Michelle McKee Part 1

So yesterday I went to check out Twitter, mainly to tweet the video from Pink Floyd’s The Wall :

And compare it to a Trump rally. It’s what I see in my head while watching the Trump rallies and I felt it was perfect to be shared on Twitter.  I also posted a clip from Comedy Central’s Late Show With Larry Wilmore:

Damn, Mac Miller laid it on. Fuckin’ love it! Rock on with your bad self Mac Miller:

Alright, alright, I know some of you are wondering what this has to do with Michelle McKee (I know some of you are even saying who is Michelle McKee) well, I’m getting to it.

I know a lot of you don’t have or use Twitter, that is very smart, it’s a very frustrating place. Michelle McKee’s old friend MM7 used to call it the devil. It does seem like an evil place from time to time, anti-bully accounts bullying anyone who speaks out against them, Anonymous groups DOXING for LULZ, suicidal Tweets from people with thousands of followers, racist attacks from all sides, and these are just the most popular stuff going on in Twitter land. There, the back-n-forth rules all. So why do I go there? I think I mentioned a couple of times that I’m a masochist. Besides I must follow the laws of “own worst enemy” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

So anyways… after I made my Trump Tweets I stuck around to see if there would be any likes or retweets or even better a nasty reply, (damn that “own worst enemy” law). I doubted there would be, because I don’t do Twitter well. Not many followers either, but that’s understandable, like I said, I know most of you don’t do Twitter.

ANYWAYS… while I sat there reading different Tweets, something came up from Radionewz and Michelle McKee (if you don’t know who they are, Radionewz is a blog and Michelle is a twit, a tweet, a twat… lol, she is though, ok, MHO… she is though. Regardless of who they are, just know they thrive on Twitter and that says it all). I had thought Michelle and Radionewz had a falling out, even thought I saw Michelle and her arch-enemy Murt kind of on the same side of things for a second… but as we are about to see, I’m way behind on all that stuff, though as we are also about to see, that doesn’t matter much, since things don’t change much for that bunch.

So, seeing Radionewz and Michelle in a Tweet together caught my interest and I went to read the conversation, which turned out to be a some issues with a guy named Derk.  I then went to look at the Radionewz blog and saw how it had continued on there as well, and everyone seemed upset about it. I admit I didn’t look to deeply into the blog before jumping back to Twitter and Tweeting a reply. Here’s my Tweet:

zw tweet to radio and mk

I know, I should have just stayed out of it… not my show and all. It’s like poking your head into a lemmings nest. And we know I’ve done that before, plus I was just sort of saying hi. I did not expect a response, but I got one:

mk tweet1

Sweet! Michelle McKee tweeted little ol’ me to “shut the fuck up”. (was that sarcasm?) That’s almost as cool as when Kennedy (KennedyNation) from Fox News and MTV Tweeted me back. I think both Kennedy and Michelle felt the same about Tweeting me back at the end of our Tweets. (man this post is gonna sound/read like a little hungry bird) Well, you know me, I had to continue our Twitter conversation… I don’t get too many of those and they are never very long… I had a few minutes to kill…  so I Tweeted back:

zw tweet mk

It turned out I didn’t need to do either… I quickly realized Derk was KYAnonymous and even if I didn’t know the latest of that saga… I knew how it all started and many places it had been, so the fact Michelle and others where having serious issues with him… no real catching up needed… like I Tweeted… the beat goes on… (by the way, beat goes on is a post reference, find it, read it… it’s an easter egg in a Tweet!)  Let’s see what Michelle Tweeted after I didn’t do the other part (you know, the “shutting the fuck up” part):

mk tweet2

LOL… if Michelle knew me even a little, she’d know I seldom “shut the fuck up” or “piss off”. I’m the guy who beats the dead horse long after there is nothing left to beat… and the beat went on:

zw tweet mk2

Mk tweet3

mk tweet4

mk tweet5

mk tweet6

mk tweet7

mk tweet8

zw tweet mk4

mk tweet9

It seemed that there was some stuff worth catching up on, but the fact that KY was causing them all so much trouble was kind of funny… and maybe only in my opinion… but very ironic (sometimes I use that word as bad as Alanis Morissette, if this is one of those times, I apologise). I wanted to point this out, but I wasn’t getting dragged into the type of discussion needed for KY, Michelle McKee and all that goes with it, to get to the center of why I find it funny or ironic… or even, yes, entertaining. At least not on Twitter… that’s what blogs are for. No countdown on my words. So I decided to end it with a little Twitter name dropping (they love that) and a Twitter Ta Da:

zw tweet mk5

zw tweet mk6

zw tweet mk7

zw tweet8

Michelle had her own ta da as well:

mk tweet10

I told you they don’t last long. Thankfully she hit that “Follow” button first:

mk follow

How else will she see this post?

That way she will know, although I didn’t “Shut The Fuck Up” I am gonna do some catching up… not sure if it will be the kind Michelle meant.

To Be Continued…






28 thoughts on “Michelle McKee Part 1

  1. That Michelle sounds like a real sweetheart. I think I will avoid her twitter. I don’t have patience for that much stupid in one person at any time of day.

    • Lol. Wait tell you meet Princess Prinnie and the rest. My favorite is the executioner, but they never pay me any attention. Gonna see about changing that now that Michelle was so friendly, lol.

  2. self appointed sleuths, correct? Own worst enemy indeed. Im not sure of the dynamics of the situation nor do I care. These people seem like the hall monitor in school. They do know that when entering law enforcement one must first take a psychological inventory to factor in whether or not they suffer from some sort of vigilante complex. There are truth seeking and then there are witch hunters. If one starts falling into the witch hunter catagory beware! just as quick as they are ready with a fiery stake for your neighbor so they will be ready for you, too!

    • Well these are more like activist who like to play the back n forth. This deals with a few things, Murt, the Cummings case in Florida, the stubenville rape case, and anonymous. They became part of my blogs when mm7 and Michelle and radionewz started in on the Drone crap, which had nothing to do with LISK and all to do with MM7s home life, but they all thought it was cute… so I called them all out and my world really expanded to just how many people out there don’t care about what’s right or what’s real… just fight for that limelight…

  3. For full disclosure, I do read Radio’s blog. I occasionally leave snarky comments. That’s me. All I know of Michelle McKee is what I know from RNB. I don’t have a Twitter account. I can’t deal with that drama. Life’s too short. I disagree that Radio is like MM or MM7. Radio puts people on blast for being assholes. She’s equal opportunity. That of course is my own humble opinion.

    • I knew there would be a few who would understand this post better than others… CA1, you were one of those. I totally agree with you. I like radionewz, my Vegas Confidential blog was totally based on that place. But they do play some messed up games there as well. Executioner and others can be pretty harsh and many feel they have messed with them. But I get that they are just fucking with everyone… sounds familiar… yes they rubbed off on me. But they had posts from Truthspider and Flukeyou (though I don’t think it was the real branden or Joey) saying MM7 caught her stalker Murt. Yea, sorry they can get as bad as murt and the rest, and there are those out there who think so. But hey so can I I guess, but still, I tend to pull the curtain back often to peak past the bull shit, they like the curtain down. Still, I like the place. But I also took the time to speak with those who have had issues with them. So I have a more open opinion. But the fact they are all having problems with KY, who they all worked with going after the town of Steubenville is kind of the whole reaping and sowing thing in real time… so I just had to point it out. No matter how you side on all that, or what you think about anonymous or radionewz… we reap what we sow… actions cause reactions… you can’t change that

      • I agree with much of what you said. One of the reasons I respect Radio is that she’s fair. During the whole Trayvon Martin travesty, she had guest posters from both sides. She covered the Steubenville case closely. That became a clusterfuck. Some of her guest bloggers are better than others. I don’t always agree, but I do enjoy reading the blog.

    • Probably. I think they were all on WS one time or another. Another place I don’t visit, unless I’m researching something. I never joined, just read as necessary.

      The thing about Radio that gets some people’s pantys in a wad is no one knows who she is. Technically I don’t know if she is even a she. I just chose a female pronoun because that’s the vibe I get. I found the blog because of Haleigh Cummings disappearance.

      There are lots of crazy people on that blog. That comes with the territory.. I tried to read about the McStay family on a website dedicated to their disappearance/murder, but it was insane. Truly insane. Some of the commentors make Fish Boy look sane. YOU all know how hard that is! Some people just enjoy putting their crazy on blast. Others are just trolls.

      • yup i was on WS or at least used it for reference for a little while… got off that shit bc it is ran by a bunch of money hungry assholes that misappropriate funds. There’s a new site that was started by the mods on WS that left b/c of those issues. crimewatchers.net it’s awesome. very laid back but lots of talented posters without hairbrained theories and crap motives. Kimster started it.

      • Maybe I saw you there. I used to go there back when Caylee Anthony went missing I was on there and the Hayley Cummings threads. I left for a while and went back when baby Lisa Irwin disappeared. I always use my name or initials anywhere I join or comment, and its my initials over there.

      • my time there was short. got frustrated when the whole website practically witch hunted a person of interest in a case. i believe in trying to exonerate, not convict. Some cases where it is open and shut sure, but this one… this one pissed me off. reminded me of what Hackett went through. Look up Adrienne Salinas. The cabby didn’t do it imho. Bryan Patrick Miller or her boyfriend are my number one POIs. Bryan Patrick Miller bc he was known to behead victims. he is a recently caught serial killer… has been at it since he was a teen. True innocent until proven guilty, but LE seem pretty intent that they have the right guy. I think he offered Adrienne a ride or pretended to arrest her in his “novelty police cruiser”. Believe it or not, despite the cabby having an airtight alibi, people still think it was him. hm.

      • her idenitity has been kinda put out there… some know who she is. but I got no beef with radio… i was obviously inspired by the place… my blogs went in different directions after reading there. I don’t have any real beef with michelle or prinnie, and just as I’m not a doc hachett suporter though many think i am, i am also not a murt suporter though some may think i am… just calling it as i see it, and that whole group likes to beat that drum… beat that dead horse.. dance to that beat… and what ever other beat metahphore there is… they like the back n forth and often get so cuaght up in it neither side realizes there part in it any more, it’s the other side that’s bad… again I agree, radio does it more in tounge and cheek… but there is some high ground they ride on there high horse at times as well… yes, i am truely inspired by that place… lol. regardless, i’m sure they all can care less what i have to say about it all, and I’m sure my next post discussing it all will go nowhere, which is fine… just saw a new dorothy ($) comment that really has me wanting to get to some subjects… that an an article came out… anyone read it yet?

      • Wow. Good question. I am about to post everything I know about ccc, and this is something new to me. But it must fit somewhere. So a little more digging to see what this is if I can. Post should be up this week.

      • And there are some things in it that would be new to some… like magicfingers being dead… Cristin and Dorothy though Magic was Dr. Hackett, so to learn he is dead must be new to them, unless they purposely left that part out cause it didn’t fit their stories. Yes ill get into all that, I have been waiting a long time to get into ccc and ug… the time seems to have come.

      • I have all I need to write it now… it’s gonna be freaking long, and it’s gonna cover it ALL. I spent 8 hours straight last weekend reading and collecting from UG… I will disminish the BS said about them and get to the facts and the real connections. I hope to have it finnished by the end of this weekend. It will definately be an enteresting post.

    • Well I hope they caught the bastard whoever he was… But upon second look and more research it seems like it may have been a bondage situation that went out of hand and an accident happened, but how can that shit even be proved one way or the other? Ugh just another day in the life on Long Island

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