A Couple Other Things I’d Love For Flukeyou To Comment On

Fluke had so much to say last week, and when I give him something to talk about… nothing. Again, I figured as much, a weekend appearance by Fluke is rare. He prefers to use that computer at work for his slanderous agendas. Hope they never find out, people lose their jobs all the time for that kind of thing.

Well, when you do find your way back here Joey, here’s a couple other things for you to comment on.

Some may remember a post I did called. “Who Is Flukeyou”:


In it I combined many different things I have read about Flukeyou/Joe Scalise. It was a long paragraph using many different people’s thoughts and comments about or to Flukey Joey. Some of those comments were made by his own buddies, like MM7 and Jen, others from people on LISK.com, but a few were made by people who actually knew or had met Joey. And some of those were very telling… and troubling.

A lot of people who knew or met Joey said he suffers from some sort of ADD or  borderline personality disorder. At first, one or two people saying this didn’t mean a whole lot. But after reading what was written about Joe in the “Lost Girls” book I started to realize that these were very real depictions of Fluke aka Joe Scalise Jr.

So when someone says something like:

“what is strange is the whole while he could not refrain from spewing accusations about the Doc. I mean to the point where his mother reprimanded numerous times. Bear in mind that this is a 40 year old man who is being “corrected” by his mom as if he were a 10 year old autistic child!”

I put it into context with everything else said about you Fluke, and something just isn’t right.

And there are others who think something isn’t right:

“The odd part is this. Through all the claims I never really saw him express any type of sincere emotion towards Mary , her daughters, or even the situation at hand. In a room of many, he seemed to be the only one with an “agenda”. Honestly don’ let me over state this, I simply want to share that his passionate interest seems to have questionable roots. That is not a smoking gun by any means, and may simply be a window into his real character.”

Many people wonder about that “agenda” Fluke.

So then when someone who’s opinion means quite a bit to me, says this:

“He’s a little ADD, definitely could not stop going on about the Hacketts. While their behavior/story is bizarre no doubt, I have to point out that the very last place that Shannan was seen was in front of Joes house?!?! Which is in close proximity to the Hacketts. I have absolutely NOTHING to base this on but intuition, but I got this weird sense that maybe Joe was responsible for the death of Shannan, totally unrelated to the other girls. Just a feeling, though he did make mention of a number of accurate statements relating to the location of Shannan. Long before she was found. This can be found in the LISK postings.. Things about the channels behind Hacketts house. He made a bunch of accusations about them postponing EPA? Zoning reviews of the area. This was months before she turned up in virtually the exact spot he identified.”

I have to wonder… as many others do:

“I have always never trusted what Joe said to me. He feed BS to Mari cause he knows thats what he says she wants to hear and know. I understand that. Poor Mari is being played by a man who either has something to do with this all or a vendetta toward OB. I have done background on him. How he used to work as a stock broker in NYC around the times all four girls went missing and now he is working for a different company. I am not sure what his deal is and intrest is with this case but whatever it is it sure is not good.”

Yes, people very close to the case wonder about you Joe.

And yet you still come here with the same routine.

So, fluke, care to change that routine a little and comment on some of these things said about you?

If so, here’s one more thing people like to point out about you:

” Joey has a dock and boat, CPH does not have water access on his property.”

40 thoughts on “A Couple Other Things I’d Love For Flukeyou To Comment On

      • Isn’t it strange just how many killers in history enjoyed visiting their victim’s family and actively taking part in search and rescue operations as if they were a caring citizen? Fluke better watch out. He’s starting to look like one of them.

      • Yep. Where ya at Fluke? Care to comment on Brewer or Paisley? Or how bout Jen? Yea, she had a lot to say about ya, but you know that right? And the calls MM7 recorded and then gave to others and now they are up on the dark web? Fluke Week! Coming soon!

      • Get it right Z: Connie Plassay, right Joe? NEVER forget, you came HERE, that, and you’ve been a malicious, rat mouth bitch for 4yrs, and THOSE are youre good points!! And more than likely the LEAST of your sins, “honest man”…Get strapped in, we aint even gettin started you wussy

      • That’s right. Fluke stopped mentioning that name. Dorothy still runs with it from time to time. Cheating wives and drug habits of the neighbors make s a great soap opera but it does not seem to fit into serial killer theories. Unless you’d are a Salise that is.

      • And yes, I found he said that “honest man” line as much as “CPH=LlISK” and yes we are just getting started with ya fluke, so don’t run away. I saved to best for last.

      • There’s always more. Thanks s one thing I defiantly learned over the last couple years. Was reading NERD posts today. Once again I think I’m wrong about who I think it is. There is no way it’s a Figat… way to together for it to be one of them. And it was NERD who first posted all the Eminem lyrics. NERD, if you are still out there, hit me up. You are a true enigma.

      • lol, yes, Jessica is DEFINITELY a chip off nans block, not exactly slick…Ill leave it at that

      • yes, but i doubt he/she is NERD like I thought. In fact if a figat was NERD I have to rethink the Figats all together. I don’t know if anyone but me even cares who NERD was, but rereading their comments has got me thinking overtime, and don’t worry, my posts on Fluke is gonna lead right into some NERD stuff. Unless you are out there NERD and want to curb my curiosity. HIT ME UP NERD! My email is zerodinh@rocketmail,com

      • There is no way it’s a Figat… way to together

        LOL, yep…Hey, I can admit when im wrong…You aint kiddin!! Sheesh! My apologies “Jessica”…hee

      • well i have thought NERD was Jen or a Figat, and as some of us have discused in private, NERD IP and another IP points to a Figat. I just don’t buy it though. I have not yet posted about NERD like I want to, because they did help with exposing Fluke and MM7, but again, seeing that blog as an admin you see things, and NERD is a beast at this. They mention a lot of websleuths stuff, but who wasnt on websleuths? you and me linda, i think that’s it, lol. Oh NERD, I seem to have a crush on you. You interest me so much! See how i get. dorothy was right about how i can “obsess on things”, maybe i shouldn’t be looking back at Catching LISK, lol.

      • I’ve never been on WS. I checked it out and passed. I only click on a link if the topic interests me.

  1. Joey has a distinctive writing style. He failed English/grammar 101. He doesn’t know the difference between then and than, misuses both consistently. He also misuses the word at. One does not live at OB, the live in OB. One lives at a specific address. Just a few misuses I’ve picked up doing a quick read. His using different screen names doesn’t hide his true identity when he makes the same mistakes.

    Joey, once again, where were you when Shannan disappeared?

      • I’m not a grammar nazi. I don’t correct people’s mistakes and make plenty of mistakes of my own. I started picking up on things like that on a blog when I suspected someone was using multiple screen names. Joey may think he’s the smartest guy in the room, but he is clearly delusional.

        Zero has created a great blog. It’s the first place I visited when I got back. When I get a chance, I want to read them all again paying closer attention to detail. You guys are all so sharp, I need to get up to speed.

      • again, TY! The discusion these posts has caused is great. And i hope others are having simular discusions in private when they read them.

      • I do have some smart readers. And again, i know i have a lot of die hard readers out there that never comment. thanks for reading, really. I hope whatever reason brings you here every week (some every day) is helpful or at least somewhat entertaining.

    • Yes he does. Plus he seems to like the reader to know it’s him. mentions himself and his mom. Says the same things as different screen names. Like I have said before, he is at least as strange and as suspicious as Hackett, the difference is, that with time, Hackett grows less suspicious since so much echos back to stuff Joey created or started somewhere about the doc. And joeys actions and comments over time makes him more suspicious. Again, i have been told that it is most likely no one at oak beach is involved in any of the murders, and i somewhat believe that. Or did at least. Not so sure what i believe now. but if they are looking at people there, i hope Joey is one of them.

      • I think he doesn’t realize people will know it’s him, just like Murt thought he was fooling everyone. Both of them try to defend themselves using different screen names. They are both fools.

        In the beginning I thought all the victims were one killer. Now I think it’s possible all but Shannan were victims of one killer. It’s Joey’s obsession with Shannan, the Dr and the Dr’s sex life that have me giving him the serious side eye. Add to that his predictions of where she was, where her belongings would be found and his obsession with ONLY Shannan, set my hinky meter off big time.

    • Fluke still comments as if he’s not joey. Which to me is strange, because it has long been proven here, on LISK.com, and mentioned in the book Lost Girls, he still acts as if know one knows for sure. I don’t know if thats funny, though it does make me laugh. Still all these things add up… I’m not ready to use FLUKE equation (for those who still don’t get that, I’m talking about Flukes “LISK=” crap, meaning i’m not ready to say Flukeyou=LISK) but i am puzzled by the guy. Something ain’t right there.

      • I’ve been suspicious of Fluke and TS’s motives from day one! I just couldn’t persue it on WS because of TOS and (didn’t necessarily feel safe sleuthing it on my own.) That means they are on the top of my POI list if SG was indeed murdered! I can’t decide.

        More so, Fluke. In my mind.

        TS may have jumped on the bandwagon later (for reasons unknown but definitely suspect).

        Certainly, the deception and distraction started with Fluke. It must’ve. Right? It’d be interesting to go back and find out who was sleuthing this case online first. JS or TS

  2. Joey, once again, where were you when Shannan disappeared?

    Joey has a distinctive writing style. He failed English/grammar 101. He doesn’t know the difference between then and than, misuses both consistently. He also misuses the word at.

    IVY league??? Hes Plumb stoopid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best part of all of this shit?? ALL these DOPES spent as much time trying to convince others how smart/educated they were, as they did lying their asses off and framing people, DOPES!! EVERY last one of them, considered themselves THE authority on EVERYTHING!! Particularly Psychology, Religion, ect ect..LMAO….Dear lord, and they ALL share a VERY fragile ego, hee hee….”I hate being called a liar!!!!!!!”……Yes, yes…Broken damn record…..

    “Joey, once again, where were you when Shannan disappeared?”

    • Poison Ivy League is more like it! His education was gathered in the wetlands of OB. If he has an Ivy League education, I’m the Queen of England.

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