3 Down



Both the Democrats and Republicans have 3 states down in their race for the nomination of each party! Let’s take a look at how things went.

The Democrat Party went to Iowa with 3 nominees: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and  Martin O’Malley. The results were very close between Clinton and Sanders, but Clinton squeaked the win gaining 23 delegates, while Sanders got 21 delegates for his very close second place. Martin O’Mailley, who got less than 1% of the vote, decided to leave the race.

That left just Hillary and Bernie to head to New Hampshire as a now 2 person race. Bernie took the win their earning 15 delegate, while Hillary picked up 9 for placing second (last). If you don’t know what a delegate is… it’s what they are all competing for. Each state has so many delegates to give out and the first to reach 2,382 delegates on the Democratic side gets the party’s nomination for president. And as you see these first 2 states gave out a few delegates to each first and second place… but in some of the states coming up, all the states delegates go to only the winner. In fact I should take a moment to explain all the differences (or at least some of them) that are involved in the road to the presidential nomination.

Each state is different. And each party does things differently. For example I already said the Democrats need 2,382 delegates to win, the Republicans only need 1,237 delegates to win the nomination for their party. Also, there are these things called superdelegates. In the Democrat Party they belong to the official party apparatus, which includes all current Democratic governors and members of Congress as well as former presidents, former vice presidents, state party chairs, and that sort of thing. There are a lot fewer superdelegates for the Republican Party. They go to the three members of each state’s national party. But the biggest difference is how each party is allowed to use its superdelegates. Democrats can use them on which ever candidate they want and can change their vote whenever they want, while the Republican superdelegates must go to who ever won the state. This can be a big deal in the Democrat race, which I’ll explain better in a moment.

Besides all the differences between how each of the parties run the race, each state is different as well. Some states have a primary, some states caucus. A primary is a simple ballot cast vote, pretty much the same as a regular election. States that caucus hold public events where everyone gathers discuss all the candidates and then vote. Well, the Republicans then vote, but the Democrats line up in groups for each candidate where there is a count and if the counts are close there is more discussion and people try to get others to leave their group and join their group and sometimes coins are flipped to determine a winner. Seriously, it’s kind of crazy. But I bet that’s close to how are founding fathers did it… we just have lots more people to deal with… so yea, it’s kind of crazy.

So Iowa was a caucus state. Republicans had their discussions in schools, churches, and other public buildings (and some homes maybe), then went and did a ballot type vote (will get to those results in a second). Meanwhile democrats also got together and discussed their candidates, but then they lined up in groups for each candidate, and when O’Malley people didn’t have enough to compete they were told to either line up in the Clinton or Sanders groups or go home (well more or less). Which means people from the Clinton groups are trying to get them to join them, as well as those in Sander’s group would be trying to get them to join them. In the end some coins had to be flipped to determine winners because it was so close. In the end, as I already wrote above (and the news already said back when the caucus was held) Clinton squeaked by with a win.

New Hampshire is a primary state so people just went and voted. As we know, Bernie took that state. Which sent Clinton and Sanders into Nevada (my home state, well the state I live in, Cali will always be my home state). Nevada is a caucus state and once again it was close, but Hillary won giving her 19 delegates, while Sanders earned 15 delegates. Did you do the math yet? That leave them tied at 51 delegates apiece! The race seems to be way too close to know how it will turn out… that is unless you are really paying close attention.

I said at the beginning of all this I thought it was going to be a Clinton vs. Bush presidential election. I know, I was way off with bush, and we will get to the republicans in just a moment, but I’m afraid I’m probably right about Clinton being the Democrat nominee. This gets me in trouble with the many people I know who are BIG TIME Bernie supporters, but it’s not my decision, I’m just going by what I see. I’d love to support Bernie, he seems like an honest person, a genuine “good guy”. I don’t even mind he’s a 74-year-old socialist, though if he is the nominee, his age and socialist ideas will be used against him by the Republicans, and there are plenty out there in Americana who might be afraid to elect a 74-year-old socialist. But the Democrats are a sneaky bunch (so are the Republicans, and we are getting to them, I swear). So even though the popular vote is really close, and you would think the delegate count was really close, you have those superdelegates… and those are overwhelmingly being given out to Hillary. I think Hillary has like 451 superdelegates while Bernie has only 19. So the Democratic voters may be split, but the Democratic establishment seems to be backing Clinton. As I said, superdelegates can change their minds at anytime during this race, so maybe I’m reading too much into it. In the end it will come down to 3 things. The millennial vote, which so far seem to be going to Bernie. The minority vote, which seems to be going to Hillary. But most importantly how many come out to vote… so far Democrat voter turnout is not very high.

Not so on the Republican side of things, who are having record turn outs. Let’s take a look at the 3 states the Republican candidates have behind them.

The first 2 states were the same as the Democrats. In Iowa Ted Cruz took 1st place earning 8 delegates, while Donald Trump came in second and Marco Rubio came in third each earning 7 delegates. Ben Carson got 3 delegates for 4th place while Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Mike Huckabee all got 1 delegate while Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, and Jim Gilmore got nothing for coming in 10th, 11th, and 12th. No wonder they are having such a large voter turn out, they had so many people running for President. But after the first state 2 jumped out. Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul left the race.

So 10 remaining candidates went on to New Hampshire where Trump came in first receiving 11 delegates. Kasich surprised everyone with a second place win getting 4 delegates. Ted came in 3rd and Bush came in 4th each getting 3 delegates. Rubio got 2 delegates for 5th place. The rest of the order was: Christie, Fiorina, Carson, Santorum, and Gilmore. They all received zero delegates from New Hampshire, and when all was said and done all of them in last place in New Hampshire receiving no delegates from the state dropped out of the race. Well all of them but Carson. He joined the other 5 delegate winning candidates and went on to the next state…

As I wrote, the democrats third state was Nevada… but the Republicans disconnect from the Dems for a moment here and they go to South Carolina. And guess what… South Carolina is a “take all” primary state. So since Trump came in 1st he got all 50 of the states delegates which kind of puts him out in front. The rest or the order was Rubio, Cruise, Bush, Kasich, Carson… though they got no delegates regardless. In the end, one more would drop out of the race… Jeb Bush.

Yes, I was wrong on my first predictions that Bush would win the republican nomination… but I have to say, Trump has changed the republican race so drastically that all early predictions or thoughts on the Republican side of this race is out the window. Plus Trump really went at Bush… and let’s face it… Bush didn’t look like his heart was in the race at all.

So will the Trump Train just keep on going all the way to the nomination and dare I say… the White House?

It definitely could happen.

Ben Carson should have dropped out with Bush, and I can’t see why he would stay in much longer. I like John Kasich, but if he doesn’t win a state soon… I’m guessing he too might have to drop out.

That leaves Trump. Rubio, and Cruz… kinda scary, huh? Will Rubio or Cruz pick up enough voters from those who have dropped out to put them up over Trump? That’s what some are banking on… but I’m not to sure about that. I do think we could come to the end of this without any Republican candidate reaching the magic number of 1,237 delegates and then I’m not sure what will happen. That’s if the Trump Train doesn’t just leave the rest behind and runs a way with it.

Republicans have their caucus in Nevada tomorrow… and Trump is polling pretty well here.

Democrats will have their South Carolina primary on Saturday… if it’s not close and Hillary takes it big… it may just be “all she wrote”… and if it’s close and/or Bernie wins… you still have to think about the superdelegates.

Things will really heat up on March 1st when 12 states and one territory hold primaries and caucuses. It’s called Super Tuesday (Superdelegates…  Super Tuesday… I swear politicians think they are super heroes).

I had originally said it would probably be Clinton on the Democrat side, Bush on the Republican side, and Trump running as an independent… I was wrong. But I still think I had it close… though we will have to see how the rest of this race goes. It definitely is exciting!

One last thing… I thought Bush would be the next president because of a 3 Bush thing I convinced myself was an omen that would not be denied… it has been. Now, will that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Lonely Hearts Club (Skit)


Nice sign right? It’s actually a new group on Facebook we will be checking in on from time to time… I feel it may be interesting… you never know who might drop in to a group like this… let’s take a peek:


Wow only one member at the moment… not including the Mod of course… I wonder what they are talking about:

lhc 1

lhc 2

lhc 3

lhc 4

lhc 5

lhc 6

lhc 7

lhc 8

lhc 5

lhc 9
lhc 11
lhc 12




Happy Valentine’s Day!




Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

I don’t know, but it sure ain’t me.

According to SOM the big bad wolf is coming after me:

som zero big wolf

Yes, the message did self destruct. In fact your whole Facebook blew up on you didn’t it SOM? I’m sure you’ll blame that on me. But you still find ways to let me know you are thinking about me:

som youtube comment

That comment was left on the video I made for a NOFX song… remember that one?

Yes, it seems SOM likes to watch the 2 videos on my YouTube… a lot. LOL!

Can’t wait for these changes SOM is speaking of, though YouTube has changed so much already, that I hardly use it for anything but watching music videos nowadays. Still, I used to love making YouTube videos… so I’m looking forward to any YouTube excitement!

As for this “BIGGER WOLF” coming after me… sounds enticing!

Just to clear up a few things here…

I never threatened to stalk your family… I just said I spoke to someone in your family. Don’t be so paranoid… oh yea look who I’m talking to.

Also, using th R word only makes me ignore you… that’s why Dorothy stopped using it. If you want to address me and hope I react… just call me zero like everyone else (it’s what I go by).

I also received a new PM (private message) from Dorothy on the ZW Facebook:

dph suff films felony

That’s from today… I haven’t answered her PMs in so long, but I still get little gems like this from her every now and then.

Dorothy loves to try to connect me to snuff films. This message is great because it implies that maybe I just don’t know killing people in a movie is against the law. Fuck that’s funny. As if her telling me this would click a light on in my head and put a stop to my movie making. LMFAO!

Sorry Dorothy, but I’ve never been involved in a snuff film. I was an extra on Mall Cop 2… no one was killed in it though. Might have helped it. Just saying.

But your constant accusation has inspired me Dottie. I started a song:

Oh how you tease me, my Dorothy Price Hill,

Everybody want’s to know if you are real,

They want to know if you’re getting a thrill,

Never caring how your victims must feel,

What’s you’re deal?

Are you real?

I’ve got one question still—–

Would you star in my Snuff film?

Make you the star of my Snuff Film—-

Oh won’t you star in my Snuff Film?

That’s all I got so far… but I think it might be a hit. No title yet… probably just call it “Snuff Film“.  There ya go Dot Girl… I still haven’t made a suff movie, but I did write a song about one. Well at least the hook or chorus, which ever it turns out to be.

I have pointed out how much SOM and Dottie are alike. Peas in a pod. Nuts in a candy bar. One thing they both loved was my Valentine Vlog I posted a couple of years ago:

som cnn meme

som ring

som zpic age

dph z fb1

SOM obsesses over this video because I’m wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which we all know is used by the group Anonymous. Dorothy seems to be obsessed on the red shoes I wear in the video. Though they both talk shit about my car.

I’m just happy you guys are watching it. Vlogs are a pain in the ass to make. In fact that one isn’t even really a Vlog, because I kept screwing up what I wanted to say. I swear you would all laugh your ass off at the outtakes I have from the Valentine Vlog. I finally gave up and didn’t do a lot of talking in the video, instead writing what I had to say in the blog.

I actually hated that thing because it was not what I had tried to do, it was more me just giving up and putting something out real quick. I eventually took it off the blog, but the video was still up on ZW’s YouTube which is where SOM found it.

Well since you guys are so obsessed with it and VD is back again tomorrow… the blog that video was a part of is back up. So if you never got a chance to read it (SOM), now you can:


Between that post and the one before it:


I covered all I was gonna say (and kept screwing up) in the VD Vlog. It was supposed to  be a valentine to Nancy who had just came up out of the shadows to join in on all the fun we were having. So the video ended up not being much more than me driving around Vegas giving clues to any obsesser that might come my way.

So I’m so happy it could give Dot and SOM hours of viewing pleasure.

We are coming up on another VD. I’m thinking of doing something special.

See you tomorrow!



Angry Music


I’ve been told that the music I listen to is bad for me. It’s too angry:

dph zero rap

new dph fb2

dph black music

LMFAO! Yes, some of my stalked stalkers really don’t like the music I listen too. I believe SOM said something like rap music causes kids to get guns and shoot people and Madonna’s music causes girls to become sluts. I’m paraphrasing and since he is no longer on Facebook I can’t go and read he exact words… but that’s close enough to what he was implying.

Well let’s take see what I’m listening to right now:

Holly shit!! Maybe there is some truth to what my oppressed, obsessers are saying.

There’s no telling what I’m gonna write about next… or who.

The music has taken over… all self-control has been relinquished to the demons of hip hop, punk rock, metal, and pop.

And no one is safe!

Shooting Monkeys In A Barrel


What do I get for wishing SOM the best and suggesting he move on?

som threat

WTF?!? This sounds like a threat to me. A familiar one too. Didn’t Dorothy say something like this once?

DPH zero linda lose

Yep… that was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  It didn’t work for Dottie than, it ain’t gonna work for you now, SOM. Or should I call you Sebastien, since you seem to think we are on a fisrt name basis? Naw, SOM is just easier to type.

Let’s get one thing straight you little flea, you are all over my shit, snipping pics from my YouTube VD video, quite a few I should say. Posting my name all over your Facebook, going to other pages and writing there as well. How many different pages did you post stuff? And you know how I know when you post about me… someone comes and tells me. You can’t post on these pages without someone letting me know. Yes even your own Facebook, someone let me know you were posting stuff about me there today… so I went to get it all copied. Let’s take a look:

som page fd post

I’m guessing you posted this on the Fright Dome Facebook page and then took a snap shot of it and posted it on your own Facebook… yea, that’s not stalkerish.  But to be honest I went there and couldn’t find it. So after you snipped it, did you delete it? Classic stalker move. Or maybe they took it down. Yes, be careful, places like that have big time lawyers. But don’t worry, I don’t. No $$$ or assets as Dorothy tried to threaten me with all so long ago. Are you getting the picture yet SOM.

So go ahead SOM… go at me with your very Dorothy like attacks… and you do. You had all sorts of things freshly posted about me on your Facebook page today:

som zero pics anon

som more zero pics

Man, you love that VD video don’t you? It’s because I’m wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in it, huh. Anonymous and all that…

som guy f

som anon guy f

I have yet to lash out SOM… this is just foreplay. I’ve been through this a few times now… I got a rhythm to my fucking.

Oops naughty words… someone better snip that and complain to the naughty word police… Dorothy’s got their number.

If I was Anonymous, oh hell, I’m not gonna finish that sentence, keep thinking Anonymous has something to do with all this SOM, you delusional, paranoid, man-child.

Yes, we are sinking to name calling, because that’s what you little attention seekers are craving, and you know you can come here and get it. Now you can go and say, see, he is stalking me, trying to stop me from saving the Christians from the Illuminati and Nuclear Poisoning. Shall we continue?

som r freedom watch

What the fuck are you talking about?

These again are threat sounding, Dorothy stalking, propaganda. Do you nuts have a hand book or something?

Also like Dorothy, SOM edits his comments and really should have just stuck with the original, but they got them voices nagging at them:

som rl edit

No you are not correct… you are crazy. Someone should take your internet away.

I’m sure you will see this as a reason to “strike back”. Yes, this is just how the back ‘n forths begin. Yummy!

I mean what does it matter… you have crossed lines that can’t be uncrossed, no?

Dorothy crosses those lines as well and we are involved in a life long dance together… but I see you tapping on Dotties shoulder SOM. We could make this a threesome.

So go back to the beginning of this post and play that song again everyone.

My kids get brought up.

My wife get’s brought up.

My friends get brought up.

My most favorite place to work and play is constantly threatened by these stalking, little, biting, fleas.

And then they have the nerve to say I’m attacking them… I’m stalking them all with my magic voodoo, bringing them all here to join in on the circus of nuts.

Because after all I’m the villan right.

The evil devil come to stalk you all.

Man, we’ve been here before.

“The fuck I’m  suppose to do now… huh? The fuck I’m suppose to do?”





And , oh… by the way… “pousse mais pousse égal”… it’s also a movie:


But I suggest you watch the movie Twin Town:


I think that grasps what you are trying to say… no?


Duh… Duh… Dorothy

dph zero li

Finally a brave man stepped up. Thank you. I smell a fish!

dph zero ug

I never claimed to be in California, well except when I’m there. And why does she have to keep bringing up my kids? In fact why bring me up here at all? Is she trying to connect me to UG and the CCC? That’s not very nice. That place is real creepy. Dorothy and MM7 (mysterymom7) were the first to tell me all about that UG (utopia guide). They also told me all about their wild ideas about the CCC (that’s a little harder to decipher… since it’s only really been used as CCC from what I have seen… most think the last 2 Cs stand for Construction Crew, but even that is questionable… the first C is often thought to be Carney, though I’ve seen other C words used as well). I have gone to UG and read a little bit, found the whole story on the CCC and although I think it is quite interesting that a creep site like that has the same issues with feuds, back ‘n forths, and sock puppets, I’m not sure where Dorothy and MM7’s wild connections come from. In fact where did UG first get brought up? I’m guessing Websleuths… but is it a complete Dorothy and MM7 delusion? Or does it have actual roots somewhere?

I don’t know, but that place is creepy! And it’s full of creepy people… so I really don’t appreciate you insinuating I have anything to do with it Dorothy… NOT NICE!

By the way, these were posted on Shannan Gilbert’s memory Facebook page last month by Dorothy. Don’t know when they will realize she is hurting that page and their sister’s memory with Dorothy’s crazy, slanderous, rants. Maybe never. Though hopefully when the case is finally solved (and I still have hope that it will some day) maybe then Dorothy’s rants won’t get through.

Like I said before, unfortunately Dorothy would just move on to something else.

And I promise you, Zero’s World will be a part of those delusional rants as well.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She brings life to this place.




Oh yea, almost forgot…


Things We Are Not Gonna Talk About

Wow… it’s been a busy couple weeks.

Been very busy in RL, but also in blog stuff… it’s just been all off-blog, blog stuff.

I wonder if that sentence is a clear one… often when I’m writing I forget that just because I understand what I’m writing, doesn’t mean it’s understood by those who read what I have written.

I’ve said it before, part of that is because sometimes some things I write are meant for certain people to understand… certain readers. Also somethings will get different understanding by different readers. If you don’t understand that, it’s probably meant for someone else… lol. Besides, that’s not what I’m talking about… I’m talking about things I write that are from me, so of course I know what I mean… but it may not be so clear to the reader… I try not to do that… but narcissist… remember? Sometimes (all the time) I’m writing for me… and it just picks up a couple of you lovely readers for some reason. I apologise for my occasional lack of explanation. LMFAO… like I don’t over explain everything… so here we go…

Off-Blog means things from the blog discussed off the blog… in emails… social media… phone calls… and texts. These discussions can be with a reader, a commenter, or a blog subject (most of the time it’s a 3-in-1). It may also mean actions that happen off the blog by a reader, commenter, or blog subject… including me… I read, comment and am often a blog subject. So easy enough… Off-Blog just means blog related stuff happening off the blog.

What else in that sentence… oh yea, RL… it stands for Real Life… and IL is Internet Life, they come right from this blogs title, and yet I know there are quite a few people who don’t know what they meant.

That’s something I totally get. When I was first reading around LISK.com and Catching LISK the abbreviations drove me crazy. I’d be reading back and forth trying to remember what each one was, or who they were. So when someone asked me (Off-Blog) the other day what CPH and CKB were, I had to laugh a little. They are initials, but more importantly, they make it a lot faster to type out names. Still I know it can be hard to understand to a new reader. You have to chase back and forth to see where the initials came from and who they belong to. Because of my memory of how frustrating that was for me… I try to use full names near places I am using a lot of initials (of course they are not all initials of people, there are abbreviations and acronyms used that are not names of people, but most of the time they are names of people) I try to use the full name near it so you don’t have to search to far.

For example… I may use SOM a lot because it’s easier and faster to type out SOM then Son of Man… but I will still take the time to type out Son of Man a few times just so you don’t get to lost when you see SOM written instead.

And SOM is one of the 3 things we are not gonna talk about (great segue, huh?).

I know many of you still don’t know who SOM is, and since we are not gonna talk about him, I guess you still won’t know who he is. But to explain why we are not gonna talk about him, we have to talk about him… just a little.

SOM came to the ZW Facebook  quite a while ago, back when Nan Nan was still everywhere. We talked Off-Blog about my Cicada posts, but like Nancy, he seemed to like to turn disagreements or questions of their sometimes paranoid statements as proof I was a stalker of some sort and trying to trick them. There’s a lot more to it of course, but I’m trying not to talk about it, which I’m finding very hard to do while I’m talking about it. Point is, the reason most of you don’t know much about SOM is because I chose not to blog about him or entertain him in his nice guy/crazy guy routine… and he went on his way. As you long-time readers know, eventually Nancy went away as well, but it took a little time because Dorothy was in her ear… spreading her disease.

So life would have gone on without us ever having to talk about SOM (or not talk about him, I’m a little confused now, I better get to the point of the point) except of course… he returned. At first he was playing all nice, had a few discussions OFF-Blog about the Gnostic Gospels I enjoyed, but I knew that change would come and it did.

All of a sudden, I am a stalker again, though once again, someone had to come stalk me to tell me about it. Then Linda and Donna are attacked just for trying to set the poor guy straight. Yes attacked, learn the real meaning of the word Dorothy, it’s what you nuts do to others on the internet, not what you think is being done to you, which is people putting you nuts in your proper place. And that proper place is far from the internet.

Whoa, got a little carried away there.

OK, I calmed back down, lol… now what was I not talking about? Oh yea…

I still didn’t want to blog too much about SOM, again, he reminds me of Nancy way too much and I just feel he’d be better off without the internet interactions that always seems to be stalking in their mind. It’s like negative attention is at least attention and they so desperately need it. But he was relentless, posting all over the ZW Facebook page all sorts of crap (at one point saying I was a transsexual clown). I quickly started to see a new likeness between Nan Nan and SOM… Dorothy Price Hill (DPH if you didn’t know).

Some of SOM’s comments made me think, like Nan Nan, he had Dorothy in his ear about me… something he made even clearer with comments like these:

som dph life to blog

som richard dorothy kids 42

Yep, I think DPH got to SOM.

But since these are up, let’s get the age right. I was 42 three years ago… in fact it was discussed in my very first real post here on WordPress:


I say first “real” post, because my actual first post was this:

my first post

Man, how right that post turned out to be.

You also see SOM decided to follow in many other of my “stalkers crying stalker” and decided to use the “R” word, something long time readers knows is a no-no here on the ZW… lol.

At this point I was itching so bad to make a post about all of this but just didn’t want to go down that Nan Nan road again. Plus I was trying to write a post on the then upcoming Iowa Caucus. Which I never did get to. In fact I just deleted the one paragraph I did write… Iowa’s done… New Hampshire only a few days away… we’ll get back into all that soon enough, still plenty of time to talk politics before we get to the finish line.

Still, SOM was all over the ZW Facebook saying all sorts of crap. I thought maybe a time out would calm him down… so I banned him from the ZW (Zero’s World) Facebook.

Long time readers may remember I have only banned 2 people from the ZW Facebook, Dorothy and Nancy. Both were for a short period, and both have long ago been unbanned. So that made SOM the third person to have to be banned… but it didn’t calm him down, only started him making posts about me on his own Facebook page. Some messed up stuff too, all along calling me a stalker, even though I was doing all I could not to blog about him and believe me, I had posts lined up in my head.

Well, after a few days of SOM littering his Facebook with comments about me I decided, fuck it, let’s do this, and I was gonna blog about all of it.

Then I guess SOM had a moment of clarity and realized he was behaving rather stalkerish and removed everything he had been writing about me on his Facebook.

Well, alright, that takes care of that… no need to not talk about it anymore… but since we kind of are, there a couple of real funny things SOM posted about me, that I have to clear up. Because even though they were really funny, and I enjoyed them very much, they just aren’t true.

som 0 women

I am not a musician. I never learned an instrument and I can’t sing, no matter how much I love to do it. I do tend to still have groupies though… so point taken.

som cnn meme

This is my favorite one. It has a threat of turning me into a meme, great idea! And a threat of turning me into CNN, another great idea!

But I have to be honest here, SOM wanted to let CNN know I was in Anonymous , which very well could be true, anyone with a Guy Fawkes mask can be Anonymous… but as any long time reader here knows, that is why I wear the mask from time to time. I’m not in Anonymous… I wear it to show anyone can have a Guy Fawkes mask… it don’t make them a hero in any way… no heroes… just zeros (I’ve been saying that a lot lately in RL, thought I’d throw it into IL as well).

I love that you like my VD video so much… but truth be told… me wearing the mask is not an endorsement of Anonymous, but more of a diss at it. So instead of reporting to CNN about me being in Anonymous, maybe you should report me to Anonymous for dissing them and wearing their mask…lol. But really I hope you do neither. I was very pleased to see you pulled all the stuff you were saying about me and this is a great place for us both to move on. I wish you nothing but luck and hope we never have to not talk about this again.

Next thing we are not talking about is John. I know many of you saw her comments and thought it could be Dorothy… I assure you it was not. In fact they don’t know Dorothy and don’t want to know Dorothy. And as much as I’d like to talk more about this (it would be nothing but good for the blog, but sometimes the stuff that happens Off-Blog has to stay Off-Blog for the better of bigger things then this blog) that is all I am gonna say (or not say) about it. I’m happy to pick up a new reader though.

Alright one last thing we are not gonna talk about. The TAL comments. If you have read them you are probably thinking “another nut with a story of seeing or knowing something”, and at first I thought the same thing. In fact I had hope NERD had returned under a new IP. Oh how I’d love that (NERD, anytime you want to drop me an email, please do). Believe it or not, so far this person checks out. Not NERD. 😦

So is their story true? Well they say it is. And I think anything about Burke is possible now. But again, we are not talking about this… though maybe we will in the future. That’s up to TAL. For those who have not seen TAL’s comment, maybe they will tell their story in the comments of this post and we can continue not talking about it there. If their story is true, then maybe this needs to be talked about. And again, they checked out. All 3 of these people we are not talking about have checked out. Real people from what I can see.  TAL seems like a good person who really just questions if they saw something important that was not taken seriously by Burke. I’ve heard these things before, people claiming to have gone to police, but the police didn’t want to listen. And maybe LE has their reasons for not listening or believing the stories. Maybe LE has good reason for saying every suspicious POI is not a POI.  But LE takes their time taking these types of cases seriously, just ask any of the victims families who tried to report their loved ones missing. I’m not trashing LE (Law Enforcement, but I think most of you can figure that one out) I’m just stating the sad truth in cases like LISK. Besides, giving Burk’s current address, LI LE (Long Island Law Enforcement, see you’re getting the hang of it) deserve a little trashing. They’ve brought on the scrutiny they will deserving get (that may be an opinion, but it sure fills like a fact). I definitely think TAL wants their story out there, that’s why they chose this blog to comment on. But I’ll leave that up to TAL.

For now, I’m gonna go find something we can talk about…

The Truth Is Out There… Again

X-Files is Back!!!

3 episodes have aired already and man they were good. Don’t worry, no spoilers just in case you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out.

But if you were a fan of the show and like me have seen each episode a few times (I was gonna try to re watch them all before the new ones, but that thing had like 9 seasons, and there was just no time for that, I can’t keep up with everything as it is, plus Twin Peaks is coming back and I have to re watch all of those with a few people and get ready for the new ones. It had less than 2 whole seasons, so it’s more doable) then you really need to check to watch the new ones.

The first episode was just what you want in a new X-Files… it was a perfect reunion… the end was awesome!

The second episode was part 2 to the first and got all the questions going… kind of confusing episode, may have to watch it again, but it is setting it all back up and another great ending! both of these hit the heart of the fan hard. (Damn I’m such a fan-boy, I hate it…lol).

The third episode is what they call a “Monster Of The Week” episode. If you don’t know what that is… well, then why are you reading this? Lol, alright I’ll explain.

Monster Of The Week or MOTW is used to describe shows that has a new monster each week… X-Files was heavily influenced by a show of such called Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a great MOTW show:


Now X-Files had basically 2 types of shows: the ongoing story line of aliens and Mulder’s missing sister and MOTW shows (there is a 3rd category of shows that may not quite fit into one of those other 2 categories, but most were in these 2 groups). Another one of my favorite shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer followed the exact same guidelines… ongoing story of vampires with MOTW episodes in between. Buffy was good at it, maybe the best. But X-Files was right up there and really which one you consider better is probably just due to personal taste, because both shows were good at what they did.

X Files MOTW episodes were usually pretty creepy and sometime very scary. But some were quite funny as well. There was the one about cockroaches where it looked like a cockroach ran across your tv screen… classic. Or “Humbug”with Jim Rose and The Enigma from Jim Rose Circus. Fiji mermaid… good stuff. Or my all time favorite X Files MOTW episode “X-Cops”. The episode was filmed like Mulder and Scully were on an episode of Cops. The beginning was so much like cops that many people who turned it on, first thought they were watching cops and freaked out when the cop car gets tossed around. They were quickly relieved when the music to X-Files came on and realized it was not an actual reality cop show gone crazy.

That episode was so funny, it was about a killer who would be what ever your mind most feared, some one actually saw the monster as Freddy Krueger, very fitting to the episode and as I said, hilarious! The highlight of this episode (other than the gay couple) was the running gag of Scully not wanting to be on film. What a great episode.

Well the third episode is right up there with some of the best and funniest MOTW shows. it even makes fun of it being a MOTW show. Mulder is constantly taking about monsters, poking at itself.

I wish I could write about it, but I said no spoilers. It is a must see for any fan. It’s a little sappy at times, but the main idea of trying to see if Mulder still wants to believe makes the sappiness fit. If he can believe in monsters again, real ones, then maybe Mulder can truly believe again.

That’s not a spoiler, right? Damn.

Well, I’ll stop there.

X-files is back… and I believe!

A Much Needed Day Off

Sometimes things get so crazy off-blog (in both real life and blog related things) that I just don’t know where to start… long time readers know this happens from time to time here.

So in real life we are doing some remodeling… kind of at least… definitely many changes going on right now… hopefully in time I will be able to blog about some of these things, but blog stuff is also hitting me square in the nose. From Dorothy to Son Of Man to people like The Duchess to this new John. Plus I have a post on theIowa Cacus, just sitting there unfinished. Not to mention that I’ve been in some very interesting conversations about LISK and all those who have connected themselves to that case. With who? Give it a week, I think we’ll all know. It’s not a really big thing, but it definitely has put me back in places I haven’t looked into in a while (CCC and UG primarily, but really the whole conversation sent me back to areas of my blogs that may need to be relooked at, again sorry for being cryptic here, but just waiting to let it come out properly), thing is it just really lit a fire cracker up under my ass (EM!).

I have been looking up all sorts of things again, from “Catching LISK” to Websleuths and everything in between…

Fucking A! Now I’m not complaining and I’m not drowning (though treading water is harder lately with so much hitting at once) but I just need a day off.

So if you can’t get ahold of me today, don’t worry, I’m just taking a break… just for today.

I’ll be back tomorrow finishing the Iowa post and doing a quick X Files post (I swear if you are not watching the new episodes… you are missing out… big time!) and then we will tackle all these people who want my attention and maybe get back to some subjects we skipped over way too easily (UG!).

But fasten them seat belts and be ready, because this weekend should be very interesting!