, you really sowed the seeds for the other nuts to take growth, didn’t you?

I await your comments Flukeyou.

I have some of my own.


24 thoughts on “Things I’d Love For Flukeyou To Comment On

  1. I read three of his comments and Im sure theres no point in reading more. Lordy, how long has he been saying the same crap? You would think he would be bored by now. I know I am.

      • this was more than a headache, I spent the whole day, yesterday, looking through old comments, which is not easy to do since the site is down. You end up at the same old posts trying to find other ones. Some posts had hundreds of comments to read through. I think i did something to my equallibrium or something. LOL. It was pretty bad. But a nights slep and i’m ready to go again.

      • I read them all VERY CAREFULLY, with four yrs of hindsight, and the help of many good people, Most of all you Zero, I cant thank you enough for taking the time to weed out all the bullshit!! You know you’ve directly helped victims families as well..Bless you!!…Joe youre definitely one of my POIs, absolutely..Every single shitty statement you made is complete fabrication, its ALL been proven EXTENSIVELY,or is plain old speculation!!!! What you and your DISGUSTING, lying gang has done is unforgivable..You’re all such dopey pigs..
        How one can EVER get past his fucked up, creepy EXACT prediction is beyond me, and to see it in writing again makes me physically ill…Not to mention his ‘FACTUAL’ theory of how SGs hyoid went missing…Im gonna have to find out when THAT was actually announced…But really Joe, did Shannon die from a drug overdose? (like THEY only tested for coke, another total lie), strangulation? (as you now state), or YOUR original statement of how you, whoops Hacket, broke her neck while kneeling on it (you sick creep)??
        Ohhhh how’d id love to say more….
        “…Connie was run out of town for having MULTIPLE affairs with the wives of neighbors”…Bunch of cheating whores at Gilgo huh?? Hypocrisy obviously runs in you’re family….
        KARMA, Karma Indeed

      • Joey talked a lot about Brewer at first, not so much any more.. Also the Pasley guy. I missed that he accused him of sleeping with the docs wife and others in the neighborhood. We both know those rumors include his own family as well. Again, Joey don’t talk much about all that anymore.

      • Oh wait, you also stated as FACT SG was found sitting up..yep…Which is it Joe??..and what the fuck have YOU done??!! Why Joe??

      • Catch it all Linda, and let’s hope others do as well. I’m going through everything he said on MM7s blog right now. And all the screen names he used there, though he only uses Flukeyou, right? I’m thinking of having a whole Fluke Week… kinda like shark week. And all waiting for you Joey in case you feel like commenting some more.

      • YES Zero, I got you!! ALL of it..”We got this”..and this is STILL childs play…But dont think your MASSIVE effort is lost on me..Im floored, and hoping your Fathers day went well!!!
        YOU ROCK!!!

      • Connie sleeping with all those cheating, nasty bitches is the ONLY thing he states thats FACT..But YES, he doesnt include mommy..I wonder what effect THAT has on a young mans mind??

      • He dont talk about Brewer cause they hung together (not to mention it puts the focus on WHERE SG ran FROM, not POSSIBLY TO), AND BTW, he did more than blow blunts on the beach with the Cannings as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yea Joey the dope dealer… you like that Flukie Boy? It’s what I heard once upon a time, when Jen was still talking. But hey Linda, I heard you have an even better source for what Joey used to get up to.

      • Oh people forgive all these comment!!!!!
        Joe and mommy are the ONLY two people who signed affidavits (to joes dismay!!) that the Doc administered meds from his home (sigh, NOT a huge deal if your neighbor’s a doc), and Joe/mommy, being the RAT hypocrites they are, USED him for that purpose too..My point?? Sure: LE looked into people who had a case of poison ivy when Shannon/Gilgo four were discovered..Guess who had a MASSIVE bout of poison ivy that fits QUITE NICELY in the timeline these YOUNG women went missing?? YES JOE ,YOU!…very BAD BOUT at that, not easy to see in the marsh at night, you know EVERY inch of that terrain, but the lighting musta sucked deep in there, even if one (YOU, the environmentalist), knows the secret paths…Yeah, just thoughts..ALL circumstantial, but LE IS looking into it…..And just about everyone had some burlap, particularly from THAT nursery, as its very respected and well known…Again NO SMOKING GUN if hacket had access to burlap…NONE

      • Did you know Joe’s mommy paid for some psychics for Mari? The whole family were very helpful, but not a lot of help if you know what I mean.

      • My source/sources are the shit!! Jens not CLOSE to being in this person/peoples league..But yes, i learned long ago, i better not post anything i dont believe is true (cause it bites ya in the ass , right ladies, lol), so if i make a comment, you can take it to the bank!! hope hes srcatchin his head, remember what Linda always says dopies: DTA, Dont Trust Anyone…

      • Poor Shannon, know we have always considered you a hero on this blog!!

        Having said that Joes OBSESSION for what happened to SHANNON only, speaks volumes to me…Could this be why her death isnt officially linked to the “Gilgo” four??…Like maybe someone (cough , cough), helped Brewer cover it up, and frame a neighbor he despised? Was Joe the person who scared Shannon to death??..just thoughts…yes, just musings..
        But anyone who thinks Joe wasnt knee deep into drugs is KIDDING themselves. FACT

    • I agree Joe is a suspect is Shannan’s death imho. His knowledge of where she would be found BEFORE she was found and knowing most likely what would be found, his ability to wade through the bramble and have knowledge of that area, his incessant implications solely geared toward the doctor – all of these things do not aid him. He could “fluke” a call as Hackett and probably did. It’s very easy and anyone can do it. I don’t trust him and Mari definitely shouldn’t.

  2. I get that way reading Dorothys stuff. Headache and jaw ache from clenching my teeth. The whackadoodles are mind boggling.

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