(Pre) GOP Debate

So today is the GOP Debate! It will be on Fox News and only the top 10 polling candidates will be on stage (though the rest will appear at an earlier debate, you know like the ‘kids table’ at Thanksgiving Dinner. I will be recording both just in case. I plan on watching them live, but this is the birthday of someone close to me and therefore I may have to catch some of it later.

Yes a busy day, did I mention I’m doing a Skype interview today as well? Yea, more on that later, wish me luck though, I’m a little nervous.

If all that wasn’t enough, Dorothy Price Hill once again decided to mention me in a comment on Shannan’s FB Memory page, and once again she is accusing me of criminal behavior:

dph sgm zero 8-6-15

Damn, that’s a good one. I need to be investigated, LMFAO!

Thank you for once again bringing up Cristin aka Mysterymom7… let’s see what Cristin had to say after digging up all my personal information:

zero FB cristin2

“Not even a speeding ticket”. Man, how many times can I say “fuck you” to someone? Well one more time won’t hurt, FUCK YOU DOROTHY!

How do you keep up with all those lies you tell Dottie? I mean you rant about “DISINFORMATION” and yet you can’t help but blurt out crap every chance you get.

Well dig away, I have to get ready for a TV interview. Maybe I’ll mention ya Dorothy, you know throw an old dog a bone. (You can’t see me right now, but the huge smile on my face just broke into uncontrollable laughter).

Oh yea, the GOP debate…

Anyways, Fox is genius in how they are handling it. They made the rule of only the Top 10 polling candidates will be there, and Fox News pretty much controls who gets news coverage and therefore who gets the best polling. Genius! I will be watching the debate when I get a chance and blogging about all that the GOP has to offer us in 2016.

And yes, I’m sure some more posts about Dorothy will be coming as well. She can’t get enough of me.

14 thoughts on “(Pre) GOP Debate

    • Good luck Zero, in whatever youre doin!!!

      BTW, you’d think Dorothy Price Hill would be SCREAMING from the rooftops at LE: “MY JEWELRY WAS FOUND ON THE MURDERED TODDLER FOUND AT GILGO”….No, she’s let it go…KARMA BITCH…Just like she let go ‘Brewer ‘s getting arrested ANY DAY, for impersonating security and accosting me at TD bank (2013)’…PHONY CUNT, LMAO…Its all been sceen shot….Keep yapping, and all youre insanity will spill ALL over your favorite PUKE blog…DO IT…I dare you!

      • This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Those who have “inside info”, going years repeating it but nothing coming from it. This seems to be their place to finally rest and be exposed. More on that real soon.

      • Zero, while you’re thinking about it, check this out…NOT ONLY are you NOT guilty of ANY crime, but you’ve proven youre a loyal husband, a devoted father (Youre Valentine Video was a classic!!), and a hard working man!! I personally witnessed all three!! Even the likes of Nancy, has enough self esteem to stay away…But Dorothy Price Hill is OBSESSED with you, Ive used the word ‘crush’ many times..You are all the man she never had, and its killing her!! Not to mention youre female followers, are all the women shell never be!! Smart, independent, caring and even willing to admit when we ‘got it wrong’..SHE ALONE stalks you, and i mean in Ims as well!! She cant let you forget her!! IMO, she waiting for the day you declare your love for her, LMAO, I know how that sounds, I DO…Perhaps another video is in order, with youre beautiful wife and family is in order..

        “Not even a parking ticket” you BITCH, a libel suit is in order, and trust me, MANY people have come forward (whether they comment or not) with PLENTY of dirt on you, TRUE dirt.Some begging for what we have in writing, so they can LEGALY stop you and your evil fucking BS!!..So keep it up, and the Kate Carter incident will look like preschool!! Your Karma hasnt even begun, you jealous ,filthy stalker!! DO YOU REALIZE, As MM7 warned you, YOU PUT INNOCENT PEOPLE IN REAL DANGER WITH YOUR LIES?? Do you really think youre gonna walk away unscathed you DOPE ass!!??

        Do you?? Heh heh heh…Patience Linda, deep breaths…When it ‘all’ comes out, im throwing a party!

        Notice, i STILL avoid politics 😦

  1. I have no interest in the debate. Will read the highlights written after.

    Not even a speeding ticket? Geez, I have enough for both of us! My dear dear Daddy used to call me Mario Andretti because of my lead foot. I just aged myself didn’t I??? LOL

    • I had tickets, just not in many years… when Cristin went digging up info on me she was very disapointed… and since there was nothing there to use, Dorothy has to create things… but the fact that she is publically accusing Cristin of saying the information she found on me was criminal in some way does put Cristin once again in a very bad light. She must love it!

      • Love it?? She’s gonna be called as a material witness if i have my say..Hi MM7!!! Hope you can afford that attorney youy bragged about, cause Dorothy Price Hill keeps quoting YOU

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