A Closer Look At Fluke’s Comment

OK, this is one of those “pay attention” posts… so pay attention.

Flukeyou came back with this clip and paste post 2 weeks ago before going on a little comment spree. And I had a case of Deja Vu

Let’s look at his stolen post turned into a comment:

fu zw cl comment1

fu ze cl comment2

That’s just a clip of them, you can go and see them for your self in the comments… or just read on, because I think we’ve seen this before.

Yes I know we’ve seen this before.

It comes straight from the MM7 blog, “Catching LISK”. Oh joy. I love when someone brings up “Catching LISK”. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I did so much reading at “Catching LISK” and “LISK.com” before and after they were pulled from the net (nothing ever really leaves the net, there are dark areas where you can find anything). I blogged a lot about LISK.com, but by the time I got to “Catching LISK”, everyone had run away. And since MM7 herself said the blog was worthless, I kind of let that blog go, other than a mention when needed from time to time.

And this is one of those times. Because Flukeyou’s comments on this blog on 6-17-15 came straight from a post on “Catching LISK” posted 4-13-13.

I know, I said that already. And will get to that post, but fist let’s look at a comment MM7 made about this post:

tcth mm7 cl

Ahh, how right Too Close had it. It must have driven some of you mad how right Too Close always was.

Anyways, MM7 seemed proud of the post she mentions here. Shall we look at this post? You can’t click on it there, but you can here:


How awkward that the one post MM7 called out as having not come from media or Fluke gets posted in Fluke agenda on my blog 2 years later.

I always found this post interesting, because it seems to have 3 authors.

One being Hackett writing the OB.

Two being MM7 who put it all together as a post and most likely wrote the end stuff on stalking, she almost sets up the back n forth there by saying Hackett would post stuff about her, knowing she had others out there like Jen just waiting to tell the truth about her. Damn I could go on for days about the lies and games played on this blog, and I have and I will, but this is “Fluke Weekend”!

And Three being the middle part that goes after the OB (obituary, not Oak Beach, thought I might need to clarify that) and also the second part that Flukeyou copied and posted here the other day.

Well I always thought that was probably written by Joey (Fluke) or Brendan (Truthspider).

Yea,  MM7 may have been proud of this post, but it’s not really hers. Most of this stuff came from somewhere. She says it not the media or Fluke, but at least some of it comes from the media and Fluke. Don’t want to call people liars when we know how much they hate that. But yea, liar.

Truthspider, is most likely where the majority of this post came from. Any one care to correct me… MM7? Truthspider? Fluke?

Yea, and I love how MM7 wrote she read the book, but doesn’t mind the misinformation about Hackett taking his son “to gamble and have sex with those “whores” he talked about “converting”” . Either MM7 once again is lying here when she says she read “The Last Happy Hour” or is lying about what she read.

That word… they really don’t like it.

But how else can it be seen? Fluke? Spider? MM7?

Thanks again for the comments Joey…

I love it when someone brings up “Catching LISK”.

15 thoughts on “A Closer Look At Fluke’s Comment

  1. Im really speechless here!!!! The BS is endless…Let alone the comments/COMMENTORS….Yes, im re-thinking about some of my old friends on LISK.com…Md Rices comments were BS??…Just skimmed?? Cheryl?? I had NO clue how much you truly despised MD Rice, sure aint how i remember it!! And MM7 was a ‘great researcher’ and exercised restraint??..NOPE!! Matter o’ fact, my good ole friend nearly begged me to IGNORE mm7, as she was one HUGE distraction to any intelligent conversation (i was new then, and EASILY baited)….The lies, games and BS (with hindsight, of course) is jawdropping!! Me thinks i got played big time, and im calling it out!! Somethings rotten in Denmark, as my dad used to say

    All MM7s shit is STOLEN or speculation!!! Where the fuck is the PROOF Hackett did ANY of this crap?? And no ones calling it out but TCTH, and a handful of others???!! Although as YOU know Zero, she did quite a bit of moderating..

    WHAT CRAP is right MM7…But thats the least of the BS im feeling now….


    • Zero, if you ever (but i know you dont doubt me, bless u) look at some of my old comments, i could SWEAR Joe or someone (jen, WHO ELSE??!!!) was writing for MM7 many times, and I said so…But THIS?? WOW….Amazing work Zero, sad , sickening and ANGRY as it makes me!! THE GAMES ARE endless and deep

      BUT WHY???!! How could any of you sleep at night..pigs, PHONY pigs at that

      • I love reading yours and too close comments there, you guys were so right. My comments were wrong most of the time at first. But I caught on. Plus there are so many of yours and to close comments that didn’t get through. All good stuff. There is lots of good stuff that never got through. If it made sense or explained something, it did not get through.

      • Zero, i DID the same exact thing regarding Fla for years, TCTH tried to warn me several times, oddly enough, so did Cheryl, nuff said….Of course ones 1st reaction would be to help, but today i see so many things MUCH differently…Unreal…Surreal!!

      • Oh I know, remember I see her whole messed up blog the way she saw it, and I now believe she gave out personal info to Dorothy about me, so I know all about Cristins deceits. But I’m a forgiving person when people finally decide to do right. Of course, Cristin has not done that yet and too be honest if she did come back she’d probably help out the wrong people again. But I always have hope people will do the right thing. I know, I’m a masochist.

      • Zero…I GIVE up on ALL OF THEM…They have literally been begged to tell the truth!! We, you, have grown to care about actual family members of these victims, these fucked up TWISTED games and TALES!!!!!! They are animals in my book!! NONE of them have the constitution to own this SHIT, this travesty!! Go fuck yourselves, because whether you like it or not…WE GOT THIS…

    • Oh man read the Last Happy Hour and you will see just how full of it these monsters are in painting Hackett/Hackett’s dad as a sadistic killers or whatever they are aiming for. Not sure about schooling (I’ll have to grab the book and look up what Hackett’s dad did for schooling), but Hackett senior had one of the highest IQs in the military at the time. it allotted him and the two other characters in his book (real life friends and comrades) special clearance and assignments. He probably was thrown into Uni during or after his service. Some people are just bright and don’t follow the usual scholastic path as the rest of us (especially in the early 1900’s!), but a dumbass like Joey would never recognize this nor find himself in a similar situation to Hackett senior therefore all is lost on him.
      Hackett senior wrote about how tortured he was by things he had to do in WWII – typically guilt and shame aren’t feelings that sociopaths experience. In fact, I could believe Hackett senior would later join a committee to prosecute war criminals given how the war affected him adversely.
      Hackett’s dad painted sounds and loved the sound of brass instruments. He was a very deep and perceptive soul and describes CPH as nothing but a sweet and CONSIDERATE son who hoped to see his father find a good woman after his mother’s untimely passing. Hackett senior doesn’t mention CPH’s mother’s passing much and one can infer it was a difficult subject for him to even muster up in his book.

      I’m not saying the guy was perfect, but I would trust a big brain with ethics like Hackett senior over shameless numbskulls like Joey any day of the year.

      • AMEN…TRUTH, at long last!
        TY Annie, for taking the time to read “the Book” from cover to cover, may this bring SOME peace to anyone who has been slandered and defamed by these filthy, lying MONSTERS! Meanwhile, a serial murderer roams free! None of you have contributed one ounce of help, and your lies have destroyed people, NEVER FORGET THAT! The worst of you are those that did this for your OWN selfish agendas..Joe scalise and dorothy price hill…..And those of you who could have stopped these games, i have ZERO respect, no words low enough….Playing games with serial murder?? Unimaginable!! As disgusting today, as it was 4yrs ago….Shame on you!
        Enjoying your two seconds of fame?? Is this what you all dreamed it would be?? Heros?? ZEROS!

      • Yes as you know Linda I had no stake in this and really considered everyone a suspect early on, but the rumors of Hackett made him SEEM like a credit suspect until I figured out most of the accounts were just that – rumors. Looking objectively and in hindsight with no personal agenda, I was able to determine for myself at least that: Linda, Zero, CA1, Donna, etc are out for the truth and have more to lose than you do to gain by helping, that CPH has been targeted and framed, and that Joey seems to know way too much about what happened to Shannan Gilbert and has actively taken measures frame/slander an innocent man (CPH among others) as well as interfere with a homicide investigation.

        Again, is Joey just so nuts and suffering a such a significant case of tunnel vision (with CPH as his POI) that he would actually try to plant false evidence/testimony to ensure his man is put away
        Is Joey planting evidence and implicating CPH bc he was involved in Shannan’s murder somehow?

        Yes Joey, this is the fence many people are attempting to balance on top of. It’s a pretty flimsy fence and I’m certain it will fall over to one side soon enough what with all the people that keep coming to sit on it. Power in numbers, Justice in truth.

      • Annie, you ROCK!!!! Love your comments!

        The truth will come out and the one in handcuffs won’t be Joey’s number one suspect. He’s a dangerous child playing a very dangerous game. The people he harms are very real.

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