I started this post a while back, after the news of John Bittrolff’s arrest. I found all the JBs floating around  the LISK case curious. I started to shy away from LISK related posts though, so this post and a few others were never finished or posted. I really wanted to just see where it was all going. The Bittrolff case keeps being pushed back, wonder if there’s good reason. But with other news finally coming to a real light, and the FBI finally getting involved in the LISK case (at least publicly) I thought I’d go back and touch up this post and actually post it:

Joseph Brewer:  Brewer was one of the last people to see Shannan Gilbert alive. He hired her through Craigslist, she spent hours at his house, leaving with him at some point, returning to Brewer’s home a short time later. Then after some confusion between Shannan, Brewer, and Shannan’s driver, Michael Pak, Shannan ran off, according to her panicked 911 call, afraid for her life.

All this alone would make Brewer a suspect in at least Shannan’s death, I would think. But he was ruled out as a suspect fairly quickly. Many find that puzzling, and I would have to agree. Besides the fact Shannan was hired by Brewer and ran from his house in fear, which I said was reason alone to keep him on the suspect list tell the case was actually solved, there are other things.

I’ve read mixed stories on Brewer both cooperating with LE and not being so cooperative. Which is correct, maybe they are both true. Maybe there are things he was not so cooperative about, and if so, again, why was he cleared so fast? He was definitely not very cooperative with Robert Kolker, the author of “Lost Girls”. In fact from my reading of the book, I got the feeling Brewer was trying to “yank” Kolker’s “chain”, I got the idea Kolker felt that way as well. Brewer tells Kolker he has information that could help, but he wants money from Kolker to explain further. Really? If he had information that could help shouldn’t he have already given it all to LE? I guess that depends on how cooperative he was.

In fact the only information he seems to have for LE or Kolker has to do with him and Shannan discussing if he runs into a lot of transsexuals when he orders up call girls online. Brewer has stated that when the subject of transsexuals came up, he started to wonder about Shannan and wanted her to leave.

All of that just doesn’t seem right to me. I don’t believe that is why Shannan ran from the house, none of what I have heard Brewer has said seems to make any sense. I’m guessing Kolker felt the same, because even though Brewer hinted that was the core to the case, Kolker did not seem to buy into it and did not spend a lot of time on Brewer’s strange transsexual link.

Which brings me back to LE. What did Brewer tell LE for them to take him off the suspect list so fast? They bought the whole transsexual discussion? There has to be more there, but from what I have seen, Brewer isn’t helping and therefore, still a suspect. Definitely suspicious.

There are lots of strange things that jump out when looking at Brewer, but the most damaging in my eyes is written in a book called “Confessions of The Oak Beach Drifter”. I own and have read this book whose author is named simply: W. When it comes to W and this book there are all sorts of things we could discuss (some even dealing with Dorothy and Cristin who both had quite a bit of contact with the author of “Confessions Of A Oak Beach Drifter”)  and maybe at a later time I will do a post dealing with this book in more detail. For now just a little back ground for those who don’t know much about it.

At some point it became public that there might have been someone staying with Brewer the night Shannan went running from his house. The news reports on this mysterious individual dubbed him a drifter and the name stuck. Some thought Hackett gave info to LE on this “Drifter” to take the heat off him, others thought it might have come from Flukeyou aka Joseph Scalise Jr. (another Oak Beach resident, but you all know Fluke) to help confuse the case even more. But after talking to the drifter myself, as well as reading different comments he has posted on the blogs and sites I’ve been to, and as I said, reading his book myself, it is clear that the Drifter believes it was Brewer who told police he (the Drifter) stayed with Brewer at the Oak Beach home. The drifter has also clearly stated that he had left the beach house before the night Shannan was there. How it was leaked to media or LE is not too important at this point, though if it was someone like Joey or Hackett, I guess it could be. Just makes sense Brewer brought up the drifter, so I’m gonna leave it at that, but as I said, this book brings up all sorts of things to be discussed.

The reason I’m bringing it up now is because of some of the things said about Brewer and the beach house by the book’s author.
In the book the author calls himself Vito (boy did Cristin and Dorothy chase that name around) the name given to Brewer is Damon. It should be noted that Damon (Brewer) is said to be someone Vito (Drifter) went to school with (“an old school buddy”) yet Damon doesn’t come into the Drifters book till page 256, chapter 59 in a book of 63 chapters. The book describes Damon (Brewer) as “a degenerate drug addict who ran into some money when his father passed away”.  Although the first 58 chapters is full of drug deals and busts, dealers and users, so it’s fair to say Vito’s circle of friends consisted entirely of the type of people Brewer is described to be. In fact the whole reason Vito and Damon get together after all these years is because Vito is hiding from drug dealers and Damon had a house on the beach Vito could stay at and hide out.

This drug dealer (who is named Mario in the book) is a main character in the book and Vito’s life from what it seems. You also learn that the reason Vito and Damon have a falling out (prompting Vito to move out of the beach house) is because Damon admits he might have let it slip out that Damon was staying with him and it got back to Mario. Mario is someone I’d love to talk about since the book states instead of coming to confront Vito once he knows where he is, he runs to Florida (they all run to Florida, don’t they?) But I don’t want to get to far off topic.

Bottom line, even though Brewer is mentioned late in the book, the book’s author definitely wants the reader to question Brewers involvement in all this. And it does seem most of it is put into the book as an afterthought. In other words the book was intended to be about Vito’s life which didn’t have much to do with Brewer, Oak Beach, or LISK. Then after what happened there (bodies found), the thought of what went on in Brewer’s beach house was questioned and brought up. There are talks of parties at the beach house and other questionable goings on there, just not part of the main story line. In fact Vito doesn’t write about anything special going on at the beach house in the chapter about him being there. he does though hint at things in the epilogue. But it is clear that drugs were a big part of Vito’s (Drifter) and  Damon’s (Brewer) life. Well that and the fact that “professional entertainment” was also a big part of it. The Drifter says all of this in his epilogue and even Brewer himself seems to admit it.

If you think about Brewer’s strange discussion of transsexuals with Shannan, Brewer is said to have said Shannan asked if he runs into transsexuals a lot. Implying to me at least that they discussed Brewer using a lot of hired “help”. I know that’s a lot of hearsay and he said she said, but sometimes that’s all we got in all of this to go by.

All I’m saying is both The Drifter and Brewer seem to admit that other call girls have been brought to that beach house and drug parties were definitely part of the scene.

All of this seems to me say that Joseph Brewer can not and should not be ruled out as a suspect, definitely he is still a POI!

The thing that really bothers me about all this, is the Drifter says he has never been questioned or approached by LE. That may have changed, but according to the last I read on it, the Drifter had yet to be questioned about any of this. According to the book he moved to Florida (like his dealer he once hid from in Oak Beach). Why wouldn’t LE want to question things written about in this book? From the tales of prostitutes and drugs to the main story of this bad guy called “Mario” who may have had reason to visit the beach house in Oak Beach.

Why wouldn’t police want to check out ALL stories surrounding Brewer and that house?

We’ll get to that question at the end of this post. We’ll have more facts to go on by then, I’m sure. But for now we have to head straight into rumor and internet speculations…

James Bissett III:

Bringing up this name generally gets 2 ideas from people.

A. Bissett is LISK, but for some reason LE does not want to go public with this information.


B. Bissett was going to be used as a scape goat by LE, but for some reason they couldn’t get it to stick.

Both ideas seem unlikely to me and I’ll get to my reasoning why, but as I said, when Bissett’s name is mentioned, these are the 2 most talked about ideas revolving around him.

For those who don’t know who Bissett is, he is an aquarium owner in Long Island who was found in what police called an apparent suicide not long after Shannan’s body was found.

When I first heard about Bissett I was told the whole thing was made up by Dorothy. (Dorothy actually says police killed Bissett and covered it up) Then it was hinted that Jen actually helped make the rumor of James Bissett so prominent on the internet. But the more I brought the name up, the more I started hearing a common thread. Quite a few people say that they heard from a LE friend that Bisssett was a strong suspect. I’ve been told it and I have read it, people with friends in LE claim they heard Bissett was indeed connected to LISK in some way.

So is Bissett just a rumor that the internet made larger than life, or is there something there about LE knowing more about the apparent suicide then they have let out.

The whole thing found its way into news articles:

Though most was discussed in comments like it is here:

There as well as other places you will find comments like these:

bissett comment

Oh those anonymous commenters.

It got so out of control that LE decided to issue a press release on the subject:

Investigators issue press release on Gilgo Internet rumors

(05/08/12) WOODBURY – Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota and the Suffolk County Police Department issued a statement this afternoon in regard to recent rumors involving a possible suspect in the Gilgo Beach murders.

The statement reads as follows:

During the past few weeks we have received hundreds of questions from members of the media about the accuracy of rumors represented on various websites regarding the solving of what is commonly referred to by the media as the Gilgo Beach murder case.

The solving of these murders has been, and will remain, a top priority for the Suffolk County Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. All necessary law enforcement resources are being devoted to solving this case.

As with any active investigation, the Suffolk County Police Department and the district attorney’s office should not and will not comment on who may or may not be a suspect.

Additionally, as far as updates on this investigation are concerned, neither agency will comment further at this time until we have some additional information pertaining to the investigation that serves the public or the investigation by its release.

Unfounded, anonymous internet postings or rumors about who may be a suspect should be given the appropriate weight they deserve by those who read them. It should be remembered that this type of unsubstantiated “gossip” can cause substantial harm and emotional trauma, not only to the members of the families mentioned on the internet postings, but also to the families of the victims.

While we are confident that this long, complicated, difficult investigation will eventually be brought to a successful conclusion, it will be the facts and evidence that will lead us to this conclusion and not internet rumors. “

Bissett isn’t mentioned in the statement, but from all I’ve seen it was posted because of all the rumors surrounding Bissett.

I’m still not sure what if anything Bissett’s death has to do with LISK, all I’m saying is to this day it is still discussed as if there is some kind of connection there.  Although I find it hard to see real connections. If LE had some legitimate information on Bissett’s involvement, it would have been looked into and something more would have been made public. And if LE wanted to pin it on Bissett (Dorothy’s idea that Bissett was a fall guy), then why didn’t they?

So unless there is some reason to believe LE had some reason to not solve the LISK case a Bissett connection seems very unlikely. Is there some reason? Will get there, not yet though… we have another JB that definitely seems to fit in to all this somehow…

John Bittrolff:

Now here’s a JB that actually seems to be leading somewhere. In fact he even has his own wiki article:

I’m not going to say too much about Bittrolff (waiting and hoping something will come out of his arrest though) but it was quite the story how LE actually caught their suspect:

Like an episode of CSI right there. Did you read the comments? Did you see Nan Nan? I keep telling everyone how important comments are.

Alright, so LE may have their guy when it comes to at least 2 murders. Is he connected to the 3rd as LE believes? Maybe even connected to the GB4 or the many other bodies found along Long Island beaches and highways. Not according to LE, but as you may already realized, this post is getting to why maybe what has been said by LE is not to be accepted as facts without question any longer (which some have said all along).

Before we finally get to the JB that brings all of that into question I want to leave this JB with a couple of  rumors, that if true make Bittrolff seem more involved than LE has said.

First is the connection between one of Bittrolff’s believed victims and one of LISK’s known victims. Many probably have heard about an online comment posted by a young woman named Amanda Beinlich several years ago. Turns out her mother, Rita Tangredi, was one of Bittrolff’s alleged victims in 1993. Her best friend was Melissa Barthelemy, the first woman discovered in burlap on Gilgo Beach in December 2010.

Here’s an article I found it mentioned in:

It is also mentioned in this thread:

I actually first read of it on Websleuths, but you know I’m not allowed to post their stuff here. LOL.

It’s things like this that make me scratch my head. Is this just another internet feed rumor or was Rita Tangredi the mother of Melissa Barthelemy’s best friend?

Everything I have read about such a connection comes from a comment supposedly left on the internet by Amanda Beinlich. I have yet to come across anything to substantiate any of it.

Can’t police or FBI look into this Amanda and see first if she’s real and then second, if what she wrote in that comment is true? Why wouldn’t a reporter go chasing this story? Wouldn’t an interview with Amanda Beinlich be a good catch? There are far too many stories in all of this that seem to be easily corrected as false or sought out for possible important information. And yet none of it is.

Would you believe I even heard a rumor that Bittrolff worked on at least one property at Oak Beach and knew at least some one there? It’s true. Someone has placed Bittrolff in Oak Beach and has said he knew people there.

If any of this stuff is true and if Bittrolff is found to have murdered Colleen McNamee and Rita Tangredi, then how can he be so easily dismissed as a LISK suspect?

There has been lots of talk about corruption in LE where the LISK case is involved. There’s also been talk that LE is holding back information not wanting some things leaked and therefore jeopardizing the case. So has LE of Suffolk County been misleading the public about the LISK case? That answer seems to have been answered to some degree. From the beginning I saw reason to believe both LE might be keeping things close not wanting to give out too much of what they might know as well as the fact something seemed dirty. Something was just not right. We all know now that leads right to another JB, maybe the most important one…

James Burke:

The first time seeing this name was in the early emails I got from Dorothy Price Hill. Being on the west coast I did not know who he was.  That quickly changed. Following Dorothy over the internet the past few years I saw several anti Burke comments, “I Hate Burke” sites on social media, etc. James Burke was Suffolk County’s chief of police and not liked very much. I say was, because as anyone who reads here should already know, Burke resigned:

Although this happened only recently, when it comes to LISK discussions, it’s been a hot topic for a while.

Not long after Dorothy started bringing up Burke to me, someone told me about a guy named Pete who they believed Dorothy was getting her information on Burke from. Well I knew of this Pete guy, Dorothy mentioned him quite a bit, I believe she said he was a cop.

After finally going to Websleuths I saw some of the things Pete had to say on Burke. I also saw a lot on Burke from a commenter named hawksaw. In fact with the latest news on Burke (we are getting there finally) hawksaw has been commenting quite a bit about the ex chief of police. I hope I don’t get in trouble for mentioning this, I know how it’s not allowed to post things from Websleuths in other places (and if I didn’t know, Jen went out of her way to point this out to me), but all I’m saying about it is both Pete and hawksaw seemed to have good information and good insight because the things they have said are finally coming to light.

Again, being from the west coast, it was not easy understanding a straight connection from Burke to LISK though, and really it was only Dorothy going so far as to directly connect him. Saying Burke knew both Brewer and her ex husband. but she also said I knew Brewer and her ex husband, and I knew that was crazy talk, so it was hard to take anything about Burke seriously.

Still, I saw others talking about him and some people sent me links on him and there seemed to be a story about someone stealing a porno/sex tape out of Burke’s car. I even saw where the tape was said to have had one of the LISK victims on it. That definitely would link Burke to the case directly. But I saw this in a Dorothy emails and comments, not sure if I saw any one else mention it other than her at first, plus when I was reading all these things and trying to understand them I came across this:

Was there a sex tape? Or was is about a stolen gun? I really didn’t know what to make about all the things being said about Burke. But more and more came out over the last few years and finally the damn broke:

So there was a tape and sex toys? Yes, all the rumors were now being confirmed. And as Linda said, more was coming:

Burke arrested and the FBI are finally involved in the LISK case? And then:

And then:

Wow, that all came down fast. Leaving some to wonder once again, is there a connection between Burke and the LISK. Did Burke for some reason not want the case solved? Well at the very least, FBI is saying Burke kept them out the case. Most likely because he didn’t want them to have access to his dirty laundry. But as I finish up this post I can’t help but wonder what this can of worms is gonna bring to light. I mean sex tapes and beating up hand cuffed junkies. It seems like a lot on all sides of this. And there is sure to be a lot more to come out.

No matter where it all leads at least the FBI are taking a close look at the LISK case and will be looking at all the JBs and everything else needed to get the answers wanted by so many.




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  1. WOW, i need a smoke!! Im literally yelling as i read this post Yes, yes yes!! Not so funny though, this sick shit..Man, reality IS stranger than fiction..

    I can’t touch this post, I love it! But as usual, im gonna put my two cent in…….We ALL want to believe OUR info is THE SHIT…Yes, I have some cop friends, but who doesnt on Long Island?? Its really no big thing..ITS NOT…sry….Where’s Linaitive when i need him…sigh…any way here are some things i was told were FACT by LE, and some others i respect…Please keep in mind ANYTHING before this point told by LE should be questioned HIGHLY:

    RE Bitrtollf: The Tangredii connect is true…….. An interesting rumor we cant prove yet: Bitrollf DID work in the Gilgo area, is that right Joe..More to come on THAT when appropriate..

    JAmes Bisset: he didnt just own an aquarium, he owned a Very successful and popular Nursery On Long Island…He was THE OWNER of The Long Island Aquarium, the Disney of aquarium attraction ‘out east’..Huge money maker and Attraction for visitors…He also pwned and ran many Hotels, one of which the Gilgo 4 stayed at (in Hauppage)…The rumors say various things about Bisset, who ‘shot himself’ the day after Shannons remains were found: The law busted into his nursery, took all PCs.(ive heard conflicting stories regarding this)…Also been told by Le: Bisset had pic/and or numbers of Giglo 4, as well as other prostitutes…
    FACT, LE still believes theres a connect FACT: He was VERY locally, politically connected, AND respected $$$$$$$!!!!!!! Money and DRUGS, i said it from the beginning…CRACK and Prostitutes and Long Island…..Again Linaitive, where are you????? you can back me on this….

    Were ya at Linaitive?

    And Joe S??? how DID YOU miss the ‘Burke thing’, and find yourself all up in the Docs ass instead?? Hows that case coming?? havent heard the ‘big news’ youve been promising for 4yrs????…Man, Koehlker had YOU pegged huh?? Yeah, A FEW DO…I havent come close to forgetting you JOE…Yeah, NO!

    You rock Zero, you ARE my brotha, hell, maybe a twin??


    • yes where is native. After I jumped that shark the first time I lost a few like native. Or maybe he was getting crap from other Websleuths for slumming her at zero’s world. Also, I went back and read a ton of stuff the last couple days , checking out Websleuths again, finally found a ton of flukeyou comments there, saw him and mm7 and Truthspider pretty much as interchangeable commenters in a thread on Hacketts letters. Re-read some of lost girls and drifter confessions. In lost girls I went back to read what was said about fluke and Truthspider, they do have a a big part in that book, it just lead the author no where in the end. I also came across a place where on line Truthspider says he was suffering from “tunnel vision” now this something said about Truthspider in lost girls, so I don’t know if spider was referring to that or if spider really sees he was chasing a unicorn. One last thing, on Websleuths I found another place where spider and fluke seem to be using each others screen names. Someone makes a direct comment to fluke and spider answers as if it was written to him. Now they both shared simular theories and were at some point working together, but did they post comments for each other. I totally think they were and I know I’m not alone.

      • Yeah, ‘Spider, Fluke, Linaitive, yeah…where’d ya go?? Where YOU go…Slumming it at Zero’s World, where the TRUTH gets told…Whateva, say hi to whoever tells you this is where ‘the dumb and the few’ hang out…We know you’ll be back…

        BTW…You are correct Zero, when they held THAT press conference regarding ‘internet gossip’, THEY DIDNT rule out Bisset..Something ive argued with LE and others…NOPE, even though he was the reason (*obviously) for the conference…RUMORS spread by, Yes, some of our old readers!!…They never ruled OUT Bisset…And ive always said re: LE…what they dont say , is AS important as what they do say….either way….The games are crashing to and end..


      • Hey, im No One, always said it, still do..But was it me, or did LINaiative try hittin me up a few times: “id love to throw some ideas back and forth w you, my girlfriend just insist interested”…Things like this?? am i right Z?? or just, ya know, being ‘Linda”??
        Cause when we finally “hooked up” to talk…Linaitive, was well, a one word answer type of guy…Maybe thats my effect on guys though…


      • lol, well definatley not much more than one word. even on Websleuths native keeps it to the point. whem i go to websleuths now, it dosent seem a whole lot different then was. with so many being on both sites i guess, (I’m speaking mainly of LISK threads in Websleuths) I’ve wanted to write more on what i have gotten from reading there but you know queen jen will be right there to repremend me. still, i would love to talk with more people there, I’ve only talked with afew, and several don’t seem to want to talk with me, they thimk like Michael/girl i’m afraid and therefore find my blogs too gossipy. But i did injoy the little bit native did comment here.

      • man, Could THIS finally be the time MM7 finally ‘man up’ and saves the day…i know, i know TCTH!!!…But i have a bit of faith left for good old Fla..

        I do…In fact, im setting my watch…With All the hype goin on?? Yeah, she’ll be back, she aint ‘no dummy’….She knows a potential meal ticket like the rest of em…

      • if she came back trying to fix things it would only be to make herself look good, my opinion of course, and would get upset again when things didnt make her look the way she wants to be percievied. But i do hear ya Linda. I really wish MM7 stuck around, she definately could add light to her blog and things i have read there. but knowing i now know her and dorothy shared info about me, and others, well, i don’t see her returning.

      • BTW me and my son, who just quit the Post office (yay!!)…Looked up the Robert Schulman serial murders (Hicksville, NY serial Killer (Levittown!!) Thats where he really lived)..Convicted of three murders…Tell me some of the older Gilgo remains dont don’t sound like his work, think of where ‘technology, DNA was at that point (1990’s) (and his brother, whom they never COULD chrge)….Its eerie…Its Long Island! Bring the kids! We may NEVER know the whole truth…Cause Shulman DIED in prison (albany)…

      • YOU HEAR me alright Zero…In fact, im gonna ‘set my watch’ for a few old contributors of this blog…Yeah its ‘the money shot’…trust me…and watch ur email…

        Money and greed and LISK, OH MY!

      • Lmfao..hahaha..THIS blog is Too GOSSIPY, says WHO…sry….I just choked on my wine..How did THIS blog come into its creation i ask!!1?? Ohhh, that freakin great…

        This blog??!! Hee hee hee! Thats awesome J, lol! You tell em!

        Yeah, you tell em J

      • Oh man after contributing to websleuths and faking with the tunnel vision in that thread I was over it. LINative came across as a spoiled little bitch and truthspider and fluke seemed like trolls. They act like they know a lot bc they are bored with their lives and have to feel more important than others. Regrettably I tried to interact with them about the case without knowing much about it (had just began looking into it). Their acrimonious responses did not merit any more of my precious time. I prefer throwing around ideas with the good ppl here who have no personal stake in finding that the murders are solved.

  2. Wonder why Burkes team didnt dimsis the Doc as quickly as they did Brewer and Bitrolff? Shit, the were both publicly cleared almost immediately (JOE, thats sarcasm!! NOT AN INVITE..I hear you ranting already)…..Yep, take everything you thought you knew about this case, AND 86 IT, THE SHITS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN

  3. Scalise!~! I know what you doing, i do 🙂 So STFU before you go commenting some BS connection between Hackett and Suffolk County, kk?…I expect more,even FROM you…..Just dont!! Go back to the drawing board kiiid……..

    • Amen sister! Ain’t nobody got time for that shit. Hackett has one fuckin leg and is like 70 years old give it a rest Lolz. (Obvi not 70 but might as well be bc he is THAT non threatening). You know it must feel great when you take an oath to do all you can to save the life of another no matter what – and you get accused by a bunch of ppl of doing the exact opposite. I believe whatever happened that night to Shannan that he had nothing to do with it. I don’t understand why people don’t go back to Brewer and keep focusing on Hackett. Brewer didn’t call 911 to help Shannan. Brewer didn’t call Shannan’s mother days later making sure she knew that he was on the lookout for Shannan, but Hackett did bc I believe he does care. I think he possibly had a hard time trying to talk to a sex worker’s mother about her untimely breakdown and her fleeing oak beach after meeting with a client. Imagine trying to break that news to a mother about her sweet beloved daughter. I might say something off the wall too, if anything off the wall was even said. I don’t want to completely discredit SG’s mom bc idk… She seems adimant about what Hackett said to her and her suspicion. As a victim’s advocate I can’t throw that away.

      • ive been saying since the very beginning the first call was on may 1st. alex and pak came out on may 3rd the day his phone records show that he called. I just think mari either has her dates askew or has her reasons.

  4. Makes you wonder if Bitrolff was framed even. His family and friends are having a very hard time believing it was him. Considering what we found out about Burke it makes you wonder. I’ve also wondered if Bitrolff DNA was simply inside the women from his being a customer or if his DNA on/around the women was bc he was a murderer. And what was the DNA anyhow? Wood chips and DNA busted him supposedly. Hm.

    Also as far as any JS and JB connection, this might be one:

    “But the false alarm in July was among a few tips the Press found among thousands of incident reports on file at the Timber Point headquarters of the Marine Bureau, whose officers are tasked with patrolling half of the barrier island south of LI once better known for tourism than for dumping bodies.”

    as far as Bisset is concerned, he of f’d himself before Christmas bc he was in debt and was having a hard time keeping afloat despite outward appearances. Melissa Barthelemy’s mother, Lynn, has been quoted as saying that any suspicions of Bisset being LISK are unfounded and untrue. She has sympathy for his family as I’m sure the family of other victim do toward Bisset’s surviving relatives and Bisset’s suicide. How disgusting children lose their father and his death is used to try and paint him as a serial murderer by assholes online? Shame.

    Megan Watterman’s pimp Alex Diaz has been arrested again. I hope the FBI gets to question him on unrelated Gilgo info.

    Amazing post Zero. Thank you for organizing the info on the JBs so very well. It’s important to catch ppl up and that you did! You are a warrior for truth. God bless ya dude.

    • From an online user DarkPassenger:

      “From the dates of known disappearances, it could almost be someone on vacation.

      Otherwise, would there not likely be a higher body count after all these years?


      I’ve been considering your post and the whole concept, as outlined in this page;

      I now agree.
      The fact that he seems to have killed five times in three years, but only in June, July and September (given the fact that he’s at least in his 40s if Jane Doe 4 was indeed an early victim) is very unlikely. His rate of murder will have increased over time, he will kill whenever the urge takes him and whenever it is convenient, and that won’t just be in the Summer. It seems these Long Island/Manorville victims are just the ones he’s killed at that time of year and those dump sites are the ones he uses for those seasonal kills.

      What does this tell us? Well, it tells us that he is very familiar with, and has easy access to, these locations during the Summer either as part of his own recreation or as part of some kind of work which varies in location during the seasons. In Winter he works here, in Spring he works there, in Summer he’s in Long Island, etc. What kind of job could that be?

      There is another thing…

      The Ocean Parkway deposition sites and the Manorville deposition sites have something in common. The Ocean Parkway sites sit between several national parks and wildlife reserves; “John F. Kennedy Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary,” “Gilgo State Park,” and a few others east and west of the dump sites. The Manorville deposition site literally backs onto the “Long Island State Pine Barrens Preserve.” What if his work revolves around these wildlife reserves? It might explain how he’s so clued-into police procedure; what if he’s a Forest Ranger (or “National Park Service Ranger” or whatever they’re called)? According to what I’ve read, law enforcement is part of their repertoire.

      There’s even more…

      There is heated debate about whether the murder in 2006 of four prostitutes in Atlantic City are linked to the Long Island Ripper. But here’s another eerie connection; not only does the geography of the city scream “barrier island” in the same way as Ocean Parkway, but it seems that within an easy drive of the dumping ground – the Golden Key motel on Black Horse Pike – are several wildlife management areas and parks; “Absecon State Wildlife Management Area,” “Edwin B. Forsyth National Wildlife Refuge,” and the “Tuckahoe-Corbin City Fish and Wildlife Management Area.” Victimology, deposition site and time of year – Summer – do seem to link these murders. Also, the method of death is similar; strangulation. What if the proximity of wildlife parks is another aspect of the killer’s modus operandi, as it dictates where he’ll be and what time of year? Also, where he disposes of bodies?

      Would any kind of Ranger, or similar, operate in national parks across state lines? Would seasonality affect where they are working? Is this “wildlife park” link at all viable?”

      • I’ve heard about the idea of a ranger or someone like that. The parks and wildlife thing has been discused in other places early on, I think someone even said the docs daughter did work in such a field. It is definately a possiblity and something worth discusion as with the time of year, I’ve seen that linked to summer jobs or vacationers, a S& M bondage swinger type event, and again could mean something, definately all worth discusing. but the ac4 stuff, that just stands out as connected to me. So many things to discus when it comes to posible connections. you know how i feel about H.A. both cases just seem are desperately trying to tell us something. from the facebook connections (both real and for some still unkown reason faked) to the way each of the girls were left facing. just the simple fact that 4 girls left together like that in 2 seperate sites… but I kept telling myself, LE would find the connections, right? That question is much more complicated now. and it’s hard to not keep coming back to it.

      • Idk I think the AC4 were victims of Billy Schlue (I think his surname is spelled that way). He killed himself when cops were investigating him. Then again, who knows.

      • I remember reading about him. You are right though, who knows, as we all have said before, there is just to many psychos out there with no respect for life or the human experience as it should be.

    • It was ok, but I did leave a lot unsaid, like what Lyn said about bissett, I had read that myself. I should stress that point more. It looks like Bissett is not a part of this case and it is tragic that his family have to deal with the things said when what the truth of it is bad enough and they should be left alone. But then there are those locals that swear their cop friends say he is a legitimate part of all this. And now that we are learning more about the police force, what does that mean? Every turn leads to another turn.

  5. Red herrings article:

    Important to know things like even how the burlap sacks may not even be a part of the case. And that would kill the supposition/gossip that the burlap came from a specific nursery/person etc.

    The bag of decapitated birds is what creeps me out. I’m sorry but that is almost like a serial killer mocking or taunting. Is each bird representative of a victim? I mean wtf. Who does that? It defo is something a serial killer would do – torture animals.

    • I hope they established whether those birds were killed bc of ritual sacrifice or bc of animal cruelty (both are same in my eyes). If not sacrifice then they need to check all of the bag of birds for prints/evidence.

      • Nope not I 😦 sorry TCTH. Wasn’t one of the skulls found near a bird sanctuary over there TCTH?

      • I have a real feeling LISK is kind of similar to BTK. BTK even got a job in Animal Control so he could torture/kill them when he couldn’t kill people. He was a boyscout leader and church leader. LISK probably tortures animals when he can’t do it to people. That’s why these accounts of the headless birds in bags found at the crime scene interest me. Are they just more victims he disposed of at his “dumping grounds” or was it a calculated taunt on his part? Or are the birds victim of ritual sacrifice and aren’t related to LISK at all? If you find out any more info on it please let us know TCTH. Interested in why you wanted to Know the kind of bird!

      • duck hunting is big out there in the winter. in the fall its pheasants. DEC collects bird heads to test for west nile virus in the summer. lots of reasons…got my wheels turning is all.

        the fighting pidgeon comment was a reference to flukeyous accusation on that gus coletti was running a fighting pidgeon ring. yep. fighting pidgeons. see what we are dealing with? idiots.

      • before I started talking with those such as too close, i had too chase down things like the pigeon stuff to understand the comments I was reading. It was like a big jigsaw puzzle, I still do that with WEbsleyuth stuff, to get all the little side comments you have to do a lot of reading and go way back. Which leads you all sorts of places, like finding the rare early comments on of Cristin, Jen, Dorothy, and Nancy, all of whom claimed not to be there early on… oops. your point was well taken here, TCTH. I’ve done my reading.

      • Pigeon fighting? Lolz. Yeah TCTH I can see the birds being used to test west Nile or something. Who knows perhaps they fell off an ATV or something that was carrying bags to be dumped. Hm. I agree Zero so much to be chased down. Thanks for explaining TCTH.

  6. im pretty sure it was scalise that said brewer and shannans ‘left for awhile’. I know it was in the media…but where is the source? can anyone find if/where Pak had said this? or Brewer? because those are the only two sources I would believe. if any other neighbors saw them leaving id love to see their quotes as well. I don’t think they ever left brewers residence until shannans ran. I believe that was early fluke interference.

    I will say that the bissett connection was told to me before they found shannans belongings. before they found shannan. this person is very close to the case and this information was givin to him from an LE agent.

    Biltrolff built at least one persons garage out at the OIBA, this is a FACT (couldn’t help I have personally seen john biltrolff in OIBA in the early 90’s. very creepy now I must say, but at the time I thought he was a pretty good looking guy.

    I cannot wait to see what comes out of the burke investigation. im very excited and hope they find something that ties it all together. in the meantime, id still love to hear cristin clear it up about scalise jr. clear the fucking lies…. you bag of shit

    • I love this comment. You bring up a question i often wondered, and a tyoe of question i seem to have a lot of in all of this. Where did some info come from and was it looked at and what was the conclusion. Did Brewer and Shannan leave? If so pak would know this, but i’ve never seen him say anthing about them leaving. And if they did actualy leave breweres house was it to go somewhere in the neighborhood like some think might have happened or did they leave the whole comunity? Without Pak and/or Brewer comfirming one way or another the subject lies with all the others like it.

      • But again I must say – would a guilty man go on v and talk about his crime like Pak or Alex Diaz did? Likely not. Would a guilty man make an interview with the press like Brewer did? Not likely.

      • Wanst it ‘reported’ they went to a CVS?? God, so much was made of THAT…and Dorothy ran with it the most (scropts and shit)…..which, of course could have been proven early on..IF we trust LE at that time…

      • Re: “a guilty man.”..Ya know what, if they felt they had protection from law…Just thinkin out loud…one thing all the JBs have in common is a huge ego…add Pak to that list, who also doesnt seem to be playing with a full deck…

      • yes back in the early days there were several commenters who were all the same people. someone would put out a comment, then all ‘they’ would keep discissing discussing. I would attempt to counter but I realized early on they were all playing games. and they were all the same people. so I sat back read and spoke up when I had to. the fighting pidgeons was a good one. pidgeons don’t fight.

      • RE: Bitrolff..unless there is a a nationwide cover up, he’s guilty of two, prob three murders. (many believe there much more).DNA doesnt lie..Nor am i moved by the fact his family just cant believe it was him..What about Bundy, BTK, Green River Killer, Dalmer, Rifkin, ect??: this ‘type’ of killer has no fangs, claws, obvious mental illness…JMO

      • Linda what I mean is – was his DNA that was found seminal fluid from being a customer or his blood from attacking the women? There are men who have been accused of crimes against prostitutes bc their sperm was found in/around the women when their bodies were recovered. Furthermore with Burke, you worry that false evidence could have been planted. Sure, it is more probable that the police are correct and he is the killer – but what if he was simply a customer. A guy who was doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time. The other evidence they found were tiny bits of woodchips connecting back to Bitrolff. Again a it is likely he is the killer. BUT – I always wonder.

      • And I think the story about them leaving for CVS may have came out of an interview with Pak. I remember us speaking about it and trying to track it down. From what I recall it seems the report was written quite poorly in some ways. The wording the author used I believe made many misconstrue what Pak meant. Essentially we all read something that had poor diction and were confused and lead down a rabbit hole. Truth be told I too do not think the trip to CVS ever happened.

    • “The involvement of the Mafia in the vice rackets has been widely known ever since Thomas Dewey nailed Lucky Luciano in 1936 for controlling the largest prostitution ring uncovered in American history, and reached its culmination during the 1970s and 1980s when New York City’s crime families controlled the sex industry in Times Square which included gay bars catering to chicken hawks, prostitution rings exploiting teenage runaway girls and smut shops where child pornography was ubiquitous. Robert DiBernardo, the Gambino capo who was whacked in 1986, was the biggest pornographer in the United States, and at the time of his death was under federal investigation for kiddie porn.”

  7. More state of things that happen near the port authority and in Times Square – areas LISK made calls from –

    “The Grim Reality of Life on the Streets

    Many runaways return home within 48 hours after they leave. But many of those who stay away from home for longer periods face harrowing lives on the streets. Large numbers become involved in prostitution or child pornography. “I can take you to Times Square …and I can show you children 10, nine, 11 years of age, boys and girls, selling their bodies,” Dotson Rader told the House Human Resources Subcommittee last year. “They run away, they are picked up at the Port Authority [bus terminal] and they are picked up in Times Square by pimps. They are addicted to heroin. They are beaten up and they are put on the street and …when a child like Warren, for example, one of the boys I interviewed, has a rectal hemorrhage, he is killed.”

  8. Poor Chris has been attacked twice – one instance requiring outpatient surgery – since coming out last Monday in an interview about Burke.

    However, when a federal judge ruled that Burke should get no bail after the chief’s arrest last week on civil rights and conspiracy charges, the judge warned that Burke could wield extensive influence, both in custody and out.

    Loeb, agrees, but, he said on Monday, he’s trying to stay strong. “I’m scared, but I’m not running,” he told reporters. “I’m working with federal prosecutors, I’m seeing this out to the end.”

    Prayers of safety for Chris! God has a big plan for you dude! We need you safe! May the angels protect you!

  9. if you look at the map of were all the bodies were buried and connect the dots it spells out ” J b ”
    he was taunting the police doing that because he is a very smart man and also the burial ground means alot to him,maybe he performed rituals there.maybe his past relatives lost that land and he kills to revenge the loss or maybe he thinks hes cleansing the earth of the dirty disease infected escorts.Obviously he likes to torment his victims and he likes to chase them and let them know the police cant help you because theyd never believe a junky,He spelled his name out of human bodies J b he will come back to that burial ground and if police look theyre may be more evidence to find on the lisk. maybe the bodies burried in the J b formation is a way to throw LE off because there is two JBs linked to the case.But i think he got cocky and thought nobody could possibly figure that out. J b just connect the graves and you get J b You will be caught for your crimes jb LISK does jb stand for jay birds? thats how he started killing,the birds he killed and decapitated birds he probably even buried the birds in the burlap sacks when he first started killing 30 yrs ago.long island is where he has always buried his victims even animals its a sacred burial ground for him.His first was buried there and he feels comfortable there because hes been using it for so long.the sacks on the bodies are just a carry over trait of how he used to put the birds in when he was a kid he would hide the kills in sacks now the bodies go to in burlap sacks it makes him feel safe doing the disposal the same way.we need to excavate the burial area and i bet theyre years of evidence there, its even spelled out in graves J b. come on fbi connect the dots all the evidence is on that piece of land were the bodies were found.the man is smart he spelled his name out in graves mocked the LE with the birds but he dont know that we traced his initials from the graves and he has been going there since he was a kid so he will come back and more evidence will be dug up in the area he probably started killin animals around 12yrs of age and i bet he buried all the things in that one spot.Not so smart J b hope they fry you in a hot jail cell for aint so smart spellin your name out at the burial site.Everyone cant be underestimated buddy.

    • You seem to be saying you know him. If that’s the case, don’t you think going to the police would be more productive than commenting on a blog?

    • Alright, I read this a few times and still I’m a little confused. First off, it might help if you said if this was speculation or opinion or some kind of educated guess. It would be nice to know if this is your theory or if it comes from first hand knowledge. Also, which is it? Is JB the killers initials or a code for Jay Birds? Or both? The idea of connecting dump sites like a “dot to dot” is interesting. Don’t know if that is true though. Interesting theory though. Still even if you can trace some sort of version of the initials JB over a map of the sites (and again I have no idea if this is true in any way, an example would be nice to see) you have to be careful with something like that. Many of us know about Dorthy and her metaphorically connecting dots. In a real dot to dot there is usually numbers showing you which way to connect them. Without them different people might connect the dots to form a different picture. Interesting though. Your story of Jay Birds is even more interesting. Very detailed if it’s just speculation. Are you just playing profiler and figuring such crimes might have started with killing of small animals at age 12 and then looked for an animal that fits the initials JB or is there something deeper to this story?

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