Lonely Hearts Club (Skit)


Nice sign right? It’s actually a new group on Facebook we will be checking in on from time to time… I feel it may be interesting… you never know who might drop in to a group like this… let’s take a peek:


Wow only one member at the moment… not including the Mod of course… I wonder what they are talking about:

lhc 1

lhc 2

lhc 3

lhc 4

lhc 5

lhc 6

lhc 7

lhc 8

lhc 5

lhc 9
lhc 11
lhc 12




Happy Valentine’s Day!




2 thoughts on “Lonely Hearts Club (Skit)

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  2. Awesome! Wow, what a walk down memory lane, lmao! Zero, whatever you get ‘paid’, it definitely not enough!

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