Year Two Is Coming To An End

Our second year at Zero’s World is almost gone. How time flies when you’re having fun.

We’ve covered a lot this year, presidential candidates, terrorists, internet crazies, racism, gay marriage, FOX News, Eminem, lemmings, justice in America, Drunken Stepfather,  drugs, serial killers, Twitter, Facebook, haunts, Cicada, quiet pills, Howard Stern, Madonna, the beach, California, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, super heros, super villains, bad words, evil deeds, sleep demons, games, agendas, lies, hope, love , peace, the good guys, the bad guys, religion, spirituality, philosophy, and Star Wars.

Wait we didn’t talk about Star Wars?!?  Well it’s out and I can’t wait to see it. I will be going this week sometime though I probably won’t post to much about it, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else.

Have I mentioned how big of a Star Wars fan I am. Loved all 6 of the originals and know I will love the next set. It takes me back to the late 70s at the drive in with my mom and dad, I had to be like 5 years old. Star Wars blew my mind away. After the movie I remember marching to the rest rooms pretending I was a storm trooper. From then on I was a die hard fan and over the years that’s only grown.

So I can’t wait to check the new one out. Can’t wait!

There, we’ve talked about quite a bit this year, and you know next year (the magical third year) will take us to all sorts of new places (as well as returning to some of our favorite topics). It’s gonna be a fun time here, that I can promise!

But before this year is finished, I have a very important topic, that I touched on before, but did not cover it with the importance it deserves. So that’s where we will be spending the last few days of Zero’s World Year 2…

3 thoughts on “Year Two Is Coming To An End

      • Bad words?? Lol, depends what your definition of ‘bad’ is: Is it quotes from the bible used to judge, separate and breed hate or support racism?? Lies that destroy lives, create fear, and ruin reputations without ANY proof? OR is it ‘bad’ to call a bunch of lying, stalking, crazy online terrorists, who use crimes for their own attn, empathy, greed or revenge: ‘filthy, dirty, hypocrite BITCHES’?? at Zero’s world, your language AND your intentions are GOOD, a beautiful selfless gift! MHO ❤

        Youre the shit girl!!

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