Year Three

Wow, year number 2 went way to fast, but it was the shit!

I promise  this year is gonna be just as much fun, scratch that, even more fun!

I’m getting ready to go see Motley Crue, live, for most likely the last time, it’s bitter-sweet, but it will be sweet!

Speaking of which, I’m creating a drink for the show (I’ve done this a few times, KMK Punch, which was orange juice, vodka, and mango punch. Rancid was vodka, green apple schnapps, and Jones Green Apple Soda).

The drink for tonight is called “Live Wire”. It has vodka (my obvious go to alcohol) grenadine, and Jones Chipotle Pineapple Soda.

I’m thinking it should be a shot rather than a drink, plus I only have one bottle of the Jones soda. I’ll let you know how it is. I’ll also let you know how the show is.

Who am I kidding, the show is gonna be awesome!

Alright I gotta get ready and winsome shots before everyone gets here (taking some more Motley first timers, unfortunately last timers if the tour stays true to its name).

I’d leave ya with a Motley song, but there have been so many of them on the blog lately, (they are playing right now as I write this of course) plus it’s kind of a tradition to start the year off with Eminem, and there is a Em song that fits for the show and sets the pace for out third year here.

Get them lighters out (again, these days it’s more cell phones, but I bet tonight there will be some old schoolers out there with their lighters lit, held high in the sky), we are “right where we should be”.


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