Flukeyou On Catching LISK

Before we get started on this post, I need to point out, that Catching LISK  is a dead blog. It was taken down, just as LISK.com was. If you go to read there, know that most of it (Catching LISK) is crap and many of the comments are either from the Dorothy/Joey side or the other side which was vast, a lot of Websleuthers and other trolls and avengers, MM7 and Joey had picked up along the way. Oh and there is Jen, who started out with positive comments about the blog, but later tried to get some not so positive ones through. Those were not let through of course, which is why Jen came to my blog I’m sure. Sorry, I keep forgetting it’s “Fluke Weekend”, so that too is a blog for another time.

So Joey, let me explain it to you. That blog is dead. It died May 2013 due to it being crap and it’s author no longer wanting to be associated to it. It was crap you, Jen, Dorothy and Cristin created, and is now just rubble left from its destruction. So going there and trying to comment or spin anything is not gonna happen. There is no reason to comment there at all as it will not go through… it’s a dead blog. Do you get it? So no more comments like this one:

fu on catching lisk 6 17 2015


Yes, it seems Fluke found his way back to “Catching LISK” blog and not only copied something and posted it in my comments (see previous post), but he tried to leave a comment on the “Catching LISK” blog while he was there.

Now this is supposed to be a reply to someone called Babylon Barry:

fu comment answer

Wow, that innocent man stuff sure sounds familiar. We will have to come back to that. First I want to go over some of the things Flukeyou wrote as himself and other screen names he thought were cute. These were all on the “Catching LISK” blog during its short existence:

fu b4 tcb

LMFAO! This one is great. Was Fluke wanting to write that as Barbara? Ooops, he left the screen name as Flukeyou. And then in the other comment he explains why these things happen. Only problem is he wrote the explanation before the mistake (how does Fluke always do this, posting things ahead of time? Does he have a time machine?) if I’m reading the time stamps right. Maybe MM7 tried to help him correct his mistake but somehow made the time stamp off. The simpler answer is that Fluke probably wrote something as the wrong screen name and then wrote the cover up comment, then MM7 probably deleted that post, so he reposted it or messed up again, lol.  I know confusing right? But the main thing is look what Flukeyou wrote as himself instead of the fake screen name he meant to use.

Busted! He made this mistake time after time. Others called him on it at LISK.com. I wonder how many times he messed up on “Catching LISK” but MM7 helped by deleting or fixing them? Hard to keep up when you have so many screen names, huh Joe? I want to point out as well, that the one I call NERD wrote as Fukeyou  (and I think this got to the real Fluke) as well as just about everyone else. But MM7 took  most of these down from the blog not wanting to confuse things. Which I admit without seeing the IP addresses, it could get confusing to see who was who. But why take down the names she knew were fake and written by NERD, but leave up all the fake ones from Flukeyou. Comments like this:

fu BH truck sex

Man Joey, you sure are obsessed with the docs sex life. Over and over again.  But seriously, see what I mean. MM7 took all of NERD’s mocking screen names down but left all of Flukeyou’s up. Here’s more:

fu b4 tc2

I mean why not clear up that these came from Fluke and remove them? I know she knew it was him, she could see the IP addresses. Just as she knew all the comments coming from NERD were his, she knew these were Fluke, difference was, she was working with Fluke and the blog was there to help with his slandering of his neighbors.  Take a look at this one:

fu tc

There’s Fluke commenting as Tom C. and it has got to be one of the most disturbing comments left by anyone in all this. And with so many of them complaining about language and calling others vile, MM7 just let that comment by Fluke stay. And remember, Cristin aka MM7 knew it was Joey aka Flukeyou and let it through no problem.

You’ll notice I’m removing parts of some of the IPs. This is because Fluke used different IPs (some only changing a little as he used a different port in the server, that’s the easiest way to explain it, remember, I work with this kind of stuff, so I know what I’m talking about, as do some of you out there reading this who get the whole IP thing), but there are a couple IPs used exclusively and those are the ones I have kept the ends off. And it is these matching ones that prove without a doubt Flukeyous was behind many comments including the ones he leaves on my blog.

Shall we continue:

fu bh dif ip

fu bh dif ip2

fu BH

Damn, Cristin even let him call her a bitch as Barbara in that last one. Sorry, but I had to point that out again… continue:

fu bh2

Sorry, got to stop again, because that is just obscene. Again Joey, why do you fantasize about the doc and his wife’s sex life so much? And that comment where Fluke is writing as Barbara saying how Evelyn (that’s Joey/Flukeyou’s mom if you don’t know) is such a good mom, it’s my favorite Flukeyou comment. Man Joey, a psychiatrist would have a field day dissecting that comment. I just want to add that Hackett is not a zero… I am… continue:

fu bh3

fu cl1b

fu cl2b

fu cl3b

fu cl4

fu cl5

I love how Fluke wrote MM7 was right about CPH posting as him. NERD was posting a lot as Flukeyou (and again all those post were removed from the blog so people wouldn’t get confused about fake screen names, damn, so funny it hurts), but Joey was happy to push on MM7 to help further convince her CPH actually would comment on her blog. I plan to get into all those NERD comments if need be one day. But for now let’s just stick with what Flukeyou posted there. The real Flukeyou, Joey Scalise Jr.

I save this one for last because it reminded me of anther commenter and, well,  decide for yourself:

fu bh dif ip3

Another very crude comment left by Flukeyou writing as Barbara and let in without question or clarification by MM7.  But the use of the word blumpkin (if you don’t know what it means, Google it, Joey obviously knows the word, just saying) made me think of a screen name that just may be… as I said, decide for yourself:

fu blumpkin

FU blumpkin nigger joke

The Ips are very close and the use of blumpkin again sure sells it to me. Plus it just sounds like Flukey. You are one messed up dude fluke. And if any of your cronies ever want to call someone here vile again, they better reread all these comments and then STFU!

We would stop here, I feel I’ve gone on enough about all this (aren’t ya glad you brought that stuff up from the “Catching LISK” blog Fluke?) but there is still something nagging me about Joey’s latest comment he tried to leave on the “catching LISK” blog:

fu comment answer

fu on catching lisk 6 17 2015

What brought Fluke to answer this comment? I mean Fluke goes to the dead blog and finds this comment out of all the rest and replies to it… wait… those IPs again are very similar to one of the known Fluke IPs… let’s take a look at this Babylon Barry:

fu bb

Let’s see…

Leads MM7 on to things he wants her to comment about… check!

Uses the Peg Leg Pete joke… check!

Hates Too Close… check!

Damn, did I just find another one Joey? Well we can’t stop there:

fu bb2

“Where has Flukeyou been?” AH HA HA HA! More… more:

fu bb3

Even signed it with your signature Fluke equation.

Joey=Dope… lmao!

And those tranny comments Joey, times are changing, people like you, Dorothy, Nancy, and the Duggars (yea I said it) might want to start chosing your words more wisely.

I also should point out (though most of you won’t need me to) that there is a lot of Dot Girl in those Barry comments. And didn’t Jen G. comment there as Babylon something? I may have to check on that.

Ha ha… fucking dopes.

Come back any time Flukeyou.

457 thoughts on “Flukeyou On Catching LISK

  1. Wow. Fluke is one seriously disturbed individual. Do you think he even realizes how much his comments say about him? Who the hell knows that much about their neighbors? And the shit he says, hes s twisted litttle fucker. Hes just a nothing thats bitter and jealous. It must suck to be him.

    • Again, floored with the aid of hindsight!!!…Joes post, on Zero’s previous post from Catching lisk, YES I SAID JOEs, NOT YOURS Cristen, yeah the DETAILED ones about stalking, phones apps, gaining research on girls, gaining their trust, STALKING them, FAKE screen names, phony accts ect..Yeah you phony bitch, thats all Fluke, and ITS SICK, or is it me??…Does this sound like the ‘socially awkward’ Doc, or the sick, foul mouthed, computer saavy (not as saavy as Zero though, NO) wife buying pig, Joe?? Hmmmmm
      Cristen, you KNEW you werent being stalked, YOU ALL DID, and you tried to frame an innocent man!!!
      I think its high time i called our MUTUAL friend , or have you done this yet Zero?? You may answer me privately if you prefer…AND JEN, how could YOU go along with this??? Was joe paying you..??? I dont even have a word that describes how low you are for having knowledge of this..

      I follow ALL this Zero, and im not amused, IM SICKENED..And worse than that, im scared, SHAME ON YOU Fla, your life turned to shit, and im glad! Why would you do this, you’re twisted, if not worse..Oh, lmao, you hired a PI?? Thats rich, you couldnt even feed your own children, according to those closest to you..DISGUSTING!! And just a suggestion FLA, come back here and start some shit, and you very well may be putting lives at risk, not that thats ever stopped you…Perhaps for once, you’ll think of others before yourself…Either way, we’re prepared, this aint the HALF of it..

      Are you with me Zero?? Are you feeling me on this??

      • And just as you said Zero, Fluke has been caught SEVERAL times forgetting to change his SN, but why, WHY FLA would you help him do this!!!!?? Its reprehensible!!! And all this for a guy you had a ‘few short calls with’…Dogshit!

        deserving censure or condemnation.
        “his complacency and reprehensible laxity”
        synonyms: deplorable, disgraceful, discreditable, despicable, blameworthy, culpable, wrong, bad, shameful, dishonorable, objectionable, opprobrious, repugnant, inexcusable, unforgivable, indefensible, unjustifiable; More

      • I really think mm7 thought the neighbors at oak beach were hiding stuff so she thought the lies, slander, and fake screen names she let through was alright because they were gonna catch a serial killer. That in itself makes all her claims of stalking null and void. She may have really thought a serial killer was stalking her, but she played games told lies and lured the comments while allowing joey to play games as well with who she claims she thought was a serial killer. But she was just playing games with Fluke and Dorothys gathered mess of characters.

      • Well then we agree to disagree Zero, where pray tell, did she have ANY proof Hackett went to strip clubs, stalked women online meticulously for yrs, got to know them and their routines??MADE U{P FAKE SCREEN NAMES???!!! Where is the proof of ANY of IT?? Did the man so much as have a ‘parking ticket’, ANY arrest record for violence?? How could you DEVOTE an entire blog about this man being her stalker, let alone a serial murderer without one shred of proof?? When obviously this was all hand fed by Joe?? OR WORSE Dorothy, who shes been secretly calling nuts from the beginning?? Sorry, and you know I mean NO disrespect to you!! Please tell me you know this..
        No way do i believe, as she claimed until you discovered Joes game, that this man was OPENLY stalking her online..

      • No disrespect at all, in fact I believe you are right for the most part. Although I believe she thought she was being stalked at one point and even let herself be convinced it might be the doc, she knew what she was doing was wrong. She knew she was lying, she knew she was not letting in comments that contradicted the bull shot, and like I said she like Joey and Dorothy knew her story was crap. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, I threw her a life saver and was ready to help her out of the mess, but she couldn’t come clean and deal with the truth of the crap she helped create, instead she just said my blog was no better than hers and ran off to spy on cheating spouses, since she did so well with her own. Yea, I do not feel sorry for her, time and time again in her blog people told her she would regret it one day and have to apologise to a lot of people, well that day came and she ran and his, so fuck her, she could clear most of this up, so could NERD or Jen or some of the others involved. They could help everyone get to the truths of the Joey Dorothy games but they all pretend they were not a part of it. Yet we all know Dorothy and Joey ain’t gonna let them all just walk away, they both keep using Cristin’s crap which was Truthspiders crap. Speaking of which where ya at LINative? Isn’t it time people stopped playing games and just was honest about who they are and what part they had in all this? If you aren’t trying to help the case the question has to be asked why are you screwing with it. Think about it everyone, w

      • Well then we agree to disagree Zero

        WAIT, i think you agreed with me…OK, you’re officially a saint, yet again 🙂

      • LINative?? Where ya been my buddy?? Still wanna ‘kick stuff around” with me??
        Well, well….

    • I don’t think he realizes how much his comments say about him imho Donna. Great question. 🙂 I think Fluke is a bit of a narcissist that thinks he can outwit not just us, but the authorities. Hmmm who else in the LISK case behaves as if he can outwit authorities/families of victims and get away with murder? Tick Tock tick tock the doc needs a glock for an ass pock like Puke – oops I meant Fluke.

      • Linda, I only read about half of those comments. And I only read that much out of respect for zero doing all that work. Disgusting is too nice of a word to describe fluke. I hope his wife spends every penny he gets on her louboutins.

      • I dont blame you…Please understand, im looking at all things “Lisk” with new eyes again!! Without going into too much detail at this time, I realize the games were worse than I even understood one year ago, it IS GROSS!! It also brings back the anger, and pain of others (others ive become close to), and the sadness of the actual case itself…
        Before I met Zero, You, Annie, CA1 and others who wish not to be named here, these bastards were literally bombing the blogs with this shit…Very few would stay around due to the abusive, intrusive BS…Worse still, most never bothered to research these idiots statements, and they truly were free to fuck with peoples heads!! I have NO DOUBT, these games caused even more pain for the families, let alone the innocent people being NAMED and ACCUSED (some actually stalked!)…I feel a mix of anger, sadness, betrayal AND JUSTICE!!
        Ive also never been so sure its been worth the ride!! Believe me, the exposure of these games have eased a small amount of the horror and pain LISK victims have endured, and at the very least, given concerned people information they need to make better sense of whats BS vs. KNOWN facts of this case…And SOME the info they desperately needed to take legal action!

  2. He is very disturbing to me…once again I feel really bad for the doc. Fluke insinuates the doc “abandoned” his family and went to FL/PR. Dumbass, he’s probably in some sort of witness protection program knock knock the Feds do it all the time. In fact I live pretty much on a federal parcel for this very reason 😉

    Joe, you are so fucked. You are helping cover up murders and framing an innocent man. And you are doing a really shit job of it.

    The way you speak of women in your posts sock puppeting as the Hackett’s and other random OB residents and users is disgusting! The fact that your brain can go there while being aware that you are effecting these individuals freedoms and livlihoods signals a malignant psychopathy deep within you. If you really bought your wife I hardly peg you for one to care about women in general. Do you really think women love a man that buys them? Or is it simply that those bought wen are less likely to call out your demons and stay mum?

    • Sorry I have to make clear the last line again: or is it simply that those bought women are less likely to call out your demons and will instead stay mum?

      • or is it simply that those bought women are less likely to call out your demons and will instead stay mum?

        Precisely why many wry for all the Mrs S’s…..BINGO

      • I know someone who married a “mail order” Russian woman. She did it for citizenship and he did it for a subservient woman and sex.

      • Lol. Sounds right to me. I think flukes olga might not have been too subserviant though. Ha! Good for her.

      • I’ve always wondered if the mail order bride thing is considered human trafficking? I suppose it’s legal in some cases, but I bet in other cases the women were trafficked.

        Anyone seen Orange is the New Black? The poor counselor who had to buy his Russian wife. I wish he would end up with Red instead. She’s Russian and won’t put up with nonsense!

    • Annie, you pegged him! Disturbing as fuck!
      Finally, at long last, this shit is being seen for what it is!! A disgusting, disturbing, painful SHITSHOW….And ya know what dope asses, I believe we’re just getting started…BOO!

      • Two? This guy is just becoming a poster child for a sadistic psychopath with a Madonna/whore complex. How Olga (his second wife or first im not sure) asserted online that he abused their pet… It reminds me that the mark of many serial murdrerers is finding enjoyment in not only abusing people, but ALSO animals. Animal abuse is an abnormal behavior shared by most sadistic abusers/murderers.

      • Olgo, bought wifey one, and BTW, youre def NOT the 1st to point out many serial killers engaged in animal cruelty! Start and fires joe? Pee pee the bed? Peeping Tom? Indeed?

      • Thanks for joining the convo Krissyaa. Bed wetting, arson, peeping tom… These aren’t very promising qualities either. Not sure if you know Joey personally and have witnessed these behaviors? If so, I’m sorry. I have to use caution when taking assertions about Joey as truth beyond what Zero has dug up as we do not want to slander people (unlike some people we know), but I look forward to your future posts and what you have to contribute here.

      • Linda, you certainly are NOT dumb! I hope you’re joking when saying that about yourself. You’re a bright chick and plus your bullshit meter is always right on! ❤️

      • Tooclosetohome yay welcome back!!!! Please come back and comment more often ! Hmmm I hope he gets popped for criminal trespassing one of these days at least. Was he busted by a resident or actually arrested for trespassing? Beyond frustrated by how much Fluke THINKS he is getting away with!

      • I’m baaaaack!!!! Sorry I missed so many posts, I’m playing catch up now.

        The McDonald Triad is animal abuse, bed wetting and fascination with fire. It’s a very interesting theory and fits so many psychopaths.

        Joey and MM7 disgust me. It’s so obvious they were casting a line hoping to catch a serial killer. The damn shame of it all is they are playing games with real peoples lives. Why? Glory? Family vendettas? So many possible reasons for each to play the games they did. Just keep in mind that Karma is a bitch. When you least expect it, you get bitten in the ass.

        Zero, great job with what I’ve read so far! As always I love the comments and I’m learning a lot. Keep up the good work friends!!!

      • Thanks CA1! These are post that should have been writen long ago really, but so many dont’ want a place for the crap to be reposted, and i get that. But for so many reasons, i keep finding myself back here. The Catching LISK blog reads so much different from an admins view and i wish there was an easy way for others to see it that way. I also wish i could see LISK.com as am admin, how great that would be. i don’t know if Joe has seen the posts yet, (he sure does travel a lot) i’m not sure he’ll comment when he does (again asuming he hasn’t yet) but I know he will read them, and that makes me smile. Come clean joey. What ever that means. just do it. You too Jen. I know you’ve been reading lately. BGe honest cristin, with yourself first. same goes for the rest or you, Dorothy, Nancy, and any of the other nuts i know read our comments but are afraid to respond anymore. Be honest with yourselves. You have issues, deal with them. Then come clean.

      • I know, i know… but they need to. and people like them, and shows like mermaid: the body found! come clean, you are all hurting the world in so many ways. We are becoming the immaculate deception…

      • Just keep in mind that Karma is a bitch. When you least expect it, you get bitten in the ass.

        Welcome back CA1 ❤

      • TY Annie: im THIS kinda dumb:krissyaa@aol.com says:
        lmao!! Zero could write a whole blog on my bloopers!!! 😦

      • Beyond frustrated by how much Fluke THINKS he is getting away with!

        Annie, I FEEL you here, but check out how DUMB Joe really is: All his finger pointing has been turned around on him TENFOLD!! Through his blatant inability to filter and STFU (something all these losers suffer from), he put his OWN families’ skeletons on blast, BIGTIME…No one knew his mommy had a very public affair for example!! Best part, the HALF of it has YET to be revealed…Patience all, heh heh heh!!!

      • OOOOOOh!!!!!! And Fla did the same thing!! what a can of worms she opened up on her own personal life, when she was looking up non-existent mugshots on me and Zero..Check it out…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey CA1! 😊 I think half of them either want the “fame” for solving the case to the point of spreading lies and the otger half probably are just lemmings following their BS. One thing is for sure, the ones who are spreading the lies creep me out – one Puke in particular bc he seems motivated by a personal grievance and not just the attention like the others.

  3. And I’m not sure what mm7 was up to but it seems to me she was stalking Hackett, not the other way around. And little did she know that she basically joined up with other stalkers, the King of them being Fluke. we know LISK liked to stalk
    His victim’s family members and harass them via cell/technology – hmmm me thinks of Fluke. Lol

    • And I’m not sure what mm7 was up to but it seems to me she was stalking Hackett, not the other way around

      LMFAO….but is it really funny….BINGO once again.

      • I’m just catching up with you guys so thanks for all the patience in waiting for me to do so. It took me a minute! Lol.

  4. It must drive a man crazy when he realizes women and “love” can only be bought with money, Huh Joe? Except your mommy, she is perfect. She is an angel. But perhaps all other women are whores to you? Just an idea. How does it feel to have someone who has studied psychology, particularly abnormal
    Behavioral psych courses, crawl into your brain Joey? Why can’t they be like your mom Joey? Why do you have to buy them? Having REAL empathy problems? Tired of living as if you care when you really like to watch the suffering of otger’s by trying to ruin their lives? What stake do you have in this Joey and why are you so intent on pinning everyone but yourself? You make it look as if you are Christ and your neighbors are Hitler, what gives? Oh – I gotcha – and the Feds do, too. 😉 bye bye sweetpea.

    • EXACTLY!!…But then again, mommy WASN’T so perfect, was she Joe?? You asked for all this and more…

      • An Oedipus complex wrapped up in an inferiority complex that is then wrapped up into the mythomanic ball of manipulation that is Fluke.

      • I think Joey’s comments on mommy are very interesting. I’m curious if she was a single parent raising the kids. Where’s daddy in the fluke family dynamic?

      • Joey comes from a “Perfect looking” two parent family….What role did daddy play, there are those on his blog who know better than myself: ??? Interesting question!! I DO know this, Sr hates Hackett as much as Jr…FACT

      • Willing to bet he viewed his daddy as weak and not putting his mother in her place for cheating… the type of dad who drinks yoohoo in onesie pajamas while watching the weather channel. 😜

      • ^or his dad was the exact opposite behind closed doors. I’ll never know for sure – I know that much!

  5. i had to keep calling him out on the lies. i couldn’t just sit back and let him post lie after lie maliciously framing a neighbor, and then joey started to reveal….some of his posts were so far out so bizarre …..anyway its been a long 4 years. i couldn’t just let him…them.

    • Going back to Catching LISK (again, thanks Joey) and reading a bunch of comments again, I saw (again) many of yours were not let through… you too Linda. And they were good comments. And the fact is they still keep trying… Joey keeps coming back here even though it just makes people see it for what it is. To me it’s great, because reading back my own comments on that blog, i was one who almost bought it all. But just like with those mokumentries i was talking about on Facebook, you can see through it. why some don’t I don’t know… but then they find my blogs and now even more are seeing Fluke for what he is and has done. And don’t get me wrong, many saw it before I came along, thanks to people like Too Close and others who called him out and stayed on him and those he teamed up with. but i got the catching LISK blog, like it or not Joey, Dorothy, Jen, Cristin, it is endless post just like these, and I’ll once again bring up the emails… there is so much in there that i only scratched the surface on… and NERD, oh NERD, you have once again become my real obsession in this, lol. I can post these every time if that’s what need be, but I know there are many out there that just want to ignore the crap of that blog and the likes of joey and dorothy… so i do try to move on… then one of them comes here and let’s me do what i probably should have done last year and just kept blogging about them. Well, the hindsight only makes those posts that much better…

  6. Fluke, you went through your neighbors’ belongings? Tsk Tsk. I bet you’d be pretty pissed if someone was going through your shit while you’re away on your trip. Better hope someone doesn’t. Lol

  7. Fluke is implicating himself and himself alone. If Shannan is the only murder he is somehow connected to AND if the actual LISK who killed the 4 in burlap is a cop, well that cop is going to roll with framing of his murders to whoever is found to have the most connections to Shannan’s murder. We know someone is framing Hackett and other Oak Beach residents AND we know someone in the Gang task force fired the two top detectives from the force as SCPD was trying to sever that relationship with the FBI after the bodies were found. Somehow the house of cards will fall. I hope it’s sooner than later. Fluke, you might end up getting all the bodies pegged on you by a task force cop (or police chief) that has deep influence. Detective Varonne got out of that task force – is in Huntington now. He insists Hackett is innocent and that the LISK who killed the 4 in burlap is in the nypd. Was he tired of working directly with people he knew were dirty cops?

      • Who knows – maybe they (Varrone and the likes) are giving the murderer a false sense of security in making him think they believe his BS about being a cop. Maybe the killer isn’t a cop, but the cops are sticking with that story so as to not tip LISK off to the fact that they do know he isn’t a cop. Make sense? They are playing along with his arrogance, making him THINK he has outsmarted them to the point of causing dissension within the department. Who friggin knows. So many variables here.

      • i did tell everyone about yohay, right from the start. i also said many times there was a problem with the lines. but you know, i was talking to the same person on the catching blog. every answer was a fluke…

      • I was not around for those other blogs, but I have run across some stuff through google. I did indeed sre you mention yohay.

      • Yes, I saw the name a few places, but back then names were just names, but I do remember it. I’m sure Dorothy and Cristin said things about him as well. I’ve always said I don’t think I’m the right person to write about this still, I don’t know all these people and therefore I only know what is said, and people stopped talking about him so I forgot the name. But I definitely remember it now and have been rereading stuff. I have read some stuff so many times now, lol, as I’m sure a lot of you have too. Plus I now have so many people who send me things. Thank you! I heard there was a 2 hour program on LISK in the UK recently. Which will bring more readers. I don’t know how many new readers actually find the comments, but I hope they do. But when I first started this blog I said it wasn’t a LISK blog, I had finished my LISK blog. Again I didn’t feel I was the one to be blogging about it, but for so many reasons I’m still blogging about it.I really thought that this place would expose the gamers once and for all and shut them up… And it did. But now we are left with what if some of that information and coincidences are hiding something. What if there is something there somewhere? I’m just heavily rethinking my involvement here. Nothing new, right constant reader? I guess though since I don’t know how many of the new readers check out the comments I guess I should be saying all this in a post. But no one needs to apologize for their comments… well maybe a couple of people, but we all know who those people are.

    • Oh and I need to specify – someone fired 2 of the top detectives in the gang task force after the LISK case opened and the bodies were turning up. Who fired these 2 detectives? Who gave that specific order? Who has the power to do that? Chief Burke of the SCPD or a DA maybe? And who probably got pissed and left the gang task force he lead honorably after his two top detectives were ordered off duty by someone with power (like Burke or a DA)? Varonne. Varonne knows something rotten is going on. God I hope he is able to bring the monsters down and stays safe!

      • Yes it makes you wonder if those 2 cops were put on some other sort of assignment – as if their release from the task force has a specific higher purpose, but the SCPD did not want the public to know this for whatever reason. Perhaps it isn’t all as it seems. IMO.

      • Mind blown that fluke wouldn’t have pointed at SY. But then again, there was no vendetta against SY. I read up on him in articles like the one Annie posted. I would like to know more about him.

        EXACTLY…RE MM7: She probably didnt even know about SY, But Joe does….He could have fit it into his twisted ‘spoofed’ call to Mari…IF IT WAS SPOOFED…juuuuuuust sayin…NOW YOU GET IT PEEPS!!

      • I believe MM7 mentioned him as well. I will look when I have time. I’m bout to be super busy though. And I don’t want to chase circles forever… But there is something there that is begging to be put together.

      • Well if too close is right and the lines were crossed at the time, phone spoof dissent even have to be done. I’m not willing to comment to much on that, hopefully what ever is the truth of phone calls made to Mari will be answered in the lawsuit against Hackett. But if it is true that someone did call Mari and say something about a home for girls and that Shannan was gonna be helped by them, and if even one call came before Pak and Shannan’s boyfriend returned to oak beach looking for her. Then I’m back at the beginning where someone in Oak Beach is bad and part of a group of some sort. See what I mean when I constantly point out how everyone says all of the games and agenda of LISK.com and Catching LISK lead nowhere but then I’m told but it’s true though.

    • there are some that don’t think Shannan’s death was murder but an unfortunate accident. Many think she was accidentaly killed or murdered but it is not connected to the GB4 or LISK. And some see it all connected. To mee out of all th POIs and suspects, ALL of them, Fluke seems the most likely to fit in there somewhwere. again where that somewhere is, I don’t know. Come clean joey…. come clean.

      • Joe isnt gonna come clean. But it looks to me that there are enough people to put his truth out there for him.

      • IMHO of course, after MUCH deliberation, i find it damn near impossible she ran through that marsh barefoot (almost making it to the highway)…NOW is her death connected to “Gilgo Four”?? dont know, but Joe doesnt seem to EVER mention them…Whats THAT about!!??

      • I agree that it is likely Shannan didn’t run across that bramble to the highway. I think she was placed there. Who placed her there and why was her body not found earlier? Who knows.

        I’m not sure if the 4 in burlap are connected to Shannan, but SOMEONE who is interested in Shannan’s death sure seems intent on mentioning burlap sacks found around Hackett’s house (which is Fluke BS I’m sure) – and why mention burlap sacks when you are concerned with Shannan alone and who btw was not found with a burlap sack?

        By relating burlap sacks to Shannan a certain Someone is implying/implicating the same person in both Shannan and the Gilgo 4 murders. Why so desperate to tie them all to one killer? Why implicate that person as not just a one time murderer, but a serial killer?

        It would be very convenient for whoever murdered the Gilgo 4 to pin Shannan’s murder on someone – say by leaving her body or belongings in that unfortunate someone’s “backyard”.

        Perhaps it is true that Shannan was the alarm that sounded off everything that was going on with a resident at Oak Beach murdering the Gilgo 4 and LISK knew it. Figured he would use Shannan’s death and the 2 victims following her, Megan and Amber, to implicate Mafiosos and angry John’s. After Shannan disappeared the (bullshit) online utopia posts implicating random online John’s/mobsters in taking out Megan and Amber start to pop up. This is no coincidence. This is a set up.

        A certain someone detailing where Shannan’s things were found and what would be found BEFORE they were found sends chills up and down my spine. It seems in investigations this is suspicious and entertains the idea of a POI immediately.

      • ^one thing is for sure, even after Shannan increasingly the liability of LISKs victim’s remains being found he continued to murder, and did so while creating elaborate false scenarios and personas to implicate people other than himself. He cannot stop killing. It is a compulsion and a sick game for him. He’s gotten good, but he is too high minded and arrogant as he is evolving. This will be his very undoing.

      • Annie, that is very plausible. You’re right, he will not stop killing. His hubris, like BTK, will take him down.

        Add me to the list of not believing Shannan ran through the marsh. She certainly wouldn’t have taken off her pants with the bramble tearing at her legs. Doesn’t make any sense. She was taken there and posed. Where were her possessions kept until the conveniently showed up? No trace at all on them?

      • CA1 that’s my number one question – if it is likely her body and/or possessions were planted for some considerable time after her death, where was the body and/or possessions stashed for the time being? And yup she would have been screaming in agony running barefoot through that spikey bramble (as an Oak Beach resident explained). Her body was too close to the road – I have a hard time believing she ran all that way through spikes and thorns to give up that close to the causeway. There’s no way.

      • All of the bodies were found before Shannan. In Decemner of 2010 even after finding the Gilgo 4 Shannan was not discovered. At this time investigators decided to search the 10 mile stretch of Oak Beach around Brewer’s house and confiscate his SUV and search his home (I’m assuming this includes searches around the Oak Beach community and into the bramble) up to the causeway. No sign of her body.

        One year to the day the searches were initially done we find Shannan’s ID/belongings. The timing is almost eerie. Sure, it could have been that the investigators decided to search on the anniversary. I know the FBI also provided ground penetrating radar which could have definitely helped in finding Shannan – something I don’t believe they used the year before when searching for her.

        Her body was found in the area the press says Shannan was last running toward. of course by the time her body was found details about Shannan and where she was running toward had Made their way around Oak Beach and the press. Perfect opportunity for someone to run with the news floating around about the direction she was heading toward to implicate a person that lived in that same direction by placing her body there later.

      • And to clarify ^ nearly one year to the day they find her belongings and then exactly one year to the day (a few days later) they find her body. Creepy.

      • Oh and you have Mallia and a blue who you think would have found Shannan first up around Oak Beach but had to make it all the way down the causeway to Gilgo until they found bodies. True, these bodies would have been less decomposed, specifically Amber, and maybe that alerted Blue. I wish I knew definitively whether or not Blue went by the area of bramble near the causeway that Shannan’s remains were later. I believe that was a huge discussion at one point as to where all was searched and when and by who.

      • ^important to note that body going through the purification process or still containing soft tissues/fluids would attract a dog more than bones or near skeletal remains past the point of putrefying. Megan and Amber may have been closer to the process of putrefying and having soft tissues than Shannan who was presumably murdered before them. It does worry me that Melissa’s mother says she believes MB was held captive for at least a month and tortured before she was killed. Makes you wonder where MB was held captive? Same place that Shannan’s body and belongings could have been kept when she was alive and deceased? Same place all of the victims were tortured while captive? A rental house basement? A storage shed or another rental when the initial holding spot has been compromised?

      • Never forget what Shannan told us in her final minutes of terror. “THEY’RE” trying to kill me. If it’s someone in Oak Beach, he does have a partner in this. I believe with my heart Shannan told that 911 operator so much more than we could ever imagine about the PEOPLE who were going to kill her that night. I think people take the term
        “Party” too literally. 3 people can make a party. Why was Brewer at CVS picking something up before taking Shannan back to his house? Getting supplies for a “party”? There were more people than Brewer in that house. Brewer provides the perfect location to have these “parties”. He has the opportunity to use many different properties. There is someone else I believe with a bigger mouth – maybe someone who came to the parties and decided to get personal with the body drops and taunting phone calls.

        I think there may be 2 men, one with the means and the other with the nerve. Brewer with the means… Hmmm who could possibly have the nerve? Lol

      • You do have to wonder however if Hackett had provided a prescription to Brewer (or someone else) for some sort of medication. Perhaps this medication was used for Shannan after procuring it from CVS IF that’s why they went to CVS. This would bring a whole other angle into the case. Why would Hackett admit to giving medication to Shannan the way he did to Mari? Was he bullied/blackmailed into doing this? Maybe someone said if he didn’t help to sedate her or even bring her back to life they would narc on him giving out prescriptions for bogus ailments? Was CPH blackmailed from the get go and then eventually framed? I’ve always wondered about this – just a theory of mine.

      • I mean imagine the scenario – your a doc who gives out prescriptions to your neighbors based upon a mutual trust that whatever they claim to be suffering from is true. Not even saying CPH would give prescription for recreational “fun”, but I’ve known of a few docs who would do this for friends or neighbors … Had one in the mountain neighborhood I stayed at often as a kid. He wasn’t a bad guy, just knew how to have a good time. You just have to make sure you can trust the people you help prescribe party favors to – that they aren’t using those to somehow facilitate torturing/kidnapping a female. That those people won’t show up to your house demanding that you take blame for the drugs in her system lest you be blackmailed, framed, or killed. That those people won’t plant evidence at your house to implicate you in not just her death, but the murders of other women on the island. Just a theory.

      • I don’t think a prescription was written or a prescription written by CPH that night. I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened, but unlikely. LE wouldn’t have been all over the records from CVS that night. If CPH had a prescription written by him filled that night, they would have probable cause for a search warrant. It seems more likely to me, he either is a blowhard or if he did indeed give Shannan something, he already had the meds in his possession.

      • many connect the dot of Hackett and the CVS call. But that all comes back to Dorothy and Joey filling the internet with such tales. I to this day do not see the connection. No one can prove a perscription was filled there in fact most of the things I have read show there was no perscription filled there. Yes, maybe this is about drugs of some sort, yes maybe the doc was contacted by Brewer or they stopped by there, but thats all theory and stories people say may have happened. Nothing substancial shows proof of them goinf to CVS (and I would think the police know if they did or didn’t, so as with most of the stuff I’m about to comment on, the police probably know better on these stories and if there is substance, so maybe there is and they don’t want all that info out there, or maybe there isn’t and they know this already) regardless, all things i have seen on perscriptions, vistits to the Docs house, and trips to CVS, all deal in speculation and people on the internet saying “what if”. again there is a call to CVS and there is a question of if they left Oak beach and where they might have went, but from all i have seen and heard that is it, all eles is “this could have happened”.

      • In theory – Thing is how do we know they didn’t check up on the CVS trip and did find something of value? Perhaps further inquiry to Hackett who might have revealed what he believed happened that night and his fear of being coerced/blackmailed/framed in Shannan’s disappearance? He called Shannan’s mom only a few days after Shannan disappeared saying he gave Shannan something and ran a “wayward house for girls” – why would he volunteer up this info, key word being volunteer? Perhaps he was forced. If this is the case and the police know what is really going on this would be a confidential part of the active investigation (that Hackett sadly couldn’t use to publicly exonerate himself). Just a theory though to make clear to other readers!

      • exactly. on the cvs stuff, i’ll get to the phone call in a minute. But one more thing on the CVS, like with so much other stuff about the time Shannan was with Brewer up to where she disaperes, Pak the driver is the part that don’t fit, he would know if they left, right? and Shannan kept in contact with him through out this time. Pak should be able to clear some of this up, and maybe her did. Again, the problem is no one knows what the cops really know or don’t, what they are still looking into, and what may have been overlooked, part of this comes from (in my opinion) that so much info was blasted out there, everywhere, maybe some of that is stuff they didn’t want public, definately some of it messes with the investigation, so without knowing what LE realy knows and what they really are looking into and not looking into, everything that we and others out there say about this case is mostly speculation and theories… my point is that most of the CPH stuff does not pan out and leads back to Flukeyou. BUT AGAIN, this does not mean I think CPH is not involved somehow. (this is gonna play out in a few comments so please keep reading)

      • Forced OR tricked into calling Shannan’s mom. Or simply maybe knew his name would somehow be tied back to Shannan that night and wanted to provide reasoning for it – might have gone too far by saying he had drugs he gave Shannan – but maybe he feared whatever drugs were prescribed that night in her system at the party would possibly be found in her system later and he would be wrongly implicated? If he was told “oh a girl ODd/had complication with the mess you prescribed and we can’t find her” (regardless of what really happened to her) he might have been trying to cover his base ahead of time. In theory.

      • The phone call… so much to say on this, and I have said a lot on this in posts already…and I’ll say some more over these few comments… buit i need to point out, what was said in those conversations between hackett and mari is highly debateable, and the fact that most just believe the Doc said he gave her medicine and all that stuff fits great with some of the other stuff that leads back to Joey… so let’s look at that…

      • Hate to link catching LISK as I know Zero hates it, but here’s the theory and info that a CVS prescription was called out of Hackett’s house that night. Pak said Shannan and Brewer went to CVS to get something before going back to Brewer’s to “party”. Again, most of what is written at the link we know to take with a grain of salt, but the assertion CPH called in a prescription interests me. Especially since Hackett again told Shannan’s mom
        He dosed her to help her and ran a house for wayward girls – perhaps covering up for something not as serious as a murder for himself… Maybe worried that whatever he prescribed that night caused her to flee in terror when unbeknownst to him it wasn’t the meds that caused her to flee in terror. Does anyone know if mm7 cvs assertion is valid?


      • Annie, I think it’s a rumer. There is no way on hell strong prescription drugs can be ordered my phone. Especially something like GhB. I know from experience, no narcotic stronger than vicoden can be ordered by phone. Also, there would be a record. Any prescription called in, physical rx brought in that day for anything would have brought LE straight to CPH. Joey would be crowing if LE executed a search warrant on the Dr. If the Dr confessed to writing a rx for any reason, that still leaves the pharmacist and any CVS employee remaining quiet all this time. Not a peep. I think it’s more misdirection. I still think that if the Dr gave anything to Shannan, he was already in possession of what he gave her. I think MM7 was grasping in her attempts to make CVS a vital clue. Perhaps she had a certain fish whispering in her ear. That’s my personal opinion based on reading her blog. She was desperate to snag the Dr as a serial killer.

      • Shannan’s Phone Records


        05/01/10 4:51 AM 911-000-0000 Emergency, 23

        05/01/10 4:09 AM NEW YORK,NY 1 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 3:15 AM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 3:13 AM Incoming, 1 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 3:04 AM NEW YORK,NY 6 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 3:00 AM Incoming, 3 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 2:57 AM NEW YORK,NY 3 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 2:55 AM BABYLON,NY 1 Oak Beach CVS


        05/01/10 12:25 AM NEW YORK,NY 1 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 12:23 AM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

        05/01/10 12:20 AM NEW YORK,NY 3 Michael Pak

        04/30/10 10:02 PM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

        So Shannan’s phone called CVS. Why did she call CVS? Did she have a prescription under her name there? Was she calling for Brewer? Seems like a call to make sure a prescription is ready maybe IMO. Did Hackett have Mari’s number to call handy bc it was listed on an emergency contact list provided to him by Shannan? When was this information gathered from Shannan, before or after the incident at Brewer’s?
        I don’t think Hackett is completely unrelated to this case. There might be some indirect passive involvement on his part. That call to Mari warrants this assumption. I don’t think he is murderous/LISK and I don’t believe CPH understood the depth of what was going on at Oak Beach, but I do think and theorize (without his knowledge of doing so) that he may have provided a Prescription that later would possibly tie his name somehow to Shannan’s murder. It’s just one of those things – someone is worried they will get busted for something small and in trying to cover it up they implicate themselves in something much larger that was not their doing. I think this is this case with CPH call to Mari.

      • I think MM7 had some things right but a fish added his little stories to it all to confuse her. There are little things throughout that have merit, but anything endorsed by Fluke directly definitely is suspect at all Times IMO.

      • Pak claims the CVS visit was for lubricant and a deck of cards. Really? Strange as Brewer claims he was turned off as he thought she was a transsexual and didn’t look like her pics but was instead biracial. Hmmm who else made sick comments about biracial people being “halfbreeds” to Amanda Barthelemy?

        “It’s been widely reported that Gilbert and Brewer, the john, linked up through Craigslist that night. But Brewer hinted that those reports are incorrect. He would only say that he was on a “social networking” website and saw a photo of a woman’s face, a face that later did not match Gilbert’s.

        Her boyfriend, Diaz, said if she didn’t use Craigslist, she would have used backpage.com, an online marketplace where customers can book an escort, a stripper or dominatrixes, transsexuals or specialists in fetishes.

        Gilbert may have gone by the name “Madison” or “Angelina” and described herself as 21 and either German, French or Italian, Diaz said. But Gilbert wasn’t any of these. She was older and biracial.

        What happened in Brewer’s house is unclear. Several neighbors said his house was a party place so the idea he might have had house guests that night is not far fetched, although Pak denied seeing anyone else on the premises. When asked how long Gilbert was there, Brewer declined comment, saying he didn’t want to be portrayed like actor Charlie Sheen. Pak says it was about three hours.

        Pak said he doesn’t really understand Brewer’s story about Gilbert being a man and he thinks she and Brewer might have had sex. At one point, he said Gilbert called on her cell phone from the house asking him to get lubricant and a deck of playing cards from a CVS. Pak said he told her he didn’t want to go because he didn’t know the area.

        “When I told her this, she said she would find her own way home and hung up on me,” he said.

        Gilbert’s cell phone records, provided by family and posted on a website dedicated to solving the case, show this: A call, lasting no more than a minute, to a 24-hour CVS in nearby West Islip at 2:55 a.m. Between 2:57 a.m. and 4:09 a.m., there were six short calls made between Gilbert and Pak, her driver, some outgoing, some incoming.”


        P.s. Whenever a reporter mentions a suspect saying he is cleared bc he passed a lie detector as Pal asserted they are indirectly telling you the guy could be full of it. Lie detectors don’t exonerate people.

      • 1. Why call Pak about going to CVS from the house phone and not her own cell as Pak claims? She called him multiple times from her phone, many of which went unanswered. Hardly the actions of someone wanting to blow her safety off.

        2. Why tell him she would find her own way home, essentially throwing away her safety in a situation she was freaked out about?

        3. Why is Brewer concerned with looking like Charlie Sheen? Should be more concerned with looking like a killer.

        4. is anyone believing Pak’s assertions that no one else was at Brewer’s house that night?

        5. Why tell her driver to leave the location for CVS? This could leave her without a safety in a situation that she felt uncomfortable in.

        6. Again, Brewer describes himself as a holistic type of guy who wouldn’t even hurt a plant. Oh aren’t we so perfect (eyeroll). Then there’s this:
        “Diaz said he was never asked to take a lie detector test. Pak said he took one and passed with “flying colors.” Brewer said he voluntarily took one but wasn’t told his results. Brewer also said he was cleared as a suspect, but when asked about Brewer last week, Suffolk County police would not comment.”

        7. Did she really get a ride over to the CVS and with whom? She seemed to keep in touch with Pak an aweful lot. or attempted to, after calling CVS.

        8. Who does a special mission for cards and lube and is so intent on having it that they are willing to drop their driver for not procuring it? I don’t think she was peeved about not getting lube. Just my opinion. And I don’t think a John would waste his time paying for minutes lost trying to procure “lube and cards”. Who uses both simultaneously? Lol

      • Ah correction for number 1 – “she called from her cell phone from the (Brewer) house”. So she did use her cell for all the calls. My apologies. Poor grammar in article confused me initially.

      • To All: another flukey fact, joe claims Shannons belongings were found in PRISTINE condition…When pressed on how he could possibly know this, he sites his connection to some ‘very important people’…Hello??!! YOU DICK

      • who did i hear this from. This is one of those things i was told not to repeat, but i know it was mentioned on LISK.com, I even heard the clothes were folded. These are one of those things, if it is true, LE did not want it out there, if it is not, it just adds to all the pile of misleading “facts” put out there.

      • Sigh, you are ALL so wonderful, you are seeing things less than a handful have been saying for yrs…Of course i have NO WAY of knowing..But i tend to agree with CA1: Doc isnt ‘turning his community into addicts” as Joe states…1st of all there def would be a paper trail…Secondly no Doc, even a ‘scatter brain’ like hacket isnt gonna turn his neighbors on to Scripts like that…Too much trouble, he’d have addicts banging on his door day and night…Its more likely he prescribe ‘safe’ drugs, like the steroids he gave to Joe for poison ivy…The Pill prob on LI is TOO HOT, for anyone to want to get tangled up in turning his neighbors into addicts…makes no sense at all.

      • exactly, let me end my thoughts on this here… this could get a little lengthy. the phone calls were the first things i heard about the doc that made me go, yea, he’s hiding something, then as i said, the other stuff said about him fits so nicely, until you look at it with common sense. If the doc was giving persriptions out to neighbors, trust me someone would come up with proof by now. If the doc was running a wayward home for women, someone would come out by now, scratch that, many would have come out by now telling there experiances with his wayward home, in fact we would hear some bad things, because something like that would involve people in dire straights and just the thought of the doc being envolved in shannans or someone elses death would bring some of these people out of the woodwork now quetioning the “help” they got from the Doc… I have never seen any one who can colaberate anything like this, and again trust me, there would be plenty if any of it was true. The involvement in neighbors deaths, someone would nail him with that, now seeing their chance to open up a questionable death of a friend or loved one… none of that has happened, the talks of malpratice suits and deaths of infants, slam dunk there, right? he’s evil… well until you realize how many doctors have malpratice suites, and lets face it, Doctors are not God, they lose patients no matter how good they are and how hard they try to save them. And again, if the doc was really responsible in purposely taking a patients life, families would be screaming out as soon as the Doc was in question on national TV. I can go on, like the stories that the Doc or the cannings claim to have seen her that night, that it was in a news report, yet no one can find any report of anyone other that joey saying these things, yes people say they heard that the doc said it, but know one has said they heard him say it and no news report of such was ever found or we can once again bring up the total misrepresentation of the “Last Happy Hour” book. let’s just skip to the phone call, which fits so nice with the wayward home for women that no one can prove existed, not one wayword girl coming out to say yes they were helped or hurt by the docs wayward home (though we do know that Bittrolff is connected to a home for prenant girls, is this where this came from? if so, someone knew about Bittrolff long before anyone else, but that’s Fluke for ya) Anyways, even after all that was shot down in my mind i still was like “what about the phone calls?” he lied about them… or did he (just for the record i think he did, but that dosen’t mean he did) There are a few problems with thew phone call when you take a closer look, the main thing is that the calls were made days after shannan went missing, but they weren’t brought up till much later, when mari was trying to remember them (she herself was unsure of them at times) If the doc had really said he treated Shannan, it took a long while for that to come out. I’ve read interviews where mari is unsure of who said what, implying she recieved many calls, and since Pak and Shannan’s boyfriend had returned the next day and left flyers and Mari’s number, I’m guessing the doc wasnt the only one to call mari. So maybe the doc forgot he made the call, or he was afraid to admit it, because when it was finally brought up, everyone was already looking at him as a suspect, so he conveniently forgot about it.
        But how many oak beach residents called mari? i have no doubt all of oak beach was talking about the girl who went screaming through the streets and then went missing. Stories were being told by our little Fluke right away, and the neigborhood was repeating these things to all the reporters who came. So maybe someone else called mari in those days and said, hey i heard theat the doctor said he saw her that night and gave her something then she lefft (you know the story everyone knows but no one knows how to fit it without all of the other Fluke stuff, rememebr there is no proof a wayward home existed, but it fits well with what some say the doc said to Mari) plus there is the talk of phone spoofing, could someone have called mari and pretended to be the Doc, yes. Though i think it is more of a memory and confusion thing, but the doc could very well have said i called the girls mother to offer anny help, and then someone decided to make miore calls as the doc. Mari does claim she thought there were 3 calls and from what i have seen only 2 were proven from the doc. Are there other calls that should be looked into? The phone call is still questionable in my mind and most of the other stuff seems totally made up or exagerated. Again, afeter all these years where is the colaberation, not one oak beach neighbor is willing to back Fluke up and say the doc did say he say her, or that there was a party at brewers that night, or that a wayward home for women existed in oak beach, that is the hardest part for me to get past, something like that would come out.
        All of this does not prove to me the doc is innocent, without answers any answer is possible, I’m just once again saying, the more you look at the doc, the more it falls apart, different things make other things not fit, you dig? But the more you look at Joey, and the more things don’t add up. I myself don’t think either were involved in Shannan or the others deaths. but it will only take one connection to change my view on this… and if the cops have such connections, they are keeping it to themselves.

      • Having worked for “the phone company” for many years, I have an idea why only 2 calls could be proven. When MG says the Dr called her and he denies, they both could have handed over copies of their bills. LE does not accept their copies as proof, EVER. The subpoena the phone records from the carrier directly. Since you can technically alter your own copy, so LE, the courts, etc only accept what was received under the subpoena.

        Another interesting tidbit, say you think someone is tapping your phone. Believe it or not, it’s a subject that came up often. A tech goes out to check and 99.99999% of the time there is no tap. Phones click and pause and do all sorts of weird stuff, it doesn’t mean someone is listening to your scintillating conversation. In that miniscule percentage that there is a tap, they will tell you. In my own my career, I never once had a case of there actually being a tap on someone’s phone. The company came out with a policy that a service call would be charged because there were so many calls asking someone come to check their line. It wasn’t covered under a service plan either. At the time, it was $125 just to walk to your NID. Stopped a lot of paranoid people by charging.

      • yea, but that’s again just “it could be” there also could have only been 2 calls and another call from someone else, again, i’m not questioning mari, but i’ve read interviews with her where she started to wonder if the calls were real, so you could also say, people were helping her with that memory… all is just “could be” that’s my point. But how many claim to have had strange phone things once their phone numbers were known… i know i did.

      • Yup I agree. after rewatching the specials and reading over things I don’t believe Hackett had as much involvement in the CVS ordeal as Fluke and MM7 asserted. I believe Hackett claimed that he got the contact info from people who stopped by Oak Veach to search for Shannan in the days after her disappearance. He does not state himself at least that he received the info from emergency contact info provided by Shannan. I believe it is false, the “emergency contact” scenario.

        I’m wondering if Hugh Auslander knew any of these people in Oak Beach? He’s always on my radar – sure he could be perfectly innocent, but setting about him doesn’t add up to me.

      • damn, now you guys are getting ahead of me…lol. yes, you and Linda have pegged the problems with the phone calls… and i will take it a little further, in just a second… but yes Hugh Auslander as well as John Bittrolff, what are there connections to any of the others here. I wonder that my self. And i still wonder if Mort and the other hobbiset are buddies with any of the players. but not hackett like Dorothy and Cristin reported, but the joes, both Brewer and Scalise Jr. who all was really part of some of these online hobbiest groups. Again if any of these people are part of a group like that or partied at Brewer’s (are those famouse parties true are made up, I still haven’t gotten straight answers to this, and i would think it would be something people know one way or another. Ok… next

      • the husband of one of the AC4 and from what i have read the person many believe made the facebook pages for them, I can not woinder into that at the moment though, lol, but google him and read more about the AC killings, another starnge part to all this that seems to have answers, but has not gotten any.

      • I agree. but again, all i got is the internet. but theres seems to be some unanswered things with him, and yea, like with others, something dosen’t add up.

      • Zero, as ive said ‘a friend of ours’ confirmed there IS a resident of Gilgo that DID run a home for either troubled teens/wayward girls…I find that interesting, particularly since joe has NEVER mentioned this neighbor (considering THIS is what Mari claims was said to her by CPH), and he knows damn well who it is!!! Just another flukey fact, that YOU can easily verify…FACT

      • So much info! I kinda remember that, but don’t remember who I guess. Again I read about Bittrolf or his wife being involved in a home for pregnant teens or something like that. pm time, lol.

      • steven yohay has a rehabilition facility in manhattan. that is the neighbor and you heard it from me 🙂 he hss also not been seen at OB since the gb4 were found. he is pretty creepy and regularly had very young transvestites staying with him. a huge red flag that I discussed on the lisk blog and still question why joey brushed that off.
        as far as the phone calls…I knew about the first phone call well before it hit the news. the person who called mari said that he ran a house for troubled women and she was fine and would return home the next day, this phone call was on Saturday. the day she disappeared. alex and pak came out on sunday or Monday and gave dr Hackett mari’s contact info.
        the thing about the phones is that at the time of shannans disappearance the phone lines were all crossed up. you would call gus lets say and it would ring at joeys house. or you would pick up your phone to make a call and one of your neighbors would be on it. weird stuff like that.

      • It sounds like a glitch in the junction box. You’ll notice the big boxes or column boxes in your neighborhood. If someone had broken into the box and switched the wiring, only calls for house A would get house B’s calls and visa versa. It wouldnt randomly send calls to different houses. Only a glitch in the system would do that. Does that make sense? I will call my friend to confirm. Screwing with home phones is a lot harder than cell phones.

      • http://www.daytop.org/adult-serv.html
        Yes it is a place for treatment of addiction etc. But does not fit the idea set up by Fluke And Cristin as a wayward home for women. Still this Stevie guy is as suspicious as all the rest. So who all spent time in Brewers house? Were there parties and does the s & m scene play a part. Did Bittrolff work with or hang with any of the OB residents, are any of these guys connected through “hobby” sites? The deeper you get the more of the crazy stuff from Cristin, Jen, and Dorothy has to be questioned. What is the truth hidden in all the misdirections?

      • That’s what I’ve been wondering from the jump – the neighbors at Oak Beach talk about Brewer’s parties…. Not just Fluke. I think there were parties. Wish I knew who all attended and what exactly was going on. I think it is important to note Brewer’s profession and social contacts to have an idea of who could have been there…. Not sure I want to go that route like Dot and the rest did. I’m not sure if there is a group protecting the guilty or a group protecting the innocent… Seems like it could be a bit of both from everything we have seen online and with the cases.

        Additionally sorry for my posts that are showing up not as replies but comments etc. for some reason they are popping up at times in random places. Again, my apologies.

      • No apologies needed. Everything is already out there. We are just discussing ALL of it and opinion, ideas, and things you have read are always welcome here. I was feeling weird about the whole phone call thing cause I was sure it was mostly Joey influence and dismembered conversations, I have mostly doubtet any one in oak beach was really connected, but if someone from Oak Beach called before Pak and The boyfriend gave out the info on Shannan, then it opens up all those questions of OB residents because someone had Shannans belongings. Ie her cell phone. Then all this stuff I’m told leads nowhere has info. Again, I have taken for granted that there was no one at brewers house that night, no party. But was there? So which neighbors would have been there? Or would someone like Bittrolff have been there. It’s just so many circles. I was felling a little lost in them again. Back no apologies needed. Also I see comments on a comment page, so it’s just a list. So a comment is a comment to me, I see them in the order they are made on a comment page. Not on the actual post. Although sometimes when I’m rereading a post i’ll read the comments that way, and go ah, that makes more sense now, lol.

      • Well I’m convinced the drifter was actually at the party. Incredible Joey (in the way that he lacks credibility) was not the only resident to say there were parties there – it seems to be an observation shared even by credible witnesses in the neighborhood. Remember Shannan supposedly told us in her last moments of terror “They’re trying to kill me”.



      • Note that the second link talks about how the FBI still weren’t involved well into the investigation. It was not until the FBI began to help with Search and recovery for Shannan that she is found – simply bc FBI had more advanced SAR instruments and machinery. I think it’s the classic case of a police department wanting to keep the case in its jurisdiction rather than having the humility to hand it over to the FBI. Who knows the SCPD and Dormer could have thought they had enough info to nab the killer and Feared FBI involvement might foil their investigation. Seems like SCPD might have gotten into a pissing contest with the FBI early on. The motivations/intent for this all can run the gamut from investigators caring too much to give up a high profile case to FBI to the SCPD having a few bad apples. None of us will know, but I’m willing to bet it has something to do with egos/politics and not some deep cover up in which high up SCPD officials are tied to LISK (as Dot and many have asserted).

      • TCTH – not sure if you read on zero’s LISK blog or not – but I found out who the Jane/John Doe’s likely are. One was from Alabama and another from Virginia. Now this drifter has ties to Georgia, which is right next to Alabama and a few states south of VA. Kind of strange. It might indicate that a “drifter” picked up the victims while “drifting” back and forth from the Southeast to the Northeast. It kind of supports the idea of a drifter being involved in many of the initial murders, particularly the dismemberments.

        TCTH, were there any drifter like handy men that worked around Oak Beach starting around year late 90’s/2000? You don’t have to name names, but anyone who might have ended up close friends with Brewer?

      • CA1…Look at Annie excellent research…Myself and Annie have wondered privately if this INFO has reached LE??? SIGH!!!!

      • Yup defo out of order. idk if my using mobile is flubbing it all up or what. Apologies if so.

      • I think the info has reached LE and they are investigating it best they can. Unfortunately without a positive ID exhausting resources on possible matches to the Doe’s is something that can’t be allotted typically. They need that confirmation of their IDs to significantly move forward, but it doesn’t mean that LE aren’t looking into whatever avenues are available. It’s just unfortunate that the DNA situation is out of LE’s control. Unless the victim’s families give up DNA to confirm the victim’s IDs a significant spearheaded investigation into those Does can’t be conducted to the extent we wish.

      • Yes a serial killer (Bitrolff) worked at Oak Beach where creepy as fuck Brewer and drifter were. How many potential murderers can you fit into the 5 mile radius of a remote beach community? Jesus… Those girls didn’t stand a chance! 😦

      • And Bitrolff also has ties to the South where some of the UIDs hailed from – I know John Jr. Lives there in FL now at least and rollerblades around all over the place 😉

      • Seems like SCPD might have gotten into a pissing contest with the FBI early on. The motivations/intent for this all can run the gamut from investigators caring too much to give up a high profile case to FBI to the SCPD having a few bad apples.

        What a sad thing that would be, as ITS never proved anything but a shitshow in previous cases such as this…

      • “He may also own a halfway house…” By TCTH.

        Hmmm this and especially the transsexual/crossdressers at his house interest me. Then again, wouldn’t that work against the theory that the cross dressing John Doe was murdered bc the killer was enraged she was a actually a man?

        I think Brewer would be more likely to kill or attack someone bc he found out they were actually a man and not a woman. In fact, he says he thought Shannan was a man the night he hired her. Then she runs out screaming in terror. Any connection? Hm.

      • Brewer also said he thought Shannan was of European decent when he ordered her online (like LISK ordered his victims) though she was anything but European. Shannan shows up to Brewer’s and he finds that she is a bit older than her ad stated and looked different from her description as she is an exotic biracial beauty. He goes as far as to insinuate she looked manly and he thought she was a crossdresser. Brewer says all of this transphobic stuff before the teams John Doe’s body was found and released publicly. Brewer says all of this stuff about preference of Caucasian women before it is released that LISK said racist stuff to Amanda calling her a “halfbreed”. I’ve wondered why Brewer would bring up Shannan appearing more masculine or a different race when interviewed… As if it were an excuse for anything that might have gone wrong that night… As if somehow Shannan wasn’t honest and was deserving… As if he could care less about what happened to Shannan (Bc at the time he was accepting interviews she wasn’t found yet). It’s just something that keeps bugging me. That and the fact that he did seasonal rentals and had access to multiple properties if he wanted to hide evidence/victims or keep discreet crime scenes. Just kind of all fits. I bet at age 54 Brewer gets popped. They need the evidence to nail him I’m sure. They have got to be building the case. Brewer’s lie detector results (last I read): inconclusive. And we all know those tests are only as good as the person giving the questions. And investigators could give a hoot about lie detectors. They don’t exonerate someone. I don’t care is police say Brewer isn’t a suspect publicly. He fuckin is to me.

      • Let’s not forget comments like this from random folks like TheGirlfriendExperience (whoever that is):

        ” There is one fact involving the serial murders which has been kept mostly under wraps by the police which leads me to believe that the police think it is the answer to this puzzle. The New York Post was the only news source to bring it up and Gawker picked up on it from the New York Post:

        The lead suspect to date is Joseph Brewer who had a penchant for Craigslist prostitutes and who invited Shannon Gilbert—the missing prostitute who was the motive for the original police investigation— to his home in Oak Beach (just a few hundred yards from Gilgo Beach where the bodies were found) the night she disappeared.

        Joseph Brewer had a friend who police described as a 48 year old drifter who is described as having a penchant for strippers who was seen partying with Shannon Gilbert at Brewer’s home the night of her disappearance.

        Well a short time later that evening Shannon Gilbert was banging on Brewer’s neighbor’s door screaming “They” are trying to kill me. When the neighbor told Shannon he was calling the police to help her she ran off never to be seen again.

        The fact Shannon said “They” are trying to kill me and appeared drugged to the neighbor suggested to me that Brewer and the drifter may have been acting in concert in drugging and killing Gilbert at the end of the evening and she escaped momentarily. Otherwise why would she say “they” instead of “he”.

        Especially since another neighbor said he had seen Brewer and another man loading a U-Haul outside of Brewer’s home a year earlier late at night. (The motive for using a U-Haul instead of Brewer’s car could have been to avoid any DNA evidence that might stick to Brewer’s own car in moving the body.) Could the man seen with Brewer been the drifter with an earlier victim?

        Is it possible that Brewer and his friend the drifter (who is now on the run and who already warned his mother in Georgia that the police were after him) acted in concert and the fact that there is a different pattern to the two groups of women found at the beach suggested Brewer tookt he lead in some murders but not others?

        And why havent the police come clean on their investigation of the drifter? All very suspicious.

        The police say Brewer is NOT a suspect and my suspicions described above are not a statement of fact just one theory. Brewer could in fact be innocent and just have incredibly rotten luck. This is all just supposition on my part involving the only man with a tie to Gilbert the night she disappeared (besides the drifter).

        But what are the chances that Brewer invited the missing women to his home but had nothing to do with the other murders of other Craigslist prostitutes so close to his front door? Gimme a break.”


      • Great summery!! I tend to agree with most of it…Other theories about Shannon require most to completely avoid logic, and accept a one in a million coincidence…If it looks like a snake and acts like a snake..IT A SNAKE

      • I’ve wondered why Brewer would bring up Shannan appearing more masculine or a different race when interviewed…

        SMH, and Docs statement are ‘strange?’…just wow…Youre exactly right, who the hell offers up a statement like that??!!…Be short and respectful, or STFU completely…Pretty ballsy and confident, TMI!!…Interesting…

      • Who uses the phrase “Wayward Girls”.??…..what am i trying to say here…Its a kinda of ‘square’ way of describing a group home type place….Who the biggest square we know.?..Why the swaggerless joe…just thoughts….little stream of consciousness…

      • Yup. The last time I heard the term wayward girls was when I was a kid. My mother would say wayward girls get put in madonna heights.

      • Its an ‘odd’ statement….VERY few people would be likely to use it, except, like, my mother…

      • Right? I haven’t heard the term Wayward house for girls used since the 70’s. Typically a wayward house for women back in the day was in reference to unwed pregnant mothers. Wasn’t really a term for rehab. I haven’t heard it used since those days. And yeah there was always a religious near catholic vibe for the term “wayward house for girls”… Like nuns who help unwed mothers birth the children and foster the kids through the church until adopted. Shannan doesn’t really fit that profile. I think IF CPH said he ran a wayward house for girls it was probably a very lame attempt at trying to help quelle Mari’s fears – to keep her calm – while he was being nosey trying to figure out what all happened. Again, Why would a killer call a victim’s mother and offer up this info? Bc he’s not a killer. He’s an old man trying to figure out if he has a serial killer for a neighbor IMO. He may have even wanted to make sure that Mari knew Shannan had disappeared considering the men who lost Shannan were not very reliable. He could have wanted to not implicate his neighbor in what happened with Shannan as he didnt know, but he could somehow find a way to at least check up and make sure Mari had at least an idea of what happened to Shannan. I’m thinking he just should have kept his nose out of it and unknowingly implicated himself while trying to help as Det. Varonne insists.

      • IMHO, I do NOT think Hackett made THAT call, or THAT statement..No way….”Wayward girls”, is fluke speak, or the type of thing the adolescent sounding dorothy would say…Just from witness their writing styles…SIGH, my point is, I HIGHLY doubt Hackett made that call…Yes, just like Varrone thought…wow, im all over the place..sry

      • Much has been made of hacketts ‘calls’ because LISK like to use the phone to taunt and torture…But Hackett isnt that controlled, calm, evil voice that taunted the victims sister and others…By Maris account, he sounded nervous and jittery, thats NOT LISK…Theres not one person who’s had contact with Hacket, that describes him as highly organized and controlled…
        Right joe??

      • whoops: And LISK used a burner phone, and could NOT be traced…Does that sound like Hackets calls?? NO.

      • And yeah I don’t think CPH is savvy enough to know about burner phones etc. and I highly doubt he is the tech savvy type in general – at least as far as social media and such. I also question his physical capability to subdue and carry victims Bc of his bum leg and age and poor health (he is a bigger boy). Plus Doc’s wife actually lives with him. She wouldn’t be down with him if she knew he was some killer – yet she is still with him Bc she trusts he is innocent of accusations against him. I would look for people who tend to spend time away from their wife/kids/family in the summertime at a rental/seasonal home around Oak Beach. Brewer fits.

      • You are correct CA1…And other calls have been made from an untraceable number as well….Annies your girl to explain all that 🙂
        My heads foggy today, all im saying is Hacketts calls DONT fit the LISKS evil, taunting, CONTROLLED nature…

      • Linda, I agree. CPH doesn’t fit the profile at all. I also agree he doesn’t/didn’t have the physical strength required to dispose of the victims.

      • LISK did use Melissa’s phone to call her sister. Her voicemail was also checked a day or so after she disappeared. I think it was checked around the Massapequa Long Island area? Possibly a hotel involved. Foggy headed myself today.

        At any rate the killer knew how to procure his victims online without it being traced back to him. I imagine he spoke via phone with many of the girls before they met up. So if he used a phone it’s likely that phone was an untraceable phone. He talked to the girls for quite some time via phone – especially Amber… If the phone were traceable and not a burner the cops could have checked Amber’s call log and traced it ack to LISK. That’s where I think the non traceable phones come in.

      • Great point about Hackett coming across nervous etc when LISK was more calm and controlled! 🙂 riveting.

      • Putting little fish boy and the assorted bag of nuts aside, they just dirty the facts.

        I want to know about the unidentified victims. Why hasn’t LE made more of an effort to find out who they are? I know I’ve asked the question before, but it seriously puzzles me. Especially the mother and child. It bothers me there was no composite made of them.

        What are the odds that Shannan running for her life, accidentally drowned in a serial killers dumping ground? Astronomic.

        What are the odds of more than one serial killer or team of killers using the same dumping ground? I’ve tried to research to find ONE case of that happening and came up with none. Again, astronomic.

        Weeding our the rumors and falsely planted stories is a great start.

      • CA1, agree to all…and Annie pointed this out as well!! Yes, what of the unidentified victims??? i cant let my mind believe LE is just hoping this ‘all goes away’!! Im as confused as you………..
        As far as fishboy, I just CANT put him aside..Hes on my list of POIs now, as he fits the profile, and lives ‘behind the gate’…Nothing personal, but just as HE insists many at Gilgo should be looked at, SO SHOULD HE…Hes keeping many secrets as well…Ive been trying to hint at some…

      • Linda, starting at the beginning and removing all the rumors and lies, may very well point out little fish boy as a POI. I tend to write him off because of his stupidity and hubris, but trust me, I’ve been side eying him for a while.

      • Let me be perfectly clear: I am NOT naming joe as a SUSPECT…But a POI with MANY dirty secrets (FACT,DICK), a POI who has absolutely tried to FRAME an innocent man, YES!! A liar who has completely fucked with perception of FACTS pertaining to LISK, YES!!!!! Joe is HIGH on my list of POIs..And i finally have the info, and BALLS to call it like i see it. YES. YOU JOE.

      • YOU joe scalise…YES, YOU…Kiss our asses, I waited till I knew what the hell I was talking about, YOU PUSSY.
        Karma, and that goes for YOU TOO LADY, heh!

      • https://www.facebook.com/a.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fad.doubleclick.net%2Fddm%2Ftrackclk%2FN3382.913336.AODSOCIAL%2FB8445735.119643486%3Bdc_trk_aid%3D292427071%3Bdc_trk_cid%3D61089227&__tn__=%2AI&xt=3.AQIr-kmFKz6oYz8KPF7eM7zsYpoB6KWD8NJb_yMCc5EYgwn1EdC5WP3ROl-pBVIqRqZm3–7BZQw-AXfQZjbRm4zqsHnOMoJaPElDmF3a0huLw5jIp3MURFGDAHOISzLTZxzTqqa02q6sCkcHrS7ioobe_MkaMhUkXTZtUgh2T2QLeM5GLMC0HqVVo7vqTha_4qHe2vsxGMlnUqM6oEc3laYpla00geGlezOdloNl-c7HyKUiPH7D95-a8Ey9rkTQxzHRr4uML1lb-M9zKWZP4u8X__cuITRPZBTM1XNBc3VIMiMH8F1NVKy70-a3Z7GeCakh20zs8ihq24PEJGCzjkxgs_dE_vs8gPwKTTh_-h7ae9UdOzPgxU1fxTinzOAffU2ay3P7t041EgHeHcBAymGt_BA3fFONV4Qioi-NZMsHwKGGVhEHhK5FdE0UVximjqlDqfQVdfoXt2y_Z29Jkmqiz1WXMrapeIk2cNDJUCeiBLzt0l8UUJZW5PnSeqrxU2OdhcvsHSi6JEcs8d-UKXXka6G0-kxD4gCS5OGeRSNsw0vYAbR9dSFc28wh7IrrE3SDa5wGoZK5Is_T-85ezDIvc_Uled46UjVrzi0ju7u0CYHIatS0mCu7ZKQyxFHFRJz3BYYy3mdF5sFH9vEAWBo9AiF5cOkra4CkO6j8hDoJjrTe3L2o602vCLEznKrW9Ss3b3bXf-_J_OqI6a-4-KcJnT37dqEO7AOifW-M8rV61qOstD563RDgVstttYUtnIDsx79lTaO1Suyijg0LqoSY2Ykuo8OBcBPGyKdiRlJ0S4kA73B5h61i0VstdoNH8fbIElQWid6AdCh7SwdpIPDN4IpAjMrHY59XKidpzCKjk4i6Lk8a5H2hgjiralafti5ziYpt9hia65_xf38ZB_VwYmJl4q-8y-oD4DrZU7_a66Cq-15hiHgPq5ojl6sto8YB5vQhUMwFuQYgd7gqwSPSE9IkWdahR_QBV-irKa4CLxygCqdufd_x9MpXt_kk8q1E_zFWvH7e3OE3paktWpSSnDX997m2YiXTfIr5FI6ihFnOs3d3iOJ9QBanjKEXdQnW58qxJt_UsRJiIhr06wYh6GHilheZK-rtx4xKTb3LSXEW5p3LjgCxxHUNLT-q8MGMKIi_D4mj8bUiKg7wY1ESAUSZuzNYKrvABd7xT-M-4DBx14ZXnN1nV3LDo9WWbRf7IUrdBvlog6zW8fKYwiKFS–jBBEZmp998pt1O6oHOud6conrJYrGDbrHwLztrk7MIMnh_NAYveXZrmWhYBdzA_RRyd25W2kQt5Tg3slRnOB1cx8hxh4xr4_3HQK-OlS-DCXTOga-U6c0Dryv3BUQWNE_5qY3h2SoV7iVWpl7-hGFvObqGskruTWyfszeTnZUtio1pnetES3lhI-jRvLMFDyvIBf-hX6x_vDnyynQzePRAX5_7ZogYmpW-vOlITodpjBeq3t4Qda3D0aY-0A5BOilyujRrNsJi_12Ua84cxA6KUF9Fu8svRp4PoCq2XKRSoFe89wS7dVeRV_qXSy8MwIloyV-D1Bk6DEH4UvnMXKPeLHJfihIlU2OEBP5UfpnoV9X_SJNw-N8ELxYHTys9fX5083xfHvsH63PFg6DWXpSLUqRMpG45I7NhXmxJodvAOoT7y7SncRXHLtYAKk9wq_tQ3rAzSw4CkuVcFKddK31VbDKd8ktca1ci9VrGteZeDeUI46lVMTubuY2pQdM_-zsYl__hbtAJ9B8mjsOYb1KXEdsMa1Gst2C1OVf33lv5JB5GH_yka5zmo6nz0ysEettOY6CO7NzzuyTvSJWDAybfHiKePWPRwMprn196PpQ-oyqXkZn7DOhLHUtsFRleCIS8AjeHd-YyeoXmNQSuFGwky3_2ptGyG77yZ4QCMbDTqNvY7ix1GEiTr3RqR8i8y0cYPsLbMS947HrjG-wETZOb9nW2nz9RmaO1NYzoTpm7BJPm6jqNR7VmHEY70rGNJTQBlDoeRNALOk7plw5v6LpmJMGPuBOUQ3fYl-gb19XihsAdK6-da26dhcL7ApHxyfFa5G-D-BbVwLMXodgRipcPa00ngAA_0JKMaOnvwXhnVZdIrofHMUxrS9V-1HbYE13uJYUk13nnJCjZPpxuKmNsdKNyNrGuwXa6yFE_k5l6h88tSDRPJGgx1kRDmFipUn4kzf3pUGs-EaNeUtMqen5LQcNYFfySt4chTn2otSZE1X9ex8AIORuJ9NBTlZf1Q8xeFsl9eNibhuCZB-VRCEG_JrBOn_LRS9TmhLilm-z7nH-NjHSPDNBL93CQPR&mac=AQKW3szAw8cYkA-R&sig=65889

      • Yep, DUDE IS busy making ‘The scary”…Perhaps we shall meet SOONER than later Annie ❤

      • I sure hope to meet sooner than later Linda. In need of some IRL friends these days! ❤️

        I just left a post with the link to info on the Does. Don’t know why it popped all the way back up in the comments. Here it is so CA1 is privy to who the UIDs likely are. My post explaining specifics will be approved soon by zero. http://www.truecrimediary.com/index.cfm?page=cases&id=152

      • Linda, met you in a dream last night after reading the news about this serial killer Neal. Havea feeling it was a bit of foreshadowing. Maybe this new development with Neal will allow us to know who the monster is and we all can breath a sigh of relief together at some awesome Union (wouldn’t be reunion yet hehe) somewhere. Maybe party in Vegas! Lol

      • LMAO…please, im ALMOST as square as Fluke (just NOT in an evil, pussy way)..These ‘tunes’ are all meaningful to the blog, and believe me..Some here are truly rejoicing, you should ALL know this!! WE are making a difference!! Yep, those hurt by the crimes and the ensuing games, are grateful….

      • p.s. In that Thank You video I’m totally the kid with cement on his face that’s going nuts. That’s me today.

      • Yeah fishy ain’t no suspect. He might find out inside info and twists it all to point to CPH. I could give a shit less what fish has to say. He isn’t credible IMO as he is bias. He’s just using a tragedy to play little fuck fuck games with people he doesn’t like. Sure, it’s ok to suspect people, but not ok to orchestrate a damn witch hunt like CPH and Gus unfortunately experienced the shit end of (and Zero, Linda, Donna, TCTH etc).

      • Oh I would be real interested in what fluke says if it was about someone hes NOT accusing. But hes not gonna cause hes too scared.

      • Scared?? Damn straight!! Lmao, Zero fucked his whole world up…Just sit and enjoy the squirming, JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yup especially if Fish is as involved in cocain use as some have asserted online. Not saying he is a coke head as if I have evidence, just saying it’s the rumor online and around the hood.

      • Yup especially if Fish is as involved in cocain use as some have asserted online.

        No IFs about it…FACTS…Why do you think joe aint reponding?? Hes re grouping, cause he just DONT KNOW whos who around here..Do ya joey?? ha ha ha !!!

      • Lisa Ann Pierce is likely Jane Doe found in 2000 dismembered in manorville. I spoke with her aunt and she said NYPD and LE believe it could be Lisa, BUT Lisa’s mother won’t submit DNA to compare to the Jane doe and she also will not allow Lisa’s kid/s to submit their DNA for comparison. Her aunt is hoping when the kids turn 18 that they will do the right thing and give up their DNA. There is a Facebook page for Lisa Ann Pierce missing and DPH is all over it. DPH most likely received the info from a blogger who made the connection. I made the connection as well when comparing the Jane Doe to Lusa which is how I found the blog about Lisa Ann Pierce (have to always cross check your matches to see if someone has already discovered the match). Lisa Ann went missing from Alabama. She was possibly involved in prostitution or drug use.


        Mo Zhang is likely the cross dresser John Doe. He was from Virginia. Not much info is available on him honestly except that he was thought to have left and headed somewhere out of town (I believe NY was mentioned on his file as being a possible destination for Mo). If you put Mo’s picture from the case file next to the composite of John Doe it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s creepy.


        Now, as far as the toddler and mommy Doe’s, the blogger found a possible match that I’m not as confident in as I am Lisa or Mo, but I’ll note. Sweet little Hemangini’s jewelry looks eerily similar to the toddler doe’s jewelry. She disappeared along with her brother when their non custodial mother abducted them. Issue is, they were abducted from California. It could be possible that Hema and her brother ended up with their mother in NY to evade social services and authorities in California and that the mother had to take on unsavory underground jobs to make ends meet and stay under radar, but I’m not entirely sure. If Hema and her mother are baby and mommy doe, it still doesn’t answer where the boy ended up.


        I had found a match I liked better for toddler and mommy does – and the toddler even had pierced ears and such. I will have to go back and see if I can find them. I’ll post their link and names when I find them again.

        I think LE have a good idea of who the bodies are, but Bc of the unavailability of DNA they can’t officially match them whether it be Bc family will not submit DNA like in Lisa’s case or Bc the victim’s were possibly foreign and finding their relatives is difficult as in Mo and Hema/Mommy’s cases. The mother and daughter I found were also seemingly foreign – of Latino origin possibly.

        They’re trying, but unfortunately can’t 100% confirm the identities publicly without DNA. They can only suppose that they have the correct IDs based upon visual/clinical comparison sans DNA to test for match.

      • Annie, She been at this evil crap for yrs….Zero exposed so many cases shes interjected herself into…Until she was BANNED from the discussion! Sick witch!

      • Yup I keep finding significant connections and see DPH pop up. I wish she would focus and not be so hell bent on royally fucking everyone that has ever stepped foot on Long Island. Ex hubby’s. Etc. in an effort to bring down many she lost sight of the one thing we are fighting for imho – that one thing should be finding the bastard who is murdering the lost girls and NOT throwing everyone under the bus and making things more complicated. We don’t care about these supposed networks. We just care about what happened on May 1, 2010 and the consecutive summers before that when a serial killer was prowling NY for his victims. She keeps bringing up bullshit that isn’t connected to the crimes. But we all know this by now. Thanks for perverting the truth for your own fucked up agendas Fluke and DPH and others. While you have been toiling to pin down innocents you have allowed one obviously strange Oak Beach John this all started with jump out from suspicion.

      • Annie, IM BEGGING YOU HERE: DPH will NOT focus..She has a VERY definite agenda…Take from her the names that you will, but give her CREDIT for NOTHING..Youre too good for that… ❤
        If D,shared her recent Ims (sry D), you'd see CLEARLY she's mentally, SERIOUSLY ill and DANGEROUS….She's only interested in connecting her exs (INSANE), to this investigation…Shes GARBAGE of the LOWEST order.

      • “While you have been toiling to pin down innocents you have allowed one obviously strange Oak Beach John this all started with jump out from suspicion.”


      • But Bc the victims are from different areas steers me toward a drifter of sorts. Which then makes me wonder about this Neal Fall killed in Charleston by a southern belle firecracker that wasn’t gonna take his shit! He was active all over the place – from OR, to NV, to IL, to the Carolinas.

      • There must be a way to look into this. Maybe check phone records on all those affected? See whose calls went elsewhere?

      • Apparently it’s a problem in beach areas due to corrosion of the wires. Wiring in beach areas have to be changed more often than inland areas. So, as TCTH said, this wasn’t an isolated incident. The only problem I foresee, TCTH, is how did the evil one know whose lines were crossed?

        Donna, yes, the records would show the info that’s needed.

        Annie, working for the phone company was exasperating, fun and paid very well. I learned a lot about home and cell service. I should have learned a lot, I worked there for a long time. Someday I’ll even get me pension.

      • From TCTH!

        “Steven yohay has a rehabilition facility in manhattan. that is the neighbor and you heard it from me 🙂 he hss also not been seen at OB since the gb4 were found. he is pretty creepy and regularly had very young transvestites staying with him. a huge red flag that I discussed on the lisk blog and still question why joey brushed that off.”

        :spits out coffee: ! Fluke brushed it off bc this Steven creep sounds like a much more valid suspect/POI than poor CPH!

        I want to know all about Stevie! Lol. Wow this is first I’m reading about this. Sorry I’m speechless.

      • Mind blown that fluke wouldn’t have pointed at SY. But then again, there was no vendetta against SY. I read up on him in articles like the one Annie posted. I would like to know more about him.

      • Donna, Joey always thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. He thought by creating multiple screen names, he would fool everyone. Fail. He thought he could whisper in different people’s ears, creating deceptions, yet not get caught. Fail. Point a finger at a neighbor and create suspicion, but not be found as the source of information. Fail.

        He thought he was so smart, this would go away. I’ve seen references to SY and never knew who it was. TCTH you have a wealth of information. I’m so impressed. You pointed out another Joey fail.

        What’s next?

      • Good question, CA1. But I dont think we want flukey boy having the answer to that. Betcha it involves more flukey fails though. Hee hee!

      • Strange that when you look at the link on Stevie and click on the videos tab there is a video titled “Joe and Jen (dancing?) in Newport Beach.” Idk if it’s Joey and Jen, but how funny that would be lol. Must be coincidence.

      • Donna I noticed that too! Lol glad I’m
        Not the only one. A bit of synchronicity? The universe hinting to us that we are on to something with Stevie boy?

      • I wonder if anyone has played this video for Amanda Barthelemy to see if his voice sounds familiar…

      • Annie, I have no problem with people linking catching LISK. It might make MM7 upset, but I think everyone should read that blog.

      • donna says:
        July 8, 2015 at 9:14 pm
        Lol. The video under it when I viewed was Eminem and.addiction.

        Linda says: love you D!!!

      • Someone please tell me why this comment from Joe is making me sick?? He made it recently on this blog, less than a year ago: “……FACT, Shannons body was found in a SITTING position…..”…His obsession is SO obvious, but WHY THIS comment?? What was he trying to get at here???!! He never mentioned it again, and has gone back to his STRANGULATION theory..Now that THAT is where the civil case is heading, DUH…But why THAT comment about the positioning of the body…Help me out here beautiful people!!
        What the FUCK have you done joe??? Reaping time is very near, do you SEE THAT??

      • I have 3 possible theories on that, Linda.

        1- he’s pointing away from accidental drowning.

        2- he’s suggesting she was posed.

        3- he saw her body.

      • TY Ca1, see, even though I personally cant stand Joe, im TRYING to be objective!! But PLEASE, look at the years and depth of the obsession, games, distractions and lies!! The story changes constantly, its downright chilling!! Isnt it sick?? Im much like Zero, in that im constantly checking my motives…But I just CANT shake or deny my feelings about Joe any longer..If WE were just out to hurt people with dirty laundry, Zero could write Dozens of posts on haters, lemmings like Dorothy Price Hill for years, lol…But in the BIG picture, shes a nobody, as many of the lemmings are, and not worth looking at…When they want attention, we respond with the DIRT of their own lives, other than that, we forget they even exist…She only gets brought up when she thinks we forgot her…and for the most part, she has been forgotten…useless, but great for a laugh, and to ILLUSTRATE who and WHY joe picks who he does to spread his filth..

  8. That relationship between the SCPD and FBI gang task force joins up again in 2013 about a year or so after the initial break.

    “When we removed the detectives from the Long Island Gang Task Force, we felt that was the best deployment of our officers,” Burke told reporters at a news conference. “Now, the key critical thing here is making the public know that we are doing everything possible to make them safer. We felt it was prudent to assign those officers back to the task force.”


    Oh why thank you Burke. Still doesn’t change the fact that everyone wonder why the relationship was severed in the first place. 😒

  9. Oh and as far as Gus Coletti and Fluke trying to slander him and insinuate he helped the process of covering up the tape from the security gate that night – or maybe he was implicating Hackett in doing this who knows – the tape was not looked at by the details of the report pertaining to the 911 call and the importance of the surveilkence tape were filed with the missing person’s report sent to New Jersey. The surveillence tape being taped over is nothing more than a result of a missing person’s report for Shannan having been filed somewhere else and not being found in time to check the tape. I hope this makes sense. The New York City NYPD fielded the 911 call, not the SCPD. According to Varonne The only call SCPD got was from Coletti, and that didn’t give them a full idea of the severity of the situation like Shannan’s 911 call to NYC NYPD did.

      • Yes , Gus passed on, all the while Joe accusing, literally screaming at the man for covering up for his neighbors..You can watch this being done on the 48 hr special..ASSHOLE!

      • Oh man that’s so sad 😦 I’m not sure how the SCPD plays into LISK, but there’s something there. They might be playing games with LISK with everything they are doing that seemingly makes little sense to us. One thing is for sure, LISK sure liked making sock puppet screen names on utopia sites to implicate people other than himself for his victims murders – of that I’m sure! Maybe the case made SCPD have a lot of internal drama – huge cases can do that – ruin friendship/alliance and change up the order. I wish I knew more. I can only provide things I find out via the press and hope that people can put the pieces together bc I surely am slow at times lol

    • bingo annie. no police officer at all returned to speak to anyone at oak beach until august 2010 when new jersey detectives interviewed gus. and the tapes were on a two week loop that taped over itself. no one knew what had happed to shannan. , most assumed she made it home. no one knew she was still missing so why would they save the tape? marine bureau were the police that came that morning and they didn’t take it. so………..this was the first thing joey started to spout that I had to jump in on. before that I just read. or I would offer knowledge about the area as I know it very well.

      • Amen, its about time….TCTH has been calling out the BS throughout this entire case!! Its so awesome that others NOW see how much pain was caused!! One felt they could only witness it, but NOT stop it…. When I started to comment on LISK, I was too new to help much…And it wasnt long after I began, FLA, Joe/sockpuppets were accusing me of murder, oh, and their favorite: Linda is a tranny, a man…blah, blah fuckers!…To have Zero, and now all of you, is such sweet justice!! We will see this out together…Indeed we will..TY ❤

        And as always…KARMA, is it yummy???

      • So SCPD Marine Bureau answered Gus’s 911! Thank you TCTH! Have been trying to figure that out 🙂

    • i don’t know where to fit a comment in anymore…lol. i saw the event with joe screaming at and pinning gus in his car on channel 11 news the day it happened. then it was gone. there might be a snip of it on one of the 49hrs….

  10. “I’m in the NYPD.” and “did you file a missing person’s report?” Were two things LISK said on the phone to Amanda Barthelemy. Facts. Why would he be so interested in mocking the missing person’s report angle? Shannan’s missing person report being shipped over to Jersey reminds me of Stevie Bates case in 2012 – missing from near the port authority and her missing person report found its way all the way down to the Deep South! Stevie is another NY girl I always wonder about – what happened to her? http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/b/bates_stevie.html

    • “I’m in the NYPD.” and “did you file a missing person’s report?” Were two things LISK said on the phone to Amanda Barthelemy. Facts. Why would he be so interested in mocking the missing person’s report angle?

      Worth repeating, and I have TWO retired cops who agree…HEAR Annie!!!!!!!

    • Now aint that STUPID, to tell a MISSING girls (missing FROM NYC) to fill out the report in Arkansas???!!!! Man, youre SO right Annie, you can nearly cut and paste this young womans case with Shannons!!!

    • Wow! I feel badly for Stevie’s family. There is no acceptable excuse for giving her mom the run around like that. Seems like NYPD didn’t want to be involved. It doesn’t look like the website has been updated frequently. I wonder if anyone bothered to check out the ex bf.

      • Yeah the ex BF seems suspicious alright. They sure bring him up a lot of Stevie’s website. Also have to wonder why she was acting so off before she disappeared? I just thought it strange that that Port Authority also plays into Maureen’s disappearance (her money stolen at the port authority before she disappeared) and Jessica Taylor tricked near the port authority I believe. Bad area there. I suppose any one of the girls passed through there at certain points as per necessity. Lots of volume. One could go missing and no one would notice. I understand NY is a big city and people go missing all the time, but the fact they made it so hard for Stevie’s mom to get the report in NYC where she went missing breaks my heart.

      • Really? Did you hear about the body found at beach and woody area in Gravesend early this year? Dismembered with torso in woods and arm in the trees? The leg and hand found on the beach I believe? A burned up leg at that they salvaged the torched tattoo from that read “Monique”? Things that make you go hmmm… Still no ID on her publicly. They released a PSA asking for help identifying her. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20150331/gravesend/more-body-parts-found-gravesend-park

      • Annie, there are just too many cases to count: “Things that make you go hmmmm”…A female body was found in a suitcase right near the water in Brooklyn recently…Look up the case of a young womans remains found on POL Island Near Brooklyn (I can provide a Link if needed), this case eerily similar, i feel, to Natasha Jugo…and What about the female body found on the beach in Lattingtown LI?? With the Golden pig jewelry?? There are too many to count..TCTH can back me on this..

        I just wanted to add, at approx the same time LISK was working, another serial killer was throwing the remains of prostitutes off the Southern state pkwy, LI NY…all stuffed in suitcases!! Again, id be happy to provide links..But they are quite easy to Google..
        Suburbia=Twin Peaks!!!!

    • Annie, Silly you..Joes obsessed with ONE young woman, and ONE case…He’d walk over a body if it wasnt important to Him, JMO…..Maybe, just maybe, Direct your question to Sr…Juuuuuust sayin..

      • Although he seems interested in the 4 girls in burlap considering he is so intent on mentioning burlap in connection with his POI for Shannan’s death… AND all out insinuating the same person who killed Shannan killed the 4 in burlap. So it’s not just Shannan he is interested in bc Shannan’s death is being used to manipulate our understanding of what really happened to all the bodies found on Jones Island. I could argue the same for Megan and Amber’s deaths being manipulated in the same way per the fake Utopia site sock puppets 😉

      • True Annie, However, just ask Zero : Joe has actually made some DISGUSTING remarks about a few of the Gilgo four..I will not repeat them out of respect…He so obviously hates woman..All but 3: Mommy, Shannon and Mari.

  11. Each of you know so much more about this case than I do. I appreciate all that you share. I have an open mind. I’m here to learn.

    Previous to this blog, I read all news I could find, read what I could of MM7’s blog and a forum (not WS) that posts on murder cases. I’m not sure if I ever visited LISK, I don’t think I did, but my brain is overloaded and I maybe mistaken. So the comments on MM7’s blog had me confused. Is it me, or did she make everything about her? There were more “I’s” and “me’s” in her posts and comments, I found more mention of her than the case. Some of the comments she left were in response to comments she deleted, so it looked like she was fighting with herself. I can’t read anything she c&p in her posts, so that made it even more confusing. This case was posted all over forums and blogs. Did it ever enter her mind that someone, not CPH, was fucking with her? I’m not sure of her motive for starting the blog, but it became clear she thought she was going to solve the case. Perhaps fame, as someone pointed out, this case has Hollywood written all over. Whatever happened to her?

    • We spoke quite a bit about this and in the end I think she realized that, but remember Hackett was on everyone’s list at one point. I think you even commented about the doc on the eponymous rox site. And Jen, I think helped freak mm7 out about it. Plus many including Mari listened to Joe. But still, I see all those comments she was arguing with, the parts others can’t. For me it’s hard to see why she fell for it and didn’t see through some of them. So I too question if she really felt the doc was stalking her. But from my conversations with her and others, I think she convinced herself it was the doc and that she was going to help Mari.

      • Catching LISK was a lightening rod in a way for this case. Because of all the people involved in the Mari circle which connected to Joey since the Scalises let so many of the vigil groups into their home including Jen. Then MM7 and Dorothy work with Jen, MM7 meets Joey and the blog already has quite a few people on it right away that are way involved in this case and connected to many more. People from LISK.com and plenty from Websleuths go there. The drifter commented there for a while. Other families of the victims go there or connect to MM7 one way or another. Though I agree the blog was crap, everyone came together there at some point, mostly to denounce it. And some of those people followed to my blog. Without Catching LISK, I would have never blogged about this. So the blog does have comments from people who matter. It did attract people. And this could mean something there could help. Just like something from Websleuths or LISK.com could. But it’s so muddied by the likes of Dorothy and Joey. Still there is so much out there. I have to believe LE will solve it.

      • Yes, it was me who posted on ER, even read his book. I did say I thought calling MG was suspect and alibi building. He was all I was reading about at that time. Like you said, everyone was looking at him. I’ve named anyone as the killer. Because I don’t know.

      • Yea, I had seen 48 hours and was ready to believe all the stuff fluke and mm7 were selling. And I still say the doc is suspicious. But everything seems to get debunked and then it looks like the doc has been misrepresented by this groups as well as set up in a way. But I still wonder about the Doc. Doc, Brewer, and Junior are all very much involved in this in my thoughts. The doc may be only cause he has a big mouth and likes numbering a big shot. But I don’t know, they all seem to be hiding things. But I’m just a blogger and al my knowledge on this case is from others.

      • Ya know Z, I just have to point out , mostly because it ENRAGES me, MD (Feildnotes) was stalked, defamed and also called a killer on that blog (among other blogs)!! That man got stalked and harassed non stop!! Its just so damn disgusting…tell me, ALL of you: How did it work out for you?? Did it help the case?? When you KNEW you were so wrong about many you pointed fingers at: Why NO retraction?? GROSS. Yes, particularly those that went to his job (including YOU joe), and pretended to befriend him!! Horrible people man! Yeah, trying to play two sides of the coin, now dont you all look so stupid!! And phony! im only guessing Mari has figured that out by now, the thing MOST of you feared most..GOOD!

      • I feel the same about Fieldnotes as i do about the Doc (well sort of, difference is I have spoken to feildnotes and do like him) but a point I was getting to at some point and never seem to make, Fieldnote put himself in there as much as Jen or Cristin. Dare i say as much as the Doc. Yes I do. I said long ago, everyone who has gotten into this so deeply that they shared info with Mari as well with each other, most of it secertly (how many of us out in the inernet have heard stuff that was told to us is not for the public so don’t talk about it, if it’s not for the public, why do you knmow and why are you telling me?) Did they tutn om him? big time. but they all turned on each other. I’m not saying anything bad aboy feildnotes, but just like cristin wanting to distance herself it can’t be done. he is a part of it. There are others like fieldnotes, who’s intentions were good but they were still part of all that happened. I even take this back to me, i deserve all the crap said about me. I put myself into this as well, but not nearly to the degree some of these others have, i have never claimed to have answeres or that i could catch a serial killer. Plus I’m fine being looked into, I have nothing to hide don’t really connect to anyone (well Jen, I kinda connect to you, huh? one day Jen, one day) for me, one of the hardest parts of blogging about this is so many people don’t want to be connected to it or the slander about them repeated… while i laugh at all people lie about me… I have nothing to hide. Nothing to come clean about. And as some of you who talk with me in private, i’m not ready to say anyone here has nothing to hide or is being totally up front about things. Was it a smear on the doc and how many were really involved, or did some of the things brought up on him just get so many to believe so many things without any substance to back it up… I’m wondering… hopefully some of you can follow

      • I just have tt say it…How the hell to bring a wrongful death case against someone who may look suspicious??? Not to mention a “certain Blog” that shall remain nameless (but Ran by Mari), had a list of people one could VOTE for: Meaning who do you think killed Shannon?? I mean if you’re not sure, by your own LIST????? Jaw dropping. This blog developed AFTER the CIVIL case against CPH was in motion???? HELLO???!!! Nuff said.
        I feel much better now 🙂

      • Im with you on that Linda. Someone having a tragedy in life does not give them a pass on their behavior.

      • Zero, I never got that feeling when I saw both 48hr specials..All i saw was joe acting psyco on Gus…I will re-watch again, because I must better study Det Varrones statements, yes ANNIE, I must..
        As far as I understand, Alex, Shannons boyfriend, gave CPH among others, Maris number…Now the 3 supposed calls are down to TWO…And it is disputed as to what was said..How many of US, might call the mother of a young woman missing in your town, to offer help?? I might?? Heres a flukey thing, how did Joe know the 2nd call was made from Barbara Hakcetts phone?? Oh, and WHO always speaks of ‘phone apps” and ‘spoofed calls”….BTW, Hackett supposedly said he ran a home for ‘wayward girls’, well guess what, there IS one of joes neighbors that did just that, and it wasnt Hackett..RIGHT joey?

        “Joe, where were you the night Shannon went missing?”

      • Sorry for jumping around, but It’s how it seems to be the corect order to get this out. Yes, all this about the phone call and more, but again i’ll get to the phone call in a second, i do want to say, i had know idea who joey was when i wathed the shows, definately don’t remember seeing gus or Joey in it, are you sure that is on the 48 hours stuff, i heard about that later, but don’t remember ever seeing it, i need to go back and rewatch things and try to find it. also, i read transcrips of some of the show, can’t remember which ones, burt that is where i got most of my thoughts at first, and of course the main story there was the John, the driver, and the strange doc who put himself in the case by calling mari and maybe telling people he saw Shannan that night. again the doc seemd strange, and from what i read and saw he was suspicious. i knew nothing about the other stuff being said about him till i came to LISK.com and Catching LISK, so when i saw all those other things I was like wow it fits… then you look closer…

      • TY Donna, its not an easy thing to say..,My point being, if you believe at least 6 different people MAY have murdered your daughter, how the heck to you pick one, and not apologize to the others?? ❤ D!!

      • You know how i feel about this Linda, none of us can say how we would act after our child was taken from us like that, nor how we would react to the many crazies coming to you with answers you so desperately want, Fieldnotes was as much a part of all this as anyone else. Again, i like him but i also feel he could help clear a lot up, though i understand why he dosen’t. But let me again put it into perspective, I never hung out with Joey, Jen, or Dorothy, (not saying Fieldnotes did, but they all mixed it up in someway), I did not go to vigils or meet at the scalise house, i did not march down oak beach and knock on Brewers door, i did not do anything but write about what i have seen on the internet and i have been implicated as the long isalnd serial killer from lots of people, including recently on Facebook by son of mankind. My brother has been messed with, my mom said to have abused me, my boss at fright dome and many of those i work with there have been blasted in comments and all of it lies. And yet, here i sit, still. I do not ask to be left out of all this or run away, deleting my blogs and erasing comments. Again I’m not saying Fieldnotes did all this, but many involved here are like feildnotes not wanting to be involved because of the damage others are causing them, others like jen and cristin don’t want to be involved because of the suspicious stuff they were involved with… yet i sit here… waiting for them all to come clean.

      • Yes Zero, im POSITIVE…Joes in his car and screams at gus “why did you erase the tape”…YES

      • Zero, ‘Feildnotes’ is a writer, particularly interested in true crime ,he did much to help Mari, and at one time she considered him a friend!! FACT…i WILL NOT however go into why he and Mari had a falling out…BUT I COULD. Again, not nice..nuff said.

      • feildnotes delivers pizza, and yes i have read his blog. he is very cryptive at times (aren’t we all) but he had some good things, i spoke to him about the alphabet murders, he had some interesting things about it. And i’ll go there, many say they feel out cause mari had fellings for him that he didn’t have back, but i don’t buy that. again, i’m sure that is part of it but the falling out but that’s not why others were questioning him or telling the stories about him, Fieldnotes was wrapped up in this, they all were, some were trying to help yes, but they were all wrapped up in it. People on both sides made up screen names on LISK.com, i know that as fact. I also think Fieldnotes was on the Doc bandwaggon at some point, i think everyone who joined Mari were, after all they had Joey there to convince them. And to get to the games, the whole fake fieldnotes interview, none of that was cleared up nicely, PS149 went to Felidnotes and got the true story and then went at Cristin and called her out for the lie including the part that dorothy called Fieldnotes or how most of us know jen went to see fieldnotes… I don’t blame him, nor do i blame have the people in this who jsut don’t want to be involved in this any more , but until everyone does, there will always be questions about everyone who became part of the circle

      • Zero, RE Feildnotes: That rumor was told to me by quite a few, before i got it straight from him…However, part of this story, as it was relayed to me, was that Mari disagreed eventually with his assessment of doc as a POI…Like the say, theres three sides to every story…But one just cant go around accusing every “creepy” (not my words) person of serial murder…it can destroy ones livelihood, reputation, and possibly get them killed..Im sry, I find it quite irresponsible, whatever the reason..

      • I totally agree, and all the little nut gallery went after him. and what was said about him is messed up, and yes putting him n the poll was wrong and very telling at the same time. Fieldnotes is fine in my book. again, weird mood today.

      • And i do know he delivers pizza, but he writes too, I thought his stuff was pretty good, IDK…

      • I was being… i don’t even know what i was being… but i was also insinuating, we are all writers. well a lot of us. which brings me back to ER… does anyone know who that is? They have writen on the happy face killer, i know we have discused that, and I find it hard to believe all of those deaths being connected, there is definately some wrong calls on “accidental drownings” in some of them from what i see, so many strange cases out there. But is ER a serious writer? and is that how people write, they collect money to get their book out there after you already have books out there? seemed strange to me back then… but i don’t know, i never published anything, but i am a writer! I also use to delever pizzas!

      • I think they are an ebook writer. Didnt you see thst they say wylie gates is lisk? ER solved the case. Lol

      • yes, i saw that, and yes i saw they are an ebook writer, I’m still being cryptic, i’m afraid. LOL. I should leave ER alone though. And start up a fund for my first ebook, I calling it “The Hoax On Us” it will deal with how the world has cried wolf for so long and uses all our technologies to fake each other out that now people actually believe things like the boston boming are fake and they believe things like the illuminatti are real. How catfishing and mokumentries are screwing with the underdosed. How the news and reality TV are both scripted and misleading… how we are all heading for mistrust in all we know… ok, maybe not a ebook, but definately a post…

      • I was gonna say I would contribute to your ebook fund, but then you said youd make it a post. Me, I like free. lol

      • Wiley Gates was the subject of the one book of ER’s that I read. Interesting read. He murdered his family for the inheritance. In no way could he be LISK. The smiley face killer fascination turned me off. Not every case could be murder. Accidental or suicide on some.

      • I didnt read about that. But were there two cases called happy face killer? I remember a truck driver that was called that.

      • Wouldnt you know, I put my tv on and theres a guy talking about a smiley face signed on a letter from a killer.

      • Zero, can the phone company tell where the original spoof call originated from, yes they can. LE can prove it once they subpoena the original call logs from the provider.

        I know I use the word subpoena a lot, but the phone company I worked for was serious about it. Even before cell phones, if you wanted your landline local call records, you had to have a subpoena. The company is only required to provide calls you are charged for, local calls are not charged for, so not required. I had to explain to many customers and their lawyers who to send the subpoena to.

        I also worked for as an investment supervisor when I lived in NY. Oh the stories I could tell about having 2 careers in 2 different industries! I should write a book one day of the hilarity I dealt with! It would be a fun read.

      • Yeah the whole happy face killer thing was B.S. IMHO. Happy faces are one of the most commonly and EASILY drawn symbols. In many of the cases the happy faces were among tons of graffiti on walls blocks away from the murder scenes. Talk about “selective detectives”.

      • yes, i agree, the cases are worth looking into, and there could be a seriial killer, as well as some murders as well as accidents. But the whole happy face thing is not concrete enough and seems to be a reach for a very scary story.

      • CA1 very interested in your working for phone company! Defo interesting about the subpoenas. Thanks 🙂

      • Zero, Dont explain your mood, I kinda like you feisty!!! You go with your bad self 🙂

      • I always have to explain, it’s my nature. I can play in confusion for a while, but I like everyone understanding. It’s a flaw when doing a blog like this, lol.

      • “Oops, I said it Linda”..
        D <3!!
        I said it too, but my comments were moderated on Maris blog!! But guess who has the screen shots!! After myself and TCTH pummeled that blog with comments, the answer given was.."if hes not guilty, why am i blocked from his blog??"…and something like 'his nickname is Mr Creepy, and it fits".But come on, you hung out with 'creepy' for several months???..Now i cant say i spent days with the man, but he was polite and funny, personally i felt NO creep factor…Not that that necessarily proves anything!! Look how damn creepy joe comes off!!!??? Besides the insinuation he could be a killer, he was called a drug addict. MD is a Retired teacher (just like joey), but again this was manipulated into something nefarious…THERES NO REASON he left teaching, other than he lost interest, and didnt renew his registration…FACT! Yes, he has no infractions regarding his teaching career….How bout you joe? Why did your teaching career end so soon?? Its for the best, after reading the reviews his students wrote…"..scary, mean, immature cruel…" FACT!!

      • Yes, to do that to him was messed up after working together and knowing him. I know this is a touchy subject though so i’ll leave it alone. But until answers are known, everything seems like it means something.

      • Zero, NO, you have never run away nor been scared off!! Its the very reason you are trusted and admired!! It must be hard being you!! hee hee!
        Never forget it brotha!

    • CA1, how eloquently you describe that SHIT blog…Nothing to add, just know you have my utmost respect ❤

      • Linda gotta give you kudos about this gem concerning Hackett and a motive to call Mari (if it wasn’t a spoof from fluke). Quoted from you above:

        “How many of US, might call the mother of a young woman missing in your town, to offer help?? I might?? ”

        I would be one to offer help. I get it. Great point!

    • I agree, in fact when I 1st began commenting on LISK, i called him the ‘Dirty doc’, but I had NO PROOF…Theres no law that says people cant change their mind, particularly with hindsight. But other than the reasons Zero just pointed out, Catching Lisk, was an all out witch hunt, and the use of joe’s neighbors FULL NAMES, address’, JOBS???!! REPREHENSIBLE!! That ‘Fake list of suspects’ at brewers ‘party’, actually got people stalked!! She did a little bio on each party goer, BUT conveniently stopped with joe!!!! Now what if some whacko took the law into their own hands!!?? The pain that caused was real, and DANGEROUS..I befriended some of them, got very close to a few (still am)…What a total disgrace, and NEVER an apology…And let me point out, god help you if you mentioned one of MM7s family members…Please the hypocrisy!!! And one doesnt have to be a genius to know who was fucking w her head and most likely threatened her…BUT SHE PERSISTED REGARDLESS…Just a thickheaded, unintelligent bitch! JMO

      • Thank you, Linda. I was surprised last night when Zero mentioned my comment on ER. I had to go searching for it. I did mention the Dr in response to ER’s comment to me. I felt like ER that his lies about calling MG were suspect. I still feel that way. If he hadn’t seen Shannan, why call her mother? All of my comments to date leave open the possibility he saw her and perhaps even gave her meds he had in his possession. I strongly believe he did not write her a prescription. The paper trial, coupled with his lies about seeing/not seeing Shannan and not calling/really did call MG would have been probable cause for a search warrant. LE wouldn’t have ignored those facts. I never named a person as the killer. I have stated things I found suspect.

      • LOL, I wasn’t tryinmg to call you out on anything, lol. I had read that before (but recently saw it again) didn’t pay a whol lot of attention to you comments because many felt that way. It was the Flukeyou comments on there that caught my eye, you saw them, yes? But I’m glad we can get to the hackett stuff for a minute, because although there are many that feel Hackett has been wrongly accused, I’m not one of them (at least, I’m not sure that is all that happened here) and some think my blogs are to defend hackett… so not true, anyone who read or is reading Catching LISK can see what i said before about Hackett and how his own actions cause his being so strongly looked at by people on line. Did some of it cross the line, definately, does that mean the doc is an inocent man, no. I know these comments a all over again, sorry for commenting like this, all over on one subject, a post could do just as well and be much easier to read… but it feels right, and i know some will be going comment to comment trying to piece together what I’m trying to say. LOL. What am i trying to say?

      • I didn’t think you were calling me out. I was surprised because I forgot all about that blog. IIRC he only wrote on the case once. I thought he was going to write more, but never found anything at the time.

        Looking back for my comments, I was able to spot Joey’s comments immediately, even though he didn’t use Fluke. He may think he’s so clever, but he’s a little boy playing with real people. I would love to know where Joey was the night Shannan disappeared. Only in your own words, Joey.

      • I wrote about Rox brefly when i came across the page where they were looking for donations to write the Gilgo Beach ( i at first though it was Dorothy, lmao) just found them strange, but hey everyone looked suspect to me… huh Linda… love ya sis, even i misread the internet and people on it.

      • CA1, Zero dont play!!!!!!!! He MUST research all his readers, as he seeks truth, not games…He put me through the ringer (hee hee, i never let him live it down)…
        Much respect and gratitude, my dear friend Zero!

      • I think it was day 2 I told Zero who I was in real life and proved it to him. I told him to check me out to show I am who I say I am. I simply forgot about the KillingKillers blog by EP. I wasn’t being paranoid, I was surprised I had forgotten. But I do have much going on in my life, so my brain is kind of mushy.

        I sincerely apologize if that sounded like an odd comment.

      • CA1, hopefully, you stay not paranoid. After weird private messages and friend requests, I might be leaning towards a bit of paranoia. Lol.

      • this is gonna come off wrong, but other than Linda, no one has proven to me who they are. Some of you are more forward and yes Facebook stuff proves things, but i was warned long ago, that people like Candyce and sussie have many fake Facebook accounts, still yes, i feel some of you are truthfull about who you are, but how would i know, Linda is the only one i have met in person. Please no one take that wrong. just being real.

      • Zero, no offense taken. But DUDE if I was going to make up a name, would it be as weird as my real name? I mean seriously! I told you were I was from, sleuth and you’ll find my yearbook picture. My sort of current picture (it’s 4 years old) is on Google, you’ll see I’m the same person.

      • that could be true, yes… lol, but i don’t think that. I tend to worry more if a new person is one of the old screen names come back, you know like ca1 was really NERD (I’m messin with ya now CA1) but with so many knowing eachother on the down low I do keep an open mind that anyone could say, HA HA, i got you… but really did you? Did you get me? lol. told ya weird mood today.

      • I kinow, i was playing… though seriously, i don’t know who any one is… but the fact i did’t feel the need to chase your name should mean io didn’t suspect your FB was fake. but as for linda’s FB, since you brought it up sis (linda) let me explaine that. Linda made a facebook to show she was really who she was, but there was no picture, no friends, just a new account with a name… made me even more suspicious, lol. And linda didn’t understand why. But that made me even more more suspicious. But linda truly didnt get facebook then and didnt realize I could have made the same exact FB page… see i had a hard time believing she was that niaeve about something like facebook and she didn’t understand why after going throughh all that trouble to make a dumb Facebook page i still didn’t believe her. but she went as far as to fly to Vegas, and we both can say we are exactly what we claim, so for that i am indebted to her, i alos learned not to be so quick to judge weather someone is who they say they are are not. so in a long about way (“long about way”, did i just make that up?) If you say that’s your name, i believe it…lol. sorry, i’m in a strange mood today… Haunt season has officialy begun. I always get weird this time of year.

      • It does seem strange when someone doesnt have a facebook page, but either a lot dont or they make it private. My husband just recently opened his own fb page. I was laughing because he couldnt find old friends and kept saying, they gotta have a fb. How quickly he seemed to forget that he just opened his. Lol.

      • AND I ONCE AGAIN REPEAT: I DEFEND no one…but proof and facts, NOT SPECULATION win a CRIMINAL case (civil cases, as we know, dont need to meet the same burden of proof) Shit Joe would be in jail if THATs how our legal system worked!…I simply see NO PROOF Doc even saw Shannon that night….No defending! DUH!!! Its imperative the real killer is brought to justice, but FACTS only will achieve this…Look, cops knew who the Green Killer was for yrs, but it took nearly 20yrs to PROVE it… I will NEVER explain this again!
        I dont believe anyone should have to explain this point any longer, its been beat to death

      • lol, we are getting carried away with stuff we have long ago said. No one here has anything to prove unlesss they claim to know answers or have proff, and we know who those people are. Speaking of wich, a new person came to me recently with saying they know things, i’m guessing you are reading right now. I have not answered you last email, becasue you really puzzle me. now i’m being cryptic about a cryptic message… I better stop now.

      • Well i opened a FB acct to prove stuff to Zero, and believe me, there are many who wish I never did that, lmao Z..Love you Bro!!

      • Ohhhhh, I don’t know Dorothy or anyone else involved in this case. I gave Zero my name without him asking and never asking his name in return. I sensed I could trust him.

        BTW, if I chose my own name, I would be Anastasia Beaverhausen.

      • Me either. But there was craziness with all that sock puppet stuff before we got here. Im assuming zero is being careful because of that.

      • Lmfao CA1! What a gracious and lovely name. What is the origin of that surname? 😉 hehehe

        Yeah I am who I am. Only Linda and Zero and one other person who I initially didn’t want to know my name (but it’s ok now was all misunderstanding) know who I am. I work on a lot of other MP/UID cases so I’m naturally more anonymous for this reason in case I work directly on one and not want retribution for my help (bc we know evil fuckers do that to SINCERE helpers!). Honestly I wouldn’t want it to be known publicly if I significantly helped on a case – I’m not around for my name to be out there. I’m around to try and find missing persons. It’s not about me, it’s about the missing people of all backgrounds who disappear every day across this expansive and complex nation. The more anonymous I am the better. I think most people are just wanting to put the feather in their “sleuth hats”.

      • “Anastasia like Russian royalty and Beaverhausen like where beavers live.” – Karen Walker from Will and Grace.

      • And I am just me. Lol. I use my real name or initials everywhere. But after Dorothy and Nancy, I can understand why others would wish to remain anonymous. And the worst ive been called is a tranny and zeros mother. (sorry zero, its the age thing, not you personally)

      • Lol my best friend calls me Tranny to be a Dick bc it rhymes with a family nickname given to me- Fanny. Sometimes she goes all out and says Fanny the Tranny. Oh the endearment of controversial terms. 🙂 I don’t have issue with looking older, but instead I’m pretty sure I’m from some pixie land far far away. Trying to get a drink can be tough for me – thank goodness I just stick to the green typically 😉 yeah I “listen to Bob Marley” sometimes, what about it?!?

        CA1 – Karen is everything I hope to be. I don’t think I could live up to her as no one could, but I could try. I piss off most people and gay men love me more than straight men so I think I’m getting there…

      • Lol. I dont really care about being called a tranny etc. Dorothy isnt really talking about me, just people she thinks are me. I once sent nancy my picture id to prove i was me. She shared it on facebook and said i was really hillary clinton.

      • Zero, Naive?? I was a complete social media virgin!!!…You realized no one could be THAT stupid..hee hee! The humility of it all, sigh….

      • No humility at all. You should have stayed off all of it, lol. I was the one who had it wrong. You are a trooper Linda and have been persistent with truth and were shown you were always honest in the things you said. The mistake was mine, and your naivety of Facebook and Twitter and all things evil are refreshing. Lol, Facebook and Twitter are really evil

  12. Childadvocate, when you start googling alot of stuff on this case, you will run across everyone at some point. You will see. Lol.

  13. Call me mean, judgemental etc. But I wouldnt be putting up polls and playing games. And I sure wouldnt mess up a guys life just because he wasnt interested.

    • Bravo D…Theres nothing funny about it, and unfortunately we must call it LIKE IT IS, its all relevant…I TOO was called a killer, and ‘certain people’ did backround checks on me…as you also know, my former job was called, accusing me of being in organized crime…Sry, if you stir up shit, you must be prepared to lick the spoon

      • Call me judgemental, it’s flippin weird! A poll on who you think murdered someone, much less your child, is way weird to me. What if the person who got the most votes was someone other than your main suspect? Would you suddenly be interested in that person? I have respect for MG, she is victim too, but that was weird.

      • Is about as Weird as Dorothy Price Hill posting my Fathers Obit on “Praying for Shannon Gilbert FB”…SMH

      • and how bout that phone call, linda where you heard 2 peole talking after they thought they hung up, saying they were gonna make a comment by Truthspider and MM7 nor Joey admited to this, but you know what you heard or the call you got from jen who then claimed she never said it to you and tried to blame it on a spoof call? someone actually took over my phone for a day… don’t ask me how, but it happened. And then there was the stuff MM7 claimed to get on her phone from a relative… and many claim things like this… so phine games are being done… and with what we know of the calls the serial killer made it all is scary, but again… its all “maybe this is what happened” until the day more is known it’s all it ever seems to be.

      • The call where 2 people were talking after the 3rd dropped off was done by 3 way calling. Only the person who makes the 3rd call shows that 3 people are on the line.

        When I got my new phone, there was an app that I could change the outgoing call to anyone I wanted. I called my hubby as The White House. Phone records still show the actual number that made the call. I’m not sure if those apps are still available.

        Whose phone got taken over for a day? I’m confused about that.

      • mine, and again, i doubt it is related to any of this, but my number did call someone else for a day don’t know who, but it was a guy. my phone didnt work at all and when you called the number it went somewhere else. again, doubt it was related. but you never know. i was being cryptic today in case no one noticed, plus i was acting as if i cared what people think about Hackett. i’ not a suporter or defender, just like to make people like Fluke think i am, not that anything i wrote was not real or true from how i see it. But others claimed phone spoofs. yea, Lindas was a 3 way calling thing, done by Joey and cristin if i was to bet…

      • and i did get a cryptic email last week. So if you are reading… I can be cryptic too… and i know… you don’t mean to be…. me neither… ugh… there seems to be no end to this rabbit hole…

      • Sigh, its all so crazy!!! Zero, this is why i JUST CANT be sure CPH actually made more than the ONE call he admits TO…EXACTLY…Zero is NOT KIDDING when he says hes seen some crazy shit…its mind boggling!! I wouldnt even know how to explain this entire fiasco, if it werent for Zeros blogs…You just cant make it up as they say….

      • OMG, i just gotta laugh here, that call from Jen lasted over an hour!!! And i believe i probably spent hundreds of hrs on the phone with Jen…not to mention we met a handful of times..UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Must have been Zero, Ca1, hes not referring to me….A friend of mine from LISK.com, complained of the same exact thing!! The games are despicable…and quite scary

      • It just struck me as odd and I wanted to call a friend who’s a tech supervisor at the phone company to find out how that can happen. Was it a cell or landline that was taken over?

        My curiosity is peaked because the only way I personally know that can happen is at a central office.

      • it was a cell phone. an old flip top i have since gotten rid of. and like i said, i used to get people calling me who i was and why i called them, and theyd want to argue with me when i told them i didn’t, i’d look at my phone log and no calls were made, so i think there was issues with my service… I shouldn’t have brought it up, but it did happen.

      • yes, the phone taken over was mine… again it was weird but I don’t know if it was related, I never looked into it, if i had woke up the next morning and my phone was still acting that way, i would have dug deeper, definately would have called the number and asked the guy if he knew he had my number. but i had had issues with that phone before, people calling me saying i called them when i never did. happened a lot, and that was before i ever wrote about LISK stuff let alone called anyone involved. so please don’t read to much into my phone being taken over… it’s neither here nor there… I definately ain’t ready to say my phone was spoofed…

      • CA1, i have NO clue, however you are EXACTLY correct when you explain the “app” where you can disguise your number making it seem like someone else is calling…my son did it to me, said it was Sheriffs dept, accusing me of a hit and run!! little stinker…But I think you get the much less funny point…Bless you

      • CA1, Ive been getting calls from my own number. There are definitely ways out there to do this.

      • Indeed, and Joe and ‘team’ were always the ones speaking of these ‘apps’ and ‘spoofed calls’…Knowing this, is it SOOOOOO out there that this happened to CPH??? And Joe is the self proclaimed computer expert…..

      • again, it can be done, but I’m sure i wrote long ago when this came up, there are ways to till this is done, LE and phone companies can tell, right? or am i being naive here? I mean if people could spoof calls and there was no way of telling who it is, wouldn’t those apps be outlawed and wouldn’t there be a wave of spoof calls screwing with all sorts of things? I never looked into the app, as i said i had a flip top phone, lol.

      • My daughter told me that there are sites on the internet where you can spoof call. I think it was called spoof something, but im not sure. I would imagine that it would be traceable. Maybe by ip address?

      • hackett IMO is just an eccentric disabled old man. He seems intent when he informs Mari on the most recent 48 hours special that he did not call her (the most recent call). I think if he were guilty he would stay away and not tell her in front of cameras, rather nicely, that he didn’t call her. There may be more that Hackett knows about the case that he cannot use to help exonerate himself when speaking to Mari. I’ve imagined the scenario in which Hackett wishes he could just tell Mari what he is privy to, but simply cannot bc it would compromise solving her daughters murder as well as the other victims on Jones Beach Island. If he is legally bound from divulging any info he has about the case (whether it be fluked calls faking to be him etc) then he can’t give us or Mari the answers want… Not until they catch whoever the bastard/s is/are and it goes to trial and the investigation comes out to the public. Who knows if he is working with cops bc he was framed and they know someone is pretending to be Hackett, I’m sure the cops wouldn’t want the killer/framer to be privy to the fact that they know he is full of it. If they can get more evidence this guy tried to frame Hackett it builds a case against him. It keeps building as long as loose lips don’t sink ships.

      • Donna, I have received calls seemingly from my own number. They were all Telemarketers using something called a predictive dialer. They dial telephone numbers in sequencial order and the number called sees their own number calling. Or it could be one of those spoof apps. From what I read, you download the service free, but pay for minutes and an access fee. Sort of like a sneaky prepaid calling card.

  14. ^ and let’s not forget – investigators can lie to solve a case. Lawyers can’t, but investigators can. Yes, the boys in blue (or plain clothes) can tell lies to catch a crook or killer. They often forget this.

    • Yes, they can lie. Like assuring a suspect that they aren’t a suspect and have been cleared.

      Has anyone read about Leona Wright, a one year old missing? Her mother’s comments when asked what Leona is like replied “She WAS so pretty. She WAS so good. IT WAS a good baby.” Her other children have been taken from her custody after testing positive for meth, cocaine and thc. I think mom is covering up for her live in bf.

    • Exactly Annie, throughout this case, so many are up in arms about police releasing info to the public?? Really?? I can barely comment on how stupid that is, SMH…And i also agree with the idea, Hackett simply may not/SHOULD not make any further statements…In fact im quite shocked how vocal the plaintiff has been..nuff said!! But ill bet if he’s found innocent, he’s gonna file a few defamation/libel suits himself, in fact, i think a few SHOULD…SMH!!!!!!!!!!

  15. All I know is that Brewer seemed to have issue with trans individuals as well as issue with women who aren’t Caucasian. The two things are relevant to both Shannan’s case and the gilgo 4 bc the suspect/POI in both cases (LISK and Brewer) demonstrate a phobia/anger toward trans people and mixed race/non Caucasian women. It cannot be ignored what the Drifter said about “Damon” who is likely Brewer. Brewer fits the profile of LISK, but I think the drifter or someone similar to that may have worked along with him. Could explain the 2 different methods of disposal (scattered as opposed to in burlap). Makes you wonder who started killing first or if they started killing together. I think everything has to be taken back to the start… The most probable and simple connections. The shortest distance between two point is a straight line. Enough of the zig zagging. Brewer, Drifter Vito, and Pak need to be pushed harder for info. Brewer had access to seasonal properties for the murders and I believe he had a partner in Vito somehow. I don’t trust Vito though he claims to want to help…

    • Bingo again Annie…And Vito even mentions chasing a prostitute, and possibly harming her, but he just cant remember if its a real memory or a drug induced delusion!! Nice guy. So much to be proud of.

  16. P.s. Just read “Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter”… He mentions he it is strange that Shannan’s belongings PPP up the day after the A&E special on LISK. He mentions that he knew Brewer from school and also helped him procure cocaine and strippers. Vito worked at a strip club that Brewer frequented and would point Brewer to the girls most likely to go home with Brewer. He moved in with Brewer for 8 months. He says Brewer was even creeping Vito’s gf and daughter out when they were moving Vito’s things in. Lots of drug (cocain) involvement and tweeking. Brewer had a room full of porn and had a fetish for anal. Brewer would masturbate while the stripper/prostitute stripped down to only her heels. The Oak Beach Drifter says that he was in hospital in FL receiving treatment for his broken leg (car accident in NY) when The victims were killed (or when Shannan was killed can’t remember) and says he can prove it. The drifter says that Brewer went around implicating him saying things like “did you notice that the time the drifter/Vito left my Oak Beach home for FL was around the time that the ME released the estimated time of death of the victims?”. Drifter notes that Brewer is lying and that only guilty people lie. The drifter speaks about calling Brewer after he moved out (and before he learned about Shannan and the bodies) – how he asked Brewer if some of his living dead collectable dolls were still at the house and if Brewer sold them. Brewer responded to Vito by asking if he was speaking in some sort of code. Days later the bodies are found at Gilgo Beach. He and Brewer never speak again. The book is primarily about Vito and his relationship with a big time drug dealer that he worked for and owed money to many times. Brewer aka Damon Brooks is not discussed as much as I hoped for.

    Either Vito really had nothing to do with Brewer’s dirty work or he is doing one hell of a job creating a story that wishes to exonerate himself while implicating Brewer – whether his intentions are pure or not I’m
    Not sure. For all I know it’s a situation where two killers turned against each other after an investigation began, one hoping to finger the other guy for ALL the damage when perhaps both were involved. BUT, Vito makes a good case for his creepy self.

    • The idea that Vito helped unload some of the girls onto Gilgo Beach or helped Brewer conceal them isn’t lost on me. Vito was hard up for cash to pay off his boss and Brewer had just inherited some cash after his dad’s death. Both had something the other needed in a sense. Drifter/Vito needed money and a home and Possibly Brewer needed someone to help him out with the victims. Perhaps Drifter is just a drop guy… Not that he would kill, but would he be willing to help cover up murders for money? Sure, he could be completely innocent and moved in with a serial killer unknowingly, BUT that still doesn’t answer why a serial killer would want a roommate living on his killing grounds with him. You’d think Brewer would be nervous that Vito would eat him out after all those victim’s Vito claims to have heard screaming. Vito’s living wth Brewer would have been a liability to Brewer UNLESS Vito was somehow working for/with Brewer. Period. That’s why I’m not fully buying Vito’s stories. He just so happens to think all these screaming women are dreams? He’s so drugged out he has no clue what’s going on and thinks it’s all a dream on MULTIPLE occasions? Bullshit.

      • BS indeed, and a LAME excuse, even if true…Yeah, dont help a screaming woman whose likely getting abused in the most vile ways…
        Im starting to think everyone has ‘something’ on eachother…And that includes joe, and one or two of his ex lady helpers (yeah, dirty hands on both sides, and IM sure joe set that up..Blackmail?? yes, im sure of it! Joes got you right where he wants ya DOPES, doesnt he?)…Something just STINKS about all of it…But rest assured, if multiple people know what going here, someones talking, id bet on it…Especially a bunch of drugged out, addict scumbags, particularly if they have priors and get picked up for something unrelated…Theyre the 1st to ‘RAT’ and cry like baby girls, pussies.

      • That’s right-o A grade info You just threw up Linda. The whole time I was reading this book and talk of cocain abuse/tweeking by Brewer and drifter and all I can think about is you mentioning that tweekers play a role in the murders. And that someone who wants to finger CPH has been accused online of dealing cocain or using it habitually at the very least. Follow the drugs for this party. If drifter helped supply Brewer and unfortunately drifter fell out with his boss, Brewer and drifter would need another source for their cocain. They also would probably find this source within the Oak Beach neighborhood Bc A. The drifter didn’t want people/dealers knowing where he lived and B. They might be able to get one over on a smaller fish and invite him to their parties just to use him for his “stash” of coke. I won’t say any more Bc this is running into theory territory, but I do think it’s important to note that addicts find each other and use together, especially when in close proximity to each other and similar age/lifestyle profiles.

      • Annie, i couldnt agree more! And i find it MORE than strange, that fluke and JB stick up for eachother (from a reliable source)…Fluke is up to his ass in ALL the dirty dealings behind the gate..And he has the NERVE to point fingers at the Cannings, his ex buddies?? Dope. Dont think for ONE second joe doesnt know who was staying with Brewer…Likely a low level someone with a big habit!! But joe knows….The statement JBs ‘tenant’ made to his own mother, makes me think this guys a weak link…He should watch his ass, if you feel me…
        I digress though…Again, I agree, and have always said it: Follow the drugs!

  17. I’ve got a question. Wouldn’t Pak have to be in on it then? If Shannan never came out of the house, what would Brewer tell Pak?

    • I think Pak knows more. He has trafficked foreigners into the U.S. He claims he was asleep in the car and that is why he didn’t answer Shannan’s calls. Pak’s accounts of the night differ from interview to interview. He mentions searching for her along the causeway and neighborhood for at least an hour (I’ve wondered if possibly he is trying to have an alibi as to why his car may have been on the causeway in case it was seen.) I think Pak did find her and after the cops left maybe he brought her back to Brewer’s – Bc I believe now CPH has backtracked and said that Shannan didn’t run off after “he dosed her”, but instead is saying that after he “dosed her” (Bc no one will believe otherwise anyways) she went BACK to Pak and left in his car. So it went from an assertion that Shannan ran off from the CPH’s after receiving medical aid to Shannan leaving CPH’s with Pak.

      We never know. The doc could have rendered medical aid to Shannan and was tricked into giving her back to Pak. He probably didn’t want it to be known a prostitute was In his house in general. That’s the most involvement I can see Hackett having, and there is no malice in it. In fact if I had a girl who seemed to be having a breakdown or hysteria and had the ability to render aid to her I would. If I knew she was down on her luck and an escort I might even be more apt to render that aid more secretively to help protect her from arrest/condemnation. The only thing in my eyes Hackett may have done wrong was trust Pak to take Shannan home instead of back to Brewer’s.

      • How Pak isnt in jail already for his involvement shocks me…Although it wouldnt shock me if hes already working with LE. FACT: Pak is one of the last people to see Shannon alive…FACT joe…FACT…Pak, JB..these are FACTS. Where were you joe??
        Question: I need clarification. Has hackett admitted administering to Shannon or not?..Way back when, I could swear i read something about giving her that dug that saves one from a heroin overdose (the drugs name escapes me)…But then, i could never find the statement again, thus my retraction of calling hacett the ‘Dirty Doc”…..Other than this nagging question, there has never been any proof he even saw Shannon that night…And hes Def not a major player, if he even did see her AFTER she ran from JBs screaming and terrified. I agree Annie..IMHO.

      • Narcan!!!…..Thats the drug i thought hackett gave Shannon, but I could NEVER find the article i THOUGHT I read agian…That was bugging me…

  18. I wrote a lengthy post as to who the Jane Does and John Doe are and it is awaiting approval still. For now John Doe is likely Mo Zhang of Virginia and Jane Doe #3 is likely Lisa Ann Pierce. Baby doe may be Hemangini Kulshreshtha and her mother, but I’m not as convinced of the match as I am the matches of Lisa and Mo. I hope this posts

  19. Watching Breaking Amish and just realized that all the young UIDs I’ve researched over the years that had dentures may have been Amish kids who left home. It’s not uncommon for Amish kids to have most their teeth pulled and they end up with dentures/no teeth. They are easily confused as homeless transients when found. Their families don’t typically have the technology (or want Bc the kids many times are shunned) to check in and see what became of the kid. My exes parents both left the Amish life at 18. Sweetest people I’ve ever known. It’s sad how they are shunned. Gonna have to go back to those cases…. See if any could be naive Amish kids who trusted the wrong “English”.

    • http://doenetwork.org/cases/58ufnv.html for example of kids that had dentures that could have left the Amish community and were killed not long after. This girl found in NV. Note how she even took care of her nails despite having no teeth. And that she is so young with no teeth. Anyways, if yall ever see reports of bodies found of young ppl with full dentures consider it may be an Amish kid post ramsprugen.

      • Gonna check this out, its a very compelling theory…And its a DISGRACE to shun these kids, reminds me of scientology, or any other CULT…No offense to the Amish…But how do you turn your children to the streets…SMH!

  20. Sorry got this news as I’ve been following the serial murders of women in OH – http://www.wchstv.com/news/features/eyewitness-news/stories/Police-Look-For-Links-To-Ore-Man-Killed-In-Charleston-Unsolved-Crimes-Across-Nation-170580.shtml#.VbHU5YpHanN

    The guy has never had prices. That means his DNA is probably not in CODIS. I bet when it is entered into CODIS it will light up light a Christmas tree with matches. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we oossibly have a cross country serial killer here. I will mention that I remember one report mentioning that an AC4 POI was a man from Oregon. Could it be him? He seemed to live a split lifestyle – no one would suspect him Of this.

    • Oh wow Zero! They are looking at him in connection to dismembered escorts in Las Vegas. Could they be the girls we have discussed on your prior posts? The Vegas 4?!?!? We know that killer scattered there remains across states which is consistent with a cross country serial slayer like Neal. He got killed btw by a badass escort that he tried to strangle to death this past Saturday. She grabbed his gun and blew him away. Right on!

      Oh! Looks like he may actually be responsible for some of the dismembered escorts in Zeros area! http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55b08bc4e4b0a9b94853b60c?

      • If it ends up this guy from Oregon is LISK or killed the AC4 (or both!) I will take a SHIT all over a certain website for ridiculing me when I insisted that I had been informed a POI in the AC4 case had residency in Oregon…. Think about it: this guy has cuffs. What does he sometimes fake as if he is a cop or are the only used to subdue? Acting like a cop is consistent with LISK!

      • Btw I’m wondering if he also was the killer that sent the letter with a map to police about the location of a victims buried head (that resembles Jessie Foster). I mentioned this letter and finding not long ago in Zeroes post about Vegas activity here. I guess he would have to be the guy that lead police to her head in 2008. What a dick!!!!!!

      • Btw the POI from Oregon mentioned in a news report in either the AC4 case of Gilgo case is a Ridgeway Copycat that calls himself “The Riverman”. Now, if a letter was sent from the killer one of the Vegas victims leading police to her skull – I’m sure the killer left some taunting info about himself with it like a nickname and his motivations. What if the Vegas letter was from the Riverman? They had thought the Riverman was a guy from OR who’s name I know – but what if they were wrong and “The Riverman” was actually this Neal Falls?! Has he been sending letters this whole time taunting police and even victims and the public haven’t been privy to it all????

      • And one must ask themselves if Ridgewayvis guilty of murdering all those women. His wife still thinks he was innocent. I’m not so sure he killed the women – the only evidence that linked him to the crimes was semen in 3 victims. Sure, he was known to have a sex addiction and frequent prostitutes for sex – but the presence of his semen alone doesn’t prove guilt. So if not Ridgeway, then who?


      • “Sheriff Reichert and investigator/ author Bob Keppel prefer the term “the” Green River killer; Keppel says he’s convinced Ridgway will be proven to be the killer portrayed on his book cover. But the apparent consensus is that at least two, and as many as four, killers may have had a hand in the serial murders (some perhaps as helpers or copycats). In two of the deaths Ridgway is charged with, in fact, a witness reported seeing two men in a pickup driving away from the crime scene.” Oh really?!?!!!!!!

      • I always wondered because of that “2 person” report, if he had an accomplice at one point. But eyewitnesses are very unreliable. So you can never be to sure. that is why it is too bad in a way that this guy neal is dead, maybe he would have sung like a canary, still that girl is a hero, and God bless her for keeping her wits and turning the tables on that creep and not only saving her own life, but who knows how many more!

      • Last post about Neal Falls I swear, but anyone find it curious that a woman in Niagara Falls was dismembered and left in a trash bag not long before the Toddler Jane Doe was found in Deer Island in Boston (a toddler left with her blanket, clothed, and off the side of a road on a remote island like Toddler Jane Doe in Oak Beach)? Not saying that the toddler belonged to that woman in Niagara Falls, but could her murder have been a clue? N Falls=Neal Falls? And could the toddler on Deer Island have belonged to another escort who lived somewhere between Niagara Falls and Boston that Neal also Murdered?? Neal leaves her body in Boston heading due Southward toward his eventual death in W Virginia? Hmmmm…

      • With a guy like this anything is possible. A true “Drifter”, hopefully they will pece something together. But I think he had a recent ticket in Texas… so it is more likely he has been on the west coast and in the south for the most part… again though, with someone like this, he could have been anywhere!

      • Looks like the Subaru Neal drove to the victims house was registered to a 6th street house in Springfield WV where he had been renting a room for only 6 months and had already moved out.

        Also note how how sounded scripted to the victim and used a comfortable (controlled/calm) voice:

        ““You could tell he was saying the exact same thing. He had it down pat. He was saying you’re gonna be quiet. I’m gonna call the orders. You could tell he was comfortable with what he was saying,” she said.

        Police said they found four pairs of handcuffs in his pockets. He also had a list of about ten other women from backpage.com.

        Springfield police said they have not been contacted by Charleston police, but are aware of the case. They said Falls had no criminal history other than a few traffic tickets. He was most recently pulled over in March for not wearing his seat belt.”

      • He had saws in his vehicle… yes, he has done this many times before… and to think he lived in Henderson… i better be looking for Dot Girl to be putting us together as BFFs…

      • Sorry I had read the info on Beal’s place of residence incorrectly. His last known address he was renting a room for 6 months before drifting these past 7 months was in Springfield OREGON. The roommates there said he was a security guard somewhere. The Subaru was registered to that address that he moved out of 7 months ago. Just to clarify He didn’t live in West Virginia. Was a drifter last known to live in Oregon 7 months ago. Ok over and out!

      • zero dinh says:
        July 27, 2015 at 3:06 pm
        With a guy like this anything is possible. A true “Drifter”, hopefully they will pece something together. But I think he had a recent ticket in Texas… so it is more likely he has been on the west coast and in the south for the most part… again though, with someone like this, he could have been anywhere!

        Well hey who knows if Baby Doe is half Hispanic maybe she came from somewhere that there is a large Hispanic community like Texas? I agree that the Texas ticket gives us a better idea of his whereabouts and also that he was addicted living out of his car so who knows where all he has been the past 7 months!

      • Maybe his DNA will help them solve some cases. Again, this woman is a hero, it reminds me of what happened to that guy in Arizona who was killed by a girls boyfriend he was attacking. It needs to happen more often.

      • He was additionally* living out of his car, not addicted. Lol dammit! Autocorrect sucks!

      • What a freakin monster…holy shit….Dont get me wrong, im glad she blew him away, but something tells me this guy woulda bragged…Couldve eased some pain for the families of the missing………..

      • What Linda is referencing for anyone too lazy to check the link lol:

        “PIX 11 was intrigued by an online comment posted by a young woman named Amanda Beinlich several years ago. Turns out her mother, Rita Tangredi, was one of Bittrolff’s alleged victims in 1993. Her best friend was Melissa Barthelemy, the first woman discovered in burlap on Gilgo Beach in December 2010.”

        I’ve often wondered about this connection.

        I find it interesting that when asked if there was a connection bt the AC4 and LISk they said they were not prepared to address it.

        Also how they mentioned they had checked out other agencies in the North West and Mid west U.S. (Where Neal was from at the time!) and Canada (where I’ve suspected maybe Neal pulled an Israel Keyes and accessed Canada from North West to murder as well).

      • People wrote about this on Websleuths and I have mentioned it here a few times. As with everything, I don’t know if it is a real thing or not. I mean a connection like that would be important right? But many old things like this turn out to not be true. There is places where I have read that one of the GB4 lived in Atlantic city at one point, but then read where the family say that isn’t true. Again, it’s up to LE to take all this info and chase down the sources and find out what connections are real and what are internet echos of false information. Hopefully that’s what they are doing.

      • From Neal’s Facebook page as BJ Ross (his female Barbie murderous alter ego):

        “In February 2014, BJ Ross wrote, “The best part of being married with children. I didn’t have a chance to act like some of these sluts. Not saying I would or wouldn’t have, because you never no [sic] unless you get the chance to actually decide.”

        Madonna/Whore complex.

      • Shit I was right when I thought maybe Neal was connected to the Niagara Falls body!!!!!!

        “Falls worked as a security guard at Niagara Falls in the past, the friend recalled. The assertion is startling in light of reports that Niagara Falls detectives are investigating whether Falls had anything to do with dismemberment homicides there.”

      • Linda – I’ve been thinking about the connection of Mel B to To the AC4 victim Tancredi through Tancredi’s daughter. When j saw the report a month ago about the Niagara Falls victims and how one was like an aunt to the other and were acquainted it also made me think of the Barthelemy/Tancredi connection. I also thought about how Melissa B was from Buffalo, NY and how close that is to Niagara Falls (basically same place). Maybe The Niagara Falls victims also were connected to Melissa B and/or Tancredi in some way.

      • Yeah it’s a bit too creepy for me that Myself and many others thought LISK could be a cop/fake cop and also had elements of being a drifter.

        This made me think at some points that it was possibly two suspects that left the bodies, but if LISK is anything like Neal Falls it makes sense why He seemed like both a cop/fake cop and a drifter.

        A killer like Neal Falls, according to Homles typology, is likely both process and act focused. The strongest Process focused aspects of his MO are being an extreme hedonist (kill for lust,thrill,gain) and Power driven in which he wants to “play God” with life and death. His Act Focused aspects include being a missionary – or believing he has a purpose to take out a particular group of people. If It comes out that Falls was killed because he had visions or heard voices telling him to (which isn’t likely imo) he would also be considered a visionary and would fill up every single set/subset of Serial Killer typology.

        Killers like Neal and LISK are extreme organized. Organized killers have higher IQs than disorganized killers. Additionly, organized killers have a less incidence of being insane when they committed their killings, therefore they are often your ultimate manipulative psychopath. They love to play the “catch me if you can” game.

        Neal and LISK are motivated in my opinion by similar fixation – a need for power. A need to prove their authority. A way to play God – to be God.

      • If it comes out falls was killing* because he heard voices or had visions telling him to do so he would also be an act Focused visionary, I meant.

        As of now he ticks off every single box in the process focused killer column, who are incidentally known to spend time torturing victims.

      • yep. Sorry I’ve been so busy everyone… I truely wanted to post about this Friday as well as a million other things. I definately want to comment on the recent shootings as well. I know everyone wants to yell Extremists! But weather people are racialy, politicaly, or religionly motivated or just some dumb old man dealing with depresion… they are all mentally ill and as I have said before the world has a mental epidimic that the internet feeds like a hungry baby on a tit. I want to find time to voice how all of these unesicary deaths have affected me and how the whole world needs to start bring more affected by it. No more demonizing our enemies! Understand that is the problem! Our enemies demonize us as well. Radicals and extremist need to be stopped, but calling them evil is exactly what they say about us, that’s why they are radicals and extremist… again what needs to be done is stop demonizing our enemies and help the mentaly unstable… IMHO of course.

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