We here at Zero’s World (all voices and pshychies included) have taken a long, hard, (phrasing!) look at the candidates running for POTUS. And we are ready to announce the candidate we will support and vote for!


Yes, Zero’s World is indorsing Donald Trump as OUR candidate for President!

We figure we will never get the leader we need…

so we might as well have the leader we deserve!




10 thoughts on “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. btw Zero, we do need a cowboy in office to stop monsters. Trump isn’t the guy for me, but I am quite annoyed with how political correctness has made many in society lose track of reality – aka if people call others out on their bullshit they are the “bad guy” – simply for saying the trutth that no one has the balls to say. Like how I had a friend the other day who said she was discriminated against for sleeping in late. Of course I could not correct her as to not “hurt her feelings”, but in my head I’m thinking “My God do you even know what a serious term that is? and how it demeans those who are actually discriminated against?” I love her to death, but I just hate how everyone is trying to deem themselves as a minority deserving special attention now. when they clearly are reaching.

    • I totally agree. I have never liked “politicaly correct” it goes against free speech and to me free speech is something to always protect. That being said at the end of the day (lol) the problem is people want to confuse the issues of “politicaly correct” and “hate speech”. And i do feel it is sad that we still need to protect “hate speech”, don’t get me wrong, we do, but it needs to be done backhandly with no acceptance. i know that dosen’t make sense. But what i mean is yes you have a right to use “hate Speech” but it is still wrong and just because you can say it dosn’t mean you should, simple as that. a Trump supporter was heard on the news this past week yelling at a protester, “go home you comunist, nigger lover” I swear i felt i was back in the’5os, it made me sick. But i can say, they have a right to yell what ever they want by still saying it is wrong and they shouldn’t say it and anyone who knows the person should not want to have anything to do with them because they are a hateful person that really has no place in where we as a country or as a planet should be by now. It’s difficult to navigate, like most things when it comes to us ape-alien-angel hybrids. People don’t want to hear the truth, so that also plays into it. Free Speech should prevail over all. “Political Correctness” is a scam… grow up and realize people don’t all think the same and sometimes you wont like what someone els says (hell all the time, with some people out there). But once we grow up we should then realize “Hate Speech” is worse than a scam, it’s just hatefull and usually for reasons that come more from the faults of the speaker than those it is aimed at. As usual simple and complicated walk hand and hand in what we call life.

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