Duh… Duh… Dorothy

dph zero li

Finally a brave man stepped up. Thank you. I smell a fish!

dph zero ug

I never claimed to be in California, well except when I’m there. And why does she have to keep bringing up my kids? In fact why bring me up here at all? Is she trying to connect me to UG and the CCC? That’s not very nice. That place is real creepy. Dorothy and MM7 (mysterymom7) were the first to tell me all about that UG (utopia guide). They also told me all about their wild ideas about the CCC (that’s a little harder to decipher… since it’s only really been used as CCC from what I have seen… most think the last 2 Cs stand for Construction Crew, but even that is questionable… the first C is often thought to be Carney, though I’ve seen other C words used as well). I have gone to UG and read a little bit, found the whole story on the CCC and although I think it is quite interesting that a creep site like that has the same issues with feuds, back ‘n forths, and sock puppets, I’m not sure where Dorothy and MM7’s wild connections come from. In fact where did UG first get brought up? I’m guessing Websleuths… but is it a complete Dorothy and MM7 delusion? Or does it have actual roots somewhere?

I don’t know, but that place is creepy! And it’s full of creepy people… so I really don’t appreciate you insinuating I have anything to do with it Dorothy… NOT NICE!

By the way, these were posted on Shannan Gilbert’s memory Facebook page last month by Dorothy. Don’t know when they will realize she is hurting that page and their sister’s memory with Dorothy’s crazy, slanderous, rants. Maybe never. Though hopefully when the case is finally solved (and I still have hope that it will some day) maybe then Dorothy’s rants won’t get through.

Like I said before, unfortunately Dorothy would just move on to something else.

And I promise you, Zero’s World will be a part of those delusional rants as well.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She brings life to this place.




Oh yea, almost forgot…


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