How To Deal With Dorothy Price Hill

Quite a spike in readers yesterday! Thanks to everyone who came by to check this place out! Let’s keep it going…

I have had many come to me and ask how to deal with someone like Dorothy Price Hill. She and her team of nut-ball-bullies can get attached to you and then your name and the names of all your friends and family end up all over the internet being called devil worshipers, child pornographers, and serial killers. It can be quite troubling for some.

Now when I first realized so many were being slandered and lied about by this nasty little troll, I went to work becoming her main target. Most of you don’t know it, but I purposely let Dot Girl go on and on about me to help take her away from the many others out there she was ranting about.

This was great for everyone but me, lol. She really laid into me, getting her nuttiest friends involved… Nancy made my blog a slanderous obsession and posted things about me and my family through out the web.

I weathered through it though and for the most part, all the nuts are afraid to mention me anymore. Sure they still try to contact me with fake Facebook accounts (we will get to that eventually, keep it up trolls) but over all I have chased them away.

Now I’ve used different ways to achieve this, but with Dorothy I have found one method very effective.

Whenever I see a comment left by Dorothy Price Hill I leave a post from my blog in a comment reply.

For example, Dorothy had made a few comments on SMG’s Memory FB Page recently, she went off on me and Linda as well as others she likes to talk about. As we all saw, I posted LINKS from this blog in replies to Dorothy’s comments and she quickly removed her comments so that my LINKS were no longer there.

Simple right? If you come across something Dorothy Price Hill has written about you or someone you know, just come to my blog, find one of the numerous posts about her and put it in a reply to her slanderous comments. You’ll see her comment gone pretty fast.

No need to thank me, just know my blog is here for you. Use it wisely! LOL.

So again, for all of you out there wondering how to stop Dorothy from her disgusting, slanderous lies, post my blog as a reply and watch it be gone.

(Post) GOP Debate

So as I said, yesterday was a very busy day, lots of important stuff going on, I didn’t even mention that it was Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show…

give me a second…

I get a little choked up thinking about the final show…

sorry, but I’m going to miss Jon… and The Daily Show, Late Night TV, Politics, and Fox News will never be the same… NEVER!


Well, with everything going on I still got a chance to watch the Top 10 Debate. We’ll get to that in a second. First I want to comment on the earlier “Happy Hour” debate.

The candidates who did not make the top 10 Fox News cut were:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry; former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal; former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina; South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham; former New York Gov. George Pataki; and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore

I did not see all of this debate, but did catch the sound bites later. My first thoughts on it, was that it was strange… especially when compared to the Prime Time Debate. It was like an audition to be on the real show, which none of these candidates were going to be.

I myself did not learn anything new about these candidates, but again I was unable to watch it all, just not sure it would have mattered if I did. Carly Fiorina did come across pretty strong and I’m guessing will move up in the polls. Don’t be surprised if she is picked as a running mate if she does not win the nomination (I don’t think she will, but if we have a Republican win the election, I see her somewhere in the mix, Secretary of State maybe?)

Let’s talk about the main attraction…

Donald Trump!

Again, I say Fox news is genius! They have done nothing but cover Donald Trump over the last few months making sure he would be in their top 10 guidelines for their debate… then once they got him there, they made sure he delivered… I mean they set it all up from the very first question, which was aimed directly at Trump. But before we jump right in, there were other’s there:

Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich joined Trump on the stage.

But Fox set this up as The Trump Show and that’s what they got. Like I said they made sure of it.

The first question was a loaded one aimed directly at Trump asking if anyone on the stage could NOT promise to NOT run as an independent if they did NOT get the Republican nomination to raise their hand… Trump didn’t hesitate, he knew they meant him and he raised his hand.

Wow, way to call Trump out early, I thought Fox News loved Trump. It really comes as no surprise, but it still was a hard shot and Fox News knows it. Getting that out there in the open preys on Republican’s fears (Do I say Republican or GOP? GOP is easier to type). If Trump were to lose the nomination to say, someone like Bush, and he then ran as an independent, it will take votes away from the GOP helping the Democrats to win the election. and this is true, but let’s face it, Mr. Trump is not gonna throw away money like that. Still let’s imagine it… we have Clinton against Bush and a excentric billionaire runs as an independent…

Total flash back to 1992 and my first time voting. Again, I don’t see Trump wasting money just to prevent the GOP from the Whitehouse, then again, it does sound like something he would do.

1992 all over again… wow! Can that really happen? I don’t want to think about it.

Alright so even if Trump won’t really run as an independent if he loses the GOP nomination, he of course has to be honest and say he can’t promise he won’t. So bam, we get off to an explosive start, and one has to wonder if the obvious answer will hurt Trump or if in some kind of bully like “leverage” The GOP will nominate him just so he doesn’t run as an independent.

LOL, I’m totally kidding, well Trump is a bully, but that’s just absurd to think The GOP would be dumb enough to fall for such tactics… right?

Still why did Fox news set up Trump so nice and pretty before the debate just to shoot him down right at the get go? Is this politics or ratings? Hmmm… I know what I would call it.

Brilliant, genius… and much more ratings than politics. I mean when it came to Trump they went searching for those soundbites that they can play all day, today and the days to come. So later when Megyn Kelly comes straight at Trump and confronts him on the names he has used to describe women on social media and other places, using words like Dog and Pig, it wasn’t so much as an attack on his ability to be the president (though it is) it wasn’t even really questioning his views on women, it was a grab at those soundbites!

Trump now says the questions were unfair and they were, but Donald shouldn’t take it personal, Fox was just doing good business and Trump gets that, right?

The one thing I know about Trump, he is a bully type who does not like to be poked. So when Fox News poked, Trump poked back. He kind of threatened Megyn Kelly (by the way, oh how I dislike Megyn Kelly, lol) when she “wasn’t nice to him” saying maybe he didn’t have to be so nice to her… but he quickly said he wouldn’t do that, just hint at doing it.

The biggest question is if his school yard bully tactics (which to me the way I always saw Trump) is ever going to actually hurt him since he can turn it all into a joke… a Saturday Night Live punchline. I really can’t wait to see how the polls react to Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina.

In the end Trump comes away the same as before, attractive to those who are tired of the government, but will that get him the GOP nomination? I don’t think it will in the end, just as I don’t think Trump will run as an independent… so to in my opinion, Trump will not factor in once the primaries are done. Still he will make it interesting till then.

So then who will be the GOP nomination? my bet is still on Bush, though you wouldn’t believe it from the debate. he looked out of touch and unsure… still he has the money and the name… I believe he will come around and get the GOP’s approval (I think he already has it, but hey, I’ll be happy to be wrong).

Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz scare the hell out of me. Literally.

I’m sorry, but Chris Christie just seems sneaky. I know, they are all sneaky, they are politicians after all. Still I just can’t trust the guy and could never vote for him. and it goes beyond “Bridgegate” and his choice of friends. Maybe it’s a west coast thing, but it bothers me when people use 9-11 as much as some east coast politicians do. When Christie and Rand Paul get into it about surveillance on American people without proper warrants it was a good discussion, one of my favorites of the night. They both have a point, our safety is important, but government can not throw away our rights to do so. Rand Paul tries to get his point across and stealing some limelight by attacking President Obama, saying he didn’t trust Obama with our personal information (though it is the leader of our country) and then further ensuring that soundbite by bringing up Christie’s hug to President Obama (yes at the expense of cooties).

Damn, I thought, Rand Paul just served Chris Christie, but it was so Jr. High, “You hugged the President, you love him, why don’t you get married?” (That’s a great segueway into the question I was waiting for, how they all feel about the court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, but that too was part of Fox’s elaborate plan and didn’t really happen, well it did but didn’t, and I will discus it but we can’t go there yet because it was Christie’s response that really cemented how I feel about him.

Christie replied by saying the only hugs he remembered giving were the ones he gave to families of 9-11 victims. WTF? So is he denying hugging Obama or just forgot about it? I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. Yea, no Chris Christie… he’s shady!

So, what about Rand Paul? I mean I want to like the guy. He thinks outside the box. Not your typical Republican. But he’s crazy right?

Who’s left? Marco Rubio and Scott Walker did alright and I’ll be waiting to hear more from them both as the months go on.

Dr. Ben Carson comes across as a very smart man… but I don’t know if he is ready to be President. As much as we’d all love for a non-politician to be voted President, it ain’t gonna happen. It would be disastrous with the state the world is in right now. But someday… yes, maybe someday.

Last but not least is the candidate I feel did the best last night, John Kasich. I really like the guy, but then he’s a likable guy, which is why Fox news went to him when asking about same-sex marriage. Oh you Fox News… so smart. Kasich gave the safe answer that he was old-fashioned and believed in “traditional” marriage but that he would accept his daughters if they were gay and that he went to a friend’s same-sex wedding. This is a story already known (I heard Kasich talk about being accepting and attending a friends same-sex wedding quite a while back) and exactly what Fox News wanted for that answer. Why? Because if they went to some of the other candidates and they went off on how they feel on same-sex marriage or how they believed the courts decisions were wrong and will destroy America… well then that would be the soundbite we would be hearing today… and Fox News wants it all about Trump.

All my opinion of course, but it sure looks like a well polished and planed machine on Fox News part. Keep the outrageous Trump in the headlines and not some of the other candidates outrageous views. Though they did end it on God (did anyone catch Megyn Kelly snicker when she said “God”, like she got the joke, man I don’t like her).

And in the end that’s what worries me most about all these candidates. Their blind faith in what is written in the Bible clouds what we need a President to do, which is take us forward, not focus on taking us back.

Especially not back to 1992.

(Pre) GOP Debate

So today is the GOP Debate! It will be on Fox News and only the top 10 polling candidates will be on stage (though the rest will appear at an earlier debate, you know like the ‘kids table’ at Thanksgiving Dinner. I will be recording both just in case. I plan on watching them live, but this is the birthday of someone close to me and therefore I may have to catch some of it later.

Yes a busy day, did I mention I’m doing a Skype interview today as well? Yea, more on that later, wish me luck though, I’m a little nervous.

If all that wasn’t enough, Dorothy Price Hill once again decided to mention me in a comment on Shannan’s FB Memory page, and once again she is accusing me of criminal behavior:

dph sgm zero 8-6-15

Damn, that’s a good one. I need to be investigated, LMFAO!

Thank you for once again bringing up Cristin aka Mysterymom7… let’s see what Cristin had to say after digging up all my personal information:

zero FB cristin2

“Not even a speeding ticket”. Man, how many times can I say “fuck you” to someone? Well one more time won’t hurt, FUCK YOU DOROTHY!

How do you keep up with all those lies you tell Dottie? I mean you rant about “DISINFORMATION” and yet you can’t help but blurt out crap every chance you get.

Well dig away, I have to get ready for a TV interview. Maybe I’ll mention ya Dorothy, you know throw an old dog a bone. (You can’t see me right now, but the huge smile on my face just broke into uncontrollable laughter).

Oh yea, the GOP debate…

Anyways, Fox is genius in how they are handling it. They made the rule of only the Top 10 polling candidates will be there, and Fox News pretty much controls who gets news coverage and therefore who gets the best polling. Genius! I will be watching the debate when I get a chance and blogging about all that the GOP has to offer us in 2016.

And yes, I’m sure some more posts about Dorothy will be coming as well. She can’t get enough of me.

Joey, Dorothy, And The Long Island Serial Killer

I want to welcome any new readers that have found this blog after seeing the documentary in the UK called ‘America’s Serial Killer’. Also if you have found your way here from LINKs on the ‘Praying For Shannan…’ Facebook page, I would like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to come here and read and not just take the words of a rambling psycho path like Dorothy Price Hill.

The first time I blogged about The Long Island Serial Killer was in a 3 part post on my Red & Black Prophet Blog called “Catfish & Serial Killers”:

At the time I had found the sight called where many of the commenters were playing some kind of strange game of misdirection and slander your friends and neighbors. It was led by a guy going by the screen name Flukeyou who we all know now is an Oak Beach resident by the name of Joseph Scalise Jr.

Joey, with the help of Dorothy and another truth manipulator Jen (all in the New York/Long Island area) convinced a lady in Florida (who went by the screen name MysteryMom7) to write a blog where they could post all their misinformation and try to convince readers that a serial killer was stalking its pages. That blog was called ‘Catching LISK’:

NOTE: I wrote the above on July 11th, 2015. Anyone who has read my blogs long enough can see it was going to be another “Explanation Post”, explaining my blogs and my reasons for blogging about the Long Island Serial Killer case. I never came back to the post and in fact have not started any other post since then. Partly because has been a busy summer, but also, I come to the blog, and I’m once again just not sure what to write. There are many things I want to write about, but then I decide to wait a bit longer. I realized though that I can’t leave this post unfinished, still,  I’m going to skip straight to the point and leave out the long explanations for things I’ve explained many times over and probably will many times again. This note and all written below it was written today, 8-5-15:

The point I wanted to make with this post was that I had written about Joey and Dorothy and all the others and their online involvement in the LISK case because I found the things they wrote and discussed strange and (back then) couldn’t quite understand what was going on with all these people. I at first strongly thought it was just one or two people playing some kind of weird ARG but soon found out there was quite a few people involved and it was no game. At least not a game anyone should be proud of playing. And most of them weren’t. Quite a few have tried to keep me from posting their involvement with Joey and Dorothy though I long ago proved what they all were up to, and that they ALL worked together. (Too much explaining… sorry…)

Anyways, this blog was created to get away from all of that. I did what all I could with what I learned of the LISK case and exposed ‘Catching LISK’ and those who were a part of it. I could go on over exposing, but why? Even though Dorothy and Joey are still out there trying to push the same agenda, looking for mentally unstable and internet addicted know-it-alls to drag into it… it’s just a repeat right? Like a  rerun of a bad TV show…

Of course this blog was also created for a place to deal with any of the crazy off-their-meds types and trolls who might want to continue on. I mean I would never call anyone a cunt on my other blogs or make fun of an elderly woman in need of psychiatric help. I even used to criticize people who got out of hand with the name calling on other sites, but this was a place for that kind of thing. And to be honest, once I started Zero’s World I didn’t expect too many to take me seriously any more and the LISK conversations would end.

Quite the opposite happened. A lot of the trolls ran away and people wanted to seriously discus things. This was very unexpected.

I never want to discourage any type of discussion in the comments on my posts. And I do not want anyone to think I am done discussing LISK stuff… I have been reading everything I can on the Neil Falls guy, it does seem he could very well be the one who is responsible for the deaths of at least some, if not all the girls I discussed in the  Lost Girls In Las Vegas post (again, thank you Annie for all the updates on this story). For those who don’t read the comments on this blog, please note that a lot of good links and ideas are there, it’s not all Nan Nan and Flukeyou drivel. If Falls is involved in any of the bodies found in Long Island, hopefully evidence will be discovered to link him. But I wonder how many are out there like Falls.

I am also waiting to hear more from the lawsuit against Dr. Hackett and what connections are to be made with John Bittrolff’s arrest.

I’m very hopeful that things will progress with the Long Island cases and answers will be known. Even when I’m not posting about it I am keeping up to date with all of it. As I have said before, this is with the help of others who also are staying up to date with all that is being said on the case.

That includes the bad reruns as well.

Although Joey/Flukeyou has stayed away since his comments a few months back (I’m guessing he didn’t really want to become the center of my posts like that) Others have come out (I have called it an onion or a rabbit hole, but that original thought of just a few people involved in the online agendas surrounding this case dwindles with each layer, or the deeper you go, which ever metaphor you prefer, you find someone new. Well sort of, most new people are old ones returning… there was just a lot more involved than I initially thought). To demonstrate what I mean in the parentheses, all we have to do is think of Nan Nan.

Nancy was new to me when I started this Blog, Zero’s World, but she wasn’t new at all. Just because I didn’t know of her did not mean she was new to all of this, You just had to know where to look:

nannan lisk

That’s Nancy on (Facebook version). Yes, Nancy was not new to any of this, and the more you see how long so many of these nuts were connected and posting misleading to down right crazy posts on LISK and other real life cases, the more it should upset you. It does me. The fact that every corner turns over some one of questionable frame of mind and that there seems to be no bottom to the nut gallery bothers me to the point of not being able to write at all. I end up just coming to the blog pretending I’m gonna write something and going back to Fox News (The republican debates are tomorrow, man I can’t wait!).

When Dorothy returns to her favorite posting hole and writes things like this:

dot sgm

dph smg page

You know I want to write a post countering her crap. I mean really, Dorothy has to stick up for Joey because he ain’t man enough to speak for himself. LMFAO, Fluke posted quite a bit of comments here “attacking” quite a few people, so my posts were just a response really. And Joey’s response was to stay away, so it worked. Though, as these comments from Dorothy show, my posts were not liked. And she felt the need to respond for Joe. Damn, Junior, that cowardly way about you shines though more and more… you got to see that about your self… others do.

These comments were pulled, not sure if Dorothy did it or someone at SMG’s Facebook did it. I’d say thank you, but I believe the only reason they were pulled was because I posted links to this blog in replies to Dorothy’s comments. Something I plan on testing again right after I post this today.

Although those comments were pulled, Dorothy has since left more:

dph smg 7-25-15

That’s from a few weeks ago… seems Dorothy doesn’t want any DISinformation about Bittrolff out there. A guy who is in jail on charges of murder of at least 2 girls somewhat linked to the LISK case. No, Dorothy prefers to post DISinformation on people who seem to have no connection to the case. In fact she posted DISinformation about me without a seconds pause. That is where Dorothy fails most of all, on those of us who know she has lied and made up stories about. It helps us to judge the things she says about others. That was one of the main reasons for this blog, and I nailed that no matter how you look at all of this.

And yet Dorothy still continues…

She left this comment yesterday:

dph smg 8-4-15 a

dph smg 8-4-15 b

I’m glad to see neither I nor “Linda” are mentioned in this rant. But just to clear up “DISinformation”, or what I like to call ‘Dorothy Dogshit’, (I call it as it is) anyone who has followed this case, knows “The Drifter” has never claimed to have been at Brewer’s that night. This is something I believe comes from Flukeyou or maybe even Brewer early on. Cristin/MM7 had tried to say it was Hackett who made up the rumor of a “drifter” being at Brewer’s that night, I doubt that very much, my bet is on Brewer or Scalise (both Joey’s by the way, a confusing coincidence to add to the many confusing coincidences). Regardless of who brought the drifter to the police’s attention or tried to place him there that night, it’s been shown to not be true and The Drifter himself has said so numerous times in different places as well as in his book “Confessions Of The Oak Beach Drifter”, he was not at Brewer’s the night Shannan disappeared from his (Brewer) house.

So why does Dorothy think she can repeat such misinformation, such a bad rerun? Probably because there are people out there who don’t know enough about what Dorothy writes about and therefore just believes it because it is posted on a place like Shannan’s Memory Facebook. You would think someone there would know enough about the case to correct Dorothy when she makes such inaccurate comments. And yet no one there ever calls her out. I somewhat get that, I hate writing there myself, it shouldn’t be a place for such back ‘n’ forths. But someone has to call her out, right? I mean she mentions Cristin/MM7’s husband here. That can’t be overlooked. Does MM7 threaten to sue Dorothy? Does Danny Boy threaten to shove Dorothy’s computer up her ass? Those are the threats I got from the lovely couple when ever I mentioned them. Nope, no one calls Dorothy out except on the pages of this blog.

So I have to write this post, even though I really didn’t want to finish it. I really didn’t want to have to explain myself or this blog one more time. But I can’t let Joseph Scalise Jr. and Dorothy Price Hill just go unchecked each time they raise their ugly little heads, and that goes for any other old/new nuts who pop up from time to time… I eventually have to explain, I eventually have to set the truth as I know it.  Something I didn’t expect to have to do on a blog like this, but this blog is a growing, living thing at this point, and I can not control where it takes us, even if it some nasty old reruns once in a while.

Which again brings me back to the good discussions this place breeds. I mean it when I say I did not expect to be taken seriously after I started Zero’s World. My LISK Blog and the Red & Black were serious attempts at reaching people and understanding things, this blog was a way to say “Fuck You” to all those out there I felt needed to hear “Fuck You”. The fact that so many still come here to seriously discus LISK and other cases and so many still write me on Facebook with encouragement, thanks, or just to shoot the shit about things, does not get dismissed lightly by me. I appreciate all of you good eggs out there.

Good eggs and bad nuts, I know there is a Charlie and Willy Wonka comparison there, between squirrels and geese. But really this post has drug on long enough.

Bottom line, I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I accept my place in all of this (meaning life, the internet, and all that is posted here) and although this blog may have more conscious than I had planned for it (can’t help it, it’s who I am) it will continue in any and all directions without a map of any kind. It’s organic now and can’t be stopped. I hope old readers continue to find something worth reading each time they return and I hope new readers find a place here as well.

Most importantly I hope that one day I do not have to write about LISK stuff anymore because it is long overdue being solved and those responsible held responsible. Though even then I doubt the likes of Joey and Dorothy will stop. No, we will probably never see the day where they stop in their spread of sickness across the web, and therefore I will probably never totally be done with all this internet quagmire I stepped into.

Remember that years from now, Joey…. Dorothy, when you just want me to shut up and stop mentioning you. Remember how you used to once crave my attention.

Now to go ‘LINK’ this post to Dorothy’s latest comments and see if they suddenly disappear.