12 thoughts on “Happy 4th Of July!

  1. You too! Done blowing up the previous threads for now. I wish there was an edit function so I could fix my posts and not re post to clarify misspellings etc. I suck at first drafts. So sue me 🙂 enjoy the fireworks – unless you are going through a drought like us. Meh.

    • Yea, as some of you know when i monitored stuff some of you could say hey don’t put through that last post and then correct mistakes and that one would go through. That didn’t happen a lot, but for a few of you on occasion it was helpful. I also take the chance of one some one spaming or posting some realy messed up shit before i can remove it. Though I don’t know if anyone out there is still daring enough to test me like that…lol. I am leaving the comments like this for a few different reasons, testing things out (this blog after all is mostly an experiment on many grounds) But the main reason is that it is easier for you guys to carry on conversations without waiting till i see them and let them through. In fact the conversations are almost to fast for me to comment on them all. lol. so let me get to some of these, because the subject matter at the momment is an important one.

      • If I were to make the email comment you would be sick to your stomach. The usual I know the killer but no one will listen to me. And if you are reading these, I will listen to you, but not in cryptic messages. Be honest with me and tell me what you think you know. Don’t play games with me, that never ends well here.

  2. Well Z and Linda thought this might cut some momentary stress for yall. This girl is the coolest kid on earth and guy is the coolest dad. Seriously. Watch this beatbox battle:

    • That is very cool! Daughter won again.

      My faith in humanity was restored once again yesterday. My daughter is a trainer for a local family owned ice cream/restaurant chain on the beach. A homeless man walked up and ordered, he realized he didn’t have enough money and quickly walked away. One young man in a group of 5 15-17 year olds asked what the homeless man ordered and placed his order with it. He calmly walked over to the homeless man and gave him his order. He and his friends walked away. Stories like that warm my heart!

      Later the same day, my daughter took over while her trainee was on break. A woman and her adult son placed an order. As a tip, they told her to keep the change. As they were walking away, my daughter realized something was wrong. She called them back, waiving the money like a maniac. The mom and son hadn’t realized they both put money down to pay the bill. They thanked her over and over and left a nice tip. Heartwarming to know I raised a great daughter!

      • Jesus Christ, so much here and most of it new to me as well. The SY stuff was before I got involved but I did see the name before, just didn’t know much about it. But the guys wife was decapitated? And why is he brought up as some after thought in that Linen King article? Damn this onion. As most of you know this is the beginning of my busy season and I don’t blog much in the months of August, September, and October, but (and I know I’ve said this before) come November, I really want to decide one way or another to continue all this LISK stuff. There is just so many layers to it and so many suspicious people involved. One blog for all of this stuff is really needed. Some f you know how unsure I am about getting back into all that, but it never seems to be far from the subject here anyways, and zeros world is not the place for a full time LISK blog. I’ve found myself chasing all those circles again, and there is something there right? I mean yes the nut gallery is crazy and full of misinformation, but there is something there… right? Maybe there needs to be one place for all this info, and maybe I’m the one to do it. This could make for a long winter. But there is so much and it’s all over the place, someone needs to bring it all together… with lots of help from good people of course.

      • “The Dead can not cry out for justice. It’s a duty of the living to do so for them.” ~ Lois McMaster Bujold

        I’m willing to help in any way I can.

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