DPH Sighting

It’s been almost a year since there was a “DPH Sighting” post, so you know this is a #Purge!

There has only been one such post here on the ZW blog and that was last February:


I just reread it. Hindsight, hindsight, hindsight! In that post I point out how she was shifting me into her timelines. We have all seen many times since then where she connects me and Nevada or Las Vegas to her criminal activity knowledge. And calls out the haunt I work at by name now as well as anyone that she finds linked to it. My fault though, right there in that post I could see it coming and I didn’t run the other way. “Own worst enemy” and all that.

I also went back and looked at the last DPH sighting on my LISK.blog:


WOW, I had forgotten that I had suspected NERD of having something to do with Dorothy and Nancy way back then. I think recently I mentioned NERD comments had come from North Carolina and Coram. If Cristin was still around she probably has more on this. And if Nancy was still around she might explain why this once again brings me back to her area of all of this. That’s as far as I’ll go on that subject for now though.

I know I’m just confusing most of you, but some of you might be very keen to what I’m saying. And NERD if you are reading, send me an email! Or maybe I’ll send you one. That is if I can find a real one for you. I think there might be one… to be continued…

On to the latest DPH Sighting… and I feel this is an important one. Long time readers know the DPH Sightings (like so much of this blog) was multipurposeful.

So many have her blocked on social media, so it was a way for people to see what she was saying without unblocking her. It also had the side affect of getting the comments or posts actually taken down. She would pull them imediately when she saw them reposted here. Of course I kept saying I was posting them to see if she’d take them down an dshe kept taking them down. But I think I joked about it once too much because she dosn’t seem to take them down any more. I guess we’ll see if she takes these new ones down:

dph jk2

dph jk4

dph JK1

dph jk mm7

This all comes from a Facebook page called Help Find Missing Jennifer Kesse:

It’s probably a good thing I can’t comment there, you all know how I don’t like posting on places like that. But after all we have seen when it comes to Dorothy, I worry when I see her take on a new interest in an open case. She has done so much damage to the others she has plagued.

There are quite a few comments on this page by her, but I pulled a couple just to show (again) how she works.

Bringing up Oak Beach when almost no one in that case wants her involved. There is always someone new coming forward in her comments, just as a break in the case due to her help is always about to happen.

She hints like she has some knowledge and finds ways of making it about herself.

And of course she brings up her partner from Florida! Cristin, aren’t you tired of her doing that? Do you see that she is moving on to another case with bogus info she says you and her found?

How many family members in this case will she give false hope to? How many innocent people will she tie to it? And worse yet, how many people will she connect with and start sharing personal information mixed with delusional slander?

Hopefully someone out there involved in this case or this page will see this and pass on a warning. Maybe if she messes with the wrong case someone will finally put a stop to her.

Until then, you know I’m always here.

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