Before We Go On

This blog is very organic… I blog about what ever is on my mind (that is not always easy to decipher since so much is on my mind lately), what ever is going on in my life, my blogs, and the world in which we all live. It can jump around or get very fixated. It can even go silent when I come to an empty page and decide once again not to write anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t come to it, don’t deal with emails and private messages about it, or not chase the internet on subjects I should be writing about. It’s just when I come to the actual part of putting it all into words lately, I’m already exhausted and just can’t bring myself to separate my thoughts on one idea long enough to type them down.

This has happened before… so much going on around me that I just need a break from the blog… maybe even the internet… the thing is this time I had a break, my haunt season break, I should be ready to go and I am… but there is just so much going on and I have so many different ideas about what I need to blog about (a big part of me feels this blog is slowly becoming another “Red & Black” Prophet Blog, and I have mixed feelings about that. I stopped that blog with good reasons, and going back to it may not even be possible after the places we have gone since then) and posts are getting left in the “Post Graveyard” or worse yet, left in my head to be forgotten or resurfaced depending on this organic blog.

This blog centers around 3 things most of the time… my personal life and it’s experiences, the internet and how it affects that personal life (both of these deal with the world around us, such as the Arts, Politics, and Religion and how they affect the personal and internet life and how the personal and internet life affect them), and third the crazies I have encountered while blogging about the first 2. I try to stay balanced, but sometimes we get stuck. Which is ok, but I don’t like getting stuck on nothing, and that is where I am.

It’s not hard to understand why I’m stuck. I just spent a lot of time away from the blog. And as most of you know I spent most of my free time over the last few months with one of the top haunts in the world: FRIGHT DOME! (shameless plug, but it’s true) I had totally planned on blogging about this season a little more and not staying away for so long. And this season was full of ups and downs that would have been great to blog about and many posts were in my head ready to write down. But whenever I decide to start a personal blog I have to think about that third thing I mentioned above. The crazies I have blogged about like to use all that personal stuff to whatever craziness they can come up with in their crazy heads. Most of you will remember the private messages between Kate and Dorothy that I posted about a year ago (remember the super bowl party?), but there was much more to that conversation. At one point Dorothy writes about how she looks at all the Facebook’s of people connected to zero (me), mostly haunt people or people into haunts. She calls them devil worshipers and even says something about someone’s wife… something about their looks, as in they were not pretty. Shallow stuff we come to know from the Dorothy team, but we also know these nuts are dangerous with the things they say, so after seeing first hand how Dorothy looks into people around me, and not knowing how many crazy people she talks to, nor how many of these crazies and the other crazies we know are discussing my personal information and people who may or may not know me, I have to pause and think real hard if I even want to make a post discussing friends, family, and personal experiences.

So yes, I wanted to blog about the things that happened this season. I broke my foot, the cast of Big Brother came through, the 13th season had so much triumph and turbulence, I was excited about telling some of the stories. But each time I’d think about Dorothy and that ever-growing nut gallery and wonder if I should put so much personal stuff out there, I mean there’s already enough and there’s always some new nut and I’m bound to write something they won’t like and, well as much as I want to write about my haunt season, I just keep deciding to put each post off till it’s already the middle of November and I really should just move on.

Some may say, hey that’s not fair, you don’t mind posting about these crazy people, but won’t put your own personal stories up. Good argument if it were true. But it’s not. I post all sorts of personal posts. I’m not afraid for people to know my stuff, it’s just the people around me who have no idea what is going on in this blog or who these crazies even are that I second guess my posts for. And plus like I’ve said before, the stuff I post about is usually already out there or what people have been putting out there for years. But some people will never see it that way and therefore I post less and less personal stuff. So I guess no haunt stories. Maybe another time.

Though I have to say this about the haunts I have worked for, and this goes out to Dorothy, Cristin, and anyone else who has a misconception of people who work at haunts. Yes, most are into Halloween and/or horror movies, that’s a given. But you might want to think twice before you judge them. Half of them are newly highschool graduates starting college or heading out into the world for the first time, and the haunt is their first job experience. There are also quite a bit of school teachers and veterans. People living with disabilities and those who have survived cancer, yea I have worked with a lot of cancer survivors over the years, whose stories of survival would humble most reading here (crazies with the victim psychosis not included). I’ve been doing Fright Dome since 2007 and I have had the pleasure to work with some truly amazing people, so while I am protective of not mentioning it at all so the likes of Dot and Nan Nan don’t do their evil on good people, I have to point out that they are good people, whose shoes you have not walked in. (SHOES! Dropping, walking, the shoes are there, red ones and all!)

Another catch 22… or contradicting riddle. Don’t want to talk about my personal life as to not give the crazies things to distort and yet the need to correct any distortions. Such is life, both the real one and the internet one.

Before we leave the subject of the haunt, I need to post a couple of pictures of my new characters this season:

patient zero2b Patient Zero

zero da klown1 Zero Da Klown

Some more of that #WorldsCollide with zero’s world making its way further into the haunt world… but here is where we must leave it for now… the haunt is over.

Fine, easy enough, skip all of that. There was plenty of things going on in the world around us that I had no problem coming up with what to blog about. And after the tragic events in Paris on Friday the 13th my television has been on the news night and day and there has been so many things to blog about such as terrorism in general and how it is affecting us. When does crazy become evil? Will our government lost in politics and the upcoming presidential election lead us into the eye of that craziness and  a “Holy War”? Are we now making decisions out of fear? Are refugees and others coming into our country dangerous? Should there be a coalition with Russia? Do we need troops on the ground? Should POTUS just say the words “Islamic Extremist”? When did The President Of The United States become POTUS?”

Discussion is good and we do need it. But real change in all these maters are no where in sight. Politics, Religion and the quest for land and power is a greedy trip that is way too imbedded into what we are. All we can really do is say thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and hope someday it wont be like this. And I have that hope. But I don’t see that journey all sunny days and lemon aide.

So blogging about it does bring me down a little I guess, and I tend to back out of such posts. After all I don’t have the answers needed to such topics.

Still as I said, discussion is needed and I’m sure there will be much more discussed here, on this blog, on all of this. After all we are going into a presidential election year.

Before we move on there is one part of the sad world of current events that I don’t want to skip over and loose it forever.

That is the subject of Anonymous getting involved with ISIL, or if your politics prefer ISIS:

When I first saw this on the news I went searching the web.

I was really wanting to quickly post about it. I have a tendency to let Anonymous related posts get unfinished. This is mainly because I just don’t know what they do half the time. I’ve said before, I want to believe in them, that what they do helps, but I can’t help but wonder, do they make things better or worse?

And before I could post about them getting involved, that question was again raised in things that followed.

First Anonymous seemed to live up to their word helping by exposing and having deleted, ISIL/ISIS Twitter accounts:

That’s good, but then this happened:

It seems Anonymous has discovered where ISIL/ISIS will attack next and reported it to the worlds leaders and governments, but don’t feel, they (leaders and governments) are doing anything about it so, they (Anonymous) had to make these targets known to the world via the internet.

That day is today, Sunday, November 22, 2015, and they put up quite a bit of targets.

Before we can even discus if this is the right thing to do or if it helps spread more fear. Before we can ask what our leaders and governments should be doing to check on these and other recently posted fear propaganda declaring more attacks are coming. You get this:

anonymous twitter

You might have seen this in the above posts… yep, Anonymous denies the earlier Anonymous tweets. That’s the problem when any one in a Guy Fawkes mask can be Anonymous, and I believe I have said this before.

So do they hurt or help? Whoa, how did I get here? Not where I was heading and I probably shouldn’t be poking at the vast Anonymous army of delinquents right now. But before I can even finish any thoughts on Anonymous’ affect in the fight against ISIL/ISIS something new comes into the picture:

GSG tweet

Wait, who is Ghost Security Group?

Well, I went searching/chasing the internet last night and today and it seems there is a new group in town:

Wow, Anonymous Vs. Ghost Security Group… sounds like a long forgotten post of mine called Anonymous Vs. The Illuminati. This was after the Malaysian Airlines MH370 crash/disappearance and I had come across this on YouTube:

Here’s some other links from that lost post:

That last one is a doozy!

I never finished the post, because as usual, I didn’t see anything come of what Anonymous was proposing. Still asking, do they help or hurt?

But my questions about groups like The Illuminati, Anonymous, CICADA 3310, and now a new one for me, Ghost Security Group are matched with my hopes one of them is the super hero they claim to be… man, we could use a super hero right now. Plenty of people ready to step up and try to be the villains, we know that.

I will be keeping my eye on this Ghost Security Group, a smaller Anonymous, with more purpose than CICADA, and not fake like The Illuminati… yes, I’m intrigued once again.

Well, we can check off


as well.

That’s both this years hashtags in one post. Good, gotta get them in there as much as possible, the year is almost over and other hashtags await.

And that’s where we will leave the Politics and Religion darkening the world as we speak. Too much conflicting ideas there, all waiting to contradict. Some of you know there are C words I have a problem with… and some I don’t…

Which brings us back to that third thing… the crazies… (were you thinking of another c word?) Yes, if I am to escape the craziness of the world for the moment, what better place than the crazies that  keep me from more personal posts? They are still out there, and a few new ones have crept into the comments and emails lately. I’ve stayed away long enough, no?

Let’s get started!

270 thoughts on “Before We Go On

  1. Ahhhh, Welcome back my friend, youve been missed!!!
    Just a little update and FYI: Guess whos making front page news today?? Suffolk countys own chief Burke (he, along w his boss announced retirement). Yep, over 100 federal incitements, particularly involving the alleged crimes that we are all aware of and have discussed..Interesting…There ya go Dorothy run with it!

    Well, lets get started, shall we??

    • I was just reading that. I have been catching up on my Websleuths and other readings today. And saw quite a bit on Burke and spotta, I remember back to when I didn’t even know those names when Dorothy would talk about them. Maybe new leadership will be what is needed to push forward in these cases

      • I know, I know. I was finishing up a post about hmmmm…. and candy girl, putting there blog contact into perspective since hmmmm… had so much to say last month, was just about finished and the news went into what happened in San Bernadino. Since then I have been unable to write. Just to busy keeping an eye on everything, trying to understand where we all are heading.

      • You know what Zero..Any Hackovist, or whatever, anyone who exposes corruption, wrks for me…Although i DO agree, the ‘In house’ fighting doesnt help their credibility/cause…Im all for the transparency..BUST EM! I expect there will be many more ‘watchdog’ groups to come, if anything, it keeps ‘the man’ on his toes…JMHO

    • Yep, just saw that!! Things that make you go hmmmmm!!

      And how are you my dear friend?? So good to know you’re still ‘out there’…You are missed!

    • I’ve been watching what’s going on with Burke. Dorothy must be wet in the panties. Sorry. Uncalled for. Still, the corruption seems to be just as a lot of people suspected. And maybe there is a reason cases that seemed like there is mishandling or should be further along in being solved. Glad to see you are still around, TCTH. Hope all is good.

    • WOW Ty for the heads up!! Keep us posted…Is it going to air tomorrow.??..not that it matters, I have Verizon..damn! GOOD for ypu News 12


      BTW, Dorothy Price Hill is still a stalking menace…Same rant, different victim…She must be stopped, enough already YOU ONLINE TERRORIST! Got something to say about Zero?? Say it here, COWARDLY NUT

      • I think she just lost her link to the blog. But hey, what ever works. No Dorothy or Fluke sightings lately either, hope they don’t think I’m done just head see they are. Lol. I’ll get to my Hmmmm… post and then I have some personal posts to get to, something coming to an interview nd that has been a big part of my life. That should take us into 2016, zero’s world’s 3rd year… And it’s gonna be great again, right Trump!

      • I know she is still out there running her mouth, but a lot less publicly. But I know she still has my name on her lips. And believe me, since I last wrote about the terrorist troll in have learned all sorts of stuff about her and her illness. I know how her rants about her ex are so far fetched and that she was quite a destructive partner, can you believe Dorothy cheated on her men, yea, she leaves that part out of her relationship rants or how she abused both her husbands. Yep, she was the abuser, not quite the way she tells it. Or how she was raised by a cult… oh yes, that happened. Yes I have lots of new information into the truth behind Dorothy Price Hill, and 2016 will bring it all out. I have my reasons for waiting on all this, but it will all come out. Zero’s World third year is gonna cover it all. By the way, I had like 600 views the other day, all on that “quiet pills” mercenary for hire mystery, remember that? 600 views in one day! Please pole are really into that story. Well I am here for my readers and I get the hint. There will be much more on the things I found looking into the quiet pills mystery. 2016! Only a few weeks away!

    • Glad you are TCTH! I did an interview about LISK, one of the questions I was asked is if I ever think the case will be solved. It was a tough question to answer. I still think there is so much info out there that the right person could solve it especially if gamers stop playing and come clean with what they have done to the case. Or if what the killer is killed by a chosen victim who is not ready to play victim. Like what happened in the Neil Falls case or what happened to the guy in New Mexico (was that New Mexico, my memories good, but my head is very full) where the guy killed the man attacking his girlfriend. But I do still think this case will be solved. And hope with all going on with LE in Long Island the right people will now get involved.

      • WOW, thats cool news Z…Heres a little snippet form nancy, here, she’s referring to me…Im expecting the Feds any second, yeah…

        Identity theft of all of my personal info by Hilary Clinton that includes her filing substitute income tax returns.Her recieving my returns money included.Reported to a Detective Gabriele ID Theft unit in Yaphank.Begining in Nov.of 2009.

        Doesnt nan know you need an INCOME to recieve an INCOME tax return?..Yep, she read about my lawsuit, and well, she connected the Dots, with DOTS help im sure, lmao

      • Yea, I saw some of that. I still check Nan Nans Facebook everyday. She was gone for a while, but she’s back. Everyone seems to be Hilary to her. You, her sister, they are all a form of Hillary out to get her for sleeping with Bill. Lmfao, but she’s on borrowed time. She dossent have the resources Dot has nor as many cronies. Hopefully someone will be there tonight help her when it all comes down, but she has chased all those who care away. It is sad, cause even a crazy, selfish, bigoted, stalking, slanderer like Nan Nan deserves to find the truth and redemption. But she has surrounded herself with Dorothies, so it don’t look good..

    • I had heard they weren’t. Well first in had read they were,but then a few said they were not because Burke didn’t want them involved. Of course it was hard to tell what was what with so many crazies twisting all the inside info… But I said all along some of that crazy talk leads places. Websleuths has discussed Burke many times. But is he truly connected or just didn’t want Fed’s snooping on him and seeing other stuff. I started a post a while back called ” the JBs of LISK”,where I disused Brewer, Bisset, Bittrollf,and Burke. Maybe I should go finish that post.

      • They were only involved in helping the SCPD with search and rescue/recovery resources. The FBI however never had a proper chance to investigate the case as Burke was withholding info/resources. Remember how Burke fired 3 of their top vice detectives and shut down the gang task force right when things began to heat up in the Gilgo case?

  2. I had dinner with a Fed, Not a love connection, but he hit me up today..SOMETHINGS UP…I swear to God i told him to send the FEDS HERE, and HE said I WILL…Keep in touch peeps..shit is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I bet ‘people’ already in jail are talking..Not to mention other cops are in DEEP SHIT for covering Burkes crimes for years…people are talking, mark my words!!!!!!

      • Dorothy had NOTHING to do with this…She be lucky she not charged with obstructing justice….

        God only know what they found when they search Burkes house, and his ‘cop buddies’ who helped him…well lets just say, im sure theyre not his buddies anymore…

        Lets NOT forget, that on of LEs 1st statements regarding the killings, were that this person is very ‘familiar’ with police procedure….

        I hope Hacket sues the SHIT out of certain people…and ALL THE NEIGHBORS AT GILGO WHO WERE SLANDERED…Those still alive, and those who passed with these DISGUSTING accusations still troubling their souls!!!

        Where are you now JOE??? Hope you get ur ass sued, and your fucking cronies

      • Little Fluke boy is too busy covering his ass to respond. Oh I so hope certain people are charged with obstruction! That would be the icing on the cake of having this case finally solved.

    • Just got back from California. Went by the memorial in San Bernardino. Said a prayer. It was surreal being there. Then shortly after that my wife called me, my grandson came early. Yep I’m a grandpa… again. A very surreal day. But it ended on a very good note, and it was needed. Hopefully a sign that more good things are coming.

      • How wonderful Grandpa Zero!! TY everyone for your hard wrk and dedication…i believe at least some of these murders will be solved THIS WEEK..So im told…AND please dont harass this agent, hes not working the case…PLEASE?

      • thank you! it’s been a long night, i got home from california already excited because of the news of my grandson and read then all of this and could not sleep.

      • oh and by the way i took down your comment with the name of your new friend, I agree no one needs to get to far ahead of this and screw things up and we know there are those out there that might try. dont need people who are trying to solve this getting harrased. looking ahead at some of these comments i just don’t know what to say or think. wow.

      • My comments are all over the place, im sry: The ‘official’ word is that Former CHIEF BURKE was involved in the murders!!!!!!!!!1

      • yep, ty…its probably too late…whoopsie, just was so nervous/excited last night…He wont care, he like me 😉

      • Congrats and thank you for coming to the memorial. I couldn’t make it. I live half time now in Redlands/San B area. It was insane. I seriously wanna tie those fucking terrorists to an orange tree and pummel them with rotten fruit until they die! Nm they dead lol fucking RATSHIT ASSHOLES! Sorry I usually have better manners, but another attack too close to home has left me pissed (San B is my brothers birth city and Chattanooga where the last attack happened is my dad’s birth city and where his fan came from for generations).

      • I thought about you, knowing you are near there. as I have told you in private, riverside is my stomping grounds from teen years. I was at Castle Park with family the week before the shootings. So when i was back I drove by the memorial. The whole thing hurts because its just so wrong. to be able to kill those around you who just gave you a baby shower for you new child, and leave your child to be raised in the place you hate so much. fuck the world is all i can say sometimes. But i can’t think about all that right now or I’ll stop writing and climb back into my bed and turn on the news and cry…
        it just hurts so bad to think about.

    • IT IS TRUE, I WOULD NEVER LIE TO YOU TCTH, NEVER, This is being told to me as we speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOR WOULD I PUT OUT GOSSIP

      • yes, but remember it’s being told to you, and you can’t be sure of how correct your new friends info is… or what other info will come to light… a police chief serial killer? who eles is involved?!? yes, i bet there is some talking going on all over right now.

      • I said in some of my, well nastier texts…His response “It came straight from the FBI, and it will be on the news”…Now i did use his name on my FB last night..He didnt care…So…

      • if he’s right it will all be out soon enough like you said. i agree, no ones letting out inside info at this point. adn if burke is directly connected to LISK or other murders, again, all i can say is wow, I know stop saying wow… but… wow.

      • He IS a Federal agent, Donna checked him out, lol…and hes continuing his convo with me today…Im pretty sure something BIG is going on

      • right on! thank God for the FBI. cause your LE sounds really fucked up, and we know how i’ve tried to stay away from that, but man, they are really fucked up.

      • MY LE is NCPD, not Suffolk, but then again…Youre right, all LI is corrupt..The new is littered with news of Nassau corruption today…VERY bad day for LOCAL government agencies, well AT LEAST THE TOP BOSSES/BRASS…Street cops and Det, these are THEIR BOSSES…and it looks like (Regarding Burke), their lives were in true danger!! What a friggin SHITSHOW


    • We’ve been patient this long. I said a long time ago, if the FBI gets seriously involved, they will investigate every little detail about this case. Hoping they get everyone involved and arrest them.

      • I often thought so, but then would wonder why no one was talking, when there’s a group, people talk… but sometimes it can take a while… oh people are gonna talk now. and that’s what will finally sink this ship.

      • I believe people have been talking…There was a sex tape in Burkes car..was it amatuer?…he DID live w a prostitute, on the side for yrs, FACT…What does she know??…AND, i just posted cop FBI got his ‘cop buddies’ to flip…I believe, again dont know, this HAS BEEN BEING investigated the ENTIRE TIME……and what is Bitrollf saying?? His name keeps popping up…as i said, i never believed he just murdered two…

      • yea, i heard all of this, but still have not seen where it fits into LISK, though it obviously could. yes, what is bitrollf saying? and what are the others saying?!? they need to have a news conference or something!

      • Channel 12 is running the Gilgo story right now…i watch like 10min at the liquor store, man i wish i didnt have Verizon…This is the story TCTH told of, it’ll loop all day

      • If Burke falls in love with prostitutes, perhaps he gives their pimps and traffickers special leeway to keep the prostitute he loves safe. Lol idk. All I do know is that if detective Leto really did tell that kid shackled in the 4th precinct “in going to rape your fucking mother” before he strangled him til he passed out…. Well I hope he is being looked at, too. F anyone is a henchman it is Leto and the other two cops who abused that young man that night.

      • my mind went there as well, I’m finishing up a post on that today. I think EVERYONE in this is still suspect, the boyfriends/pimps, i have all sorts of questions now, like did the one boyfriend really recieve phone calls? how many have been decieving the families of the victims and the public who deserve more from those who are paid to protect and serve, how much Long Island goings on will be in question now with the chief of police becioming public enemy #1

    • He D, do ‘your thing’…Theres NO WAY Dot could have this info, unless he’s reading here, or has some douchebag reading here…lmao…Run with it Dot, this is actual FACT, try writing truth for once, lol

      Haha: note i said ‘HE”…KARMA BITCH

      • donna is right though, her buddy pete has been spinning some of this for a while, and I know people have been listening to him. donna knows more about the guy then i do, i didn’t look into him too much because he seemed like an ass.. sorry, he just did. but ass or not, if he is right about burke and any other LE/political corruption than good job Pete, too bad Dot was out there twisting his ideas. There is another guy on websleuths (could be pete for all i know, I don’t stay up with websleuths people) but he has been adament about Burke, I had been reading there last week and this guy had a a lot to say about Burke, i don’t recal the screen name nor am i alowd to write it here anyway (right jen?) but still, check out websleuths, you’ll see what this person had to say. again, all i can keep saying is wow.

      • YEP, this Pete guy, as well as one of members has been ADAMANT about Burke…and My friend Ralph knew some about the dirty shit too…this is going back months ago…I gotta forward my texts, i was such a cocky bitch…Yikes…I dont see why this guy would lie..i hit him with a ton of questions, he was fairly insulted…Im sry Jimbo 😦 Plus look aat the timing of the FBI making this announcement yest, of being more involved, and TCTH knows the news is running a piece today…SOMETHINGS UP

      • “i don’t recal the screen name nor am i allowed to write it here anyway (right jen?)”

        God, what a self righteous..well, beotch!

        LOL…Ms J must be so freaking pissed she didnt get this ‘exclusive’…Soon, they will ALL be taking credit, haha…But make NO mistake, the FBI got this done…WITH NONE OF THIER HELP…or ours…unless theve been monitoring these blogs…and OH how I how THEY WERE 🙂 All i know is..Me and Z, DID TRY TALKING WITH LAW..a few times…But this was all done by LAW…Sorry ladies, you didnt do shit, but confuse things, AND PROBABLY MUCH WORSE..RIGHT JOEY??


      • Pete is an ass. People would be more inclined to work with him if he was not so demeaning and arrogant. But, much of what he said is true. Sad truth is people typically don’t like to crouch down to speak into an asshole for a conversation.

      • see, i was right, lol. many have told me about him and his ideas, we figured out early Dorothy was getting a lot from him, i was told to check him out, but one look at his Facebook told me he was not gonna like me, lol. so I never chased all that. love that last line there Annie, i litteraly LOL.

      • I knew this crap about Burke a while ago as well, but I didn’t start sharing it until I was frustrated months/a year ago and had enough of the reports of corruption – icing on the cake was the assault of the innocent junkie kid by Burke and his cronies song could get his porn and sex toys back.

      • yes, a few of us have. and you all brought it up here a few minths ago. and of course we have all spoken in private about the sex toy stuff. Yes, it’s all coming out now. and let’s hope it all keeps rolling down hill.

      • “Crouch” down for no one, including a cop!! Pete aint the only Cop on LI, lol…God, everyone online wants to be so freaking special, lol…No, This Pete aint the only retired cop in town , lol…Not by a long shot..

    • TTCH..i never forgot your perseverance, TY again my friend…Id couldve never held on if it wasnt for you!!!

      THIS IS THE REAL DEAL..So im told by FEDS..Obviously, this will all be public info soon, I have no ‘inside’ info…NOR would i be told any info (or comment on it) by anyone in LE, that would compromise the investigation…This is simply a sneak peek at what will soon be told to the public…LE dont EVER give ‘inside’ info, anyone who claims that, IS FULL OF SHIT, as we’ve seen…It just doesnt happen..Too many ‘loose lips”…

      • both of you deserve a big thank you just from me for helping me understand all the craziness that went into all of this… you both have kept the fight against the gamers and crazies out there as well as helped poke holes in some of the agendas.

  4. From my cell @ 9:46am: “Ty, Crazy, as i just heard today and once again, so im clear, Burke is involved?? Crazy as i just heard yesterday, News 12 is doing a ‘piece’ on the case tomorrow!!

    His response: “YES, they revoked bail because of it..” “You asked me, its official”


    LOL, im not fixing my ‘Dooty’ typo…lmao..KARMA TIME IS HERE

  6. And away she goes:

    Dorothy Price Hill > Praying for Shannan Maria Gilbert
    Finally! Four years of hard work and begging for FBI to get involved. SCPD Chief Jimmy Burke is in Federal Custody and now the wheels are turning

    March 2011:

    Wolff was banned from going back except once (two weeks later) to collect his items and his brother in law Thomas Kundmueller helped – that is the only day that someone had access to my jewelry box and then 2011 SCPD police photos showed my earrings and one of my favorite bracelets – not expensive, just what I bought myself as I had repaid $80,000 in student loans including for grad school. 2001-2005 Lord and Taylor – CarolLee.

    AND GO DONNA!!!! :

    Josie Faber likes this.
    Donna Morgan
    just think, its gonna come up how you screwed things up. Let’s see you try taking credit for things then. Remember, you’re crap is everywhere dorothy. Obstruction of justice mean anything to you?
    Like · Reply · Edit · 27 minutes ago
    Donna Morgan
    I’m always gonna know your lies dorothy, and you’re gonna have to face the music.
    Like · Reply · Edit · 26

    • The idiot would have only had to call ANY new agency, and they’d have been all over the story…Hope the haul her ass in and interrogate the fuck out of her…Then the suing for slander and libel can begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      God i cant wait..Theres quite a list who’ve been waiting for the day her lies about them would be revealed with the capture of the REAL killer/Killers…KARMA….And Zero knows this too….He’s been hinting about it, if you’ve been reading 😉

      This blogs gonna be on fire!!

      • Dorothy Price Hill, do you think you can make one comment about us, send one PM to a FB youre blocked from, that we WONT SEE?? You have a RUDE AWAKENING COMING…ARE YOU READY….???


  7. Federal prosecutors were apparently able to “flip” police witnesses, who may have lied initially about what they saw inside the Fourth Precinct.

    Burke faces a second federal count of conspiracy to obstruct a federal, civil rights investigation.

    Burke has a long history with law enforcement, beginning when he was a 14 year old witness in a brutal murder case, involving a 13-year old boy who had stones shoved down his throat in 1979.

  8. “sry,lol, i know i keep sayin last question, but im so excited…will we hear new about the giglo murders tomorrow?”

    “its coming :)”

  9. Dorothy is spreading her sick twisted lies over at shannans prayer page again. This time im supposed to be involved in the murders. Just goes to prove how wrong and delusional she is. And guys, if anything tragic ever happens to me and anyone opens a prayer page for me full of sick twisted lies, get it taken down please. I wouldnt want to be honored in such a way.

    • Oh really… well you did give it to her in your replays. Lol. Again it only shows how she works, disagree with her crazy stories and you become part of them. Trust me, I’ve been waiting for her to come back into public forum with any bull shit on any of us.

  10. well at the very least mari gilbert has a beautiful case against burke and scpd. a just case as opposed to the lynching of dr. Hackett which we all know was fabricated by one joe scalise jr. aka flukeyou. once again why? whats the real reason joey? I think maybe I know

    • In think you do too. And yes I was totally wondering when the Hackett case will be dropped and one on Burke replaces it. Though I’m still not ready to believe no one in oak beach knows something.But I am ready for the truth what ever that is, as I know most everyone is.

      • Agreed…I think Brewer, well, lm not ready to say anything…About ANYONE just yet (JOE)….But sadly, mari is still on the Hackett train…Oh well…She soon will see the truth

      • I’m still way uneasy of both joes, and I still can see Hackett involved somehow… I can’t help it I see all ways even the most unlikely. I’m just happy that this is all gonna REALLY be looked at and I have no doubt will be solved now. Good job Linda, Too Close, Donna, Annie, Ca1 and everyone else who’s kept up with all it, from the games and agendas of people like Flukeyou, to the crazy attics of people like Dorothy, all the blogs and sites, to those of you that wanted to see justice for these women and their families and felt terrible about the way some messed with this case. That goes for others on Websleuths and places where they really tried to make a difference amongst some very questionable screen new and ideas, But most of all for the families of the victims who have had to deal with all of it and have been questioning the investigation from the beginning but never gave up no matter how ( and we now know this is true) much others worked against the truth coming out! Thank God for all of you! We now have real hope that justice and truth will come for everyone involved!

      • Thank God for you too Zero. Same goes for all the contributors here who have been waiting for more substantial justice in the case.

      • thanks, but its just doing whats right, good people have come together amongst some seriously deranged ones. thats’ the internet, and it needs more like us, cause the crazies are doubling up. but this case has become close to me. I’ have talked to so many involved and touched by it. it deserves closure in some way, it deserves truth! and now what most of us suspected seems to be true at why it wasn’t getting those answers. That time has changed though!

      • Oh he knows. Remember how Hackett supposedly called them out online for stalking him? “Evil people they be” I believe he said.

    • Hmmmm TCTH…I did say ALL will be revealed in time….I will wait for your thoughts, when all this is final…TY again

      • Connections! Real ones, being made! These news articles are just as you said Linda! Things are gonna move fast, which means I can’t waist my time on finishing that p post on Hmmm… and Candy. I have to bring up some old posts I didn’t finish, some LISK stuff that I abandoned for the time, because I’ve been waiting for this day. From the families of the victims to everyone who has been sucked up into this case one way or another. This is great news!

      • Screw all these NUT JOBS who did nothing but HURT the case more…THEY ARE POND SCUM…and of NO importance, NEVER WERE…

      • Well to be honest unless they are connected to Burke nothing they did could of helped or hurt since the chief of police was not letting anything real get through. But they a l l did hurt people involved in the case and people who’s only crime was to speak out against them. So yes they did hurt the case, but the case was doomed from the start,now that will changed. So I agree, no importance in the end just like many have said all along. Good bye nut gallery!

      • The only shitty thing about all of this is that the crime scene was decimated by Sandy from what I heard. Is that true? If so its probably still fine and case will be solved. Just sucks when agents can’t your the scene as it was when the bodies were there. I have a feeling many leads that were not followed up with will not solve this case. Leads like the calls made to Terri, MB’s boyfriend and possible pimp, after MB disappeared. Remember how Terri said that the SCPD never followed up on his insisting that the day MB disappeared she may have been with a an older gentleman who lives in LI and was a regular of hers. I believe Terri may have even known all the players that MB worked with in LI. I think this is one of many leads that Burke and otters tried to suffocate or neglected to follow up on – leads that the FBI now has access to and can use to solve this case! Amen!

    • And when you think of how they were ready to call Shannan and others like Natasha unrelated to LISK before they were found and calling Shannans death an accident before anyone could have known, in fact that is still not known. Some kind of LE involvement has been believed from the start, and I think most of us have been worried that is why the case moved the way it did. And chief of police explains a lot. Even if Burke isn’t involved in LISK, he covered it up, he didn’t want it solved. Why? Always the last question, why? Why did some try to help cover it up? And yes, why did Joe Scalise Jr. recruit so many ladies of questionable mental states to help him? I’m so ready for the whys to begin to be answered.

      • Im starting to think about something MD Rice has always ‘felt’ (RE:Gilgo 4)…These ladies MAY have very well been killed for a reason, because they knew too much…My mind is racing as a matter afact..IM NUMB…

        How many scumbags was Burke protecting…A dirtbag like him needs MAJOR ‘ears’ on the street…Who was Burke offering protection to on the streets????

        ….and Shannon was cooperating with Feds….

        Just NUMB

      • Yes, I have said this a few times, and the idea came from md rice and fieldnotes, that there was purpose to the killings, it wasn’t a random serial killer. Many have worried it involved sex trafficking, and I said it many times if it was and it was being covered up, then some one high up was involved. Again, it’s early, it can still go many different ways, but Burke covered it up for a reason! People did not want these cases solved, that’s not just some serial killer stuff. This is gonna be big.

      • I also believe with ALL MY HEART…The feds have been in on ‘all’ of this from early on…THEY ARE ANNOUNCING THIS IN A BIG ORGANIZED WAY…Im sure the press already knows whats coming…NEVER have i heard of bail being denied in such a matter!!!!

        And I believe Varrone and Dormer KNEW about Burke, and HATED HIM….Watch some of the old footage…See, not EVERY COP IS A SCUMBAG…NO WAY…Impossible, and I dont say this because mind mind ‘won’t let me go there’…..They FBI has been in on this for YRS…Im positive…and MANY will be going down…Right JOE..JB?? wonder now about the late JB…VERY politically connected…im sry, seeing ALL with NEW eyes, YET AGAIN

        THE WORLD WILL BE WATCHING…im calling it!

      • I find it odd, that a known ‘Drug House’ was never busted…If you were from Long Island, you’d get it…The cops were called there constantly, but no arrest…They were allowed to conduct ‘business as usual’…it never sat right w me..

        Again…just thoughts..

      • I agree Linda the FBI have been looking as much as they have been able to. The FBI has been staring into the abyss for some time now – finally the abyss is staring back. It is scary, but we will win. The wheels of justice spin so very slowly sometimes. This case is the perfect example. Many people have been compiling evidence and working very hard to get proof of things that we have yet to discover publicly. I do trust that when the web is revealed it will be very involved and will hang prominently on the front page of the LI press soon enough.

      • Some sort of LE involvement was going on from the start indeed, especially if we believe what LISK told Ananda Barthélemy himself – “I’m an NYPD cop. Have you filed a missing persons report yet for your sister?”

      • agreed, and shocked, even though many of us have discused these things, it’s still shocking to see it all play out now. and like i said to linda, it all fits, i’m ready for the truth, and i know all of you are as well

    • I just have to mention that in dorothy’s latest rants that try to make donna connected to “these sadistic men” she mentions Jen of course, and she says Cristin found snuf films for the FBI that lead to Nevada…lmfao… meaning me correct? damn i hope you are still out there MM7. your connections to Dorothy are again gonna haunt you, and although i have said any lawsuits against dorothy or Cristin are probably not winable, this changes everything, and dorothy still running her mouth is gonna not go lightly by me at least. Dorothy has made many hints that MM7 gave her info on me and helped link people for her. They both claim contacting mari, mari’s lawyer, and the fbi. I know at least some of that is true. so what these 2 have said about me and a lot of you is now very different as the truth about all of this comes out, and dorothy continues to bring mm7 into her screwed up ideas about us. I mean saying MM7 found snuff films and gave them the fbi and link them to nevada… none of that happened… mm7 ran far way because she knew her so called “help” in all this was all wrong. The connections between jen, Cristin, joey, and Dorothy now mean a lot more than they once did… oh and i cronicalized all of it, and will continue to. Anyone who has been slandered by anyone in dorothy and joey’s group I hope the fact that my blogs will be here telling the truth about them is always a google click away.

      • Oh Dorothy?? ya getting all this?? STOP STEALING MY INFO…You watch, shes gonna change her tune any second now…Sadly, the only info she ever had is what someone else writes (just like CRISTEN), then she twists it to add her BS, and ALL the people online who gave her a public spanking….HER TIME IS COMING….NOW SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…..We’ve given her enough, shes probably typing like mad

        AND DOROTHY PRICE HILL, i see you peeking on my FB, and i know whos IPs those are TSK TSK…BAD MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I think she tried to call me again… somene in that area has called me twice now. but i missed them. I wrote her as well on the SG FB page. I also noticed they shared a clip on the doc having a “panic attack” even though that’s not what the clip is. again, is he suspicious, hell yes, I’ve never said he wasn’t, but everyone seems to “know” and now hopefully we are really gonna know. Oh by the way, if you click on the link of the doc and look at the comments, i see truthspider and sussie.

      • When is the FBI going to announce it was Dorothy price Hills Jewelry on the murdered toddler????? Are they there yet Dot, one would think THATS VERY IMPORTANT INFO….CALL MELVILLE DOT, call BELLVUE…you stalking nut…You KNOW Donnas a woman, RIGHT??? You know she has a HUSBAND, RIGHT DOROTHY??????…you know Donnas number, RIGHT DUMBASS??? lmao…YOURE TOAST, useless, white TOAST

      • i love when she claims her family hired a PI….Yeah, dont get your back child support, with you ex all over FB…Great PI !! Dorothy Price Hill, we know your family doesn’t even speak to you…ARE YOU READY TO ‘Lick the Spoon???” You act like you were raised by a CULT….ARE you READY?? Weak ass shrew…come here, my brave Crusader of womens rights!!! Be that STRONG WOMEN your “WHOLE TOWN APPLAUDS”…. Your weak!!~

        ARE YOU???????????


      • Hey friends!

        I always suspected that the FBI was investigating behind the scenes. I mentioned a few times they would go over Shannan’s death with a fine tooth comb. I know I came here late, but I’m thankful for being here and meeting such great people. You all care about this case and we’ve all been waiting a long time for a resolution. I truly believe we’re going to get one!!! Justice for the victims and their loved ones. The obstruction charges for those who selfishly spread unfounded rumors and caused problems seeking justice, oh, all I have to say is karma is a bitch!!!!

        Thank you, friends, for teaching me so much. Love and hugs to each of you!

        Zero, congratulations on the new grandbaby. There’s nothing in the world like it. I am a proud grandmother!!!!

      • Im with Donna, never EVER let a prayer group go up for me…WHAT A DISGRACEFUL WAY TO HONOR SUCH A SAD STORY!! SHAMEFUL…YEP, that clip is BS, taken totally out of context…Must be a last DESPERATE attempt at what?? Ill shut up FOR NOW…Dont know what the Gilberts are thinking, but they sure have strange bedfellows..WHAT A SHAMEFUL THING

      • Grandpa Zero, are you willing to share if the babys a boy or a girl?? I have so much i want to say to you…Just know im thrilled for you and yours!!!!!!

      • Zero, youre not old, youre a young grandparent like me. And those grandbabies have the coolest grandpa ever!

      • “these sadistic men”

        Speaking of sadistic men and MM7..Oh forget it….And id love to see the collection of her home movies, yeah…

        PEOPLE IN FUCKING GLASS HOUSES, huh?? Glass fucking pipe…and Dotty girl, according to YOUR REAL NEIGHBORS, your CHURCH, well….They’ll be applauding when ur ass gets sued, thats what WE HEAR, FROM THEM…Oh yeah, and they reached out…No one would stalked ur scrawny ass…need proof…Itsa comin……….God, the list of people you pissed off in your own community…WOW, just not too bright…Not at all…Keep talking, you send all your enemies to us, TY 🙂


      • she will never stop, once LISK is solved, and i’m really hopeful that that’s what is on it’s way to happening, Miss Dooty Trump will continue her rhetoric someplace else, hurting new people. and she’ll find a place for all of us as well as her ex in what ever thing she latches onto then. which is why i said long ago, dorothy and this blog are life long friends

      • lol, i know there’s another 3rd times a charm joke in there, i really try to stay away from those… but at least the life of this blog, and it’s gonna be here a while.

      • Yes, i saw that Zero, i missed it cause i cant shut up, my bad brotha 😦 Congratulations again!!!

      • Wow BOB WOW…So, Dorothy Price Hills ex reached out to Zero???!!!……I expect 2016 to kick off with a bang!!!!! SHE WAS THE ABUSER HE SAYS, HUH??? Do tell, oh MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! DISgusting…hahaha

      • she just brought up some corn dog murder in florida, trying to say that theres some connection to fright dome, damn she’s pushing it, you are correct Linda, 2016 has dorothy’s name all over it. reading through her latest comments. she’s really pushing the idea that she got these so called connections from Cristin. I googled it by the way, no connection. freaking nuts. Good, Cristin can be a big part of the blog again as well. here’s to 2016!

      • lmao! I actually figured it out, the guy who murdered his roomate in Florida over a corndog has the same name as someone who workes at fright dome with me. back when Dorothy and cristin were diging up info on me was the season fright dome did The Collector and Dorothy wrote about the director of the movie being connected to me and therefore part of her stories, way stupid stuff, she actually was trying to bring horror movie directors into it, but anyway, there are articles out there with the name of the guy playing collector for us, a good friend of mine and i worked with him a long time, and his name is the same as that florida guy, lol, so of course everyone with the same name is the same person… there is no connection between fright dome and “the corn dog murders” just more of Dorthy’s crazy thoughts turned into internet terrorism!

  11. On a lighter note : nan nan may have posted her last pic of Michelle Obamas PENIS. or be-heading..Not nice nan nan…Just dont learn do ya?? Always with the timeout!! TSK TSK

      • Guilty as charged too…Look, FB’s response took less than an hr this morning…Most def (for nan AND FB), a sign for the best i believe…Good luck Nan Nan…Im sure ill ‘see’ u by xMas, if i know FB….Stay away from ur neighbors pets, PLEASE????? 😦

  12. While we’re passing time, and speaking of Nan: One of the saddest thongs i ever read, was when Nan was committed, due to her warrant from court…SHE literally BEGGED Dorothy Price Hill to help her….Dorothy didnt respond for 3 days, even though she was all up in nans head 10 times a day until that moment….Dot was all like: “oh my, my cell was broken, are you Ok??” Ive posted it, still have it (so do you zero)…One day, sooner than later, the real Dorothy, will be exposed by more than a fake FB character………Dont trust ANYONE DOTTY, Ya NEVA KNOW

    DTA, my little dope

  13. Latest: burke is Lawyered up the kazoo, as you know…They even tried to suppress the press from yesterdays proceedings….Know his lawyers will not make this easy…

    • It’s going to be interesting! His lawyers will have a hard time shutting down the press!

      BTW, where do the house a convicted, disgraced, former police chief safely? Not that I care about his safety, I’m just curious about his future. Lol

      • As of now, He’s being held in ‘protective’ custody @ Brooklyn Federal detention center..How bout this shit, no matter what his involvement, i cant wrap my head around the larger implications here…A totally corrupt police Dept, he disgraced the whole SCPD, at a time when its not so easy to be a cop on the streets…What fitting punishment is there for this man, regardless of his actual involvement?? Think about the whole domino effect here..sickening…And no matter what they eventually charge him with, convict him of…It’ll only ever be the tip of the iceberg, im sure.

        The idea that our trusted SERVANTS were THIS corrupt, has me literally sick to my stomach…Lawsuits are going to RAIN down on Suffolk County, costing the taxpayers millions….What a complete betrayal…Im at a loss…And as we know, shit always rolls downhill…how much, how far reaching does the knowledge of this corruption lead…..WHAT A DISGRACE….Shocking as it may be, im at a loss to express myself…Im numb.

        Although this news will undoubtedly reveal much about these horrific murders..Its also one of the most depressing days ive had in awhile…THIS was never the news i expected or wanted…Cops have always been heros to me..SMFH…

        Love you guys!

  14. To catch everyone up, Burke helped testify in a murder case when he was around 14. I believe this is the landmark case of DA Spota’s career. Spota later would help appoint Burke as chief of SCPD. Burke was Spota’s golden boy as his testimony helped seal the convictions in that 1979 murder case. So when the bodies were found in the LISK case, Burke seemed to make some curious decisions without Spota checking him – like disbanding the Gang Task Force unit and getting rid of their top three vice detectives. The gang task force unit deals specifically with street crimes – human and drug trafficking being a large part of gang also works with the FBI. everyone was hoping Weber would push for a more thorough investigation into the LISK case and that he would push Burke to put more man power out to solve it. This didn’t really happen. But then Burke was busted for abusing and holding this kid hostage bc the kid stole a bag of porn/sex toys from Burke’s car. The kid was shackled to the ground, beat, and strangled until he passed out be detective Anthony Leto and 2 other cops. Now that Tim Sini is commissioner we see much more movement in this case. It seems as though these shifts of power are what was necessary in order to finally bring Burke down and get the department to allow the FBI to aid in the investigation in a more substantial way. Burke took every possible avenue he could to get the FBI out of involvement with the LISK case and other crimes possibly involving gangs/prostitution/human trafficking/drug trafficking.

    • Oh and again never forget how Detective Verone (a good man!) left the precinct and moved over to Huntington to help with their gang task force. I feel Verone was upset with Burke and Burke’s department. Verone is the man who has been adamant that Hackett is not involved and also wanted to stress that LISK mentioned being in the NYPD. Verone left the department bc he knew something dirty was going on. I have faith Verone has info that has helped the FBI. I wish someone such as Verone were chief. He doesn’t fuck about.

      • For me, I think maybe money is a motivating factor for Burke. Perhaps he is being paid off to keep certain ppl out of trouble. Could be everything from taking money from gangs/unions to keep them from incarceration to taking bribes from ppl to help them get out of hot water. Sex seems to also be a motivating factor given that he had toys/porn on him while working. Not convinced that Burke is LISK, but I do think perhaps Burke is protecting LISK whether LISK be a lone killer or an actual gang of killers. Who is Burke protecting and why?

      • Hey Annie, welcome back. I remember when the pius thing happened. That one and the kelly ann tinyes case always stuck with me. It was surprising when i saw all that come up in this

      • Hey Donna ❤️ Ugh it’s crazy how deep this all goes really. I need to learn more about the Tinye case. The Pius case still
        Confused me as far as how they were able to prove who all was involved.

      • Oh I’ll defo check it out then. Donna have you seen this special? I think they play the audio of LISKs call in it. Watching it now for first time! Check out this video on YouTube:

      • Hm doesn’t seem to be LISKS voice but they tried to make it seem like that on the ads. Still a good special.

      • It’s the dark minds special. Was on in July of this year. They are saying that all victims died of strangulation though.

  15. Omg you guys this witness with her suspect on the special… I never knew about this guy. I also never knew about the “timeout” dolls that were put at the crosses of the victims. Wtf?!

    • you didn’t know about the timout dolls? they were discused on webslueths and then after that episode of dark minds i talked about them here as well. and whats’ with that so called informer? so the dolls link back to a mechanic right? i found a comment by nerd (pretending to be Flukeyou, i know so many playing games)from Cristins blog where Nerd mentions a mechanic “at that garrage off Commack road near bay shore road in deer Park.” I wonder if this is the same mechanic

    • nerd had asked the drifter (again nerd was posting as Flukeyou) if the drifter knew this mecahanic. i don’t think it was answered and MM7 evenentually pulled all NERD comments where he pretended to be her of Fluke

      • The timeout dolls are used often at automobile shows. It adds an element of kitschy cute supposedly. They are also called corner dolls. it is something that someone like an automobile mechanic who goes to car shows might have access to. I’m not convinced this mechanic is the killer, but it was pretty brave of that woman to go on camera. I still am wondering about Newl Falls. The FBI has been SO tight lipped on that investigation that me thinks perhaps maybe he was involved in many cases across the USA and the FBI is having to catch up with it all. I kind of think also that maybe the Falls news lit a fire under LE’s ass in general to solve cases that many believe might have been committed by him. i certainly won’t know who LISK is until FBI solves the case very soon. But again, their tight lipped nature about Neal Falls should make us wonder what is really going on with the cases that many began suspecting he was the perp of. Burke just was incompetent and egotistical. He called his detectives who worked with him his “palace guards”. He was known to be bragging about nearly killing that junkie in custody to everyone at precinct and that is what sealed his fate. Not every cop is a nasty son if a bitch who likes to beat up kids bc it reminds him of the “good ole days when he was a young cop”. Fuck you Burke. While you were busy jacking Off and halting a very important serial killer investigation in an innocent little island community we were here finding out the truth about you and spreading it as far as we could do that the citizens and your peers would want you held accountable. Good luck pig.

      • Annie, why would Burke nearly kill this addict, and try so desperately to retrieve that bag..His ego?? Some porno?? I dont think so..What if that tape had one of the victims on it?? the addict didnt just call it porn, he called it “sick porn”…again, my Fed connect swears hes involved… ..and it was you who opened my eyes to the fact that, the calls to the victims families smacked of inside info, info only a cop would have?? remember?? You explained it so well…..And what does Burkes longtime prostitute girlfriend know? quite bit im sure…Im all over the place here…but i also think Brewer has been working with Feds from the jump…Hes still on my radar…

      • Oh Cristen, you stupid girl, why would you pull THOSE comments, but let flukes and jen post as others…Youre a sneaky, stupid, dangerous woman…Hope youre found t guilty of obstructing justice…

      • yes, she never let on about Fluke and his many screen names on her blog. and she made as if her phone calls to hinm were nothing. He had nothing to do with her blog. all her… well then it was all her a Jen. (which Jen is a big player in all that, i strongly believe it) but it was all of them, Jen, Joe, Cristin, and Dorothy. They all worked together as well as messed with each other. Cristin can down play it all and run away saying I have it all wrong. But they are the core nuts. And THEY all worked together at some point.

      • Oh I remember Linda! Burke has always been in my Hinky meter since hearing about his indiscretions. And I agree – there must have been something on that “nasty porn” video. Perhaps it did have footage of a victim. Honestly it’s all so unbelievable to me that I play devil’s advocate more often than I should. I guess It’s just hard to believe someone so influential like Burke could be such a monster and be connected to LISK, but often we find truth is much stranger than fiction!

      • It almost seems like Burke’s ego may have been to blame for the case not getting solved. I mean some departments are so pig headed and want to “win” the case and keep the FBI out of it.

      • I totally from the jump..I relate to that NUMB feeling…But i KNOW its true, its the extent im not sure of..THIS IS TRUE..And ive been the loudest supporter for LE from the jump….Surreal doesnt sum it up..

        Sry bout the ever changing?? Face thing^^ Its me, Linda 😦

      • Annie, from what im being TOLD, this IS bigger than Burkes EGO..Yep EVEN bigger..What a scumbag MF! We are very likely looking at the MONSTER behind some of these killings…THIS coming from FBI..ITS THE TRUTH…One must wonder how many more bodies/crimes have been covered up…This thing is gonna be HUGE….What a DISGRACE

    • Yes…We discussed these dolls after this special…A woman came forward to say her mechanic boyfriend( who she feared) had quite a collection…

      • in some threads and comments I read, people questioned if that was a real person who came forward or if the show and LE used it to get the info out there. Either way, it was kind of strange.

      • Im with you Zero: I recall the ‘doll thing’ was some kind of ‘bait’…im certain we would have heard about them sooner (and much more DRAMATICALLY) sigh…what a mess…

      • Yea, why keep the doll thing so hush hush, even in Websleuths it was a limited conversation. Then suddenly put it all out there in a detective show only to dismiss it at the end of the show. From the beginning I’ve had a hard time telling if LE was being misleading to try to stay ahead of the killer or if something more sinister is going on. But I guess we will find out.

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