Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2015


#1o. Fuck you Flukeyou! You are barely hanging in there. (I mean, really, where are you?)

#9. Fuck you Mysterymom7… I know you haven’t been around at all this year, but Dorothy keeps your shit so fresh that I just had to throw you in!

#8. Fuck you Susan Skipp… have you ever heard the analogy of jumping into a moving car?

#7. Fuck you Bill Windsor… give it up already!

#6. Fuck you Donald Trump…  two words you will one day come to understand… “too far”.

#5. Fuck You Dorothy… you always say and do just enough to stay in the top 5!

#4. Fuck you Fox News…  you border on treason in my book.

#3. Fuck you crazies with guns such as Robert Lewis Dear, Dylann Roof , James Junior Minter, and John Russell Houser.

#2. Fuck you Lakeisha N. Holloway… Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuck You!

#1. Fuck you Terrorist… both the jihadist ones like ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram and all their followers including but definitely not limited to those behind the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino but also the ones who just feel they have the right to take lives of others and terrorize people around them because of some crazy idea in their head. I know this makes my top three really all the same. Duh, it is the third one of these things. Just think of it like the ten commandments.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2015

  1. happy New Year, may it be full of fun, and may you laugh so much your face hurts….

    Thanks for the laughter and good times Zero 🙂

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