Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

I don’t know, but it sure ain’t me.

According to SOM the big bad wolf is coming after me:

som zero big wolf

Yes, the message did self destruct. In fact your whole Facebook blew up on you didn’t it SOM? I’m sure you’ll blame that on me. But you still find ways to let me know you are thinking about me:

som youtube comment

That comment was left on the video I made for a NOFX song… remember that one?

Yes, it seems SOM likes to watch the 2 videos on my YouTube… a lot. LOL!

Can’t wait for these changes SOM is speaking of, though YouTube has changed so much already, that I hardly use it for anything but watching music videos nowadays. Still, I used to love making YouTube videos… so I’m looking forward to any YouTube excitement!

As for this “BIGGER WOLF” coming after me… sounds enticing!

Just to clear up a few things here…

I never threatened to stalk your family… I just said I spoke to someone in your family. Don’t be so paranoid… oh yea look who I’m talking to.

Also, using th R word only makes me ignore you… that’s why Dorothy stopped using it. If you want to address me and hope I react… just call me zero like everyone else (it’s what I go by).

I also received a new PM (private message) from Dorothy on the ZW Facebook:

dph suff films felony

That’s from today… I haven’t answered her PMs in so long, but I still get little gems like this from her every now and then.

Dorothy loves to try to connect me to snuff films. This message is great because it implies that maybe I just don’t know killing people in a movie is against the law. Fuck that’s funny. As if her telling me this would click a light on in my head and put a stop to my movie making. LMFAO!

Sorry Dorothy, but I’ve never been involved in a snuff film. I was an extra on Mall Cop 2… no one was killed in it though. Might have helped it. Just saying.

But your constant accusation has inspired me Dottie. I started a song:

Oh how you tease me, my Dorothy Price Hill,

Everybody want’s to know if you are real,

They want to know if you’re getting a thrill,

Never caring how your victims must feel,

What’s you’re deal?

Are you real?

I’ve got one question still—–

Would you star in my Snuff film?

Make you the star of my Snuff Film—-

Oh won’t you star in my Snuff Film?

That’s all I got so far… but I think it might be a hit. No title yet… probably just call it “Snuff Film“.  There ya go Dot Girl… I still haven’t made a suff movie, but I did write a song about one. Well at least the hook or chorus, which ever it turns out to be.

I have pointed out how much SOM and Dottie are alike. Peas in a pod. Nuts in a candy bar. One thing they both loved was my Valentine Vlog I posted a couple of years ago:

som cnn meme

som ring

som zpic age

dph z fb1

SOM obsesses over this video because I’m wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which we all know is used by the group Anonymous. Dorothy seems to be obsessed on the red shoes I wear in the video. Though they both talk shit about my car.

I’m just happy you guys are watching it. Vlogs are a pain in the ass to make. In fact that one isn’t even really a Vlog, because I kept screwing up what I wanted to say. I swear you would all laugh your ass off at the outtakes I have from the Valentine Vlog. I finally gave up and didn’t do a lot of talking in the video, instead writing what I had to say in the blog.

I actually hatted that thing because it was not what I had tried to do, it was more me just giving up and putting something out real quick. I eventually took it off the blog, but the video was still up on ZW’s YouTube which is where SOM found it.

Well since you guys are so obsessed with it and VD is back again tomorrow… the blog that video was a part of is back up. So if you never got a chance to read it (SOM), now you can:


Between that post and the one before it:


I covered all I was gonna say (and kept screwing up) in the VD Vlog. It was supposed to  be a valentine to Nancy who had just came up out of the shadows to join in on all the fun we were having. So the video ended up not being much more than me driving around Vegas giving clues to any obsesser that might come my way.

So I’m so happy it could give Dot and SOM hours of viewing pleasure.

We are coming up on another VD. I’m thinking of doing something special.

See you tomorrow!



14 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

  1. The big bad wolf. Lmao!!!! Dorothy and Som, get a freakin life already. A real one, not a delusion filled one. And both of you go harass the real villians in your life. (sorry yours are all dead now Dorothy, so go fuck with the people that ignored what happened to you) And Dorothy, go ahead and deny it and say your family will sue me. You do that, so we can get ALL those messed up secrets out in public. Ive had more than enough of your crazy lies and Im totally into spreading the truth like you spread your lies. BTW the only people that believe your lies are screwed up bitter liars like you. God forbid even one of you wake the fuck up and realize that you are the cause of all your own problems. Bunch of selfish psychos that call everyone a narcissist except for the very people that really are. (YOU are the narcissist Dorothy)

  2. They really should stop stalking you. Their threats are empty. They have lost all credibility. At this point they don’t realize that they are behaving more like thugs than they are advocates. The only reason why authorities haven’t shut her up yet is because her misinformation helps them keep the real
    Investigative facts from the public.

    • Lesson I’ve learned in life when dealing with two opposing parties: the one that has the most to say is usually the party that is in error.

      • Wow… I like that. Well that would still out the nerd ip in the lead as far as the blogs are concerned… heh heh. But Dorothy definitely is the one who is everywhere saying everything. Wear that show Dorothy!

    • That has been my point from the beginning the more they say fbi is looking at me, or someone is gonna get me, or how my blog is gonna be shut down… the more they say things like this the less credible they are, but the other part you just said has really been making me wonder lately. Why don’t LE shut her up. Do the powers that be in LI want confusion and misinformation? The answer to that question seems to be becoming clearer and clearer every day.

  3. Hi Guys!! ahh SOM, yet another fan huh zero??? LMAO…..Z, that Valentines Video is one of my personal favs, especially the song!!! Its been a long, worthwhile road, thanks for the memories!!

    Hey Dorothy Price Hill, Hey Fluke!!! Im still here dopes…heh heh heh

    Hope you are all well, Miss you!! Ive been mega busy in RL, but am doing my best to catch up here, im Jonesing!!


    • btw its really me Annie – had to use an alternate email bc my password wasn’t working. still kept my known moniker. added the above statement by Sini bc of a certain someone we know that believes her ex is the killer.

  4. i wonder who this could be (snipped from aforementioned article):

    “Sini’s final words about women suspecting their husbands might be an oblique reference to a woman in her 40s who told me about an 80-page report she says she provided to the FBI, implicating her husband in a grand conspiracy of serial murder that also allegedly implicated James Burke. She claims to have tied them together through a website called Utopia Guide, where men rate and discuss sex workers together at length. The woman believes the men threw sex parties together under the name Carney Construction Crew, and that some of the women who were hired were later disposed of in the bramble along Ocean Parkway. This unsubstantiated theory speaks to the wormhole of ideas bandied about every day both online and in local bars throughout Long Island.”

    • Yep that’s our Dorothy. She’s like Mrs. Kravitz on speed. The drifter once told me that as soon as his Facebook showcasing his book was up and running, he received hundreds of messages from Dorothy on how she knew who the killer was, before that families of the victims told me she was going to everyone involved trying to get involved. She ended up hooking up with Jen… that’s where the mess really began. Because Jen was just as bad, trying to pick up people in her taxi she thought she could quiz on LISK. Jen brought Dorothy to Flukey And eventually MM7… great team. Reporters and writers all seemed to be able to see through them. Joey is called out in Lost Girls, reporters have obviously spoken with Dorothy, but she’s always just referred to as a lady who thinks her husand is the killer, never taken seriously. Jen couldn’t get anyone but me and Linda to listen to her, and that was just to get to the truth about who worked with who, and of course MM7 tried to contact lots of people on this… I’m guessing like her locoal police, Moriarty and other reporters saw right through her crazy stories. Police have also heard from all of them, no one jumping on any of them as a hero or even credible. I know LE is not exactly credible on the LISK subject anymore. But my point is, I feel bad for those who did or still do listen to these nuts… But I’m thankful lots of the right people saw right through them.

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