So we’ve all heard about Joey and his mail order brides.

And in the three years I have been writing about Fluke, Dot, and the gang, many have come to me with concern for Flukes first wife, who I am told is Olga.

I’ve heard lots of stories about Fluke over these few years including the one most of you heard about Jen’s friend speaking to a russian lady who told her she feared her husband was the LISK killer. If you haven’t heard this dramatic tale of hearsay from Jen yet, don’t worry you will. And if you’ve heard it on Websleuths… well I guess that sleuther is out of the bag now. But I’ll stop there before I get in too much trouble. A blog for another time.

Well, back in the beginning of all this (for me that was January/February of 2013) when everyone was posting mug shots (no one found any for me still? what could that mean? I know some of you looked for them, lmao) I came across one that I was told was Joey’s ex-wife Olga.

I’ll post the link in a second but first I want to share with you what was written under the mug shot and arrest info when I frist saw it back then:


This explained some of the comments I had read on LISK.com calling Fluke an animal abuser and other things that obviously came from others finding this comment. Or did some people know more about this arrest? If so (and I get the feeling people did/do) then this could be part of the reason Olga is no longer with Joey.

Of course without Olga’s side to any of this it’s all just hearsay (but man there are lots of hearsay on this, coming from different places). Unless you’d like to comment on any of this Fluke. What’s your side of the events that took place in Florida on 8-31-09?

Wait, I think you might have already spoke out on this.

Later, when going back to look at this page a second comment was there. Now remember, this 2nd comment comes after all this was discussed on my blog and other places. Well here, just look at the second comment:

olga 2

When I saw that I thought, yes, that’s our Fluke. That cemented to me what everyone was saying about him. And yes, made me worry for Olga.

I hear she is fine and I hope that is true, probably staying as far away from you as possible Fluke.

I’ll leave this with more questions than anything else.  Care to answer any of them Fluke?

Olga, if you are out there and come across this, I’d love to hear your side of what Joey is all about.

By the way here’s the link if you don’t already have it:


I’m not one for posting mug shots, that game was started long before I got here, and I stayed away from this subject for quite a while now. But this is how it must be I guess.

Where ya at Fluke?

17 thoughts on “Olga

  1. Lol. The guy is just pathetic. I just love the money hungry comment about the ex. Yes fluke, they both married you for your sparkling personality. Hahahahahaha!

  2. Hi, I am Olga. One of my good college friends came across this insanity while trying to reconnect. I would highly appreciate if you keep me out of your pathetic attempts to justify your hatred, or even remove this post entirely. Let’s start here. I am not a “mail order bride”, but a Russian woman with two, note two, BA degrees who came to US through a cultural exchange program. You might not know that there are programs that allow US students visit Russia, and many other countries, as well. What you do here is called online harassment and it can be reported as such. People that support your rant or write those derogatory comments on the websites which designed to extort money by public humiliation take part in that harassment as well. I assume you are mature enough to understand that people do fall in love, they do get married, and in some cases, they also do decide to separate for PRIVATE reasons. I wish only the best for my ex-husband and his family.

    • And to the rest of you nuts, it’s not okay for you to do something then throw a crybaby fit when it’s done back to you. The court system wasn’t designed for selfish babies to throw temper tantrums. Geez, you really shouldn’t dish out what you can’t handle getting back.

    • And olga, did it occur to you to ask the owner of this blog nicely to remove your name? Usually that is what people do. But not the whiners that come here. They tell lies, throw out people’s name (joey is real big on that) then cry when it’s done back. God forbid one of you treat others the way you want to be treated. Unbelievable, the whole bunch of you.

      • That’s because it probably ain’t Olga. I’m guessing fluke is behind this. I happen to know he’s getting unwanted attention due to this blog. Oh well fluke boy. Reap, sow, and all that jazz. I told you all from the beginning I’d make it happen for ya.

    • I love how this starts,”hi I am Olga” already I call bull shit. But then the next line suggest that Olga’s old college friend came across this post and reading about people named Fluke and Olga realized it was her and contraced her about it. And then instead of just coming to me and massaging I have it wrong, that fluke was a great husband. They call me names and threaten to sue me. Sorry this smells fishy. And fish boy is behind this somewhere. Notice they didn’t say I had the wrong arrest record or the agreement fluke and Olga had in public form there. Ya, I stand by this post more than ever. I think it all speaks for itself.

      • Damn, I just realized I’m starting to sound like MM7, maybe she was right. Maybe this blog is no better than the one she wrote. Though I never accused anyone of stalking me or being a serial killer. But still… if this was really Olga and she was not a mail order bride like Jen and others claim, then of course I don’t want to spread misinformation about anyone, that’s Dorothy’s gig. But seriously people. You all are so wrapped up in a ball of shit, to threaten to sue me for being intrigued by what I’ve read on the internet… I just don’t know what to say… give me a couple days… I’m sure something will come to me.

      • Wait, there was a joey and olga agreement on here and I missed it? Lol. I’m gonna have to look for it. Betcha it won’t be as easy to find as olga is making it out to be. And olga, zero gotcha there, didn’t he? Hahaha. Bet that just kills ya.

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