Dr. Feelgood

By the time 1987 came around with Motley’s  fourth album “Girls. Girls. Girls” A lot had changed in my life. A lot for just 2 short years at least. I had moved from Perris, California to live in Lake Elsinore, California with my dad (my mom and step dad were getting back together and it was for the best that I go live with my dad). And then not long after that I got my girlfriend pregnant and we were now living in our own studio apartment (with a Murphy bed that came right out of the wall like Tommy’s drum set from that first concert).

The album came out and a concert followed. First the opening band was Whitesnake. But that didn’t last because David Coverdale is such an egomaniac, dick. Can you believe he was saying his band was bringing all the girls to the concert. Yea fuck him, lol. The next band to join the tour was Guns N Roses. You don’t know how bad I wanted to go to that show. But as I said my girlfriend was pregnant. And when the Crue rolled into town she was like 8 months pregnant.  To make things worse my ex girlfriend, who had moved away the year before showed up with 2 tickets to the show and wanted to take me. There was no way I could leave my pregnant girlfriend and go to a concert with my ex girlfriend, no matter how bad I wanted to, there was just no way. So I missed that show and I missed Tommy’s drum solo where he went in a complete 360. Luckily the video for Wild Side captured it for me:

Man, I can’t believe I missed that concert.

The next time Motley came around wouldn’t be till 1990. My life had changed a lot again in those years and yet also things were very similar. I was now married with a daughter and living in Covina (which is where Motley Crue formed, by the way). I was working as a manager of a video store  when tickets went on sale for the February 13th show at the Forum with opening band Faster Pussycat (another one of my favorite bands). February 13th was the day before our first wedding anniversary (yes, I married my first wife on Valentines Day, I don’t recommend it). I had to get tickets. The only thing was, just like last time Motley Crue was on tour, my then girlfriend, now wife, was pregnant again.

But it didn’t seem to be a problem, she was due the week before. LOL.

The newest Crue album had come out the year before and from the first time I heard the title track Dr. Feelgood, (which I had heard on the radio a few weeks before the album came out. We didn’t have an internet to chase down songs before the albums were out. So that first single was all you got to go by) I knew that album was going to be great. And it was, so yes, tickets had to be bought:

I couldn’t wait to see Motley Crue for a second time. I had been to a few shows in between that first one in ’85 and this one in ’90, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses with Aerosmith, in fact just a few months earlier I had won tickets to go see Guns n Roses with The Rolling Stones at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Yes, just a few months before this Motley Crue show I had gone and seen Guns n Roses open for The Rolling Stones. What a great show, but due to the fact I didn’t take my wife, then a few months pregnant, not my decision alone, but it was a bad one, sort of, I guess, lol. It caused lots of problems but that’s all you get about the Guns N Roses/Rolling Stones concert for now, no one here is ready for that story!

Still because I didn’t take my wife to the Rolling Stones, because we didn’t see the Girls, Girls, Girls show, because the following day was our first wedding anniversary, you might be able to understand the decisions made that day February 13th, 1990.

I remember waking up in a really great mood. Everyone else was already up (we had 2 roommates at the time and they were both in the kitchen with my wife, both roommates were female, not that it matters, but just thought I’d point that out, keep Dorothy on the right track when she tries to use it to fit in her craziness). I went to the kitchen to see how my wife was. The past few days had been spent questioning the upcoming show. She had not had the baby yet and was very, very pregnant, due any day.

Everyone was smiling, which worried me, but she said she was felling fine. She said not to worry everything would be fine. Now I don’t want to sound like the worlds biggest dick here (you can go read many other posts to see that) but I was worried and had been for a few days. It had been obvious the baby was not coming soon enough for my wife to go to the show. That time had come and gone. In fact  if she had gone in to labor before the show, I most likely wasn’t going either. I know what a thing to worry about, but it was Motley Crue!

Well all that was past now anyways, the day was here and the only question was, did my wife feel up to going to the show. She said she was and my day got even brighter. Go ahead judge me, but again it was Motley Crue.

Alright, I was still nervous, but as the song says “On With The Show”! I put all four Motley CDs in the CD changer and got ready for the show. Another thing that had changed, tapes to CDs… I know, neither one matter anymore. Technology is a bitch.

So we got ready, kissed our daughter good-bye and headed for L.A. (about a 20 minute drive with out traffic).

We had a bottle of champagne that we were saving for our first anniversary (which remember, was the following day) and once we got to the Forum’s parking lot, we opened it up and had a glass, toasting our anniversary (and Motley Crue). Into the show we went.

I can’t tell you what it was like to be 9 months pregnant at a Motley Crue show, but I can say, I kept asking my wife how she was, and she kept replying she was fine.

Faster Pussycat came on and were awesome! When the lights went down and the arena was filled with lighters (a practice long gone, replaced now by cell phones) and they did House Of Pain:

Powerful… powerful!

Pussycat was done and it was time for The Crue to take the stage. We were way at the back, not like the 8th roll I was in the first time, but I didn’t care I was here again, and I was ready!

Green lasers took to the front of the stage creating images. First a pentagram, then the theatrical masks one smiling, the other with one a tear of blood, that quickly became a motorcycle. All along a booming voice was telling us about the trip we had made so far. But now it was time for the Doctor and with that  Allister Fiend, the lovable werewolf mascot of Motley Crue appeared in the green laser show dressed as a Doctor… as the booming voice announced it was time to “come play with Doctor Feelgood”


That was when the first set of pyro went off shaking my pregnant wife next to me. Again, I asked if she was alright, she yes, she was fine. And with that Motley raged into a loud a furious Kickstart My Heart!

Tommy had started the drum beat (at first he was the only one on stage) then with another loud expostion the rest of the guys came flying out of the ground and onto the stage. Once again, I was in sensory overload.

The set list went on like this:

Red Hot

Rattlesnake Shake

Too Young to Fall In Love

Shout At The Devil

Live Wire

Same Ol’ Situation

Slice Of You Pie

Enough to take me back to that first show, while plenty of new to make it a different experience. I definitely think the performance of Live Wire was once again, the song of the night. Get use to me saying that.

Mick then did a guitar solo. It was a slide guitar where he broke into parts of Without You, a song from the new album they did not do that night. But it made its way into the solo, and Mick is a guitar god!

Tommy’s drum solo was next, and if I thought his first one was cool, if I thought what he did on the Girl, Girls, Girls tour was incredible, I was in for a shock.

Tommy started to beat on that kit like no one else can and as he did so his drum set began to rise into the sky, high into the sky. Once it had risen to the top of the arena he stopped bangin’ on the drum long enough to say this:

“You know, people are always asking me how I’m gonna top my last drum solo on the “Girls” tour”, I’m paraphrasing, remember this was 25 years ago, “And they keep asking ‘what are you gonna do, how can you top it?’ and I tell them… this!”
And with that his drum set started moving along a track across the top of the arena ceiling. As it moved from the front of the arena to the back, Tommy played the drum part of other bands, songs from Kiss, Van Halen, Queen, etc. All the great anthems and the crowd below him sang each song out for him.

Once again, this was like nothing I had ever seen before and by the time he reached the back (right above where we sat) I was again up on the highest clouds. This was just too amazing, it had to be the coolest thing I had ever seen. Tommy stopped playing again and stood up leaning over the edge of his drum platform, hanging right there in front of all of us way at the back of this big arena. He leaned over, took a big breath, and said, “Now I’m back here with all of you with the good weed!”

The place went crazy! He sat back down playing more drum beats from crowd favorites, everyone singing all the words as the drum set made its way across the sky, back to the front of the Forum. Once there he jumped from the set, falling towards the crowd below, only to bounce back up from an attached bungee cord. Again, the place went crazy.

I looked at my wife and she to was enjoying the show. And as the rest of the songs played out she was singing along with everyone else in the place.

The set list continued on:

Looks That Kill

Smokin’ In The Boys Room

Wild Side

Girls, Girls, Girls

Home Sweet Home

Dr. Feelgood

Jailhouse Rock

Now, although my wife kept saying she was fine, and seemed to be having a good time, I could tell that each pyro explosion had an effect on her, and there were lots of them. So I have to admit, I was relieved when the Elvis Presley cover started, I knew that would be the last song, so I turned to my wife and said, we should head out to get ahead of everyone. “That’s a good idea,” she said smiling but not quite genuinely, “I’m in labor.”

We have to take a step back 3 years to when I was 16 and in the delivery room waiting for my first child to be born. We were at the hospital for about 24 hours before my daughter finally came. It was scary, I was a kid, and the experience was the most confusing, magical experience of my life. I was a little older but the moment my wife said those words, “I’m in labor” confusion and magic all over again.

As we raced to are car, I questioned her, “are you serious?”, “why didn’t you say anything?” She didn’t really answer, she just gave me a look. “I’ve been in labor since I woke up, this morning.” I knew those smiles were suspicious. Everyone at my house knew but didn’t say anything, not wanting to ruin the show. Really? Really?

Was I upset they didn’t tell me, or happy I got to go to the show?  I’m still not gonna try to answer that question, but at the time I was still full of adrenalin from the show and my mind was racing. We got to the car. My wife explains the reason she suggested the champagne toast was because she knew it would slow down the labor.

“How close are you?” I asked.

“Close,” she said. Now let me once again take us back 3 years, to our first-born. My wife, then girlfriend, had though it was time many times before it actually was. We were at the hospital twice before they actually admitted her the 3rd time, and as I said, after that we were still in the hospital for a 24 hour period before she gave birth. Luckily I wasn’t thinking about any of this, my mind was just trying to come to grips with everything, I was in shock of some sort, but I sprang into action.

As we drove out of the parking lot heading for the freeway, it began to rain. I looked over at my wife who was breathing heavily obviously going through a contraction. This was insane, I mean WTF?!?

I got us from L.A. to Covina in record time even with the rain. Went straight to my mom’s house. We rushed in, my wife was very calm, so I started to think everything was not as serious as that drive home-made it out to be. But once inside my mom timed the contractions and they were under 10 minutes apart. and they were getting stronger. So right back into the car we went and headed for the hospital.

Again I can’t stress enough how 3 years earlier everything to move so slowly, painfully slow at times. There was time to be scared, there was time to worry. Not this time.

We got to the hospital, were admitted, and in the elevator ride up to a room it was decided to go straight to the delivery room. During the elevator ride we told the nurses where we had just came from, they thought it was great, it was the first of many times that the story would be told, and we were the talk of the hospital. Not just because of the Motley Crue show, but it was now like two in the morning, Valentines Day, our first wedding anniversary.

My second child was born right after we got off that elevator and into the delivery room. the whole thing was such a blur. The feelings experienced that night are not easily put into words. I mean one moment I’m watching Motley Crue and the next I’m holding my daughter (yes, another girl). Beautiful and healthy and she had already been to her first concert.

Motley Crue!

17 thoughts on “Dr. Feelgood

  1. What a great story, Zero! I enjoyed reading about the birth of your second child and on your second anniversary! Wow! Your wife is a trooper to go to the concert while in labor! She has my respect!!!!

    I saw Val Halen’s Jump tour at Nassau Coliseum. It was a great time! My favorites by far were Eric Clapton and the Elton John, Billy Joel Face To Face tour. I know those were much later, but both were surprises from my wonderful husband. That makes them extra special. He knew as a Long Island transplant, I would love to see Billy again. He was right, I did. Billy was my first concert. Always loved him!

    I hope all of my friends have a very Merry Christmas! Each of you has brought such understanding to my life. I thank you each for the gifts you share with me. Love and hugs!

    • I finally saw van halen a few years back when David finally got back. Micahel was replaced by Eddie’s son on bass. The show was sweet! van halen is definately one of those bands that are the soundtrack to life. I was happy to get to see them. i’d give anything to see Elton John or Billy Joel. 2 of the best song writers ever! To see Someone Saved My life would be such a major high for me, it may still happen. And Eric Clapton would be a great show as well. I see a lot of shows, crue over 10 times, aerosmith a few times, Guns n roses 3 times, NOFX about 9 times, ozzy 4 or 5, Stones and black Sabbath, The Cure and Chilli peppers, KORN and Eminem and Dr. Dre and Snoop dog, hollywood Undead a few times, marilyn manson at least 5 times. Kottonmouth Kings 6 times, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Janes Addiction, Green Day, Offspring, Queensryche, Ugly Kid Joe, Billy Idol twice, but i’m gonna make that a third time real soon. I’ve seen hundreds of shows, that first one stung me like a bee and I’ve been needing the live fix ever since. I’m very gratefull for all the shows i gotten to go to. The only one that i missed that i wish i hadn’t (well other than the Beatles, but that’s was never possible for me) was Nirvana. I had a chance to go on my brithday once and didn’t. it was my 21st birthday and i had this huge party planned. but man i wish i had gone to that show, It was on my 21st birthday!

  2. I’d also like to offer my condolences and prayers to the victims of the insane woman who drove on the sidewalk and hit multiple people and killed one. Zero, I thought about you being so often on the strip. The victims and their loved ones are in my thoughts.

    There was a shooting at Roosevelt Field Mall. One victim was hit by a stray bullet. I’ve been to RF hundreds of times. I worked across the parking lot on Old Country Rd. The mall is packed this time of year. I loved walking around the mall at lunch and smile watching all the shoppers. I can only imagine the horror of Christmas shopping or walking the Las Vegas strip and being a victim of crazy and greedy people. All the people who were there are victims. I’m not sure how I would handle witnessing either of those attacks. I’m usually good in an emergency and fall apart after. Having kids helps. Can’t lose it until they are OK. My time to lose it is after. Imagine living with those images.

    • the whole thing is insain! she had he child in the car with her and just drove up onto the side walk area and continued on running over 30 people. a whole family visiting from Canad was hit in her rampage, they were going home the next day, but instead were all in hospital with serious injuries. One person died. A mother. Very sad, and very unnecisary. the lady is crazy in my book and crazy is the new black. very sad.

      • Yeah I’m Not one to focus on the affect of s person and their attitude when in court bc we all respond different to trauma, but she walked in that room looking almost flippant. Not medicated flippant, but flat out “I don’t give a fuck about what I did. What’s for lunch?” I’m sorry I think she is a schizotypal sociopath.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too Zero! I’m so glad you didn’t leave the preggers wife to go to the show. Your ex was gonna try to trap you! That hoe lol. Guns n roses opening for the Rolling Stones?!?!? You lucky sonofabitch!!!!

    • thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well. Yes i did the right thing, but as i hinted i did not do the right thing when it came to the Stones show. And that show was unbelievable! And i won the tickets on the radio (Pirate Radio again). I was definately a lucky sonofabitch, and my own worst enemy as well. One day i’ll tell that story. Maybe.

  4. Did i see Stones at Shae stadium?? Yes, who opened, counting Crows i believe, yes, im sure of it! lol, my son was like 3..wow, good shit..

    • I saw them at the Bridges to Babylon Tour with my parents. They followed the Stones around. My mom wanted to meet them and tried to sneak on an elevator in Houston up to their hotel room. My dad was the lookout. She didn’t quite make it. Lots of family memories and funny stories based around that band. God if only we could all cook back 30 years and see them in their prime again!

    • Annie, one of these days im gonna give you a big hug 🙂 Like i did Z and TCTh…and D, you my sis…i lave this place..CA1, you too angel…YES, i smoked weed, lol, big whoopie, id say it anyway 🙂 Peace!!!!

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