Trumped By Fluke

So Donald Trump got into the presidential race. I think this surprises a few people and at first I was a little shocked myself at his announcement (lots of shocking stuff in his announcement), but I doubt he plans on staying in the race very long.

I would love to go into all that Trump joining the republican hopefuls means and doesn’t mean, but surprise, surprise (actually, no surprise at all) Joey the Fluke doesn’t want me to move on (it’s always someone) and hit the comments quite heavily over this last week.

Fine, these politicians ain’t going anywhere for a while anyways (of course Trump may very well be gone from the running by the time I return to actually post about what his running will affect, which I truly believe it will be bad for Jeb and good for Hillary. Which again I feel they will be the running candidate for each party when all the dust is gone, speaking of which, I was gonna write a post on how both Jeb and Hillary have left their last names off their presidential logos hillaryjeb, but all that will have to wait) Did I really just post pics in a runaway parentheses? Sigh.

Well, anyways (lmao), let’s do some Fluke Fishing, shall we? Some of this stuff will be familiar with long time readers, but I’m sure I can find enough new stuff to make it interesting for everyone reading.

Please Fluke, comment on the next few posts. I can’t wait to read what you think about them.

Oh and if anyone still reading really knows Truthspider let him know to read the next post. I’m curious of what he has to say about it as well.

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