One More For Dorothy And Her Enablers

I know, I said that last post was the last on the nut gallery for this year. But Dorothy and her cronies can’t STFU! Well let me help that once more.

First off, let’s look at a few of the many things Dorothy has written about me:

new DPH fb1dph sgm zero 8-6-15

Just drops in an ocean of slander, and I’m just one of hundreds that Dorothy likes to lie about and connect to her delusional ideas. Dorothy loves to say her friend Cristin found out stuff about me and yet anyone who has paid attention knows, while yes Cristin dug into my private life and of course gave stuff to Dorothy in some way that helped Dorothy’s corrupt mind come up with names and ideas to throw my way, that even Cristin has said I am not connected to anyone or anything involving LISK:

zero Fb cristin1

And I have so much more from Cristin, what she has had to say about Dorothy, what she has admitted to doing, working with Dorothy even though she knew Dorothy was not stable, contacting Mari’s lawyer with crap about Hackett that obviously came from the help of Dorothy and Joey, oh, just so much stuff when it comes to Cristin. So keep bringing up her name Dorothy. Remind me how it was Cristin who gave you all my personal information which you then twisted into lies and fake connections to your ex husbands, Brewer, Burke, etc. Your big detective friend admits right here, that it is all crap. Oh and Cristin, I did not fail in my investigations, it was just ongoing at the time and very difficult to decipher with all the lies you, Joey, Jen, and Dorothy created out there.

All this and so much more I have put out for those of you blind to Dorothy. So that those involved in her comments and private emails and messages may open your eyes. And yet some of you still don’t see, not only how bad what Dorothy is doing is, but that how wrong it is to encourage her or enable her. You are making her more delusional believing in her crap and you are helping to hurt all sorts of innocent people.

But if you still don’t see it, maybe this will work:

LISK Megan on DPH

That’s an old clip I’ve had for a while now. I found it long ago while trying to figure out who Dorothy was. And if that doesn’t do it, how bout what Mari told me about Dorothy:

mari dot mental

If you guys still don’t get how dangerous it is to have Dorothy all over the internet making up stuff about anyone who she feels is against her, messing with real cases and real lives, well then maybe you are also mentally unstable. Again not my words, everyone who knows Dorothy, tells me this about her, I’m just saying if you can’t see it, maybe you should get a check up as well.

Dorothy often uses words like “attack” and “threats” and I’m sure this will all come across as both to her, but I just want to state some facts.

Fact: Dorothy is going to continue to post slanderous, lies about me and other innocent people all over the internet.

Fact: I’m going to continue writing posts like this (I  literary have tons of emails and messages and social media posts that I haven’t even touched on yet, but I will)

Fact: Some of you are going to continue to “LIKE” her stuff and encourage her delusions.

Fact: Some of you may find yourself in one of her rants or one of my post as well.


14 thoughts on “One More For Dorothy And Her Enablers

  1. Dorothys buddies see nothing wrong with what she does because they do the same. For them to see the truth about her would mean they would have to face the truth about themselves. They dont want truth, they just to be hateful and hurtful under the guise of advocacy.

    • Dorothy buddies, are always women who have been left by their spouses, and lost custody of their children, most of them eventually dump Dorothy too…..Love how Dorothy Price Hill once accused us of ‘attacking’; Scalise, yet now she ‘s turned on him too, know why: He left her dumb ass too, lol….Do you think her new dumb ass buddy even remotely cares she ranting on a Prayer page dedicated to Shannon?? Well then again, the Gilberts dont seem to mind….And THAT speak volumes….Very SAD volumes…poor Shannon

    • Yes thank you! They hardly fit the personality profile you would find for the advocate humanitarian type. Lol in fact my personality type, INFJ, is called “the advocate”. We are known for that in psychology. I’m convinced ppl like Dorothy have a little bit too much of the extroversion going on rather than introversion. What I guess I mean is that I believe many ppl get into advocacy for the attention that assuages their extroverted “look at me” nature. I don’t get it. Why help if at the end of the day you know it is for dirty reasons? None of us are perfect and certainly not me, but I can say that my intent and motivation for advocacy is based on my wanting justice for the victim’s and to get the TRUTH out.

      • Annie, its so weird that you said those letters. Someone asked me to take a personality test and I did. It was enfp. I asked her what that meant, but she would only tell me dont worry, its not bad. Do you know if its bad to be that one?

      • Lol none of them are bad! It just means you and I are the same but you are more extroverted or social than I am. You and I are both Advocates, with you being the more outgoing of the both of us. 🙂 hope you are doing well today. Ppl like Dot etc are just probably personality type NUTS. Hehe.

      • Also Donna our personality types fall under a category of altruism. If anything we are defo not bad!

  2. Dorothy Price Hill is a mentally unstable woman that suffers from a severe case of Borderline Personality Disorder, perhaps causing or aided by her own martyr complex. Worrying about what she says or does is ridiculous, because it does not follow sane human logic – it follows the logic of someone that MJST have attention, in any and all ways. The NARCISSISM is palpable, you can cut it with a knife.

    The worst thing that you can do to a narcissist is to simply ignore them. Let then suffer with a lack of response, with a lack of recognition. But yet Dorothy screams so loudly, so shrilly, and so insistently, that such a tactic is very difficult.

    I am the one person in this world most affected by her insanity, besides our two children. I made my choice to sleep with her (although it was her choice to lie to me to ensure she got pregnant on our 5th date), tying our lives together – I feel terrible for those that have had no choice, but are simply the victims of her unwanted attention. I probably did my bit to help create the monster that she is now – her first divorce intensified aspects of her personality that already existed, and my escape from her “reign of terror” that was our marriage made her ever the more vindictive towards the world. For my role in creating what she is now, I apologize to those that she chases and abuses.

    Still, as we close the year and enter the Holiday Season, I for one welcome the spotlight that Zero puts on her, as a defence to any and all that must suffer her attentions. Thanks Zero, and may you and yours have a wonderful Holidays.

    • FutureShock999, Wow, everything you said, we pictured DPH to be…Has she ever been diagnosed?? Do you you feel the kids are safe with her?? Is it true she has restraining orders against her, as some have suggested??

    • happy holidays to you as well. and of course, wow! I was wondering if I had heard the last of you, i’m glad i didn’t and thank you for the comment. I have to say a couple things on this subject. I often give the same advice to people. Leave them alone and they will move on. and for the most part they do. Dorothy though likes to stick to people long after they have moved on. Still I must point out, doing what i do only makes her dig her heels in to you. The more you engage her the more vicious and frequent her attacks on you are. (i feel weird calling them attacks because that is her word, but i think most of us see that dorothy says things about others she knows are about herself)so i agree, it’s best to just ignore dorothy.
      so why don’t i take my own advice, well again, thanks to this comment, which i think is prety daring and i will explain this before i go on, most of Dorothy’s comments on you (dorothys first husband for those trying to keep up) are not evil ones, she dosent say you tried to kill her like she does about Wolff, and dosent link you to LISK as much as him or others. she mostly says sad things about you which i wont rehash because we have all read them. And i’m guessing you being so far away and staying away is what keeps you out of the headlines of her criminal knowledge.(again i’m going but what i have read, i know she still links you to things, after all she said you and i owned some bussiness in nevada that linked us both to criminal activities) so coming here and speaking out is a very couragous move, and many here appreciate it. i’ll leave it at that.
      back to why i don’t take my own advice, part is because it is helpful and theraputic for some to see dorothy put in her place and exposed before her peers (tear down the walls!) it’s also entertaining for people who just can’t believe someone like dorothy is real (she is), but most importantly she has hurt people, i cant even imagine the extent of what you went through to keep you so far from your kids knowing she is the one they must rely on in life. As you have seen by commetns here, many question her ability to take care of those children. I hope that changes one day and you can be there for them. I hope people around dorothy who are helping her continue on this way find this blog and the truth of Dorothy Price Hill. I know there are plenty of people like me who see her all over the internet and say “what is going on here” the only reason i know that is because of this blog and those who come here and say just that “I see dorothy on social media all the time and wondered about her and then i found this blog” yes these are the reasons i continue, others as well, but when it comes to dorothy it’s mainly to let others see the whole story. so again your comment is much apreciated! thank you!

      • TY Zero, and yes thank you too Futershock999…What zero says is true…and if i read his recent posts correctly, you literally had to leave the country, in fear of Dorothy…So yes, MANY wonder, if a grown man left in fear for his safety (a comment which will support many of us in court), how can one leave minor children in her care??…again, this has been the concern of many, over the years, and since you came here, and made these statements, one MUST ask oneself, and unfortunately ask YOU, what is being done to protect these TRUE innocents??? You clearly state Dorothy is not just crazy, shes a dangerous woman…

        BTW, i have been harassed by Dorothy Price Hill for years, and thats how I became aware of You and the children left in her care…

        Many of us have hesitated to go after Dorothy full force because she a mother, but what kind of mother can she possibly be?? You should know, I have not personally been to see your children, but others have…These people leave with deep concern for their well being..

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