All Bad Things Must End

Of course the Motley Crue show the other night was amazing! We got to see Tommy Lee do his drum solo in the “Cruecifly”!

When we took the kids to see them at the beginning of the final tour in San Diego last summer, there was no Cruecifly because it was at an outside arena. But it was there at the Vegas show and it had another part of it (they were like 2 robotic arms) that Nikki and Vince climbed into during Kisckstart My Heart (best song of the night, Live Wire was right up there though) flying them out over the crowd. Fucking awesome!

Tonight is the final show in L.A. I tried to get tickets but it didn’t happen. I hope the show is as great as the Vegas one and that everyone there has the time of there lives. I can’t think of a better way the spend new years.

Well, there is another great way to end 2015 and that’s making Zero’s World’s 3rd annual Top 10 “Fuck Yous”! 

And luckily enough, I get to do that.

Sassy asked me earlier if 10 would be enough for 2015. I laughed, but after thinking about it, she’s right, it’s gonna be hard to narrow that list down.

Well, I’m gonna have a couple of drinks and do my best…

Stay tooned…

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