Shooting Monkeys In A Barrel


What do I get for wishing SOM the best and suggesting he move on?

som threat

WTF?!? This sounds like a threat to me. A familiar one too. Didn’t Dorothy say something like this once?

DPH zero linda lose

Yep… that was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  It didn’t work for Dottie than, it ain’t gonna work for you now, SOM. Or should I call you Sebastien, since you seem to think we are on a fisrt name basis? Naw, SOM is just easier to type.

Let’s get one thing straight you little flea, you are all over my shit, snipping pics from my YouTube VD video, quite a few I should say. Posting my name all over your Facebook, going to other pages and writing there as well. How many different pages did you post stuff? And you know how I know when you post about me… someone comes and tells me. You can’t post on these pages without someone letting me know. Yes even your own Facebook, someone let me know you were posting stuff about me there today… so I went to get it all copied. Let’s take a look:

som page fd post

I’m guessing you posted this on the Fright Dome Facebook page and then took a snap shot of it and posted it on your own Facebook… yea, that’s not stalkerish.  But to be honest I went there and couldn’t find it. So after you snipped it, did you delete it? Classic stalker move. Or maybe they took it down. Yes, be careful, places like that have big time lawyers. But don’t worry, I don’t. No $$$ or assets as Dorothy tried to threaten me with all so long ago. Are you getting the picture yet SOM.

So go ahead SOM… go at me with your very Dorothy like attacks… and you do. You had all sorts of things freshly posted about me on your Facebook page today:

som zero pics anon

som more zero pics

Man, you love that VD video don’t you? It’s because I’m wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in it, huh. Anonymous and all that…

som guy f

som anon guy f

I have yet to lash out SOM… this is just foreplay. I’ve been through this a few times now… I got a rhythm to my fucking.

Oops naughty words… someone better snip that and complain to the naughty word police… Dorothy’s got their number.

If I was Anonymous, oh hell, I’m not gonna finish that sentence, keep thinking Anonymous has something to do with all this SOM, you delusional, paranoid, man-child.

Yes, we are sinking to name calling, because that’s what you little attention seekers are craving, and you know you can come here and get it. Now you can go and say, see, he is stalking me, trying to stop me from saving the Christians from the Illuminati and Nuclear Poisoning. Shall we continue?

som r freedom watch

What the fuck are you talking about?

These again are threat sounding, Dorothy stalking, propaganda. Do you nuts have a hand book or something?

Also like Dorothy, SOM edits his comments and really should have just stuck with the original, but they got them voices nagging at them:

som rl edit

No you are not correct… you are crazy. Someone should take your internet away.

I’m sure you will see this as a reason to “strike back”. Yes, this is just how the back ‘n forths begin. Yummy!

I mean what does it matter… you have crossed lines that can’t be uncrossed, no?

Dorothy crosses those lines as well and we are involved in a life long dance together… but I see you tapping on Dotties shoulder SOM. We could make this a threesome.

So go back to the beginning of this post and play that song again everyone.

My kids get brought up.

My wife get’s brought up.

My friends get brought up.

My most favorite place to work and play is constantly threatened by these stalking, little, biting, fleas.

And then they have the nerve to say I’m attacking them… I’m stalking them all with my magic voodoo, bringing them all here to join in on the circus of nuts.

Because after all I’m the villan right.

The evil devil come to stalk you all.

Man, we’ve been here before.

“The fuck I’m  suppose to do now… huh? The fuck I’m suppose to do?”





And , oh… by the way… “pousse mais pousse égal”… it’s also a movie:

But I suggest you watch the movie Twin Town:

I think that grasps what you are trying to say… no?


4 thoughts on “Shooting Monkeys In A Barrel

  1. SOM is too much. But if he wants to play games, I volunteer to play. Oh boy, I think I might enjoy that way too much. Cause he really is like shooting a monkey in a barrel. Lol. Poor dumb SOM.

  2. Blah. People are still trolling. Look SOM. I was the friend of a troll. On some kind of level I get your self inflicted paranoia. You don’t know the net yet. Just relax. Whatever you’ve been told is bull. Zero is actually very chill. A good guy. You need to take a look at how you see info, view the internet, your friends, you know. Johnny five stuff. Input. Output. Take a general sensory inventory. Realistically. Step back. It’s going to be okay.

    • He, like many, need family and medical help. The internet just confuses them more. But here’s the thing, Donna, back me up, we all know some of these people, Dorothy, Nancy, som, have serious mental issues, we know that some like Jen, Joey, Cristin, have issues as well that put them where they are. But there are people out there with issues… hell we all have them, and still don’t behave so wrongly on the internet. Donna and I and I’m sure others out there have spoken to people with learning disabilities or other mental or physical problems or people with a hard life or just going through bad shit and they still are very positive internet interactions. So why do some of these seek out the negative… why is the same so different? Oh and how have you been Mandamus?

      • Zero is right. Everyday I see people that deal with all kinds of difficulties in life. Most of them are people I met after Nancy and Dorothy. And while Nancy and Dorothy have been nasty and miserable, I’ve watched these people make friends and find people that appreciate them for the good people they are. My personal opinion as to why Nancy, Dorothy, Som and the others are they way they are is because they are selfish and phony. They care about others only as to how it benefits them. They do nothing for a good reason. They do it to make themselves look like they are the people they can never actually be. And they surround themselves with others like themselves and people they can use to their advantage. Anyone that sees through them is the enemy and therefore must be discredited so they can keep their lies hidden.

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