Joey, Dorothy, And The Long Island Serial Killer

I want to welcome any new readers that have found this blog after seeing the documentary in the UK called ‘America’s Serial Killer’. Also if you have found your way here from LINKs on the ‘Praying For Shannan…’ Facebook page, I would like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to come here and read and not just take the words of a rambling psycho path like Dorothy Price Hill.

The first time I blogged about The Long Island Serial Killer was in a 3 part post on my Red & Black Prophet Blog called “Catfish & Serial Killers”:

At the time I had found the sight called where many of the commenters were playing some kind of strange game of misdirection and slander your friends and neighbors. It was led by a guy going by the screen name Flukeyou who we all know now is an Oak Beach resident by the name of Joseph Scalise Jr.

Joey, with the help of Dorothy and another truth manipulator Jen (all in the New York/Long Island area) convinced a lady in Florida (who went by the screen name MysteryMom7) to write a blog where they could post all their misinformation and try to convince readers that a serial killer was stalking its pages. That blog was called ‘Catching LISK’:

NOTE: I wrote the above on July 11th, 2015. Anyone who has read my blogs long enough can see it was going to be another “Explanation Post”, explaining my blogs and my reasons for blogging about the Long Island Serial Killer case. I never came back to the post and in fact have not started any other post since then. Part is because this is a very busy time of year for me, but also, I come to the blog, and I’m once again just not sure what to write. There are many things I want to write about, but then I decide to wait a bit longer. I realized though that I can’t leave this post unfinished, still,  I’m going to skip straight to the point and leave out the long explanations for things I’ve explained many times over and probably will many times again. This note and all written below it was written today, 8-5-15:

The point I wanted to make with this post was that I had written about Joey and Dorothy and all the others and their online involvement in the LISK case because I found the things they wrote and discussed strange and (back then) couldn’t quite understand what was going on with all these people. I at first strongly thought it was just one or two people playing some kind of weird ARG but soon found out there was quite a few people involved and it was no game. At least not a game anyone should be proud of playing. And most of them weren’t. Quite a few have tried to keep me from posting their involvement with Joey and Dorothy though I long ago proved what they all were up to, and that they ALL worked together. (Too much explaining… sorry…)

Anyways, this blog was created to get away from all of that. I did what all I could with what I learned of the LISK case and exposed ‘Catching LISK’ and those who were a part of it. I could go on over exposing, but why? Even though Dorothy and Joey are still out there trying to push the same agenda, looking for mentally unstable and internet addicted know-it-alls to drag into it… it’s just a repeat right? Like a  rerun of a bad show…

Of course this blog was also created for a place to deal with any of the crazy off-their-meds types and trolls who might want to continue on. I mean I would never call anyone a cunt on my other blogs or make fun of an elderly woman in need of psychiatric help. I even used to criticize people who got out of hand with the name calling on other sites, but this was a place for that kind of thing. And to be honest, once I started Zero’s World I didn’t expect too many to take me seriously any more and the LISK conversations would end.

Quite the opposite happened. A lot of the trolls ran away and people wanted to seriously discus things. This was very unexpected.

I never want to discourage any type of discussion in the comments on my posts. And I do not want anyone to think I am done discussing LISK stuff… I have been reading everything I can on the Neil Falls guy, it does seem he could very well be the one who responsible in the deaths of at least some, if not all the girls I discussed in the  Lost Girls In Las Vegas post (again, thank you Annie for all the updates on this story). For those who don’t read the comments on this blog, please note that a lot of good links and ideas are there, it’s not all Nan Nan and Flukeyou drivel. If Falls is involved in any of the bodies found in Long Island, hopefully evidence will be discovered to link him. But I wonder how many are out there like Falls.

I am also waiting to hear more from the lawsuit against Dr. Hackett and what connections are to be made with John Bittrolff’s arrest.

I’m very hopeful that things will progress with the Long Island cases and answers will be known. Even when I’m not posting about it I am keeping up to date with all of it. As I have said before, this is with the help of others who also are staying up to date with all that is being said on the case.

That includes the bad reruns as well.

Although Joey/Flukeyou has stayed away since his comments a few months back (I’m guessing he didn’t really want to become the center of my posts like that) Others have come out (I have called it an onion or a rabbit hole, but that original thought of just a few people involved in the online agendas surrounding this case dwindles with each layer, or the deeper you go, which ever metaphor you prefer, you find someone new. Well sort of, most new people are old ones returning… there was just a lot more involved than I initially thought) To demonstrate what I mean in the parentheses, all we have to do is think of Nan Nan.

Nancy was new to me when I started this Blog, Zero’s World, but she wasn’t new at all. Just because I didn’t know of her did not mean she was new to all of this, You just had to know where to look:

nannan lisk

That’s Nancy on (Facebook version). Yes, Nancy was not new to any of this, and the more you see how long so many of these nuts were connected and posting misleading to down right crazy posts on LISK and other real life cases, the more it should upset you. It does me. The fact that every corner turns over some one of questionable frame of mind and that there seems to be no bottom to the nut gallery bothers me to the point of not being able to write at all. I end up just coming to the blog pretending I’m gonna write something and going back to Fox News (The republican debates are tomorrow, man I can’t wait!).

When Dorothy returns to her favorite posting hole and writes things like this:

dot sgm

dph smg page

You know I want to write a post countering her crap. I mean really, Dorothy has to stick up for Joey because he ain’t man enough to speak for himself. LMFAO, Fluke posted quite a bit of comments here “attacking” quite a few people, so my posts were just a response really. And Joey’s response was to stay away, so it worked. Though, as these comments from Dorothy show, my posts were not liked. And she felt the need to respond for Joe. Damn, Junior, that cowardly way about you shines though more and more… you got to see that about your self… others do.

These comments were pulled, not sure if Dorothy did it or someone at SMG’s Facebook did it. I’d say thank you, but I believe the only reason they were pulled was because I posted links to this blog in replies to Dorothy’s comments. Something I plan on testing again right after I post this today.

Although those comments were pulled, Dorothy has since left more:

dph smg 7-25-15

That’s from a few weeks ago… seems Dorothy doesn’t want any Disinformation about Bittrolff out there. A guy who is in jail on charges of murder of at least 2 girls somewhat linked to the LISK case. No, Dorothy prefers to post Disinformation on people who seem to have no connection to the case. In fact she posted Disinformation about me without a seconds pause. That is where Dorothy fails most of all, on those of us who know she has lied and made up stories about. It helps us to judge the things she says about others. That was one of the main reasons for this blog, and I nailed that no matter how you look at all of this.

And yet Dorothy still continues…

She left this comment yesterday:

dph smg 8-4-15 a

dph smg 8-4-15 b

I’m glad to see neither I nor “Linda” are mentioned in this rant. But just to clear up “Disinformation”, or what I like to call ‘Dorothy Dogshit’, (I call it as it is) anyone who has followed this case, knows “The Drifter” has never claimed to have been at Brewer’s that night. This is something I believe comes from Flukeyou or maybe even Brewer early on. Cristin/MM7 had tried to say it was Hackett who made up the rumor of a “drifter” being at Brewer’s that night, I doubt that very much, my bet is on Brewer or Scalise (both Joey’s by the way, a confusing coincidence to add to the many confusing coincidences). Regardless of who brought the drifter to the police’s attention or tried to place him there that night, it’s been shown to not be true and The Drifter himself has said so numerous times in different places as well as in his book “Confessions Of The Oak Beach Drifter”, he was not at Brewer’s the night Shannan disappeared from his (Brewer) house.

So why does Dorothy think she can repeat such misinformation, such a bad rerun? Probably because there are people out there who don’t know enough about what Dorothy writes about and therefore just believes it because it is posted on a place like Shannan’s Memory Facebook. You would think someone there would know enough about the case to correct Dorothy when she makes such inaccurate comments. And yet no one there ever calls her out. I somewhat get that, I hate writing there myself, it shouldn’t be a place for such back ‘n’ forths. But someone has to call her out, right? I mean she mentions Cristin/MM7’s husband here. That can’t be overlooked. Does MM7 threaten to sue Dorothy? Does Danny Boy threaten to shove Dorothy’s computer up her ass? Those are the threats I got from the lovely couple when ever I mentioned them. Nope, no one calls her out except on the pages of this blog.

So I have to write this post, even though I really didn’t want to finish it. I really didn’t want to have to explain myself or this blog one more time. But I can’t let Joseph Scalise Jr. and Dorothy Price Hill just go unchecked each time they raise their ugly little heads, and that goes for any other old/new nuts who pop up from time to time… I eventually have to explain, I eventually have to set the truth as I know it.  Something I didn’t expect to have to do on a blog like this, but this blog is a growing, living thing at this point, and I can not control where it takes us, even if it some nasty old reruns once in a while.

Which again brings me back to the good discussions this place breeds. I mean it when I say I did not expect to be taken seriously after I started Zero’s World. My LISK Blog and the Red & Black were serious attempts at reaching people and understanding things, this blog was a way to say “Fuck You” to all those out there I felt needed to hear “Fuck You”. The fact that so many still come here to seriously discus LISK and other cases and so many still write me on Facebook with encouragement, thanks, or just to shoot the shit about things, does not get dismissed lightly by me. I appreciate all of you good eggs out there.

Good eggs and bad nuts, I know there is a Charlie and Willy Wonka comparison there, between squirrels and geese. But really this post has drug on long enough.

Bottom line, I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I accept my place in all of this (meaning life, the internet, and all that is posted here) and although this blog may have more conscious than I had planned for it (can’t help it, it’s who I am) it will continue in any and all directions without a map of any kind. It’s organic now and can’t be stopped. I hope old readers continue to find something worth reading each time they return and I hope new readers find a place here as well.

Most importantly I hope that one day I do not have to write about LISK stuff anymore because it is long overdue being solved and those responsible held responsible. Though even then I doubt the likes of Joey and Dorothy will stop. No, we will probably never see the day where they stop in their spread of sickness across the web, and therefore I will probably never totally be done with all this internet quagmire I stepped into.

Remember that years from now, Joey…. Dorothy, when you just want me to shut up and stop mentioning you. Remember how you used to once crave my attention.

Now to go ‘LINK’ this post to Dorothy’s latest comments and see if they suddenly disappear.

91 thoughts on “Joey, Dorothy, And The Long Island Serial Killer

  1. GREAT job, Zero!!!!

    Hey Joey, still waiting to hear where you were when Shannan disappeared. If I were you, and I thank God I’m not, I would disappear too.

      • Oh, you could write for a month and not scratch the surface of the craziness!

        I hope all is well with you and your busy time is successful!

      • And dorothy is back to accusing zero on shannans page today. Thats right dorothy, I can still read your lies.

      • oh really? she must not have liked my link… lol. today is a very busy day (I know i say that a lot, but today is unbelivebley busy, i have several things going on including a birthday! (Not mine) Add all that to the GOP debate and man, today is a full boat! But i will take time to go read Dorothy’s latest dot do do. Oh yes, i will take time for that.

      • I took a look and saw you commented, Zero. Ready for the investigation? LMAO

        Do you think she actually speaks to LE, FBI and all the other alphabet soup orgs? I can’t believe they take her calls. No way in hell!

      • From living outside the Beltway for a few years, I got to know and become friends with several alphabet soup agents. They put repeated callers with outlandish theories in a nutter file. After a while, they will forcefully ask you to stop calling. If it continues, they legally stop you from calling. I doubt anyone takes her calls if she calls even half as much as she claims.

      • No, it’s government agencies that go by initials, FBI, NTSB, CIA, etc. I shortened it!

  2. If anyone ends up in a nutter file, its dorothy for sure. She actually believes sane people take her seriously. Wouldnt it be funny if all her dartmouth alumni got a big ole file containing all her crazy crap?

    • you know as well as I do, that some must have taken her seriously, awards, interviews, my favorite interview with her is on the TV show Sex in the City, if you haven’t read that one yet, just google her name with sex in the city, i’m sure it will pop up. hopefully they all see she is not right, but my biggest dorothy question has always been, why do so many not see the side of her we do?

      • Google Lori Handrahan and DPH. Whoa!

        Am I the only NY girl who didn’t watch SATC?

        Doing good things for your community doesn’t mean you’re not off the wall, it means you are able to do good things. It can also be self serving.

      • I blogged about that… whoa is right. I have linked Mike Waxman’s reply to dorothy’s interference in that case. and the stories of child pornography became a DPH staple.

      • Oh, Im sure she pulls that im just a sweet little thing act. Ive often thought that shes craxy like a fox and copies becky. But yes, it absolutely mind boggles me that there are people that cant see how black hearted and soulless she is.

      • She’s the DEVIL incarnate…NEVER be fooled!! A bitter bitch dumped TWICE, with both ex’s terrified of her mental illness…No doubt the reason she lost her job, various titles ect..

        Dorothy?? Bet you don’t eat or sleep much, huh?? I hear your kids drool at the sight of food…nasty.

      • Yup. Self serving bitch takes food out of their mouths so she can give money to her alumni. Thats how shit like her gets herself awards. Money.

      • Talked to a victim’s advocate recently who kept bragging to me about her paralegal background. I was helping with a missing persons case and say on phone with her listening to her brag about how she doesn’t have to work bc of the alimony she “won” in her divorce. She was manic and really didn’t speak much to me about the missing person I was helping to track down, but rather her theories about famous cases etc. it got to the point where after 3 hours of her manic peddling of theories mixed with a poor agenda I told her I really felt that she had nothing further to offer me. She became offended and her pride set in – “I’m a paralegal” “I helped locate so and so in this famous case (bullshit)” “you need me more than I need you”.

        I said to her “Surely, I appreciate any help you can offer. Unfortunately your argument has no bearing on the case at hand and the valuable moments LOST while I was listening to you may have cost a missing person and possible kidnapping victim her life. Show up to town and help look for (victim’s name) as many have and I will surely appreciate the sentiment. Have a good night and thank you again.”

    • Dorothy loved the show! lol, another reason not to trust her, lol! The interview is great. This is from the article:
      In Manhattan, girls like to watch it in groups while drinking champagne, waving their stiletto heels and shouting at the TV screen. At one such party last week in a lovely apartment on Central Park South, occupied by a sexy young blonde who has both infant twins and an MBA, there was serious debate about what the writers should do with Carrie.

      “She shouldn’t marry Big,” said Dorothy Price-Hill. “He’s a Wall Street player and he would always cheat on her.”

    • Thank you, Donna! It was lonely out here alone! Lol. My niece loved it, I told her I grew up in the 70’s, been there, done that.

      • Im never quite sure what is considered to be crazy. Being sociopathic like dorothy is considered mental illness but then sociopaths arent considered as insane in a court room.

      • Donna, according to my daughter, DSM5 does list ASPD, I was wrong. She gave me a 10 minute lecture. Lol. It’s nice having a child studying to be a psychologist.

      • My daughter has been thinking of going to college for psychology too. Her psych class last year, they know all about dorothy and nancy. How those two are seen through the eyes of teens is pretty funny stuff

      • She originally started to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (her favorite shirt says: Social Work I’m in it for the outcome not the income) but her professors are pushing her to become a psychologist, so she can diagnose. I had her read some of this stuff, she said that something is definitely wrong. I don’t know if she’s discussed it in class. Lol.

      • Thats funny, my daughter is going for psych in college but wants to do social work or work with kids.

      • My mid wants to work in a prison to prevent reoffending. Scares the crap out of me. If she starts as a LCSW, they pay for her continued education.

      • She loved her community service doing art therapy at a jail. Some of the prisoners told her she was the first person who listened to them. She wanted to know why they committed the crime they were in jail for. She found it fascinating.

      • She worked with male inmates, no one hard core. I was told security is tight and she was watched whenever she was with someone. The guards take it seriously and she said every inmate was respectful. I think they were happy to have someone to talk to.

      • Sociopath is a antisocial personality disorder, not a mental illness.

        Thats right!! So ALL who have been slandered, libeled and stalked: Fear Not, have ‘we’ got shreenshots, emails and comments for you..!! I did say have patience!! Dorothy, Joe, shit ALL of them preform just as expected, these ‘things’ take time, so im told…”One needs mounds of written evidence to sue”…Yas…lmao, Yas indeed

        Missed you all!

  3. Hey Zero, I maybe flying to Las Vegas for a friends wedding, where’s a nice place to stay? She keeps insisting her house, bit I’d prefer a hotel.

    • depends on what you want… down town is good to stay and pretty cheap, there is always plenty going on downtown. strip wise i like MGM or New York New York,

      • I dont know the cost of the rooms there, but theres a place called Palms that looks really nice.

      • Thanks for the suggestions. If I’m going to LV, I want a nice hotel. I consider it camping if they don’t have room service.

      • belagio is a beutiful hotel with nice rooms… downtown might not be good then, though some of the rooms are nice they aren’t as nice as say mgm or palms. again i like new york new york, and mgm, but check some out and I’m happy to tell you about them. I have been to just about all the casino/hotels,

      • never in a room there but it is a nice hotel, expensive is across from it and is also nice but probably alot cheaper. both are a little off strip, though not to far off strip. again, depending on what you want out of your hotel and how much you want to spend and location, there are hot spots, like down down and center strip.

      • Because we still have kids in college, we rarely can afford to get away. So, when we get the chance, we like to do it special.

    • CA1, Hity me up PLEASE!! Not sure what date youre talking about, but im probably going down for at least three weeks in early Fall..End Sep/Oct.

      Zdro, can you PLEASE IM me..TY

  4. I was just thinking that if people from the uk are reading this blog, I hope they comment. Wouldnt it be nice if we have opinions from people from all over the world?

  5. So it worked. I linked this post to a comment reply to Dorothy and her comment was removed. Easy peasy! Everyone can now see how to deal with Dorothy effectively!

  6. I see Dorthy posting on everything. Who is she exactly???? Does she have anything to do with the families or the case in any way?

    • you can look at all my many posts on dorothy, but simple answer is, she is someone with mental issues (according to those who know her) who gets involved in cases and then links her own personal life to it (based on all i have seen) and at some point tried to get in touch with famlies of the victims of LISK becasue she thought she could help (told to me personally by families of the victims) most blocked her and found her destructive to the case (again told to me and I also have seen it on Facebook) when it comes to the Gilberts though, people like dorothy have found a place to get in (this is an obvious statement though may be taken wrong, i do not judge or question the gilbert family, just some of the people who have found there way to them) in the long run dorothy hooked up with a female taxi cab driver in Long island and a want to be blogger/private investigater in Florida.(told to me by all 3 involved and shown again and again on this blog and my other blogs) Of course all was molded and arranged by a oak beach neighbor by the name of Joe Scalice Jr.(trust me it was) Dorothy also involved herself with other people of questionable mental health and used them to help her not only spread lies and slander but sent some of them to my blogs (nancy evans figat) over all Dorthy price hill is a menace, but she has also put herself in contact with just about everyone and some of her mixed up stuff does have elements of things that do ring true… I hope that answers your question… it’s much more complicated and even after 3 years of looking at all of it, i still don’t get who dorothy price hill is.

      • wow..reading ALL this shit over…i missed quite a bit (of comments)..and im sry…Id LOVE to sue Dorothy Price Hill for LIBEL (u too Cristen)..So much has evolved over the recent years, regarding libel laws and the internet..What a colossal ahole she truly is..This isnt over by a long shot you sick WITCH…SICKO

      • I spoke to Cristen after the blog was down. I’d love to do an interview with her but I doubt she would. Happy to say I have had no contact with Dorothy since I stopped the blog last year nor have I heard from her since it has come back up. I have a strong feeling she is reading though.

    • No, not at all….You must read all the links Zero provided, as this is an accumulation of yrs of data…

      Welcome though….I know this seems an odd thing to say, but you should use the Highest security setting ur able when posting on blogs, but particularly THIS one…One, because it deals with a murderer..and Two, because people like Dorothy Price Hill, are online stalkers, and can reap Havoc if ur not a ‘social media’ savy person…

      Look forward to ur comments 🙂

      • You may also read Zero’s World Blog, look under the Posts with Dorothys name…But again, and i cant strees this ENOUGH, make sure your real identity is protected…Good luck 🙂

      • I actually have not seen all of the links zero has provided. I just recently was looking on the page on facebook for Shannan gilbert and I always see her posting so I was curious as to who she was. I just recently seen this blog.

      • Well, Its nice to see someone looking further into thingz before jumping to conclusions. I hope you stick around and get to know us

      • even if you just stick around in the shadows, i hope you read some of the stuff written and commented, i agree with donna, it’s always nice when someone comes here to see for themselves. thanks for the curiosity, that’s how it started for me.

      • my latest comment on the SG Facebook explains exactly everyone i have spoken with involving Dorothy price hill, from both Dorothy’s ex husbands, to both Missy Cann and Mari Gilbert. and they all have the same thing to say about her. And most thank me for continuing to deal with her when most of them have blocked and hid far away from her not wanting to be a part of her craziness. In doing what i do though i have alowed Dorothy to find new people to attack, people on this blog, people I work with, friends families, But i did it knowing what she had done to all these other i talked to, so i can only blame myself. i just like to let people know that there are people she is hurting. people in this case, her own family, and countless more out there who she writes about. most readers don’t know who all those names belong to, but i have tracked most of her rants, some to celebrities, some to real people whos only crime was to speak out against her online. Her first husband left the states to get away from her! She is dangerous! I know she is still spreading my name and names of people i know mixed in with other things, claiming I know her ex husband and James Burke… I’m in vegas and have no connections to New York or Florida. I just wrote a blog:
        I found everyone suspicious… Linda was one i was most suspicious about, that’s how unconnected to all this I was, and very wrong at first (I wanted to believe the likes of dorothy and cristin, who seemed like victims of terrible things) but i stuck in there, talked to everyone i could and saw those who were being destructive, top of that list Dorothy Price Hill. It’s all there in countless posts, along with other interesting things to read about life and the internet. Hope before people believe Dorothy’s crazy rants they take some time and really read some of the posts and comments here. that’s really the only reason i even replied to the SG facebook stuff, everyone here knows i don’t like posting there, that is not the place for all of this. I can’t say that enough.

      • Yes, i couldnt agree more!! It seems like a lot to read, but familiarizing yourself with the likes of online terrorists like Dorothy is just so important…At the very least, you will see why im asking you to use extreme caution when dealing with her..She has NO good intentions, AND has injected herself into other crimes as well over the years!!!..Why,her motives?? like Zero, I still have no real idea…You will see us use the word ‘evil’ a lot..Because she is..Either that or batshit, scary crazy,…It seems, after to speaking to her many innocent victims, its a Dangerous combination of both…

        Hope to hear from you again, just be cautious and informed, as this is the stuff you just cant make up!! UNREAL.. .Get ready for your jaw to drop!

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