Big Brother Goes Big Sister

Why we are waiting for the weekend, I thought I’d mention that Big Brother 17 starts tonight. I’ve mentioned several times that reality T.V. is a staple in my house. And it all started years ago with Big Brother and Survivor (well it really started with Real World on MTV, but it was Big Brother and Survivor that made reality T.V. family T.V. in my house). I have watched every season of Big Brother and Survivor. In fact Big Brother is the only summer show I really watch (sorry “Under the Dome” I tried, I really did). I’ve done my best not to look up any thing on-line about tonight’s show or the season to come, but I did catch a couple of things that made me think we are in for a fun season. The theme this season is “the beach”, which is awesome! I will definitely be in my “beach outfit”! The other thing I heard was there was a transgender woman in the cast this season. That too is awesome! And about time, England’s version of the show already had a transgender winner. Well, I allowed myself to do a little Googling on this season’s cast and found this:

This should be a record-breaking season as far as viewers. It could also create quite a stir on the internet. And you know how I love that. Yes, I’d say that this season of Big Brother could qualify as a #WorldsCollide moment. You know I’m there!

109 thoughts on “Big Brother Goes Big Sister

      • A guy brought a knife with him and then he didnt want to use it. Why bring a survival tool that you dont want to get dirty?

    • Donna omg I think I saw the same episode and it also drove me nuts! Fire starter and a pot to boil water (or something to purify water) are needed. Anyone can fashion a tool even an ape (and now some birds, too!), but fire and clean water are essential and hard to come by. The guy with knife wouldn’t even let his female partner use the knife. Total dick. She was like “you’re welcome for the water pot…”

  1. I love BB!!!! Hubby recorded it for me while I was gone. I need to catch up on this blog and shows I missed. I’m hoping for a good BB season. I still miss Dan. I thought he was EPIC!

      • It is looking like a good season. I dont want to spoil it for the dvr people, but the person that went home was seriously annoying me. So yay! Plus Kathy Griffin was on and I like her humor.

      • I’ve caught up and watched last night. The kid who went home reminded me of Hayden from last year. The Asian kid reminds me of Donnie somewhat. Audrey reminds me of Devon from last year. Came in looking to form an alliance and ends up with half the house involved. I think she’ll last a shorter time than Devon did. My hope is that they don’t repeat last year where everyone in the house votes the same way. That was boring. So far I don’t have any favorites. They are all still kind of meh to me. It’s also still at the point where I can’t remember names. I do like the twin twist. I think it’s hilarious! I picked the wrong girl I thought was a twin. Lol

      • Every season, there are a few i outright dislike from day one. This season I dont dislike anyone. Jace.and the wrestler guy drove me nuts with the bro thing and the immaturity. Im not too thrilled with.Davonne either. I generally root for the nerdy ones.

      • Everytime I see John, the dentist guy, I wonder who it is that he reminds me of. Not a former contestant though.

      • My hubby looked at me last night and said “we don’t like Kathy Griffin, right?” I cracked up! I know I don’t, but we don’t share every opinion!!

      • Lol. My husband thought she was the transgender one. She reminds me of that jersey shore girl.

      • Kathy Griffin is a hit and miss for me. Sometimes she makes me want to staple my head to a wall and then the next second I am pretty passive about her. She did have one joke about her son, aka a dog, being autistic (which only resonated with me because I too believe my sweet pup Henry is autistic.)

    • Yea, but she needs to slow down. So many playing way too hard out the gate. makes great TV though. But man that place is gonna explode, and there are gonna be casualties.

    • I think she’s really pretty. I hope when she gets tossed for being crazy, he doesn’t scream discrimination. They all seem very accepting of her. Props for being the first trans, but slow down girl!

    • mama day… but so much is going on off the show and i haven’t watched live feeds or after dark, so i only am going on what i feel may be happening. Wait. Audrey isn’t on the block yet… did you just write a “spoiler”?!?

      • I guess we knew it was comming, so she got back doored? So hard not to make that into a joke, but that would be wrong. damn, it’s a toss up. I still say mama day… but a lot can happen with this group, they are a paranoid bunch,

      • No, I don’t have any spoilers. I was thinking about the plan to back door Audrey.

      • ok, then she still might not go up, because if anyone finds out the dentist did what he did (trying not to spoil for Donna) he may be in trouble. Still i say Mama… she gets to emotional…

      • John the dentist? What did he do? Ive got my eye on him because he keeps reminding me of someone and i cant figure out why.

      • I dont know what the no no is. Thats not like what mike did one year in the outside storage box, is it?

      • he threw a competition. sorry, didn’t want to spoil, but yea, he let himself be talked into throwing a compeitition… a BB no no. It will come back to bite him, or the people who talked him into it, he’s a little forrest gumpy…

      • I did know Zero came from the Manson saga. You mentioned it to me before.

        Im not convinced that he threw that comp. I think they had a very bad strategy and he and Mama Day sucked at the comp. It looked to me that in the beginning he was true, but she took over and he went along with her.

      • He didn’t throw it he just didn’t help or try to get mama to see they turning them all on was a bad idea, he just let her lose it, but if people find out they’ll think he threw it.

      • My dvr didnt tape it either. Luckily, it comes on the demand channel. That channel doesnt fast forward the commercials though.

      • Im watching it now. Did you see the part where davonne and jason figure out liz is a twin? Ooooh, this is getting good!

      • no missed it, but turbed on after dark to catch a little of what we missed and saw that she came clean to some and figured from what Mama Da said that sometyhing went down. Too bad, they probably wont make it to both being in now. it’s just not the same game as the first time they did the twin thing, everyone is all about game now and theres just to much for them to have to remember. Hopefully tomorrow they will be showing all of that a little more.

      • By the way, anyone not checking out ZW FB Dorothy has decided to come out to her favorite place to spread lies… Shannan’s FB. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!

      • The comment was on shannans fb page. They were copy and pasted on zeros fb page. Look at the comments under the zero picture post.

      • I started writing a post today with the comment in it, but just got frustrated. Wtf is wrong with them? I’ll finish the post and have it up tomorrow, it’s another typical “explanation” post.

    • I saw part of it, it looked good, but i have to many and BB is on 3 nights a week (love that 3) and I still have a whole season of Under The Dome on my DVR I need to get to. I did watch the first episode of Aquarius (have them all DVRed so far) Looking forward to cathcing up on them all… i love me some Duchovny, Twin peaks, X Files, Californication, All favorites!

      • Hubby watched Zoo and taped it for me. I really Aquarius, I love the whole Manson story line and I am a huge fan of Mr Duchovney.

      • oh, and you might have noticed i skipped over the comment on the blog with the poll,I have the truth on that and i have talked about it before, but it’s a touchy subject because i’m not trying to victimize victims. And i get why some things are done, Don’t agree with them, but i get why they were done. All that being said. it’s obvious MM7 had helped Mari with it. MM7 admitted this to me as well, so that’s that.

      • it’s obvious MM7 had helped Mari with it. MM7 admitted this to me as well, so that’s that.

        Noted, however TWO wrongs dont make a right, to quote MM7…lmao!!! And once again, a simple retraction, YRS ago would have gone a long way, thats if one cared about spreading disgusting rumors and lies!

  2. I also wanted to mention something else. When I talked about my chronic health issues, someone recommend that I try the herbal route. Jump forward a few weeks, my birthday came and I thought “why not?”. So, I did. It does help a bit. Mostly it makes it so I don’t care as much!!! Thanks for the suggestion!! Xoxi

      • Thank you for posting the link. I was looking for her name in comments. Dorothy makes me sad, so much hatred for so many within her. I think she truly believes the things she says. The thing is, my empathy ends when she doesn’t recognize or seek help and in the process, hurts real victims, real people.

        I have never read a comment on here disparaging any of the victims or families. Everyone who comments here is kind and compassionate towards them. Well, except for a very little fish boy. No one has been vile! Not Zero, Donna, Linda, Annie, TCTH, not anyone who has human feelings. ( apologize if I forgot anyone) I leave out the little fish boy because he is vile. So are others who’ve used this devastating case as a game. Shame on all of you

        Thank you for the belated birthday wish, Donna! Xoxo

      • I dont feel sad for Dorothy. That is one cold, black hearted woman. Even if she sought help, theres no cure for whats wrong with her. There is another person that I once did feel sorry for. Zero once asked me if a sane version of that person would be any better. The answer is no, and the same applies to dorothy.

      • You know I’m an optimistic realist, and I’d have to agree, there is no help for Dorothy. And one one should waste time feeling sorry for her or hoping she will stop her madness and do the right thing. You are totally right Donna.

      • by the way, everyone saw that Dorothy is keeping up on our comments?
        “What was Stephen Yohay doing? Maybe Connie Plaissay of Montana or his son in Whitestone can shed some light. Who was the dance club owner with Frank who was part of an illegal drugs trafficking Ring?”
        She left that in her latest rant on SMG’s FB page. Also mentioned Linda and me again and her newest thorn Donna. There are some people that just make me so proud that they hate me so much… right Linda and Donna? I mean i domn’t like to be hated, the narcisist in me wants everyone to love me, but it says something good about us that someone like Dorothy can’t keep our names out of her pie hole.

      • Dorothy comment #1 left 12-1-2013 on my LISK blog post “Our First Session with Junior (Skit)” Contabt readers will remember i pulled that post from mt LISK blog then reposted it here later where I thought it would fit better, so the comments on that post were gone from the blog, but I still have them, here’s what Dot had to say about Yohay:

        Important for me to know as my ex was preyed upon within the Catholic Church (Archdiocese of Brooklyn) > ties to Alan Placa — neighbor of Joseph Brewer in Oak Beach, NY – Archdiocese of Rockville Center and cover-up of pedophile priests, chaplains and a former employee of Archbishop Molloy High School (former track coach) who bought a house in Oak Beach in 1983. Also Stephen Yohay, founder of ACI and mentor of the founder of DayTop (after which Elan School of Poland, ME was based — that and the cult of Synanon – CA). Cults are dangerous and FBI is doing a great job shutting them down. These include extreme religious groups / institutions. I watch as a pedophile priest is being protected by a Diocese in the US and that scumbag needs to be in jail. The Diocese protects pedophile priests and not whistleblowers. Catholic Church has a LONG way to go.

      • Now dorthy’s second comment on Yohay was alos on that post, so again when i removed the post the comment was also removed, here’s part of that comment:

        Where did my ex live before he married his first wife, from 1985 when he graduated from the pedophile-led Archbishop Molloy High School with a pedophile track coach Connie Plaissay (who bought a house in Oak Beach in 1983 and Stephan Yohay was running ACI — another “recruiting grounds” for the sex trafficking ring):

        in his parent’s basement in Glendale, Queens

      • The third comment from Dorothy on Yohay comes from 11-27-2013 (so actually it’s her first comment on Yohay) it was left on my LISK blogs “200 Comments: The Red Tags” (click here to find it: ) Here’s what she said about Yohay there:

        Yes, my ex was arrested. Nassau County Detective told me. Do you REALLY think I would not report a strangulation, his pushing me down a flight of stairs, and all his illegal activity at TD Bank? I wasn’t raised to sweep things under rugs. My ex, on the other hand, was. Very sad but we have therapists throughout Long Island and he can ask his Oak Beach buddies or those at Daytop and ACI (Yohay) for recommendations.

      • but before all that MM7 mentioned him in my LISK blog “Too Close To Home” post on 4-22-13 (click here to find it: )
        Here’s what she wrote:

        Glad you have my exact comment! Actually, I got the info on my blog comment from the same IP that was harassing me. There’s bits and pieces of truth being handed out by that person and others who comment, so I asked the name and year Hackett’s friend (now patient according to the above commenter?) from fluke, that is the ONLY info I asked re: Michael Newman (whose widow is the notary public on Hackett et al’s affadavits). I had found the info about the poker player on my own, without the influence of another. This particular Michael Newman won at the same time as a Fox (forget the first name, going off pure recall right now), and Fox’s address was in Coram, NY. Fox is Steven Yohay’s wife’s maiden name.

        The info I came across is verifiable on Harrah’s website and The Borgata’s website. If I remember, the winnings were in 2011.

      • Again… both Dorothy and MM7 were obviously beeing feed by Joe Scalise (by the way, in Dorothy latest comments on the SMG page poor Joey has been attacekd on this blog as well, man that’s funny) So what to believe about any of the Oak Beach residents is so hard to know what is real, what is made up, and what if any means something to the LISK case. As I have always said, look at them all, from The Scalise’s to the Hackett’s and everyone in between. And pay special attention to Brewer. More than ever I feel the killer is or was an Oak Beach resident or was close to people there and spent a lot of time there. I don’t see how it can be any other way.

      • Yes, you mean people, stop picking on the poor little fish boy!

        Oh yeah, is it Linda or Donna who’s transgender? I’m so easily confused. Here I thought our menses were synchronized because we’re BFFL!!! Well, we would be if I didn’t have a hysterectomy.

      • CA1, She says we are both trannies. Im also supposed to be zeros mother, jen, and a guy named mcready. Also alters of her exes. LOL, Its amazing I have any time left to come here what with me being all those people.

      • I saw the comment she made about joey being attacked. Lol. Twisted people see things twisted. And those two are as twisted as one can get.

      • that’s what i called this years hashtag on this blog. for many reasons. but mainly because I saw this year would bring many worlds into collision…

      • July 12, 2015 at 1:35 pm
        by the way, everyone saw that Dorothy is keeping up on our comments?
        “What was Stephen Yohay doing? Maybe Connie Plaissay of Montana or his son in Whitestone can shed some light. Who was the dance club owner with Frank who was part of an illegal drugs trafficking Ring?”

        ZERO!! ALL!! Im just catching up here, so proud of all of you….But I just KNEW Dorothy would STEAL our info…Hee hee hee, We are so on the same page..TY for that one..made my day Brother!

      • Totally not surprised Dot is lurking and stealing ideas. Oh well hopefully we can steer her big mouth in the right direction. If she could focus it would help. Someone needs to produce an Organized web/visual of who all is connected to Brewer/Oak Beach Parties and how. This spattering of random connections is not creating any big picture, but a close up view of an ellaborate tapestry that one must step away from and view as a whole to actually understand what is going on. Until Dot can produce such a cohesive visual representation of this web of connections WITH proper sourcing to BACK UP those connections she will continue to not be understood or listened to.

      • Shes ranting on shannans memorial page again. I wonder if she will ever realize how pathetic she looks to the sane.

      • Wow! All I can say is WOW! Donna, I’m confused which man you’re supposed to be.

      • I think im supposed to be mcready this time. Arent I amazing? I can change my sex and identity any time i want. I think I might try being a hermaphrodite named Tallulah today. Lol.

      • Dorothy has spit out literally hundreds of names, but she uses them to twist and contort them into her own DELUSIONS…Has she spit out an actual POI at some point, probably….But she HAS no CLUE about the LISK case…She barely seems to understand BASIC police procedure, and is not even able to see Joes OBVIOUS games…lol, she so pathetic, standing up for a guy who uses fake screen names, spoofed phone apps, a TOTAL misogynist, an animal abuser…ALL PROVEN….Shes a DOPE with NO connections, ALL HOT AIR AND NAME DROPPING…And an evil stalking Liar….It IS comforting however, that Mari finally sees what the other families have: She a dangerous , mental case…Thats a great thing!! , by continuing to point fingers at myself, Zero, Donna ,TCTH ect, she only proves my point…She hangs herself EVERY single time she does this, as Mari and Mm7 have known EXACTLY who we are for years now…not to mention the fucking stalker has spoken to my FB friend..Its just so awesome…And what a pig to continue to say the jewelry on infant doe was hers, sick right?? And WHEN is Brewer getting arrested for accosting you at the bank again?? Its been four years you dopey C***! lol!!! What a FRAUD.
        My favorite request for the DOPES: Keep talking, and she will..Im lovin it!!
        She is SO butt hurt Zero fooled her with Kate Carter…It doesnt get ANY better than that, and, well, it could be happening to her again as we speak 😉 She’s THAT easy…hee hee hee…She’s unable to realize she can be set up WHEREVER she comments now… WINK !! Stayed tooned, its only gonna get better, TRUST me

    • Maybe joey is scared. Hes gotta get delusional dorothy and her nutty buddies to do his dirty work for him. What a wuss.

      • Joe may not even be speaking to delusional Dotty anymore…Lol, Fla nearly begged Dorothy to STFU, She literally put Fla’s privacy and safety at risk.I have emails that show Fla laughing, as Dorothy would send LENGTHY email after email, all going ignored (Dorothys famous for her ranting emails)… But Dorothys sick mind is unable to FILTER,EVER…OBSESSION, ANGER and JEALOUSLY rule her every move…Shes condemned to living that way, and she deserves it. I bet she hardly sleeps or eats..GOOD

      • Lol. I can just picture her accusing the docs in the looney bin of all sorts of conspiracies. She will be there for life. Heeheehee

    • Tcth, since flukey likes paying visits to his neighbors homes while they arent home, doesnt it make you wonder if he ever swiped a prescription pad from the doctor he hates house?

      • B&E is bad enough, taking a prescription pad will end you up in a federal prison. Thinking out loud here, the Dr would have known a pad was gone. Say someone just took a few blank prescriptions, possibly easily missed. Getting someone who knows how to write a prescription correctly, so it passes the pharmacist, is the hard part. I don’t think little fish boy has the smarts. Sell blank prescriptions, I’m sure there’s a market for those somewhere.

      • Again, i dont post RUMORS…I learned the hard way. So having said that, understand clearly : Joe was/is knee deep into drugs, and not just weed…He’s tried, in the not so recent past, to set someone up with a drug dealing operation: “they’d never suspect you”….FACT! Right Joe?? you pussy hypocrite!! Its all coming out now huh?? Can you believe the MESS your own BIG MOUTH got you in??
        What a DICK!
        Clearly, i could care less who does drugs BTW, but PLEASE see the hypocrisy, among other RED FLAGS regarding Joe..

      • I knew the CVS angle was bogus. He sat at home thinking of new lies. He used people to spread his lies.

      • His lies are catching up to him. I dont think anyone here is gonna be happy til those lies bite him right in the ass.

  3. oh you know it linda… lets keep digging at em. and then lets make it viral! the whole world should know. ive given up on mari and the gilbert sisters.. if they are still listening to that evil fish, then so be it. but when they finally realize what he has done and how he has meddled with the investigation and messed with their, and the other victims families… well im thinking mari will see bright red. and then joey and his hens will hear from her. so keep at it and lets get this viral somehow. I am so ready.

    • TCTH, its going viral, My friend, All you/we’ve witnessed HAS all been proven, and this is ONLY the beginning…Theres a time and place for certain info to be revealed, but know IT has STARTED, and gaining strength…All we’ve ‘discussed’ over the yrs, is going to HAPPEN, i gave you my word.
      As far as Gilbert sisters and Dorothy: YAWN, wasted time and energy, barely a distraction anymore…How great was it when Zero got Dorothy with kate carter!! Please, anyone i respect in regards to the LISK case, all have Dorothy number…Shes good for a joke, whateva, she must enjoy it?? RE the Gilbert sisters: Way to respect your sisters memory…Its youre prayer page…Im speechless other than that…SMH, to say the least…have a nice day, and stick with Dorothy, lol..Yeah, you do that..

      LOVE YOU!!! TY again for your perseverance!

    • Me too. It happened in my dad and grand father’s hometown no less and they both were marines. I’m pissed. I’m gonna crap on the shooters grave. Mark my words. Crap. All over it. All my cousins live there basically. Too bad ppl in Chattanooga rule and the stupid coward gunman only made the community and its ties with the military even stronger. Burn in hell fuckhead. RIP to the 4 marines. Such a tragedy.

      • Sadly the 5th service member died as well. It hits me hard because I come from a long line of military service. Currently my sil is in the Army. It breaks my heart when terrorists murder innocent victims. I’m very sorry that the community has been hurt so badly.

        The US has faced adversity before and we have stood taller and prouder. Remember the days after 9/11? We were one, no color, no nationality, we were all Americans. You can hit us, but you will never defeat us.

        Annie, that coward doesn’t deserve you fertilizing his grave. I seriously doubt he will be buried here.

        Linda, I will always be grateful to live in this country. I am praying for the people in Chattanooga.

  4. Ok now I’m really Livid. The marines were likely part of my best friend’s brother in laws unit as well as the unit her ex fiancée belonged to. Sadly the fiancée killed himself due to PTSD. This unit is made up of the few and the proud. I’m expecting to probably see many connections of my friends to the victims. Why is the media using kid gloves and not calling the gunman a fucking Islamic terrorist? He’s from the same cut of cloth the Boston Marathon Bombers came from. Really pissed we educate him and bring him into community with open arms and he does this. What sick selfish piece of shit.

    • Really pissed we educate him and bring him into community with open arms and he does this. What sick selfish piece of shit.

      😦 Just horrible…

  5. Ive been having problems with my cable. Ive got a.technician scheduled for saturday. Please everyone keep me updated on who gets evicted on big brother! Last i know of is jason going home.

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