Motley In Vegas

So, we moved to Las Vegas, had a 4th child (another boy, so 2 girls, 2 boys), and then everything changed.

I won’t get into the details or place too much blame, but my wife and I had outgrown each other and decided to get divorced.

As most of you reading know, I got custody of the kids but I didn’t raise them alone, because I met Sassy (she worked with me at Tower Records). Sassy was an angel sent straight from heaven, my soul mate, best friend, and with out her I don’t know what would have happened, an angel sent straight from heaven.

And guess what… Vince got back with Motley Crue!

Yep, Vince rejoined the band and the result was Generation Swine:

Generation swine frontal

In my list of favorite Motley albums, this one comes in second, right after the first album Too Fast For Love.

As usual, my first taste of it was a video:

What a freaking cool video! What a freaking cool song! And the fact that Hustler Magazine creator Larry Flint being in the video was a lot like when they did the Clockwork Orange thing. No need to elaborate there, I don’t think.

For the first time, I had the internet to see what people thought of the new album, and most hated it. They said it was one of the worst. Really? Fucking haters. This album was way ahead of its time. And once again, people did not like Motley changing with the times. Well. People other than me. I love this album! One listen to the updated Shout At The Devil and you knew Crue was back and they were playing for keeps:

So when they came to Vegas, I was there. This time I would be taking a lot of people for their first Motley concert. My future wife Sassy had never seen them, that needed to be fixed. My sister was in town visiting, so I got her a ticket for her first Motley experience. Two of Sassy’s close friends also came with us to see Motley Crue for the first time. This would also be the first Motley Crue show for one of my kids. Well, first one that wasn’t in  utero.

My oldest who was now 10 years old came along for her first concert and just like mine, it was Motley Crue!

So me, Sassy, my daughter, my sister, and two good friends all in August of 1997 all went to see if Motley still had it.

I should point out that they were playing at the Aladdin Casino which was being closed down and remodeled. So this was the last show to be played there before it shut down:

And let me tell you, it was one of the wildest shows I have ever seen. First off Live Wire definitely returned to the best song of the night but it was joined by a couple new ones. Right before Vince had left the Crue, they had released a greatest hits album to celebrate 10 years together and on it was a remake of Sex Pistol’s Anarchy in The U.K. and a new song called Primal Scream. Many consider Primal Scream their favorite Motley song and with good reason, the song is the shit! It came out, as I said right before Vince was gone, so I had only heard it live with John Corabi, and I have to admit it just wasn’t right. But now with Vince back it could become what it was meant to be live. Which is awesome!

Yes. that song is the shit!

Together with the Anarchy cover, the show we saw that night was very punk rock. My roots, and I fucking loved it!

Towards the end of the show the band said since it was the last night of the theater being opened that maybe some destruction was needed. They told everyone to come down to the front. We were pretty far back, and it was my 10-year-old daughters first concert so we stayed back. Well most of us did. Sassy’s friends wanted to head down and I said to them, “What are you waiting for?”

They went down and we watched as most of the theater crowed to the front of the stage and begin to rip out chairs, passing them aside making a standing room only floor where it was all seated theater just moments before.

It was madness and the boys in the band were encouraging all of it!

It didn’t stop after the show either. That place was out of control, everyone trying to tear the place down. When I came out of the bathroom two girl were dragging a pay phone across the floor. At closer look, I realized it was Sassy and her friend. A security guard quickly came up and told them to leave it alone. And just for the record someone else had pulled it from the wall, Sassy and her friend just started dragging it after it was on the ground.

There were cops lined up at the front ready to come in if needed, but over all everyone kept their cool, no one was hurt and no real riot broke out.

Just a side note here… a few years later Motley Crue returned to Vegas and did find themselves in trouble for inciting a riot:

Unfortunately I was not at that show, and I want tot stress, that all though the Aladdin show got a little out of hand, my daughter was never in danger. It was a fun night and EVERYONE had the time of their lives. I still have a “no smoking” sign that I took from the theater  hanging in my bathroom.

And all those who came with me to the show now understood what a big deal a Motley Crue show was.

6 thoughts on “Motley In Vegas

  1. I CAN NOT wait til Sunday!! It will be my first and last Crue show but I have heard tho the grapevine that you all and Twinnie and her man will be there too!! We should meet up and have a toast to us and the Crue!!

    • the stars will never be the same. RIP Starman, I will most as you so much. I’m n the more idle of a post on Bowie’s death. It’s a hard one for me. I’ve been off line for a second as well, and seems we have some new people and dahooda’s return. So much to get to, and I promise I will. All of it!

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