It’s snowing on the blog again! That means I’m way behind on these posts. Gotta get all this new crazies stuff out so we can move on to some other important stuff. Before we know it the year will be over, and that means a new “Top 10 Fuck Yous”, I wonder who will make the list. .lol.

Well, stay warm out there everyone…I’ll do my best to help by heating things up on the blog.

Now where was I? Oh yea…

12 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. Linda,

    Very interesting. Six degrees of separation. I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. Need to ponder.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones in San Bernardino.

    • I was just in San Bernardino and riverside the weekend before, I’m shocked beyond words. The crazies and radicals can not win. But who is not crazy and radical? It’s time for everyone to really question what is going on… are we doomed to fight our demons and enemies till there is no one left, or can we see how we are all part of this… all of us.

      • Zero, my mind went staight to you when I heard this news…Youre beloved California 😦 What possible answers are there at this point…Its up to ‘us’, as individuals…. can anyone lead in this mess thats been allowed to fester and grow?? IDK….Trumps out of the race, if that’s of ANY comfort, some tiny sign its possible to for rational thought to rise again?? i truly dont know…Can we start here?…You are missed…You too CA!..and D, well you know how I feel about you…lets stay close…

      • Heading to San Bernardino and redlands right now. Have friends and family in the area. Will be back and blogging this weekend… as far as trump, don’t rule him out yet. But he has made this all so much more dangerous. I was fine with him messing up the race, found it exciting. But now it’s different. He is endangering the world and the racist bigots of America’s internet are jumping on that boat. Ugh. Sometimes it sucks to be right, but the internet is a powerful growing tool we are using in all the wrong ways… isn’t that where I attempted to go with the red and black? Or even what I wrote at the beginning of this blog a few years ago? I have to admit… I’m a little worried that I am too right.

    • Hey Donna! Thank you for asking. She has an inoperable tumor on her jaw. Our vet doesn’t recommend radiation or chemotherapy because of her age and because the infection has weakened her. We will keep her comfortable and watch the tumor. We don’t know if it’s fast or slow growing. It’s a matter of time, I’m praying we have a lot more with her.

      • Yes, enjoy your time with your fury friend, we are going through the same here with our pets. One of our 3 cats died last year and the other 2 are just as old and we know their time is short. Our Oscar fish died last month, he was very old and just a fish, but he had lots of personality. I miss that fish. We seem to be creating a pet cemetery in our back yard lately.. But we had long joyous years with our pets, they become part of our families.

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