Flukeyou And Catching LISK

Alright, I’m not quite ready to jump back into all of that yet. We got a national holiday to celebrate, and I think any constant reader (sorry King, but it fits so well here) knows I’m all about the celebration. “I thought I told ya, I came to party”. LOL. Inside joke you’ll all get one day.

So we’ll see if Fluke returns (I think he’s on vacation right now, I really do hope someone keeps track of all the times and dates of where he goes all the time, you know, just in case).

There is so much I want to post from the “Catching LISK” blog and I know it will upset people on both sides of things if I do. But Fluke made me go back there with his paste and post comment here and his stuck in moderation comment there. By the way “Catching LISK” was removed by its author back in 2013, I’m not sure when it went back up but it’s been a while, and until Joey tried to post this comment last month :

fu on catching lisk 6 17 2015

No one had tried to comment there. Joey was the first. Then a short time later, this comment was put up (again, not put through though because this blog is dead, I hope people get that, no comments will ever be going through on that blog, it’s all crap, and really should be down, but for educational purposes, some of us think it should be up) Where was I? Oh yea, this comment:

Mariah Heevner

Let me explain why this comment is so funny. They are criticizing MM7 and is being quite mean, lol, but then they praise Joey, not realizing Joey and MM7 were working together through out the writing of this blog, I know this because of the taped phone calls, lol. It seems that Mariah may know the Scalise’s and does live near Flukey. Hmmm… well, I will say this, Mariah’s comment amuses me to no end.

My point? What was my point? Oh yea, after all this time, the first 2 comments on the now dead blog “Catching LISK” are very interesting in a few ways. and I’m wondering what that third comment will be like… there is always 3. But there is no need, the blog is dead and only up to read and learn from. No comments, agenda or otherwise, will ever make it through again (I hope).

And as I said, I’m not ready to just jumps right back into “Catching LISK”, but it is obvious that posts like these will always be a part of this blog.

That is unless you all want to come clean…


55 thoughts on “Flukeyou And Catching LISK

  1. I’m not Inspector Gadget, I’m the Queen of England! Now curtsy damn it!

    Someone who know Joey, like maybe Mama? Hummmm

  2. People are only using the ammunition given to them by their own enemy. Peoppe just watched Puke run with the rope until he hung himself on it. Art of War. Read it, learn it, live it.

  3. If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

    Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots.

    Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  4. I’ve been reading Catching LISK. I didn’t hang around there for a long time. I realized MM7 was overly dramatic about the drone. Murt inserted himself as usual, that’s what he does. MM7 took his comments and ran with them. Having followed RNB for a while, I was familiar with Murt. First and last time I agreed with Murt’s side. I thought she thinks everything is a conspiracy. I stopped reading there. Going back and reading the blog and comments have left me dumbfounded. Zero called out the games, TCTH called out Joey. CHP is Joey. Makes same grammatical errors. Linda gets attacked by MM7. The blog insane!

    I’ve been thinking about the daddy fluke in the family. Annie had great thoughts on his role. I was thinking another possibility. Just because daddy fluke is still living at home with the family, doesn’t mean he was present as part of the family. My ex spent most of his time unwinding and trying to relax, to spend any time with his kids. When he did, it usually ended up with him yelling. He left while they were in elementary school. Maybe Mama fluke could have put up with a lot a lot of abuse and that’s why Joey thinks his mom is perfect, she protected him from daddy. It’s easy to look like a perfect family on the outside. It’s the inside that we will never know.

  5. I’ve been trying to pinpoint who has jurisdiction over the Oak Beach Community for emergency calls and I believe the community is under jurisdiction of the SCPD Maritime Bureau. They can patrol Oak Beach on 4 wheelers and have maritime jurisdiction over Jones Island and Fire Island.

    I’m just wondering, does anyone that lives in Oak Beach volunteer for the SCPD Maritime Bureau? It is made up of both officers and civilians if I’m reading correct.

    Also was perusing the utopia site again and found users speaking about the case if anyone is interested it is at


      • There are others here that can answer both your previous comments much better than I can, although im ALMOST POSITIVE a retired SCPD was/is a neighbor. Definitely a retired cop, just unsure of county.

    • Kinda of unrelated Flukey fact, Joe was a lifeguard, his fathers heads the organization, or used to…If your interested, again, other here can elaborate.

    • Yes I’ve read all these. All these screen names popped up on the blogs. Teps and exls. I chased it all back then. One of the guys there is supposed to be Dorothys ex husband. The one called magic is supposed to be Hackett. I really think that all came from Joey. so is Joey/Flukeyou one of these screen names there? The whole guide is creepy to me. I once found a thread from Sept. 4th 2009 where this little group was playing a word association type game, when it came to Teps his word was cereal… he wrote serial killer. Yes searching there can really get to you. And make you think there is something to this, rightm Another post I meant to write long ago, but I really felt pushed and did not know what to make of it all, by the way Dorothys Slinky Bender is a mod at utopia guide.

    • So strange. Very few are concerned about the Victims, they are concerned how this will effect their activities.

      • Seriously! Some, very few, seem concerned for the girls, but many mostly concerned about getting caught.

        I had an experience in college. A girl was pulled into a van on campus and It sparked a search for her. So me and my buddies were partying at my boyfriends place at our student housing complex and smoking bongs/drinking beer like most 19 year old college kids on a break. A knock comes at the door. It’s two plain clothes detectives, badges on their belt loops. They asked if Percy lived at the apartment. Percy was a quiet African American kid that bunker in the unit with my boyfriend and 2 other guys. We told him Percy lived there, but he didn’t hang around much. They asked to come in be they were concerned he was involved with a kidnapping of a woman on campus. My boyfriend and the roommates at first were reluctant to let them in, but I reassured them that the detectives wern’t concerned with our underage drinking in a room or pot (in a state where pot was highly criminalized) – they wanted to find a missing girl and they didn’t care about us partying.

        So a bit about Percy. I met him once. He was a huge linebacker of a guy and was quiet. He appeared menacing to most and I believe he intended on coming across as such. He had made the common room a homage to black culture – literally cutting out enough images of Afro-centrism to wallpaper the entire room with little to no paint still peeking out. It creeped out the male roommates who were all white kids from affluent areas. I was a white kid from the city so I really wasn’t taken back by Percy. I instead tried to engage with him the one time I met him – he was from the south like me so I mentioned it and we connected on this. He actually was a pretty soft spoken guy and smiled at me, but I could tell he didn’t want anything to do with his roommates and I can understand why. He was a large black man from Mississippi who had endured racism and prejudicial tensions that his roommates from pioneer states couldn’t begin to comprehend.
        So the detectives enter and we find ourselves talking to 2 very understanding and disarming men. They asked us where Percy was. At this point we had no clue about the abduction. We said we hadn’t seen him, and really barely ever saw him in the housing unit. They then informed us of the abduction.

        “A man fitting Percy’s description was seen pulling a young woman into his van on campus by a student. The woman seemed distraught and screamed.”

        I was taken back. Sure Percy was kind of an odd kid, but an abductor? Aggressive to woman?

        The shorter detective with a surfer coif then pulled a picture out of a young woman.

        “Have any of you seen this woman with Percy?”

        One of the roommates piped up that he thought he had seen the young woman at their apartment before and was under the impression it was Percy’s girlfriend. The detectives confirmed that the girl in the picture was Percy’s girlfriend and that she was missing and matched the description of the young woman abducted in the campus lot. The detectives tried to remain loose and casual throughout it all so as to not worry us.

        They essentially left as quickly as they came, leaving a number in case Percy returned to the unit.

        I don’t know what happened to Percy or the young woman and will probably see if I can find anything about it online, but I do know one thing: if a young woman is missing and if she is in danger, detectives are oh concerned with finding her. They aren’t concerned with busting the very people they are seeking help from. I know from personal experience. Any of those John’s that think the cops would arrest them after they try to help give info about a missing/dead person are misinformed.

      • To tell you the truth, they make me sick…Im NO prude, but I totally agree Ca1, the Married ones are only out for their own asses and worried getting caught, real pussys!..Others so concerned the hobby may suffer?? Dont any of these guys have daughters?? Oh well…Its really a huge turn off!! Any and all info is important!! One comment went something like this: ‘Why admit you slept with one of the victims if you didnt kill them?? Wanna lose your marriage and reputation for blowing a load?’ Come on guys!! Thats nasty, plus you prob know these women would NEVER be with you for free…Gross…grow the fuck up!! Dont grown men realize how creepy and desperate these comments make them look….Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could take a pill and become gay…This is one of those times!!
        Oh, and BTW, the law is MUCH tougher on the prostitute than it is the John!! Im for legalization myself, I say if you want to be exploited guys, go for it…cause I know these women are laughing all the way to the bank 😉 You go girls!!! Just please be careful!!

      • Not to mention, may working girls are being trafficked, but hey i guess you simply MUST do something with your erection, right? yeah. ..

    • get ready to swallow some throw up…But i read them all…Lets just say its revealing///let me know your thoughts

      • Wouldnt be awesome if these working women wrote a blog about how they REALLY feel about their Johns..i mean, i get these rating sites, im sure it helps business as well…But man, if dudes only knew how women really felt sometimes!! Particularly about guys you’d NEVER sleep with without getting money!!…can u imagine, lol…I bet more than half the wives are secretly happy they dont have to sleep with these guys….just thoughts…Im sure im TOTALLY wrong…Indeed

      • I was reading and totally thinking, man I wish these guys knew what these girls probably say about them.

      • I wonder if there is a site like that? I’ve been thinking we should start a site where escorts/sex workers can anonymously post warning to other workers about dangerous or creepy John’s to avoid!

        It is cool how in certain parts of Long Island they publish the names of the men caught in prostitution stings. 🙂 hahahaha!

      • There is a site like that. Flushing johns, I think. Saw it because someone put that Neal Fall guy on it.

  6. ^cant remember if he pulled her info a van or if the car was sedan style. It was a long time ago. I broke up with that boyfriend who lived in the unit with Percy not long after the detectives came. Bad break up (be he screwed my roommate/friend) so we didn’t talk and I didn’t get to ask about what became of Percy/the gf.

    • TCTH, if its NOT TOO salacious, what are these rumblings ive heard about joe and his sister…I ask SOLELY because Joe has done nothing but RAT his neighbors personal business for 5 yrs…thats if you even know?? just some pretty nasty stuff ive picked up over the years…If theres a shred of truth to the rumors ive kept to myself, you’re damn straight their coconuts!

  7. I missed all these comments. I keep forgetting I wont get a notification unless I comment and check the little box. Lol.

      • Hmmm, returned because someone mentioned Candice, I swear some of these people are like beetlejuice, or is it the devil? Still mention the right names and out they come. Hmmm… brought Candyce to the blog and someone calling themselves Michael, they all found it at the same exact time, everyone is always just know finding my blog, over the last 3 months I got 3 secret new friends who “just found” my blog. And I think those 3 actually read some of it too. Unlike Hmmm… who comes to first mention Candyce, then later not want her real name up. I wonder if Hmmm saw that she also put his real name up, which was different from the real name he told me he was. If only Hmmm…. actually read the blog he’d know all this. Still, I’m down to talk about any LISK or A4 stuff he’d like to bring up… I’m also willing to talk about him and candyce, even though I’ve been warned, lol. Any discussion is welcome here, I just wish the cry babies would stop blaming this blog for their web of shit

    • The entire Blog LISK.com (Zeros other blog) covers the entire case?? But if you read here, you’ll see an abundance of discussions about the case?? As Donna said, Youre welcome to contribute anything, including an opinion..There has been NO new info, but when ANYTHING relevant come up, its usually discussed at length…New readers bring new perspectives…

      This blog , once again is “Satire”…

    • As someone who has a vested interest in this case, what exactly have you done to further the investigation, to HELP??…WHAT WAS UR CONTRIBUTION? I saw you, all you did was flirt gratuitously, sickeningly….We could do without you, TRUST that..KNOW IT, and while your at it, know who reads/comments here, you might show some respect..Its NOT about YOU, NEVER WAS

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