The Pot And The Kettle And Other Internet Fairy Tales

Yes, just as it was probably wrong for me to Tweet anything to McKee in the first place… and just as it was probably wrong of me to write the McKee posts… it was probably wrong of me to tweet out my posts in a McKee tweet. What can I say, I’m a dick.

But again, was it all that bad?

I decided to Tweet the post to McKee, Murt, Prinnie, and Radio. After all it mentions all of them, and what fun is it if none of them read it.

I really doubted any of them (well maybe Murt) would read it, and I didn’t think I’d get any reaction or attention, after all, it’s not like I never mentioned any of them before (more on that in a moment), and none of them (other than Murt) has ever really paid any attention, which is fine… I have no beef with anyone (well kinda Flukeyou, and definitely Dorothy) I just find them all entertaining… is that so bad?

They all put this shit out there on Twitter, in Blogs, and when someone pays attention, but calls it as they see it, not as they want you to see it… it’s all “get a life”, and “why do you care” (Dorothy still wants to know why I care… um, I don’t, but I am thoroughly entertained, what don’t you get?).

O.K. that’s not true, I do care about real people victimized online or off. I think any of you who know me, understand that. Which is why I take what Fluke and Dorothy do so seriously, it hurts real victims (They both left some comments that I have to address, but not here, not now, soon though).

But Radio, Murt, Prinnie, KY, McKee and their ongoing sagas… pure entertainment for me. Is anyone involved being victimized? If they were, they long ago joined in and played the back ‘n’ forth for to long for it to be sorted out. Is Murt stalking McKee? Is McKee stalking Murt? Did Radio ruin everyone’s lives? What about Levi? Everyone involved made a blog and I read some of them.

At this time I looked at some of Levi Page’s stuff  (I was already reading Murt and Radionewz , as well as anonluverz, I think. There was a few. Damn, this was a while ago). I even corresponded with someone, was it McGreggor? I can’t remember. I think it had to do with a girl in Canada who was fighting with Radio and it all got personal and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… I probably got that wrong but I just can’t remember all of it. There was lots of blogs about it all and it intertwined between all these self-important people who went from hero to victim in the blink of an eye… and back again. They included real life trageies like Steubenville, Casey Anthony, and Haleigh Cummings cases. This blog wasn’t even around yet, but I did mention it on the “Red & Black“:

Yes, that was back in the summer of 2013, and back then it wasn’t so entertaining. I was worried that people were being stalked or slandered and I was unsure who, if anyone was the victim. I wondered if these cases were being solved or twisted. And my long-time readers know that I looked into some of this stuff quite extensively.

In the end though, I stopped worrying about it and started being entertained by it (at least the self-important hero/victims part of it). And I once again say, without finding “Catching LISK”, RadioNewz, MurtWinessOne, or any of the other places I found, the blog you are reading would not be here and I’d still be questioning it all and trying to be all enlightening and shit. Those who have been along for this ride since the “Red & Black” I’m sure would agree, these are much different places.

So in a way, you all created this place, Mckee, Radio, Murt, and of course MM7, Dorothy, and Fluke. All the places that I saw while trying to get this blogging thing down crept into me and Zero’s World was born… I am your bastard child, like it or not.

Why am I still going on about all this?

Well, as I said, I tweeted out a link to the McKee post to a few people on Twitter, and I didn’t expect to get a response. But I got one… well sort of. Prinnie tweeted back that she wasn’t interested. Which I totally understand and tweeted back to her that I did. We shared a couple tweets I moved on. Thought that would be it (and if it was you’d be reading a post about Dorothy and Flukeyou right now) but something happened. Some one sent me a tweet that seemed to be about Zero’s World:


I have to say… SSSWWWEEET! One of my most favorite tweets I have ever “favorited”!

And as my long-time readers could tell ya… no voices… but yes… sometimes there is a split in my psychies and the host does get forgotten… that’s what come from being a bastard blog… child of the ludicrous.

Anyways… of course I responded:

zero tweet to lynda

And Lynda (with a y) responded to my response (see how that back ‘n forth easily starts up?):

lynda zero tweet watching TL

Yes, that was easy. Though I wasn’t watching your timeline, someone sent it to me, lots of people send me stuff when they see it. It’s just how this blog works. So don’t know if I answered any real question for you Lynda, but I did wonder if anyone from that world would read my post if I put it in tweets. And I sincerely thank you for reading, I hope you continue to.

I would also like to point out, Lynda found my blog, read it, and had no problem tweeting about it and saying me and my voices needed help. So why she is so upset that I would see the tweet and reply is beyond me… but as many of you know, them tweeter people are a different kind of people. They only want to talk crap against others, but someone from outside the herd with any type of feedback… they can’t deal. Which again, as most of you know is why I don’t do twitter too much. I don’t fit in, I know it… which is fine with me, it’s clicky, racist, and full of bullies and babies. Plus its way to confined for me… I need to purge out a thousand words almost everytime I start typing. Which we just hit about 95 words ago.
And I wouldn’t have much more to say if people just ignored it like Prinnie and Radio and McKee did. In fact the reason I can’t share any of how Prinnie told me she wasn’t interested and didn’t approve is because she stopped following me and blocked me from following her. Which is very understandable… I took that chance by tweeting the posts. I have followed Prinnie for years and she also has followed me (probably didn’t know who I was). You know McKee even “retweeted” me once:

mckee retweet1

Again, probably didn’t know who I was.

Yes, as long as I didn’t say anything against their multiple online shenanigans I could watch from afar. Still I point out, Radio, Murt, Prinnie, were all smart enough to see there is no beef with me and I’m better to just ignore… I’m zero after all, right? Even McKee realized to not continue after she bit my head off (more head biting ahead, by the way). But some decided to chime in… and the first one seems to be the best:

breakzSGurl tweet

Damn… BSGurl seemed a little upset. This one seemed to really set it off, and I guess that’s my fault.

You see,  I tweeted the link to the McKee post to Prinnie, Radio, and Murt… but for McKee I put it in a tweet with others in it:

mckee zero post tweet

I chose this tweet because McKee was asking to be removed from the tweet and I knew if I linked the post there I’d get some irony out of it. I did, sort of. That will be thanks to Gracie, but we’ll get to that. I just want to stress here, I did not tag anyone in my tweet, I just responded to that tweet and therefore it kept everyone tagged in Mckees tweet connected, which was 3 people, BSGurl, Gracie, and NinjaRainbow. So yes, I did it on purpose and with obvious success, but I didn’t like chose these people to tag in a tweet, I responded to a tweet they were all in. I know it’s against twitter etiquette, but it got me this:

breakzSGurl tweet

Which led to this:

lynda tweet watching timelines

and this:

ninjarainbow tweet

and this:

breaksgurl tweet annie

Love it! Thanks Ninja! And Lynda, I told you I wasn’t watching timelines, I rarely am even on Twitter, I don’t fit in there, don’t you see? I’m a Twitter Alien! Seriously, someone sent me your tweet. And besides, I loved what you said, “voices” “0 needs help” “forgotten the host” all good stuff. Thank you!

Before we continue with what BSGurl had to say let’s get to that irony I mentioned and see why I chose this McKee tweet to put the link in:

gracie liked

Yes Gracie… they “liked” BSGurl’s tweet. But then they freaked out a little:

gracie untag tweet

See that, Gracie asked to be untagged from what originally McKee wanted to be untagged from (before I even joined the tweet). That’s irony, right? I have such a hard time with what is irony and what isn’t. Even if it’s not irony, it’s hella funny.

Fine, ask to be untagged or just don’t say nothing, I wasn’t trolling, I just put my post in a few people’s tweets, ALL of whom I followed and at one time they all followed me, but is it necessary to call me an idiot attention tard? Good one though. But, dumbass… really? Yea, look how this works, I didn’t tag you out of the blue I responded to a Tweet you were in with my link. A tweet where McKee wanted out of… lol… that’s funny… dumbass.

But Gracie and Lynda are no match for the wiz that is BSGurl, let’s once again go back to her tweet:

breakzSGurl tweet

To which she got a few replies, including my own:

zw tweet zero of course

Which BSGurl tweeted:

bsgurl dont care

If you didn’t care, why did you ask?

These twits are really upset that I chose a tweet they were all in to tweet my link in. Damn, just ignore it, don’t read the post, who cares? It always cracks me up when people on Twitter react so negatively to other tweets, again I have followed McKee, Radio, Prinnie, Murt, and others for years, so it’s not like I chose this randomly and trolled any of you. McKee tore my head off and told me to “Catch up while shutting the fuck up” over me saying “the beat goes on” and now you are all flipping out over my tweeting my posted reply just because you were in her tweet that I tweeted it in… tweet, tweet…lol.

Yes, bullies and babies. Love that Twitter. And BSGurl continued on:

bsgurl get a life

and on:

bsgurl nuts

and on:

bsgurl troll

There was more, but they really didn’t apply to me:

bsgurl motel life

bsgurl not me

Maybe I should have told her to not tag me in tweets that aren’t about me.

She loves to talk about people not having lives… lmfao… my long-time readers know just how full my life is, in fact you should all be thankful my life is so full so I don’t have time to sit on the internet all the time creating more misery for all you misery seekers.

It always amazes me how easy it is to upset people who spend there lives on the internet spreading the disease.

Am I the Kettle calling out all the black pots? I guess that’s one way to look at it.

Another would be, I’m the monster that the Kettles and Pots of the internet created.

Or I’m just a zero and should be ignored?

Chose wisely…


P.S. Of course I’m gonna post this in a tweet reply with all of them tagged in it…

chose wisely. lol.

27 thoughts on “The Pot And The Kettle And Other Internet Fairy Tales

  1. Lol. More whackadoodles. What, is there a club or something? Seriously, it’s like there’s a whackadoodle mold that they all pop out of.

    • LOL, it’s just how Twitter is, groups of self important victims/heros. If you go back and read my old posts on Twitter you’ll see I went through the same thing with another group. they were posting racist things and when i tweeted responses they reported me for spam and blocked me… bullies & babies!

      • yes, and if I ever get to it I wanted to write about how this internet racism is a big part of why Trump is coming way to far in this election. People want to say it’s because we are fed up with the government… true… but i’m a anarchist at heart and totally hate the high paid game politics has become, and yet i don’t jump on the Trump Train (well accept on april first). I truely feel Trump is tapping into that racist twitter drama. Does it show are country is still hung up on race? yes, of course we are. Does it mean America is a hateful, racist country? no, just that small dip shit part of Twitter that Trump has tapped into.

      • I often say how messed up twitter is, but I need to point out, there are lots of good things on there too. Good things are said (tweeted) fun games are played, with the right connections it’s a lot of fun… but you make that wrong step and it’s just a hateful, racist, self important, crybaby, cesspool!

  2. I wonder if these people are this rude in their daily lives. When someone walks past them on the street and says hi, do they say who the fuck are you, don’t talk to me, I don’t know who you are nor do I care?

  3. Why do they keep saying Annie? Do they think you are me? I’m so lost.

    And Twitter is exactly as you described.

    • Btw zero if you reply to me it’s because you are stalking my comments NOT because I engaged you by prompting you. 😉 lolz

      • yep, so I’ve been told over and over… funny the BSGurl last tweeted to me that my name was very fitting. LMFAO, they all say that. And it’s true, that’s why I picked it for myself. even funnier, she removed the tweet a little while later. I’m guessing because I put a link to this post in the tweet conversation… ha ha ha… I like that BSGurl.

    • LOL, I was just saying to sassy when i read all that, is one of them Annie from the blog. But then i remembered thats’ how Dorothy’s and nancy’s think, lol. I’m sure there are other annies. from what i gather the ninjarainbow is named Annie… at least that is what i got out of it. and I don’t think they all like her so much. but she’s allowed in the back n forth… no one likes me when i get into it…still annie/ninjarainbow, if you are reading here now… WELCOME! And thanks for reading and the nice words.

  4. They think everyone who comments here is Zero. We are all supposed to be zeros different personalities. Can you imagine if zero had to have us all in his head? I think he would have been carted away to the funny farm by now. Lol.

    • Seriously? Wow. just Bc I keep my ass anonymous doesn’t mean I’m zero. In fact if one had half a brain they could clearly see me and zero differ greatly in interests and diction. I mean if zero could manifest such vibrant personalities such as me or Donna I would think he would get a medal of sorts.

      • it’s mainly the Nancys and SOMs that think everyone here is me. And as we know, they have some serious mental issues including but not limited to major paranoia.

    • to be fair, I do skirt the issue… Kate, Nick James, Stranger, Id, Ego, Super Ego and who know’s how many more… but am i poking at them because it’s how they all opperate or am i just as screwed in the head as the rest of the internet. Maybe one of my voices will let me know. But yes, they can’t fanthom (that can’t be spelled right) that there is people out there that get this place, and more important see them all as i do. by the way, I was listening to an old Howard Stern yesterday, and learned that it was once called a Mult. Sockpuppets or what ever you might call them is a Mult because they use multiple screne names. So don’t be surprised if a new name pops up… A. Mult. LOL, JK, I think.

      • You may skirt the issue, but I dont. I’ve repeatedly told them that I am not you. Nor am I mcreedy or a man or whoever else they choose to think I am to avoid their own truths. But if a bunch of whackadoodles want to believe I’m not me, fuck it. I don’t really care. As far as I’m concerned, the jokes on them.

      • LOL, point well taken. Not to repeat myself, I don’t do that do I? But it always reminds me of the Beatles, “I am the walrus” and I guess in the spiritual aspect we are all one. But yes, in the reality aspect, the jokes on them.

      • we’re all a little mad here. on work computer hense the cuter green face that I prefer.

      • I have to once agian point out that i used to pay attention to the gravatars, it was fun to see what was chosen for names and see them change for people when they used different emails or whatnot… but I read the comments in a different screen now so i don’t see the gravatars, but everyonce in a while i go and look at the comments on the post itself just to see them, they make me laugh sometimes.
        I just went and looked at the little green squnting face… yes very cute!

      • just to point out, because i don’t look at the blog that way to often i forgot about the chat thing there (I just saw it while looking at the green face) I need to take that off, i could never get it to work and I have no idea what is being said on it. I wonder how many have tried to chat on it… lol.

      • I’ve checked out that chat thing. It seems to be mainly spam and whatever it’s called when it’s some computer thing that at first seems like it might be a person but is really that thing that they made those captcha logins for.

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