Weekend Of Horrors

Last Friday night, October 16th, at exactly midnight, so I guess you could also say it was Saturday morning… I broke my foot.

And let me just say it sucks bad…

It’s a minor break and I’m not in a lot of pain, but it came at the worst time it could have possibly have happened.

Next month and I’d be happy at the thought of putting my foot up, getting some much-needed rest, and maybe actually blogging a little.

But you see, last Saturday is the day I wait for all year-long, it’s one of the busiest, if not the busiest night of Fright Dome season and it get’s crazy up in the Dome.

Some people dread that night… but I live for it.

And last Saturday night (after a day at the ER) I spent at home, in bed.

Haters go ahead and revel for a moment, because it was a very bad moment in “Zero’s World”.

I mean not only was I missing my favorite night of the season, but looking down at my bandaged foot I knew the season was over for The Stranger. A very bad moment indeed.

But at around midnight, Saturday night… or Sunday morning, depending how you look at it, I awoke from a doze in my self-pity bed and was shocked at what I saw on the TV screen in front of me (I often fall asleep with the news on, a bad habit I’m trying to break):


I was half asleep as I tried to make sense of what I was reading on the screen. I turned the volume up and was devastated.

As much as I get tired of saying things like what I’m about to say, it’s still true: Thank God only one person died, this could have been a much more tragic tragedy.

And while yes it is true, what I said before it is also true, I am tired of having to say such things… yes thankfully there wasn’t mass casualties, but someone died, friends and families are grieving, once again we have to question just where are we safe in this world. Where can people get together and enjoy life without being worried about someone, mentally ill and full of hate using guns, knives, bombs, and other weapons of destruction to end your life and change the lives of everyone around you.

There isn’t much about who did this and why, though there is some stuff on the internet to “chase” dealing with Zombiecon and how some feel about it… I may just do that in the next few days.

And no mater what the circumstances was for this shooting, the subjects of gun control and mental illness are always relevent, no mater how politics paint these things.

But Saturday Night (Sunday morning) all I could think about as I sat in my bed, foot up on a pillow, watching people dressed as zombies running in fear from some lunatic with a gun on the weekend news… all I could do was think about how fucked up things are some times. Not the whys or the hows, or the what can be done to stop them…

I just sat there in sadness and shame thinking about how fucked up it all gets sometimes.


Sunday night at midnight (blah, blah Monday morning… you got it by now) I wheeled a wheel chair out of The Dome after a fun night of playing a zombie.

This is the part where you haters can stop high fiving each other. LMAO, fuckin’ haters.

No matter how much we all get to know each other, there are still those of you who think I’m some kind of bad guy, bully, or gossip blogger… and you can go on thinking what you want about me. But if you really want to know what kind of person I am…

at my darkest moments…

and Saturday night was a dark moment…

I am thankful to survive my dark moments and go on…

I am thankful that life always “goes on” while you are living it…

and especially because there are those who do not get that chance at the end of their darkest moments… I know it is my duty as a human being to go on.

So, I “geared” up as a zombie and laid on a stretcher outside of a crashed ambulance, scaring everyone who walked by. I think we have a picture:

patient zero

I even gave my zombie character a name: Patient Zero

I’m not gonna say it was easy bottling up The Stranger and being a mostly stationary zombie. But it’s what needed to be done.

In memory of the person who lost their life last weekend. For all those who were at Zombiecon and had to go through the ordeal. I felt the need to give them a small memorial. But most importantly, I did it for myself, because it’s what needed to be done.

And I’m quite happy with “Patient Zero”, I really got into it, and had lots of fun.

Things are fucked up some times, but we go on.

For those who no longer can, for those who need to be shown how, and almost more importantly, for our selves.

You get it right?

Some of you haters may still be stuck…

but the rest of you… you get it, right?

17 thoughts on “Weekend Of Horrors

  1. I’m sorry, Zero. That really sucks. Way to make the best of a bad situation! I love Patient Zero!!!!

    Screw the haters. Love ALWAYS conquer hate.

    I had a whole long comment about mental illness and guns. Somehow I lost it logging into WP. I don’t understand the fight against mental health background checks to buy a gun. Seems like commonsense to me.

    • Agreed! And as much as it sucks having a broken foot, as much as it sucks not being my wise cracking Stranger, being a zombie is great, several times a night people point and say, Walking Dead… makes me smile to be compared. And when my stretcher moves towards them and I reach out for them… it’s scary magic, lol. Screams, laughs, and yes many run away in fear. Good times. We need our good times. So many wanting to created bad ones.

      • I am glad that you are still enjoying your halloween season. I think it would take a whole lot more than a broken foot to ruin it for you anyway.

      • yes, it would. Had a wonderful season! Played a zombie, a klown, and even brought back The Stranger for the last 2 nights. Plus a bunch of us went to Universal Hollywood’s Halooween Nights. so much fun… but not quite as scary as us, lol. Doc gave me a boot, because i heal faster than most people… something I don’t think i ever mentioned before. But yes, I had a so much fun this season! Now, let’s see if i can get back to this blog, i have like a gazillion things i want to talk about!

      • I love the message of this post, and I ‘get it’…Im glad youre healing up (BTW, you make an awesome zombie!)…So, yet more gun violence and chaos, this time at Zombiecom, bet this guy is really getting off seeing as everyone was in makeup, how truly sick and sad..make NO mistake folks the Zombie apocalypse is already upon us, sigh…keep up the ‘Good work’ Zero, always

      • And it keeps going, now a 6 year old boy shot because a cop had a thing for the boys father’s girlfriend!?! I will get back to my post “crazies with guns” as soon as possible, but every day a new tragedy happens making the post difficult to finish. Thank for all the praise sis, we got this. And I’m ready to go.

      • More on patent zero and zero da klown in next post. But so much bad mojo in the world right now, the internet is not where I want to be. Still I must tackle it this week, because it’s all so connected, all of it and I have to say something about it all. I know I sound like the nut gallery, but my head is just so full of stuff at the moment. My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole world right now.

    • It’s been a terrible Friday the 13th. My beloved border collie is very sick.

      Prayers going out to the people in France. I’m still stunned by the coordinated attacks on innocent people.

      • It’s been a rough year, I won’t lie there. Our Oscar (fish) just died finally after a long bout with something (had a lump for a few months) it was very old and it’s time had come, but still sad for us. Fright dome had a few losses, a dear friend lost their brother and a young fan also passed away this year. Then the world itself with cops being killed as well as killing, crazy people all around us deciding violence and more death is the answer. I’m not gonna lie, not blogging has become easier and easier. I sit down to write and I’m just overcome with “it’s all too much”. But this blog will go on. Today as a matter of fact. Something will be written and for better or worse this blog will chug on. Hope that everyone continues to find there way here. After all, we are just getting started.

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