Son Of Man

SOM finally gets his own post!

I know most of you reading here don’t know who SOM is, that’s because he does most of his commenting on the ZW Facebook. Yes, some call it the most dangerous place on Facebook, because of those like Dorothy and Nancy who have gone there and no body wants their Facebook known by the likes of those 2. But I promise as long as you don’t comment or “like” or “share” something, no one, not even me can see you were there. So check it out:

It gets good there sometimes. Some remember the racists in Missouri that promised to shut me down and then ran away. Dorothy of course said all sorts of stuff there over the last couple years, and Nan Nan was her Nan Nan self there. Even MM7 came there a while back, in an attempt to warn Nancy about me, lol, that quickly turned to some very truthfully comments from MM7 about Dorothy.

Plus some cool videos get played there and last year there was a super bowl show! All good stuff that goes right along with the blog. And right now SOM has returned there with quite a lot to say again.

So who is SOM?

Well, I think Nancy met him on sites about Michael the ArcHangel. I’m sure Nancy connecting to people who actual call themselves Michael was quite the experience, wish I could have been there. Anyways, she must have sent SOM my way, because here he is.

I like the guy. He wants to save the earth from nuclear  energy which from what I can tell involves the illuminati, the ArcHangel, and the knights templar. Others a lot more to it and I definitely don’t claim to understand it all, but I have tried and of course it only let’s me and my readers called ones and part of a global conspiracy.

Good stuff.

So don’t be afraid. Check out the ZW Facebook:

Oh and if you are feeling dangerous, hit “share”, but I’ll understand if you don’t.

3 thoughts on “Son Of Man

  1. You know, the more I think about it, this is more of a post about my Facebook page then SOM. Sorry man, I guess you still don’t have a post. Close enough though, right? I mean you got your name in a title, that’s something.

      • the whole thing yesterday was insaine. I got confussed for a second. But Dorothy and SOM did bring up Fatty’s just had to look further back on Dotties messages. you should see the messages dorothy left me today… oh that’s right you will… I’m making a post about dorothy and SOM’s strange conversation right now, should be up in a few hours at most (lots of snipping), but it will be up.

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