How To Deal With Dorothy Price Hill

Quite a spike in readers yesterday! Thanks to everyone who came by to check this place out! Let’s keep it going…

I have had many come to me and ask how to deal with someone like Dorothy Price Hill. She and her team of nut-ball-bullies can get attached to you and then your name and the names of all your friends and family end up all over the internet being called devil worshipers, child pornographers, and serial killers. It can be quite troubling for some.

Now when I first realized so many were being slandered and lied about by this nasty little troll, I went to work becoming her main target. Most of you don’t know it, but I purposely let Dot Girl go on and on about me to help take her away from the many others out there she was ranting about.

This was great for everyone but me, lol. She really laid into me, getting her nuttiest friends involved… Nancy made my blog a slanderous obsession and posted things about me and my family through out the web.

I weathered through it though and for the most part, all the nuts are afraid to mention me anymore. Sure they still try to contact me with fake Facebook accounts (we will get to that eventually, keep it up trolls) but over all I have chased them away.

Now I’ve used different ways to achieve this, but with Dorothy I have found one method very effective.

Whenever I see a comment left by Dorothy Price Hill I leave a post from my blog in a comment reply.

For example, Dorothy had made a few comments on SMG’s Memory FB Page recently, she went off on me and Linda as well as others she likes to talk about. As we all saw, I posted LINKS from this blog in replies to Dorothy’s comments and she quickly removed her comments so that my LINKS were no longer there.

Simple right? If you come across something Dorothy Price Hill has written about you or someone you know, just come to my blog, find one of the numerous posts about her and put it in a reply to her slanderous comments. You’ll see her comment gone pretty fast.

No need to thank me, just know my blog is here for you. Use it wisely! LOL.

So again, for all of you out there wondering how to stop Dorothy from her disgusting, slanderous lies, post my blog as a reply and watch it be gone.

140 thoughts on “How To Deal With Dorothy Price Hill

      • Im so proud of you Zero, proud to know all of you…It boggles my mind how long Dorothy price Hill has been playing with a REAL serial murder case. I just HAD to re post this, LOVE it!! And just look at the date!! To this VERY day, Dorothy is UNABLE to use cautious filtering, even when it comes to the privacy and safety of her beloved FLA!! Publicly BEGGED to STFU, but her selfish, obsessive behavior ALWAYS comes 1st…BTW, it says a lot about ‘those’ who still allow her to post her filth, SMH:

        Dec 07, 2013 @ 12:12:46

        This comment is for Dorothy.

        I have asked you privately not to use my name in your exchanges. The info you are saying I gave you is mixed with hearsay and speculation and many of your comments have incorrect info. (One specific comment that comes to mind is that I told you BH had connections in Maine. I never told you that because I never found any info of that.) So many of your comments have incorrect info that I don’t have the time to go through every one and specify. Some have been repeatedly incorrect. Some have been mixed with the wrong source or mixed with info on the wrong person.

        I remember a very specific conversation about Jen. During that conversation, the question was, “WHY would she be involved in this and lie/manipulate Mari?” The conversation was based on MAYBE. Maybe this is her role? Maybe she does ____? Maybe she’s been forced/coerced? Maybe she’s a victim? Maybe… maybe… maybe… But NONE of those maybe’s have been verified in one direction or the other. So it’s SPECULATION. Not only do you add my name as your source, but you give very personal information ABOUT me in your statement. This has happened a couple times. I won’t specify what you said to point it out again because I don’t want the public having any more info on me than is already out there. One has to do with my future job. One has to do with my children.

        This is really upsetting to me in so many ways. I was in a constant state of fear, panic, and paranoia. It left very little room for rational thought and sound perspective. I read through my OWN comments now and realize just how crazy I sounded. I could’ve had some pertinent info, but it doesn’t change the fact that I can only go so far before someone else had to take over.

        I was so stuck in my belief that CPH was cyberstalking me that I COULDN’T see what was right in front of me the whole time- Jen. With that info, I wasn’t being cyberstalked, but Jen wanted me to believe I was. I don’t know why. I can only speculate. I can only speculate based on the stories she told me about her life that could be completely FALSE.

        The last email I sent, I suggested you step back from EVERYTHING to gain some perspective. You’re so focused that you’re not seeing the damage you’re causing or could potentially cause by your public dissemination of info- true or not. Sometimes the truth is ugly and even unbelievable, but the public dissemination of it can have devastating effects if not backed by evidence. That is why so many cases aren’t tried for MANY years. It needs to be thoroughly investigated before it goes to the DA and then the DA needs to decide if there’s enough evidence to go to trial. Suffolk County is backwards in that area, though (the DA gives his direction to investigators whether to proceed investigating BEFORE it’s investigated).

  1. while playing the Google game today (that’s where I randomly put different names of those I have come in contact with due to my blogs) I came across an old post from my LISK blog. This was back when Dorothy and Cristin still commented here and their comments were quite interesting to read again. Any follower of this blog who has not read these comments probably should. Dorothy should re-read what Cristin wrote to her. It’s so great that all this stuff will be up for people to find and read.

    • I read through some of it (cloak and dagger) wow. so long ago and the same shit. but let me say this…cristin is a fucking liar and an evil pile of shit. she knew what she was doing and gleefully engaged. was most likely sucking joeys teeny tiny dick. do not buy into her remarkable ‘turn-around’… proud of her? im so fucking happy that she lost her children because of this. Dorothy might even have lost some of her kids (I really don’t know and don’t care) but im thinking if she still has any children its because her ‘ex’ doesn’t give a shit about them or her. and karma is not finished with either of them……..

      • Who has time for such BS when they have kids? I mean really lol. I can’t have kids so I have free time to call out BS or the truth online in bouts of boredom etc. Hope all is well TCTH. Keep your head up!

      • The thought of cristen and joeys tiny dick, yuck. Yeah, Im glad i wasnt around back when cristen had her blog. Her bs would have really pissed me off.

      • TCTH 😦 I was a pretty gullible sucker, you know this…Theyre ALL dogshit, but it tickles me to see Dorothy Price Hill still bringing up Cristen, In fact, she’s the only person that still drags cristen back into it all…Screw them all my friend…

        PS: Dorothy has NO access to the children from her 2nd marriage…Not only because she is prevented BY LAW, but as adults they CHOOSE not to have contact with her…THANK GOD….as for the twins in her custody, i must agree with you, although the state can take them from her, im sure someone (teacher ect) will step in, as her sickness must have a negative effect on their mental state…KARMA

  2. I read the link in the comments. Dorothy says “My ex can recite the bible but hes usually too busy finding his next prey online”. Gee, that sounds just like YOU dorothy!

    • And big whoop when ppl say that someone they knew could recite the Bible. No one knows The word like God’s former favorite angel that fell bc of pride. The devil knows all the verses it’s how he tempted Christ. I get goosebumps when I see bad people who talk about how much they and the other’s know the bible. It doesn’t mean crap. Like the devil they take the truth and twist it to fit an agenda to confuse and divide others.. Sound familiar? 😉

  3. I’m
    Convinced Neal killed all the girls except Shannan. This then leaves Shannan’s death as likely being accidental/unintentional. I think she likely did run out that night into the bramble and died. The ruff age on her hyoid bone could have just been from animal gnawing. I think Joey and Dot and the rest are making mointains out of mullhills – people trying to
    Find a crime where the was none (apart from drug use and hiring a prostitute). I feel for Shannan and her family and I feel for everyone at OB and online that was thrown under the bus while other’s were desperately trying to find a suspect.

    • While I agree Shannan’s death is different, I can’t get past the coincidences between her and the other victims. I don’t generally believe in coincidences of that magnitude. Thinking of a friend, then running into them or they call is a coincidence. Shannan fit the profile of the victims to a tee. Too much coincidence to be overlooked IMO. Shannan got away briefly. Even Ted Bundy lost control of Carol DeRoach and she survived to testify against him. That being said, I’m open minded. How do you think she died? Do you think Baden would have been able to differentiate animal predation from possible strangulation on the hyoid bone?

      • Idk I just think the circumstances point more toward accident. The oak beach residents seemed to really be intent when saying that she seemed not just distraught, but on drugs. I trust that they are well
        Aware of what they heard and saw running down the street into an eventual abyss that night. All I know is that Brewer has been painted as a drug user and pervert by many, but murderer? no. As much as I think he is a creep and a weirdo, I don’t believe he is a murderer. I think Pak or Diaz would have thrown him under the bus by now. When I really look at this all
        Over again for the millionth time, especially in regard to new revelations about killers such as Neal Falls, it seems that Shannan’s death coincidentally occurred near a crime scene that involved victims of a similar profile/demo. While it is unlikely that they would not all be connected to Shannan, it is possible it was a coincidence. The part of me that doesn’t believe in coincidences also believes in divine intervention (not very often, but in special circumstances like SG)- how good can use an unfortunate accident caused by evil to reveal a greater threat that needs to be dealt with. If Dot and others proclaim such faith then why not have the faith to believe that God could have used a situation caused by evil to bring about truth? sure, maybe Shannan was murdered – but by the same person who dismembered and ritually killed/tortured all the other victims like a hedonist? I’m not so sure. I think if LISK had SG’s remains she would have turned up with much more bodily trauma and following his MO.

      • As far as ME Baden Telling the difference between gnawing and ruffage caused by strangulation – he is very accomplished and I would think he could tell the difference. But here’s the issue: his use of the word “ruffage”. Typically a break or fracture is a clear sign of strangulation. Ruffage is a term often used when describing what a bone that is worn by the elements looks like – or the ruffage of a piece of bone that has been gnawed at. I am remembering now how a poster on Zero’s LISK blog tried to say SG’s fingers and toes had been cut off to support the murder/torture theory. IMO that person was wrong and the extremities were likely gnawed off. There are many big rats in those boggy areas. They typically gnaw at extremities. Often times necks and cavities (nose, ears, eyes, moth, genitals) are gnawed at by predatory animals/vermin, too. It’s unfortunate, but I have a feeling her remains were not in the greatest shape do to the elements/animals. 😦 I’m beginning to understand now what you meant about Baden CA1. If he did the JFK examination then I question his motives. Also with his releasing case info as you had informed me about. Perhaps he is just a paid whore and I should not have defended him so quickly in the past. Mind splosion!

      • Annie, I was on the Baden love train for a long time. Initially his backtracking on his testimony during the OJ Simpson trial at the civil trial raised my eyebrows. The Laci Peterson case sealed the deal for me. He and his wife always seem to be involved in controversial cases. Well, it has made them millionaires many times over.

        If I recall correctly, Baden did say Shannan’s missing fingers and toes were “animal predation”. With his experiences, he should know. That’s why I’m curious about what he calls ” ruffage” of the hyoid bone.

        Personally, I wish Shannan had been autopsied by Dr Vass or someone from the UT Knoxville Body Farm. They specifically recreate deaths in all manners. Dr Vass’ testimony during the Caylee Anthony case was extraordinary.

      • I meant I wish Shannan had been examined by Dr Vass, Dr Vass, etc. As Forensic Anthropologists, I don’t think they do autopsies.

      • Ooooo reading up on Dr. Vass now! Thanks for the heads up! Oh and “good Morning friend” back at ya CA1 🙂

      • Oh yes, Dr William Bass and Dr Arpad Vass are interesting!!! I think they have the ability to tell us EXACTLY what happened to Shannan.


        Ah I’m seeing Vass specializes in decomposition odors which must be why he was the asset in the Anthony case right? I didn’t follow that case closely, but seem to remember that the prosecution argued that the presence of human decomposition odor was present in the trunk of the car. Baez argued that trash had been kept in the trunk and that was why the decomposition “odor” was present. I can’t believe the jury bought that one. I wonder why Vass was not able to argue that the odor was specifically HUMAN decomposition odor?

        Somewhat unrelated: God… Florida… Lived there once and never going back.

      • The jury, or as I call them, The Village Idiots, were IMO thinking Baez muddied the water when he claimed accidental drowning. The DT even fought Dr Vass on the amount of chloroform in the truck. As if any should have been present.

        The Body Farm is groundbreaking in the study of decomposition and the effects of weather, animals and insects on a body. I’m willing to bet my left kidney they would offer up answers that an autopsy can’t. That’s their specialty. The researchers know what is expected and what’s not. I’m one of those weird people who would LOVE to visit there. I know, not your usual tourist destination, but I’m rather unusual. I told my husband and bff if anything happens to me, get rid of my hard drive and book collection. Lol

      • Add me to the weird club. Id love to check out the oak ridge body farm. I wouldnt mind visiting quantico either.

      • DonnaY…lol,

        Count me in on a visit to Quantico! Nice to know I’m not alone in my weirdness!

      • Yup I’ve always had a curiosity about the body farm. I wanted to be a forensic pathogist or anthropologist at a very young age – at 12 years old I was interested in anatomy and caught a video of an autopsy at a science exhibit. Unfortunately I went to Christian school where anything like that was taboo (no doctors came out of my class I’ll tell you that much). “You mean to tell me the human body isn’t just made of sparkles and rainbows? You don’t say?!? Evil little one!” I agree with you that anyone who has worked at a body farm for a long time could see SGs case and tell
        us What happened. Another issue I take with Baden’s examination is that he did a toxicology test and took its negative result for drugs as proof SG did not overdose. Her body had been waterlogged in bramble for nearly 2 years before being found! The likelihood of obtaining an adequate sample to test for drugs is minimal at best! I read the autopsy report for a girl who was in water for just 2 weeks (no trauma) and her blood sample was insufficient for testing drugs, though some trace levels were found of ONLY ONE of the many drugs she had been prescribed and did take (as evidenced by how many pills were missing from each bottle since she had her script filled). So I have a hard time believing that they would have had sufficient enough samples to CONCLUSIVELY say she had not been using the night she died. I mean, wasn’t it known that SG used drugs regularly even before she met Brewer that night? If so, those should have showed up on the tox test too but they didn’t. So I think the toxicology tests after that much time decomposing were moot and would have resulted in a negative for drugs anyhow.

      • I agree 100% on the toxicology tests. Too much time had past.

        I did a search to find damaged hyoid bones looking specifically for “ruffage” and found nothing. However, I did some reading and wondered if Shannan’s hyoid bone was damaged when her jaw was broken. It seems possible to me because of its proximity to the jaw. I’m interested to find if the jaw damage and the hyoid bone irregularity were on the same side.

        Aghhhh so many questions, so few answers.

      • Whoa!!!! Great theory about the hyoid showing a sign of “ruffage” (as per Baden) due to SGs previous jaw injury. I mean it was significant enough that she needed a plate implanted! That’s how they knew upon first examination of the 4 in Burlap (and others found) thaf the bodies likely weren’t SGs due to the lack of having a metal plate present around her jaw. In fact, it just seems regardless that the ruffage to her hyoid bone is not a significant enough trauma to prove it was her COD. I mean, the sex worker Heather who Neal Falks strangled had fractured/broken vertebrae from him trying to strangle her and she survived. Sooo… Idk. I’m with you on this CA1. Either ruffage was likely from animal “gnawing”/preditation or from an injury that occurred a considerable time before her death.

      • Btw I don’t know if I alerted you guys or not, but I found out about another woman from Castleberry, AL just a skip away from where Lisa Ann Pierce was last alive in Mobile, AL (who is likely 2000 manorville Jane Doe). The woman from Castleberry hadn’t been listed in state or national databases and Namus/LE is investigating her whereabouts now. They let me know that once they go down and look – if she is not found they are going to investigate further into any connection to Fire Island Jane Doe found in 1996. Let’s hope the Castleberry woman is OK and isn’t fire island Jane Doe from 1996!!! She was another blonde – Neal’s preference 😦

    • except that the police were tipped where she would be found… where her belongings would be found. they set up crime scene (quietly and on the down low) the night before they began to search the marsh. they secured the area the DAY BEFORE!!!

      • Hey TCTH, I love reading your comments, you know so much about this.

        If LE set up the night before, how come they didn’t find Shannan’s belongings then? They would had to have been placed there after. Ive read conflicting stories on the condition of her clothes. Do you know if they were “pristine” or “weathered” as both have been said?


      • TCTH, maybe it is bc ground penetrating radar is often employed at night time. That is how SG was found. The FBI provided the GPR and that is when she was finally discovered in a very marshy area in water/bramble. Prior to that night they had not run GPR over the area she was discovered.

      • Her belongings (pants/purse/some other stuff) were found no more than a week before her body. I think when they finally found her belongings they decided to run a GPR over that general area and thus found her body. I think the rumor of the belongings looking clean as if they had not been out in the elements was a Fluke “fact”.

      • I think the belongings were found the day before her body FYI. Maybe that is why the crime scene was set up (GPR set up) that night after her things were found. They knew that was likely their crime scene after finding her things there.

      • Also I’m reading GPR works best Over ice – this might explain why it wasn’t utilized until winter time bc apparently moist or marshy areas that SG was found in have limited GPR conductivity limiting it to only delving cm into the surface of the marshy land. So possibly when the water iced over the conductivity was sufficient to find SG and her belongings. That may be thecky reason why it took so long. – the need for the environment to be more susceptible to GPR conductivity in wintertime.

      • the black hawks came with the GPR months before.. they claimed they were waiting for the brush to die to search the ‘hot spots’…but (ironically?) it was the day the JB from the nursery commited suicide;also one of the reasons that JB became the internet witchhunt that happened. scpd sent a shit load of cars to ‘secure’ the area and then began the search the next day, found the pocketbook cellphone jeans etc, then came in and downed the entire marsh for a week until they found shannan. very big coincidence and im telling you she could not have ran thru that marsh without shoes. period.

      • TCTH no worries I hear ya! Thanks for the clarification on the aerial GPR taking place earlier than news reports asserted. That’s why you are an asset and wealth of info!

      • TCTH but I’ve been thinking – if she was on a ton of drugs it could explain why she wasn’t as susceptible to physical pain if she ran out there. Almost seems as if she was sped up on something and supposedly she and Brewer were rumored to like uppers. An overdose of complication from Uppers can make a person have an extremely high pain threshold and to become very paranoid. So I’m not completely discounting she could have ran out there in a drug induced manic panic and died of some sort of drug/panic induced attack. I’ve had panic attacks that sent me to the ER before – one in which I began seizing and if I hadn’t had help I might have died.

      • And I mean – you always have the chance that Hackett, who did write a letter confirming he saw SG that night (whether we like it or not), did give her a downer to counteract the effects of the uppers and when she ran out of his place into the marsh the effects of the downer kicked in and caused her body to go into central nervous system depression (she passed out unconscious out there).

      • lmfao… a fluke hit and run… even though he has nothing left to say and no one left to say it to. I wish I was here at the time to give a proper response. but you all handled him very well! You know Joey, you should follow suit… learn from MM7, from, Jen, from candyce, from Dorothy, hell even from pig headed Nan Nan, stay away! Your only hurting yourself… well, and all the others that want so desperately for me to not mention them… hahahahahhaha!

      • Fluke, how bout a little comment on Badens findings?? He seems to disagree with your FACT that Shannon was found in a sitting position!! And her Hyoid bone yields no PROOF of murder…Do yourself a favor and STFU when you speak of misinformation, youre the queen of it!! SILENCE!

      • LMAO, or should i refer to to you as Barbara Hackett, or one of the dozens of other Sockpuppets you created to ‘enhance’ your FACTS…Pathetic. Keep coming here, but be prepared to have EVERY lie and game youve played over the years thrown in face..What an evil, bitter joker

      • NOOOO D, say it aint so??!! Her beloved Joey?? Maybe cause he cut off contact with her crazy ass yrs ago..maybe?? Dont hold back D, as im blocked from Shannons prayer page 😦

      • I’m beginning to wonder again why Fluke wanted it to appear as if the same person who killed SG also killed the homicide victims on the island… I think it’s more about Fluke convincing people of SG’s cause of death being a homicide rather than accident caused by drug use (with drugs provided by who? Seems to be the smoking gun here!!!!)

        I don’t think the serial killer was the same person/people involved in SG’s demise that night. No those people would love to pawn her demise off on a serial killer or a doctor down the street when THEY gave her the very poison (drugs) that likely killed her and those drugs (uppers!) probably unfortunately won’t show up on toxicology tests after how much exposure her body experienced over 2 years to the elements.

        Today I’ll Read between the lines: Fluke speaks up now only after I’ve began to
        Insinuate SG died bc of drugs/overdose and NOT BC she was the victim of a homicidal psychopath.

      • Annie, my friend, Fklue will chnages FACTS all day. evryday, as long as he implicates hackett…Now do we ignore this, since we knw he bitter famil backround…OR SHOULD WE PROBE FURTHER??

        WHY HAVE YOU LIED THROUGH YOUR TEETH JOE SCALISE?? You even lost Mari…Shame,, lmao…MEMBERSHIP has NO privileges,hee hee hee , please Joe, GET HELP

      • Annie, joe vacillates between Shannon having NO drugs in her system, to the opposite??? Just like one day she was found in a sitting position, to: Hackett had her face up, and choked her wtih his knee….HES DONE, delusional at best, in need of SERIOUS medical attention, BUT DONE HE IS 🙂

        Buhbye sick fucker 😉

      • @ALL, the LISK case is wrought with so many questions…I readily admit to changing my feelings about how Shannon died (man, i cant get over the coincidence, but its not unheard of)….But guys, i find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE, even on drugs (which im no stranger too myself, WOW!!), she ran shoeless through that bramble, then again, if she did attempt to, i can see how she’d be overcome by the effort….Nor can i wrap my head around the fact in took LE two yrs to find her (again, not impossible), her body wasn’t hidden in any way….So frustrating!! What can i say, the cause of death is unknown, and it may stay that way unless someone confesses 😦

      • Donnay, lol..This is a doozy!! OK everyone, get a good look at the SHIT Dorothy Price Hill drops REGULARLY on Shannons Prayer page: Hint have a drink 1st, hit of weed, something..TY Donna, love you

        19 hours ago

        Dorothy Price Hill
        The KEY to solving this case is not just the DNA that was submitted from a car linked to Joseph Brewer and 2006 sale of a 2003 Ford Explorer to my very dangerous and strangling-to-the-point-of-suffocation/stalker/false report-filing*/woman abuser/gaslighting of children ex Christopher Paul Wolff with connections to Oak Beach going back to Connie Plaissay in 1982, but also the 911 call.

        * filing a false report is a crime under NY State Criminal Code sub-section 240.50. He filed nine false reports against Monika and others from January 2007 to this past June. He uses a flip phone and changes out the SIM card. He feigns ignorance about technology but his good buddy Brewer, who worked at L-3 and for a broker in the Carolinas, taught him a lot. Proxy servers, using PayPal, getting cash near the AMPs advertised on UG – UtopiaGuide

        Wolff also testified under oath that my sister made one of those false reports and my sister was dealing the divorce from a man who threw plates at her and sock puppetet’ed her on a Web site where she went for anonymous advice. So, no, my sister didn’t do that. She will testify against Wolff if subpoenaed.

        Wolff and Brewer are VERY good at making calls and pretending to be others. They are both criminals!!Just listen to the BlogTalkRadio and the voice of “Truth Spider” and Peter (the German). Listen VERY carefully including that you will never hear them talk over each other and one of them attacks a female caller from TX.

        All the police need to do is gather all of Shannan’s closest relatives including mom and sisters, Candace (Brewer’s friend), Mrs Kane who lives across the street from 8 The Fairway, Joseoh Brewer’s sister Italia, Chris Wolff’s ex wife Monika Klee Wolff, his sister Terry in Queens, Arnie Lanzolotta’s wife, CKB and me info a conference room at the FBI and play the 23-minute tape in its entirety.

        Let my beloved stepson participate as he is 18 (an adult) and he is very good at voice recognition. Very smart – one of the evenings in March 2011 before I called 911 to have Wolff removed from the marital home due to his escalating DV of me and I thought, “this time he is going to kill me and that will be it”. Two officers arrvied and removed him – that was my 2nd call in less than two years since 2009. He has promised to stop drinking and deal with his childhood issues including massive rage attacks, racism, anti-Semitic against Abby and very sick, sexual predatory behaviors.

        It was’t until I gathered all the evidence of his trips to Oak Beach and the “bachelor parties”‘ hosted by Brewer during the Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach off season and hired a licensed Federal-level PI that it all came together. Jennifer Joseph Grinberg had so many Chrome bookmarks that we screenshot as she used my personal computer. If you are involved in driving women across state lines, that is the Mann Act. Michael Pak knows exactly where Shannan was. I wish we had known then about Alex Diaz and the massive hit to her that resulted in metal plate in her jaw. I wish that a FBI agent had been jogging at Oak Beach or staying with Barbara Brennan when Shannan knocked on her door, pleading for help. The 2nd autopsy showed no drugs in her system but Brewer showed his CCC friends and fellow mongerers how use an ingredient in shoe polish as the date rape drug.

        March 2011:

        Wolff was banned from going back except once (two weeks later) to collect his items and his brother in law Thomas Kundmueller helped – that is the only day that someone had access to my jewelry box and then 2011 SCPD police photos showed my earrings and one of my favorite bracelets – not expensive, just what I bought myself as I had repaid $80,000 in student loans including for grad school. 2001-2005 Lord and Taylor – CarolLee.

        The 911 CALL – background voices on the digital audio file:

        evidence that Shannan saw something (or someone) in a side room, or basement:

        Be sure to bring in an expert in audio technology and emergency dispatcher radio as a research team I know is investigating police (and organized crime) tampering with emergency calls in CT in 2012.

        For the TRUTH:

        Let this group listen to the voices in the background. Is Brewer screaming “everyone get out?” Does anyone mention the name “Rolff” or “Brian”? All the guys with accounts on UG such as Teps, lightweight, Magicfingersny, Humiliatrix69, and LI_Steve use fake names when they meet escorts. These men are called “hobbyists” and “mongerers”.

        I don’t know what Joe Scalise Jr told me is true or a lie. All I know is that when I met him for the first time, he did not look at me. highly suspect. How does he know my ex?!

        Scalise is no gentleman and his social skills are crap. He is misogynist and attacked both CKB and me. Both of researched the gazoo out of Hackett (who wrote painkiller meds to my ex 2006 after trip to Atlantic City* when he sprained his ankle carrying something) and Brewer.

        Brewer’s friends know about him and his horrific treatment of women. Alan and “Slinky bender” who runs the site UtopifaGuide – the members of CCC got together with one of the women who cooked for them. Amber in North Bellmore? Real estate records of where she rented a house with Dave, red-headed fluke fisher and construction worker. What kind of man accepts cash for rent from a young vulnerable woman – knowing where what she had to do to earn it? Then the Feds need to look into him and all the male pinps named in Bob Kolker’s book “Lost Girls”.

        Joseph Brewer, Wolff and the man with the key to the OIBA clubhouse are the common denominators. We were in Oak Beach recently for a photo shoot to show certain Federal agencies about the mortgage fraud and drugs dealing that has gone on there since the puddle jumping plane years of the OBI (Oak Beach Inn)

        Also see arrest of Lakian and his CPA. He was my ex’s client.

        Margaret Besen has a lot of info that could break this case – her two brothers are SCPD and are covering up horrific crimes too. We need Edward Webber to hire another level of Internal Affairs as what we have personally experienced with officers Stephen Jacobs, Ed Fandrey, Stapleton (Seaford), Taylor (Seaford), and retired Nasau County Sargeant Sal Mistretta (close ties to Brandon Irizarrry and his father, a convicted pedophile) as well as the Sheriff of Nassau County and his “henchmen” with a massive lawsuit against them….is not pretty.

        All roads lead to a cover-up
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        Sent from Mobile

      • Jen, i sure hope youre reading..Did i meet, speak to the ‘real’ you, dont know….But i highly doubt youre gonna let this BITCH keep dropping your FULL name (winky, winky Z)!! What gives Jen??

    • Annie, im way behind 😦 So youre thinking Neal huh?? And am i understanding clearly: Shannons Hyoid bone WAS found, but with “ruff edges’??

      • I think Neal MAYBE killed the homicide victims that were clearly homicides (LISK victims) BC I have been following his movements since the Vegas 3 (not necessarily 4 …yet) and even when the Ohio girls came up missing/dead and the Niagara Falls bodies came up I let zero know that I thought they all might somehow be connected to LISK. So naturally now that Neal is possibly connected to the Vegas 3 it ties him in with my timeline/movement of The killer I viewed as LISK. He also was a wannabe cop – very interested in police tactics. Who knows if he was LISK until it is further investigated… But it all fits into my theory of his movements/killings. I even made sure back in the day to note when the Vegas victims were murdered in comparison to victims like Jessica Taylor who was murdered before his Vegas activity in 2003.

        As far as Shannan, the only finding in regard to her hyoid bone that I’ve found published is that it showed signs of ruffage. Now I’ve heard of many terms to describe the state of a bone, but not ruffage in regard to a theorized strangulation scenario. The lack of an obvious COD in Shannan’s case points more toward accidental or undetermined rather than homicide. Baden should know better than anyone else that without evidence of trauma (or a toxicology test proving complications with a drug) a cause of death can not likely be determined. I would be interested in what exactly his findings were.

        Typically if there is a homicide, you can see the trauma. Unless the person was INTENTIONALLY overdosed, which I don’t believe anyone would have had the intent to specifically kill Shannan by overdose that night. I think things got too carried away with drugs that night. But man, if the odds didn’t seem to point 90% toward homicide considering the circumstances of the crime scene and profile of victims found on the same island as Shannan. If it’s not Neal, then I’ll be back to square one. But if so, it seems Neal would likely have NO involvement in SG’s death and it is unrelated… Unless Neal knew Brewer which I doubt highly and the likelihood is extremely slim of that.

      • Annie, it wouldn’t surprise me if you were right about Falls, he could be another Israel Keys.

        I’m still thinking Shannan’s death wasn’t an accident, even ahea not connected to the other victims.

      • Yup CA1 and who knows what happened to poor Shannan?!? Could have been anything, but I’ll tell you one thing I know – Someone out there other than us surely must have a better idea of what happened to her…

        And yup I’m thinking Neal is another Izzy. I wonder where Neal’s dog is? They said dog hair everywhere – but no dog. Now LE is asking people to keep an eye out for a dead dog found in a shed/hotel/storage area for it might be one of Neal’s stash spots where there may be evidence of his crimes. Isn’t it neat when pets/pet hair helps solve a case? On the other hand, I hope the dog is ok. I feel bad for it. Got stuck with the shittiest owner EVER!

      • Annie: Pure curiosity: How bout connection to AC four..Neals???…God, i wish those two crimes didnt scream at me “connected”!!!! And Ill NEVER EVER change my mind re: Bitrolff killed more than 3, he was so ‘into’ his MO, what ‘got him off’…NO, no way he only ‘did’ three, let alone in his ‘serial killer’ prime…

      • Yup I’m wondering about Bitrolff and his other possible victims if he killed those women. The AC4 do sound like they could possibly be Bitrolff victims… I need to read up again on what his alleged MO is. But hey, Raffo and husband are rumored to have stayed for a time near Jones/Gilgo Beach and Bitrolff was rumored to work in that area so maybe there is a connection there.

      • Annie, AC4 were missing shoes…ALL of Bitrollfs victims to date where missing the same unknown article of clothing…How i wish i knew what those articles were!!

      • Just reading now Bitrolff’s MO with his 2 known victims was to leave them naked in a “unique pose”. If the AC4 were face down with heads looking east and no shoes, maybe Bitrolff’s first victims were positioned facedown with their heads facing east – except naked BC he had not progressed to expressing his foot fetish in his ritual… Or he simply took the shoes as momentos. IMO, often shoes are lost when bodies are dragged especially if they are not secure on the feet. It’s quite possible the AC4 were shoeless simply for efficiency while moving the bodies and not for a ritualistic reason. Sometimes losing a shoe gives up evidence as to where the victim was before/while being transported.

      • TBH though, the AC4 also had died due mostly to drug overdose. I think only one sowed signs of strangulation/trauma. So it might be that the person who killed them also used the same type of drugs and overdosed them in order to keep more drugs for themselves – or simply to kill them. I almost feel as if he would be just as transient and drug addicted as the AC4 victims honestly… And that doesn’t really seem like Bitrolff to me. They had one guy in connection to the AC4, but I believe he was exonerated – he was very transient like and disheveled… Much like the sketch of the possible suspect in the AC4 case – medium length disheveled hair, thin, facial hair scruffy… Seemed like a real crackhead looking mofo.

      • Annie, I believe there were 2 for the atlantic city case. i think one was terry olseson and a burchell. The second guy was id by a sex worker

      • That’s right Terry Oleson! Thanks Donna… So much info to get straight After so much bullcrap put out there by idi-dots. And yes Eldred Burchell of Oregon and all over, who supposedly referred to himself as “the

        What was Terry’s alibi that eventual cleared him? Gonna go look it up now.

        “Hill says the man who confessed even asked her to get a copy of the 48 Hours show to watch in her A.C. apartment. “He told me he couldn’t touch me because I’m an angel,” says Hill. “I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a prostitute, and that I still [do drugs] a couple times a week. I am what I am. What haunts me every day is that they never looked into anything I told them. I can’t get that out of my head. Why can’t they just take the time to look at somebody who may have murdered four people?”

        An Angel? Strange. Interesting. Whoever he was in interested in the prostitutes assertion as to who she believes the murderer is and how he behaved.

      • I wonder who commented all this stuff about Terry Oleson at the end of the article I just linked:

        “Report Violation
        20. Anonymous said… on Nov 11, 2014 at 10:38AM
        “Mr oleson was a violent person throughout his life, and bragged about it to everyone. cutting brake-lines on cars, tossing objects into windshields. His yard was a discusting junkyard with outbuildings and abandoned vehicles filled to the brim with junk Just ask the township who sent numerous complaints. He had a collection of child porn, womens underwear & shoes hidden on his property that the girlfriend did not have access to) He while claiming to be disabled due to his back, was seen & photographed lifting washing machines alone, car engines with 1 friend without a lift, and carring packs of shingles up a ladder onto a roof. Ask his best friend at the time of the murders about him, while staying at his buddies house, mr oleson was having sex with the 18yr old daughter. He was violent in several relationships, brothers, wife, girlfriend, police where often called to the house with busted down front doors and her battered body.”
        Report Violation
        21. Anonymous said… on Nov 11, 2014 at 10:47AM
        “CONT: to claim a mother would take the photos and plant them to frame him is disgusting and ludacris. The man was a pervert, with child porn on his work computers (Penn Village Apt) and in his personnel possession. He also bragged about getting the services of the hookers in AC for trade of a few canned goods. He bragged about things he saw at the crime scene on the roof ect. He also would intentionally wear boots that were not the size of his foot…..I could go on for hours, and so could others who know Mr Oleson well. BTW the girlfriend only took HER belongings because not only was his stuff nasty junk, but it was court ordered. He even claimed in court that the masive amounts of trash bags at the home where hers. When township and neighbors know FACT that yard looked like shit before and after she lived there. He was a junk man. So boo-hoo mr oleson, how about the young girl who he photo’d & threatened he would “find when she’s 18 and nothing mommy cant do anything about it””
        Report Violation
        22. Anonymous said… on Nov 11, 2014 at 10:54AM
        “CONT #2 how about Oleson & Seaholtz going to the jobs of the Ex and saying things to supervisors to try and get her fired?
        everyone who knows Terry knows he is never at fault it is always someone else.
        He traumatized and terrorized two young girls (photoed victim and 18yr old girlfriend, and every person who was stupid enough to get involved with him.
        Kharma is a bitch and I cant wait to see when it comes back around to THEM!

        Report Violation
        23. Anonymous said… on Nov 17, 2014 at 12:40AM
        “LMAO WOW.. Now if only the FBI would talk with you on this. Sick ass poeple need to be put away for good. And Seaholtz is no better being with aan that did this. She is just as guilty as well for being with a perv. But just wait she will be commenting on this under a fake name as usual. And btw I know exactly what your talking about with Terry having back trouble and still working and making money. Maybe thats why they are both being watched”

        Read more:

      • Its been awhile since i read about oleson, but i think it was neighbors that had problems with what they saw. His ex may have been friends with them

      • There was also Bill as a POI…

        Jailed woman says she can identify killer

        Pamela Covelli knows who killed her friends.
        The 33-year-old Atlantic City prostitute says she was with three of the four sex workers found dead a month ago in a drainage ditch near the Black Horse Pike at different times during one Egg Harbor City man’s crack-fueled, days-long prostitution party.
        “The only difference between me and those girls is that I went by my gut feeling,” Covelli said from the Atlantic County Jail, referring to Kim Raffo, Tracy Ann Roberts and Barbara V. Breidor. “I knew something was wrong and I got out of there. I could be dead right now.”
        Released Nov. 5 from an eight-month stint in county jail, Covelli said she was approached by two black men in a green van while walking on Florida Avenue. The men, whom Covelli knew but would not identify, were in search of prostitutes to bring to a “white guy with a lot of money.”
        Covelli does not remember what day she was picked up.
        The man, whom Covelli describes as a 40-year-old “Irish-looking guy,” standing about 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, with auburn hair and a small, light mustache, had rented two rooms at the Sunset Motel in Atlantic City. Covelli said he called himself John, but investigators have since told her his name is Bill and that he is from Egg Harbor City.
        Covelli was led into a room where two bodies lay motionless beneath the sheets on seperate beds. Although she doesn’t think they were dead bodies, Covelli said she doesn’t remember seeing them move. Before she could inquire, her head was clouded with the crack she was fed relentlessly by Bill throughout her eight-hour stay at the motel.
        “They kept us high,” she said, referring to another unidentified prostitute and Breidor, who she claims was in and out of the room. “They never paid us. They just gave us drugs. A lot of drugs.”
        The group then piled back into the van and checked into Atlantic City’s Flamingo Motel on Pacific Avenue, but Covelli said Breidor was no longer with them, Roberts and Raffo had arrived and Bill’s attitude began to shift.
        “I started to see him change. He started talking about how he was in prison for 15 years for murder and how he just got out two months ago,” Covelli said, adding that investigators later told her he was in for aggravated assault. “That’s when I started thinking something was wrong.”
        Bill, who Covelli had identified from a picture she was shown by investigators, also began insulting the girls and throwing things around the room.
        “It was weird,” she said. “He was saying he doesn’t like white girls. Then he was picking up our clothes and smelling them. He picked up Kim’s bra and was saying it smelled bad.”
        After two days at the Flamingo, now together with only Raffo, Bill announced they were moving on to the Bayside Motel on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township. Covelli said she had had enough and decided to leave.
        “I told them they were all nuts,” said Covelli, who then was informed that Raffo was staying. “I told her she was nuts, too. I had a feeling we were going to get hurt.”
        Soon after, Covelli was picked up for violating her probation a second time after originally being arrested for credit card fraud. She never saw her friends again.
        But Covelli said she was close to Raffo one last time after she left the group, when she checked into room 102 at the Golden Key Motel, which Raffo’s body was later found directly behind.
        “I met these Asian guys and we got a room and I later heard that Kim was in room 101 at the same time,” she said.
        Although they have not commented about the significance of room 101, investigators have been seen carrying out bags of evidence from the room, which is tucked near the back of the building and is not visible from the parking lot.
        “I know it was him,” she said, referring to Bill. “I’m just sure of it.”

        Really great forum with tons of info

      • So, oleson wasnt the angel guy. I wonder who that was. And who is this bill and friends? So many sickos out there, its just crazy.

      • Reading now Burchell was the Angel guy per Denise Hill. She claims investigators asked her if she had encountered Burchell, and that’s when she offered up the info on him after remembering his name.

        It is strange though – the dismemberments stop over in Long Island after Jessica Taylor in 2003 and not far away in AC in 2005 4 women are found left out and intact. They weren’t buried for a reason… So the killer could go back and visit the bodies. And so the bodies are found in AC – then in 2007 a killer begins a pattern of leavings girls intact again in at Gilgo. Almost seems like the killer wanted to continue his ritual of leaving the women intact after Atlantic City back to Long Island where his other dumping site had yet to be discovered. It’s just strange it all seems to happen in 4’s… 4 dismembered on Jones Island and 4 intact in burlap on Jones Island (not counting toddler and John Doe BC IMO they aren’t part of his ritual) – 4 at AC – 4 presumably in Vegas. Is the killer doing it in 4’s because that is what typically constitutes multiples murders as serial murders? As if he is wanting to be seen a serial killer? You need more than 3 victims and certain rules for a multiple murder investigation to turn into a serial killing.

      • Just found out Bill’s full name…

        Pam Covelli, a jailed prostitute, stated that she saw a man with the three women before they were found dead, this man turned out to be Bill Schlue who later called The Press to say he was the man she talked about but that he never hurt the women – or even had sex with them. Schlue said investigators have interviewed him in the past – and even took a cheek swab for DNA – but that he has been told he is not a suspect.

        “They told me I was a witness,” he said. “I asked, ‘A witness to what?’ I didn’t witness anything.”

        Read more:
        Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
        Follow us: @dreamindemon on Twitter | thedreamindemon on Facebook

      • Im on a page called 48hrs beyond the boardwalk. Theres another guy thst was questioned. Charles cole

      • Well shit… Check out the communications on goolap about William “Billy” Schlue. I believe they may have been sourced from a criminal profiler or detective who interviewed him. He is looking mighty suspicious. I think he did commit suicide. The communications about Bill are quite damning in some respects.

        I’m guessing they had DNA but he problem is – what kind of DNA? If semenal it might be difficult to determine if the donor of the sample was simply a customer who “finished” or a killer who “finished”. Ew. Lol

        I need to check out the 48 hours on it too!

      • Btw make sure the word “quotations” on the bottom left side of the page in the table is checked. If not you won’t be able to see the quotes about Bill. You can’t unless you click them on.

        Thanks Donna! I’ll have to check out what Charles is all about !

      • This page is no google. Lol. Everything i click goes to a 404 error. I am feeling very dumb right now.

      • You guys are amazing…Gratitude!! Life is good sometimes, I love that this horrible tragedy brought some amazing, smart caring people together..Im always touched and amazed at the dedication and caring shown here..TY …Never forget this: When assholes say thinga like ‘Youre doing nothing to help’ ect ect ect…At least we care, and WE are keeping this case alive…God Bles Google huh?? Its gonna destroy all the LOSERS who tried in vain for YEARS to incriminate the innocent!!

      • so much to catch up here in the comments! I see Fluke did a hit and run…lmfao, you all handled him well! What a jack ass! Joey, you really should listen to them… you look desperate when you come here… and all those comments I exposed belonging to you let in by your gilrfriend MM7, you know the racist stuff, the sexxist stuff, and the just real fucked up stuff, all written by you stiring the pot helping MM7 and Dorothy get away with unforgivably wrong things… man curl up and disapear, no one’s listening anymore. Oh and TCTH, I totaly agree with what you said about MM7, I posted the things she wrote about Jen and Dorothy only to show she admitted to putting all these thoughts in Dorothy’s head. Well not only… also to show that even those who give Dorothy her crap don’t stand behind it. And it’s just a drop in this sea of emails and comments going over such things, why any of them would want me still involved in any of this is beyond me… each time just brings more of their crap to light!

      • Donna – yeah the kid from the Philippines! Hmm…

        Is it just me or Did he comment on a pic with a little girl also hitting on her or making a suggestive remark?

        And yup Linda we are keeping the real cases alive! Not the cases manufactured by Nutbars! Go us, go us!

      • It’s strange though… Billy stopped posting all that crap on his Facebook and went quiet around the time the first bodies were found at Gilgo in December 2010. Then he killed himself not long after Shannan’s body was found.

      • I’m thinking at this point that Billy may have killed the AC4, but that he isn’t LISK. Maybe he started to worry that he would be blamed as well for the LISK murders once the bodies were found and decided to tap out once they had finally found Shannan. Figured if they thought he did the AC4 murder that they would think he was LISK as well.

  4. And it just so happens that their POIs they are trying to pin are pinned in respect to their own warped personal agendas. Maybe Dot believed everything she was saying and I’m sure there is truth in much of it, but none of it is connected to the case. It seems like the classic issue of people employing truth amidst bullshit so it is seemingly impossible to refute the bullshit element of the narrative.

    • You nailed that one! I believe it comes down to if you tell a lie often enough, you can convince yourself it’s the truth. But the brain always knows.

    • Theres gotta be pieces of truth in SOME of the shit she reads or steals. But make NO mistake, shes NO researcher and has NO connections, much like her BFF JS

      • Dorothy wouldnt know the truth if it bit her in the ass. I have looked into all of dorothys claims and she is provably wrong.

      • My point is the stories about Chief Burke are true, but her assertions that it is somehow connected to the case are not (I thought this for a moment as well
        Tbh BC Burke is creepy).

        So there is a tiny bit of truth that she can source online in order embellish it with whatever bullshit fits her agenda.

      • She has many stories like the Chief Burke stories. It’s not that she simply calls out Burke on his creepiness or that there is something wrong with a man like him heading a dept holding a serial killer case… It’s that she always brings it back to HER. Very narcissistic and intentional.

      • When you throw enough SHIT at the wall, somethings gonna stick….Shame on Dorothy Price Hill for trying top interject in ANY murder case, and make it ALL ABOUT HER. E V I L!!!

    • Annie, i could swear, yrs ago, i read something about Hackett giving her Suboxone/something similar or something..But could NEVER find the info again., n or is it mentioned on any show??..Are you positive he admitted that in a letter??…THAT would be completely irresponsible, even for a ‘drug doc’, not knowing allergies ect????

      • Yep like methadone…I think Naloxone, is whats given to reverse the overdose effect of heroin…Point is, i cant find ANYTHING to substantiate Doc gave Shannon anything!! Im also having trouble finding anything he wrote stating he saw her that night, let alone gave her ‘treatment’….I mean, that WOULD cause me concern…Although, no matter what, I just dont ‘see’ him being the methodical killer LISK is..NO, that doesnt change for me

      • Annie, you MUST no I mean no disrespect!! Youre the real deal girl!! The fact he gave her some kinda pill haunts me!! As ive stated, i could swear i read an article concerning this, i commented on it, and the nutjobs ran with it..Ive always felt guilty about that…

      • There’s no disrespect in seeking the truth so I take no offense 🙂 I’m pretty sure the 48 hours special referenced the letter in which Hackett admits to calling Mari, but refused to say that he rendered medical aid. This is AFTER he had denied calling her at all, but she proved he did. So he had to admit to it, but still didn’t admit to the content of the call. I wish we could find those documents he wrote in regard to the calls and their content. Then I seem to remember that in one report it was insinuated that he admitted to rendering her medical aid, but that she was too far gone. Ill see if I can’t track that assertion down. Another report said that Hackett admitted to giving Shannon something and last saw her getting back into Pak’s car. There’s so much BS online I even get confused. But those letters/documents and whatever Hackett admits to in them seem to be of most importance.

      • In short, I think people are just trying to eventually file suit and get money from a doctor who maybe tried innocently to help a sick girl that was running down a dark street one night.

        Why would he even admit to helping Shannan at this point if the people he is dealing with are going to use it against him anyway? Better for him to just stay mum although it would be difficult. In attacking the only person that may have tried to help Shannan that night they have alienated the only tangible witness without bias in the case (unlike Pak and Brewer and whoever else that’s bias).

      • And NO MATTER WHAT JS says, TCTH is correct in what they state: Particularly that the late JB committed suicide the day/day after Shannons body was found..Its not like this was a tiny news bite here on LI…Its the ‘famous’ news conference when LE told people NOT to listen to ‘internet rumors’…But ill say this, and ive argued this with a cop, and proved him wrong: in NO way does that news conference clear JB…..There are certain members of LE that still believe it was him???? And dont get me started on WHO fueled the flames of the late JB ‘rumors’…Thats a post long overdue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes the JB rumors interest me. I believe the only basis for the deeper elements of those rumors came from Dot/Fluke’s camps? Beyond the coincidence of him killing himself within 24 hours of SG’s body being found. That’s the only actual evidence I’ve heard that tries to circumstancially connect him to SG’s murder. I don’t think there is any connection to Bissett and I’ve read on Facebook comments and reports both that many of the victim’s family members are very sensitive to JBs family members that survived his suicide. I’ll have to look up the basis for the argument that Jab was involved BC it’s something I need to verse myself more on.

      • I was told that this was started by jen/dorothy, I think I have emails of them pointing the finger at each other on starting this rumor and I do believe that this is when the police decided to stop letting any info out there, but many also say that the cops did take it seriously… I had a post long ago I was rwriting called, “JB The Fish Guy” (the title doubling as a marx brothers reference as well as the obvious) and it has a memo that police put out there after all the rumors about this JB. I never finished it, becaue I was truely tryinng not to let the zw blog become another LISK blog. But the whole thing still puzzles me, was it just a jen/dorothy scam and if so, i say again, frustrating and sad that these people did so much to screw this case up. if not, then what if any is the connection there?

      • Last thing – the Bissett “investigation” (IF any existed) may have only been in relation to what happened to Shannan. That still wouldn’t make him a POI in the other homicides perpetrated by LISK. If JB did do uppers and frequented strippers, and IF JB also knew Brewer, then it can be surmised that perhaps LE were momentarily interested in him early on in the investigation while tracking down Brewer’s contacts. I think JBisset committed suicide BC of pressures of life and his business going downhill… I’m sure people being misinformed about his connection to Brewer and potentially Shannan, IF any, did not help much either.

      • I agree. I believe, like most, tha Shannan’s was not an accident… but that does not mean her death is realted to any of the other murders. There’s a lot to read here and I have not gone to look at all the articles on all these new names, but a few weeks back i wondered, what if whoever put the GB4 across from oak Beach might have hung out there withsome buddies and heard the talk of a missing girl there, so he placed the bodies there to confuse things, and then later after the bodies were found the person responsible for Shannan’s death (possibly even a budy of the other psycho, but not knowing about the others evil deeds) puts Shannan and her belongings there. Both killers hoping their crimes would be seen as the others. I’m sure i’m not the first person to think something like this could of happened, and with all the other bones and bodies found in the area, it makes it a little more unsure, is this another killer? I know it’s good for us to talk about ideas and what our thoughts are on what could have happened as well as try to seperate the lies and games that people have created to actual facts… but it would be nice to not have to any more. It would be nice if something finally came out of all this…

      • There is quite a lot of stuff out thete on jb. I dont keep computer files like you guys, I seriously am not a sleuther. But I wish now I did make files (if i knew how to lol) because we are all doing the same thing. All that extra work when we could have been collaborating.

      • I just bookmark crap. No actual file keeping. Most stuffs up
        In the noggin and i source it again later if needed. I typically don’t sleuth beyond trying to match missing persons to UIDs.

        I feel BC of all the damaging misinformation put out by Dot and the likes that referencing things I’ve read in regard to facts and credible reports about the LISK case is imparitive to getting things back on track.

  5. P.s. Guys I caught Joe Rogan’s podcast and he discussed about how he was a conspiracy theorist until he heard the theory that Newtown/Sandy Hook was a stunt and conspiracy. Omg his ripping a new one into Newtown conspiracy theorists reminded me of a few of our “favourite” people. Yes, I was very European with my choice of spelling there. Lol 😉

    • Annie, Good morning, friend! I tried to find the Joe Rogan podcast you’re referring to and can’t, would you mind linking? I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. The whole 9/11 and Sandy Hook conspiracy theories blow my mind. Some people are comforted by the thought of the “they” in conspiracy theories. “They” are out to get us. The proverbial boogie man.

      • Lol I believe in a bit of a boogie man, but only bc my father worked with the DOD and CIA/FBI. There are some strange things out there we are better off not knowing, but 911 and sandy hook? Lol hell no. I’m
        With ya CA1 😉 unfortunately I don’t remember the podcast bc my sig other was playing it for me off his phone during our road trip a few days ago. I think it may be the Aug. 10th podcast? Or week of Aug. 10th? I’ll ask my sig and get back to you ASAP if he knows. At any rate Joe Rogan is the shit and his unabashed adoration for fanny packs will forever earn my respect. (Fist bump)

      • The one conspiracy theory I will always stand behind is my belief that JFK was an inside job perpetrated by the FBI/CIA/mafia,gangs,triads,unions. I have very personal reasons for believing why this is likely the case.

      • I kinda believe in the ‘Boogie man”, although in no way do i think Sandy Hook was a hoax…Dont hate me 😦

      • There are Boogie Man out there. Westley Allen Dodd, Ted Bundy, Dennis Radar, the evil bastard(s) that murdered the victims in GB, etc. They are the ones I believe in. They scare the hell out of me.

        I absolutely do not believe Sandy Hook and 9/11 were hoaxes. I naively thought something would change with mental health background check on gun purchases. Nope. Not a thing changed. A severely mentally ill kid is given access to his mother’s legally owned weapons. He idolized Klebold and Harris. He murders our societies most innocent and not a single thing changes. Let’s not forget James Holmes and the myriad of others like him. Sorry I went off on a rant here!

        You’re awesome! All of you have taught me so much. I love the passion for justice here. Zero created something special.

      • I reported a dumb kid to the FBI recently BC she made a Klebold/Harris Fanpage on Instagram. I don’t understand why someone would idolize those shitheads. I was entering high school the year columbine happened. All I could think was “I really think homeschooling is a great idea!”. Then 9-11 happened the next year i believe – and I pretty much was ready to jump in a rocket and say “peace out crazy motherfuckers! I’m going to college on Mars!”

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