One Last Nut Gallery Post Before The New Year

Alright, that last post took way to long to write. I almost gave up on it, I would go to it, get bored and find it really so unimportant with all that was going on in the world right now. Then all the latest news of the LISK case and Burke, so I quickly finished it to get it out-of-the-way. I know that it’s not a good thing to jump the shark, but we made it through safely… I hope.

I really wanted to blog about 3 new people who contacted me over the last few months, but I have things to get to and this isn’t the post for them. They need their own posts. Plus only one of them is really  nut gallery. One possible nut gallery, one I’m still not sure why they contacted me, and one I really am interested in what they have to say. They will have to wait till next year though.

I guess the only real one that needs bringing up is Dorothy… go figure.

With all that’s going on in Suffolk County as of lately, Dorothy has something to say about it:

dph 12-10-15

Yes, wheels are turning. But no thanks to you Dorothy, in fact you still can’t stop making false accusations and straight out lies about the case:

dph donna1

dph donna3

Threats? Lmao, she’s such a little terrorist. I wouldn’t start on Donna though. And no, that’s not a threat, just a helpful observation.

Still bringing up Cristin. Nevada? Is that about me? You and Cristin dug up squat together… you both know it. But stick to your rhetoric, should I call you Trump from now on? Miss Dooty Trump… ha ha ha, that’s funny, thanks for the assist on that one, Linda!
Why do you want to still bring up Cristin? All it does is make me want to show just what kinds of stuff you and Cristin did come up with together. But no time for that this year, and besides, it’s all out there, right?

I like how you used a K instead of a C, wasn’t that done before on a certain blog Cristin helped out with after she took down her own blog Catching LISK (though I heard that blog of lies is still out there, lol). That reminds me… does anyone remember this comment left on that certain blog Cristin helped with:

jjw mari blog

Was interesting back then, very interesting now.

Well, that’s all the time I got for the “Team”.

But here’s one final place this year to comment on the likes of Dorothy, Joey, Cristin, Nancy, Jen, and any of the others.

But I know there are other things to talk about right now…

I’m getting there.


21 thoughts on “One Last Nut Gallery Post Before The New Year

    • Interesting indeed, as NOTHING would shock me…But before we take anything on THAT blog seriously, please remember who ran it, and was behind it…OKAY

      RE Dorothy Price Hill….No need for me to on about what she did to me, her stalking of me, calling my job, my FB friends and posting my fathers obit with most (its since almost doubled thanks to babies!!) of my families names on it, btw, i did take THAT as a threat, and called the cops, this, back when i was a bit more naive, and living alone with a cast and 3 broken ribs…NOW, what she has done to ZERO is an outrage!!! She did the same stalking of him, as was done to me, but oh so much worse…Im sry buddy (but reaping time is near, feel me??)…Dot ran like the WEAK online terrorist she is, as soon as she ‘met’ Sassy, Zeros wife..Haha, never mentioned her again…Please do remember people i met Zero, i was MUCH less wary of meeting him, as he was me, but i must say, if youre the jealous type (like Dorothy), there much to ‘hate’, lol….Hes a wonderful,, well loved man..and so is his family, who he is VERY involved and invested in..A great husband, father and Grandpa!!! And thats where im headed here: I DO believe Dorothy is jealous of Zero (of all of us to some extent)…I dont know if its a romantic thing, or if she just HATES reading about other peoples happiness, which Zero has much of!! His life is overflowing with family, friends/co workers, is WELL spoken of by all.. and most of all, he has a very, well, FUN filled life!!!!..Lots of laughter, which im sure helps him blow these nuts off (and many times empathize with them)…He truly did try to help Nancy, which has all been put in writing!! In fact, although nan is sick, and said some terrible things, way back when, he devoted a post (with all of us giving supportive comments) SEE, WE HAVE WRITTEN PROOF!! THAT MEANS FACT!! PROOF DOROTHY PRICE HILL TALKS ABOUT- BUT NEVER DELIVERS ON…NOT ONCE, NOT EVER…but im getting ahead of myself..

      * I have to be careful here* Obviously Zero, myself, and Donna (not to mention other members here i wont reveal) and MANY others who dont comment here…all speak off blog…Some of us, much more than others..and we respect these relationships…..Im writing this because i dont ‘pass’ everything i comment by Zero, although in the past, i asked if I had permission to write certain things..Things WE discuss off blog regarding LISK, and the nut gallery….I want to be careful here, because OH HOW WOULD HATE TO RUIN ANY SURPRISES, or destroy trust…*

      Now, enter Donna…Another member, who has been INSTRUMENTAL to say the least, in among other things, exposing gamers..ITS HER SPECIALTY, which is all i can say…So yeah, DONT EVER UNDERESTIMATE HER, or mistake her true, kind nature for stupidity…Well Dorothy, in usual CUNT form ( im sry, thats a nasty, nasty word, but its what she is), has now focused her harassment AND TERRORISTIC ways toward Donna…Of course this is simply because Donna sees right through her, and DARE i say been contacted by people that know DOROTHY…MANY OF US HAVE…I said CONTACTED..Thats right, they too have been victims of her over the years, see her name in ‘Google’, and automatically reach out…Reach out for help, an ear, and TO share THEIR EXPERIENCE….Again, ITS ALL BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT, INDISPUTABLE FACTS THAT DOROTHY PRICE HILL HAS NEVER ONCE DENIED…So yes, now Donna is BEING STALKED BY DOROTHY PRICE HILL…YES, Dorothy Price Hill, has contacted her family, in more ways than one…and said horrible things about her…BTW, her latest comments about Donna being a man, which she has called all of us women, at one point, (she used to say transgendered men, btw) she knows is a lie..SHE KNOWS DONNA IS WHO SHE SAYS SHE IS, THAT SHE HAS A HUSBAND…and shes not shy about mention peoples children too..Talk about a TERRORIST,..AGAIN, YOU CUNT!! See, this aint LIBEL, cause we HAVE SHOWN THE WRITTEN PROOF…AND THERES SO MUCH MORE TO COME

      Okay heres the part im nervous about, so let me try and be as clear as i can without breaking confidences….

      Mari Gilbert KNOWS who EACH OF US ARE (Me, ZERO DONNA)..She knows exactly who we are…She has had background checks handed to her on a few of us, but thats not the only reason…I cant say much more for now, BUT KNOW THIS: MARI ISNT INTERESTED IN ONE WORD DOROTHY HAS TO SAY ABOUT US…AND WHEN ZERO’S READY, IT WILL BE WRITTEN AND PROVED……Just as Cristen publically has told Dorothy “your lies are disgusting’, ‘I INVESTIGATED ZERO”…She went so far, this “STELLAR INVESTIGATOR”, (per DOT, LMAO) as to write on FB, TO DOROTHY PRICE HILL…”Zero doesnt have so much as a parking ticket” …At this same time, I was communicating with Cristen by email, as was Zero, and she told me Dorothy is INSANE…Not only that, she said Dorothy ALONE, has caused her so much grief and anger, as Cristen was beginning, not just a new job, but a new life, and wanted her NAME left out of ALL FUTURE posts (too bad huh, Cristen??)….Well of course, WE kept our end of the deal, not revealing her personal info, but guess who did, HER BUDDY DOROTHY!! and she remains FURIOUS WITH DOROTHY TODAY…See Dorothy doesnt even listen when her so called freinds ask her to STFU….I look back and laugh, because when id speak to Cristen, she say “look at Dorothy blowing up my messages, and i dont even respond”…SHE LAUGHS AT DOROTHY…AND I COPIED IT TO ZERIOS BLOG..

      The rest of the people who contacted Zero, well you’ll have to wait for that…BUT ITS NO SECRET, MARI THINKS DOT IS NUTS..FACT..

      So heres my DARE to Dorothy PRICE HILL: You keep saying you have DOCUMENTED,ARCHIVED PROOF that we are all somehow connected to the LISK case…Well PUT UP OR STFU, after 5 years!! POST UR PROOF, ANYTHING…ANY REAL CONNECTION..prove it…LOL, not that most will see it…We know for a FACT, 90 percent of people on Shannons prayer page have Dorothy Price hill blocked, lmao!! Now Dorothy, dont get all cryptic again Dont just drop evrey name you Google, all crazy unnconnected thoughts, i might add, PROVE YOUR BS…Mark my words, she will respond by saying ” I cant reveal my info, as its part of an INVESTIGATION”…Be BOLD AND STRONG..DO IT, I DARE YOU…In fact, hand it over to the families, DOESNT MARI HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW…

      God, she is dumb…By the way, can you believe she accuses us of these (OR ANY) crimes, yet we are SO BOLD, Even as we know the FBI is watching, to continue to be part of this blog!!


      Sry for such a long comment, but it will be my last..See I KNOW whats coming (well some of it), and DOROTHY PRICE HILLS JAW IS GONNA DROP…All we have to do is sit back, let her keep talking, and she will, lol…and wait for her to finally be exposed, which will of course, become her Google LEGACY 🙂

      • what a great comment. Thank you Linda, man, that says it al, dosen’t it? And let me clear some of it up. I have spoken to mari only a few times, she has also commented on my blogs, mari has a blog that many of us has commented on back and forth with Mari. And mari had said there she would love to talk to me and to find her on facebook. we talked a little there and i said I had a concern talking with her because I knew she talked with dorothy and joey. her reply was that she no longer talks to dorothy because she has found her to be crazy. Mari’s words not mine. I have no problems with mari though i do feel her contact with the likes of Flukeyou/joey, who i still believe has her ear, stirs her in wrong directions, many of us don’t understand why the gilberts allow Dorothy to put up our names or our families names, when doerothy put up Linda’s father’s orbituary listing Linda’s entire famuly, that’s just unforgivable and does no one justice or help any one find truth. I have skipped this side to the story as much as possible because i understand that the gilberts are trying to get to the truth, and i hold the gamers responsible, Dorothy, Jen, Cristin, Joey. And all the countless others out there. and yet people still see us as bad guys, because some of you really care about this, and I took on the choir of weeding out these wannabes and nut cases. That’s the internet for ya.

      • she does. well at least she should. both her and cristin saw your email from when you commented on the blog they both worked on. so they at least know you are one of 2 people. which is weird that Joey still dosen’t know. which is why maybe we souldn’t even be bringing this back up publicaly, lol.

    • now this was written back when Burke was first being accused of the whole sex tape beating stuff, so who ever wrote that obviously had inof on what was going on with burke, so they might have just been saying, hey, check and see if Fluke is connected to Burke, or maybe they were saying there is a connection. Dose any one know who made that comment? mari and cristin must… it is there blog after all. I really wish (and i’ve said this from the beginning) people would play so many sneaky games thinking they are getting someplace… get it all out there, if someone has something put it out there, everyone always playing in the shadows trying to catch a serial killer… FBI is now on the case, so if you got something people, go to them!

      • “Does anyone know who made that comment? mari and cristin must…”

        What an observation!! Surely now Mari at the very least MUST WANT, NEED to know who made THAT comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ones memory must be atounding when it comes to ANY detail that may lead to an answer to your childs tragic passing…Mari, Do yopu see what Zero has just pointed out??? How bout you MM7?/ Surely you want SOME good to come of your harm twisting of the ‘facts’ in this case…Surely YOU MUST HAVE SOME CONSCIENCE about the hurtful/harmful pandora’s box you opened!!! Dont you owe this to NOT JUST MARI??!! We shall see…

        Unless of course you both were in on this comment?? What other POSSIBLE reason would there be for this NOT too raise a HUGE red flag, considering the News of BURKE.?? Yes, indeed what possible reason to suppress THIS??

        Well it does matter to me!! Again, MARK MY WORDS: Tomorrow, without fail, I will make sure I do my part in making sure the local FBI see that comment…Youre welcome in advance..Im far too LOYAL AND indebted to those who have been hurt quite enough, who worked and cared so much, to let this go!! Know IT!!

        Anyone hear from Annie?? She opened my eyes WIDE, quite eloquently and patiently.., so detailed were her timelines, backed up with credible sources and links, she made so clear the motives for certain of LE’s resignations, relocations and bitter resentments within law enforcement…It was she, who, for the first time, SERIOUSLY opened my eyes up to the real possibility of Police involvement and corruption…YES, it was said by Dooty price Hill, but i dismissed much of what she said yrs ago, because she is an evil, lying bitch, who purposely misled many ,who THREW EVEN OUR NAMES into the mix, for the SOLE purpose of revenge and, well, attn and sympathy FOR HERSELF…I find her DISgusting!! I must contact Annie, she was right on about so much, took so much time with me..

        Be lucky, you lying bastards, that some nut like yourselves, didnt take you seriously, and meat out there own sense of street justice on any of the SEVERAL innocent people you’ve lied about, accused so many with no PROOF!! Of atrocities no less!..Irresponsible ASSHOLES…Yet youre all the 1st to cry when YOUR OWN families TRUE dirty laundry and crimes have been thrown back at you..HYPOCRITES…We’ve already seen karma take effect on some of you, how’d that work!! Luckily no one was physically harmed on either side because of your callousness and sick need for attn..

        ZERO, TCTH, Donna,Annie, CA1, Mdrice..just too many to name…TY so much for your time and patience with me, for trusting me…What an honor, what a worthwhile journey!! i look very forward to continuing!! LOVE YA!

      • and dorothy and her croonies continue on that memorial FB, how sad, well, gloves off. be ready for the next post. It’s a forshadow of things to come in 2016!

      • Love ya miss Linda. Love you all. Sorry I have been MIA have been helping a lot with some other cases.

      • no need for apologies, you keep doing your thing, i know quite a few of you are out there helping every day. i said it before, i’m very proud of some of the readers I have picked up. truely some angels here.

      • The fact that Dot believes the FBI would be interested in any drama she has created is laughable. They only care about the LISK case not the wackos trying to insert themselves into it bc they are bipolar, paranoid, motormouthed, and narcissistic.

    • It is almost creepy how I have a bit of ESP with the LISK case. Just googled Long Island serial
      Killer after months of not having time to think of the case bc if other things – and find that FBI joins investigation! Thank goodness! Hopefully Dot can STFU and not confuse everyone this time… Oh wait too late!

      • Oh and for the record, I’m
        Glad Burke resigned. I hope he isn’t innocent of wrong doing bc if so he lost his position, but it seems that maybe he really was the monster ppl and reports have so long painted him to be.

      • there seems to be no doubt about that now, and at the very least he helped cover up cases, why? well, just the fact that he’s a dirty cop can explain why he dosen’t want outsiders poking their noses in his backyard… but i feel this is all heading downhill now, answers and arrests lining up as we speak!

      • ANNIE! yes, things are moving, and public announcement that chief of police purposely misled or stopped progresion of the LISK case! ITS ABOUT TIME!

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