Dorothy, Flukeyou, & Dr. Peter Hackett


So back at the beginning of March something was posted on the “Praying For Shannan Maria Gilbert” Facebook page that really had me troubled. I kept going back to it to see if anyone else would correct it or at least question it, because it was just so far from right. We’ll get to that at the end of this post.
At the end of March Flukeyou came back to the comments. We haven’t heard from Junior since last summer:

Damn, that was almost a year ago. I almost thought we had heard the last from Fluke here at ZW. Nope… he has returned and his comment (as usual) also… so far from right. We’ll get to Fluke and his comment right before we get to what was left on the SMG Facebook page, and in the end you’ll see how it all fits together… but first let’s discuss how far from right Dorothy’s comment on Bill Windsor’s Facebook was. Yes, Dorothy left a new message on Bill’s FB. It happened in the middle of the month, sandwiched in between the SMG FB comment and Fluke’s comment here. The far from right sandwich. Whose hungry?

Miss DPH if you please:

dph on bill fb

WTF?!? Anyone who follows the Lawless America saga (saga seems to be the new “it” word for my posts) knows of Bill’s ongoing tales of court corruptions and hatred for Montana. But what does Connie Plaissay have to do with any of Bill’s crap?

Again, Cristin (MM7) and Michelle McKee (and RadioNewz, though as parody I’m sure) brought Murt into the LISK case via MM7’s drone stalker and it should have been called out by anyone, everyone involved in any of it. I think I was the only one to call it out. Cristin never admitted Murt was not involved, McKee won’t even acknowledge her part in it, and RadioNewz never explained their satire posts about it did not in any way truly link Murt to LISK. In fact they all probably loved it. And as I have said before, this led to people saying Murt was Morrie (Morrie is CCC stuff, I promise we are getting to a CCC post very, very soon, but all this must be said first) and a post on Murt in the Shannan Gilbert blog (again showing Cristin’s influence on Mari at the time). Is this fun and games or are people wanting misinformation out there on the LISK case?  I seriously question this now, and maybe a few of you will by the end of this post.

So just how Cristin brought all the craziness from Murt, McKee, and Radio over to the LISK case… Dorothy keeps trying to bring the LISK case over to Bill and his Lemmings (in Nancy’s case, she did just that).

Why is she even commenting there any more? Didn’t she accuse Bill of being linked to LISK and the Drifter?

dph on bw

Yes. There is Dorothy trying to bring the LISK case directly into Bill W’s lap. LOL at my mention. I seem to be angry with everybody… right? Key word is “seem”. I’m not mad at Bill, though the ones involved in these types of internet feuds that take it to the level of lawsuits really are a lowly breed (you all know who you are). Point is, Bill or someone should have caught on to Dorothy’s crap and blocked her from commenting on his stuff. Get the theme here yet?No? Well let’s start from the top then.

Dorothy posted her comment this month on Bill’s FB vaguely connecting what Bill said about Montana to Connie P. We all know who she got that name from… Mr. Joey “Flukeyou” Saclise Jr. We also all know the rumors behind the reason Fluke brings Connie into his circle of evil he claims are his old neighbors. No need to rehash them again. But it is sad that Fluke does not bring up Connie himself but relies on Dorothy (a woman in a questionable mental state) to do his dirty work. Gutless, shameless, and just plain less. So let’s get to Flukeyou:

fu lisk blog 3 28 16

There we go… Fluke gives out names to Dorothy to drop in vague and cryptic comments all over the web, but he saves his favorites for himself. Junior has a beef with all his old neighbors, but man he really hates the Cannings . What ever his real issues with all of his old neighbors are, the association trying to kick his family out or his neighbors involved with extra marital affairs, possibly involving his mother (damn, I said I wasn’t gonna bring the rumors up), he seems to hold the Cannings’ most responsible. Which to me (though I’m no psychiatrist) is why he makes them the most responsible with holding back information in his tale of Oak Beach corruption and murder.

Enough psycho mumbo jumbo, let’s simplify it.

I have always said Dr. Hackett is and should still be on the radar of anyone who looks at this case or anyone involved in this case. There are many reasons in my opinion to feel this way, most recently the stuff that has come out on James Burke. After all, wasn’t Hackett  the former director of Suffolk County emergency services? I still feel he is a strong suspect. But as I have said before, Flukeyou, Dorothy, and others only made me less suspicious of the Doc after seeing the lies and games they got out there early on in all this. And even though Cristin and even Nancy were smart enough to get away from the lies and misinformation that has come from you all getting together, Dorothy and Fluke keep it going to this day (as their recent comments show).

Fluke (and I hope you are reading this), if you just wanted to say CPH=LISK, and explain all the reasons you think it’s him, that would be one thing. But to get crazy women on the internet to help you in smearing every one of your neighbors is down right psychotic. Even if you really thought some of your neighbors were hiding something, the personal attacks would not be necessary. You have deep-rooted issues that have created this obsessive hatred for those you once called neighbors.

More psycho mumbo jumbo… pointless, you guys aren’t gonna see what you do. And it seems you aren’t gonna stop what you do. But why is the misinformation and straight out lies not confronted more? (How many times have I asked that question?) Other than here, that is (yea, that’s for the haters).

If you can’t trust LE for the right information, who can you trust? When everyone on the internet is chasing the same misinformation, who can you trust? When even the families of victims and those close to the case are taken in by misinformation, who can you trust? Who can you get the right information from? And more importantly, is it so tainted that no one has the right information to work on? Is everybody that far from right that a tragedy is badly being misrepresented and misguided, leading it to remain unsolved?

Well, I once again point out, that if Cristin and McKee hadn’t connected (pretended) Murt as MM7’s so-called  drone stalker and if Cristin wasn’t helping Mari with the Shannan blog, I’m sure this post never would have been out there:

And that’s just one example of the many in the pages of this and my LISK Blog. Everyone involved in allowing it, even me. Yea, but at least I’m trying to call it all out (again, for my haters, though I don’t know why, most never make it this far in a post if they even read them at all). I keep calling it out because I don’t understand it. Do any of you really think you are helping?

Fluke? Dorothy? Jen? Anyone? I know I’m not. And I really do try to. Yes, even though I lost faith in the “saving the world” via internet long ago, I still try to help point out the lies, agenda, and just plain misinformation out there on the LISK case. I have grown close to the case and would like to see it solved and the victims and all that knew them to see justice and have some kind of closure.

Yes, I try to help, but sadly I know that this blog is not in the position to do so. If I can see that, I would think those of you so obviously doing your best to spread bad information must know you are not helping. Right? And everyone who helps it spread or just let’s it sit without any attempt to set it right… well you know you are not helping, right?

So the question becomes who really wants to help solve this case? I know there are some out there, but the ratio is just all bad. There are just way to many who seem to not care about helping at all or are just to crazy, stupid, or stubborn to see they are not helping. Which brings me to what was left on the “Praying for Shannan Maria Gilbert” Facebook page:

smg page not hackett

Go ahead, go see what Jason Edwards linked in his obvious attempted to accuse Hackett of being a serial killer:

I know I don’t have to point out to anyone here that the Dr. Peter Hackett in that link, the Dr. Hackett who is said to be a world-renowned high altitude expert and altitude research pioneer as well as former Rolling Stones physician is not the same Dr. Hackett who was neighbors with Flukeyou and involved in the LISK case. But I guess no one looking at the SMG FB could tell the difference, or if they did no one corrected it. I almost did, but I wanted to see if anyone else would, plus I don’t like posting there. I just wish it didn’t let so much misinformation out there in a place where people go to look for real information and pay respect to Shannan. I would hope those running the page know that is not the same Dr. Hackett. But closer look shows that the page is actually the only one to “LIKE” what Jason Edwards had to say. So I don’t know. Is this done on purpose? Again I ask, does anyone truly want to help solve this case? Because this does not help.

And how about the Dr. in Colorado? Does he deserve to be posted on the memorial of a murdered girl as a possible suspect just because he has the same name as the Oak Beach Doc? I would hope no one would think that was OK. And yet the comment and link still sit there almost a month later, uncorrected, unquestioned, and “LIKED” by the page.

Maybe Mr. Edwards really thinks the 2 Docs are the same (Can you imagine the 1 legged Dr. climbing mountains in Colorado?) or maybe he is just someone who likes to spread misinformation and confuse people on the internet (like most of my haters). It’s hard to tell anymore. This kind of stuff has been being put out there 3 years before I started writing about it all, and it still continues 3 years later.

So how can anyone get passed all the wrong info out there on this case… when everyone is so far from right?

18 thoughts on “Dorothy, Flukeyou, & Dr. Peter Hackett

  1. I don’t believe for one minute that those whackadoodles think they are helping anyone. They knew perfectly well what they are doing. They just pretend to be helping, every freaking one of them. Each and every one of them is an angry twisted individual taking out their anger on people. Disgusting excuses for human beings, the whole lot of them. And yup, they all have deep dark secrets, some far worse than the lies they make up about others. One of these days, they are all going to come out too. I am patiently awaiting that day.

  2. I left a message for the guy that put that link on the page. I prefer not to go to that page. Call me the bad guy, but I’m pretty sick of people that use tragedy to justify bad behavior. And if any of them have something to say to me about it, you better be prepared to have some truth thrown at you. You aren’t the only people that have had tragic things happen, so don’t try pulling that card on me. I’m done with people avoiding the consequences of their actions, so consider this fair warning. I’m not about to pussyfoot around these types anymore.

    • You know, i went easy on all that… then felt i went to hard and was gonna pull the post… and then i see the way this guy reacts to you telling him his info is wrong… and damnm it, am I right? are these people doing it on purpose or do they just have their heads so far up thei own ass that they just don’t care what they do to Shannan’s memory or the LISK case. I like how you told him to say hi to Dorothy.

      • Just wow, Ill go there: why do the Gilberts allow such BS to be posted??

        Connie Plassay=The best thang Flukes mommy (among others) eva had, apparently..
        Dorothy price Hill, you are still SUCH AN EVIL DOPE!! DOGSHIT, hell is too good for you!! MUAH!

    • Yep. it’s hard to believe how they trip over themselves to be so stupid. And to not care what they do to the case, people close to the case, and innocent people who don’t know anything about the case. Evil assholes.

  3. I received a reply from that guy on sg page. I just love people that dish it but can’t take it. Watch how fast he would throw a big baby tantrum if someone put up his pic as a possible killer. Dumbass whackadoodles.

  4. I would think that on a page dedicated to Shannan, they would strive for accuracy. As we all know, maybe not them, but us, in the age of the internet, information never goes away. Right or wrong it’s here to stay. The other Dr Hackett has a strong case if he chooses to persue it. I’ve been very confused by the motives of that page. Maybe it’s just me.

    As far as some of the people you mentioned, I think they crazier than the people they call serial killers. DPH plays connect the dots using an imaginary game in her head. In the end, all the dots are connected, no picture appears, no puzzle solved. Just a bunch of lines that mean nothing. Fish boy just loves him some Dr Hackett of OB. Flukey, I’m curious, is he your real daddy, do you have daddy issues or do you just have a hard on for him? It’s hard to reconcile what goes on in that brain of yours.

    I’m with the rest of you, it’s evil. They are hurting the case and real people. They can pretend to want to help all they want, they’re doing nothing but damage. It’s a damn shame.

    • The other Dr Hackett has a strong case if he chooses to persue it. I’ve been very confused by the motives of that page. Maybe it’s just me.

      No my friend, its not just you, i sat on my feelings for yrs, having been slandered on the page myself, its a sad, sad memorial for the likes of Shannon Gilbert, the very reason we all continue this ‘saga’..May she, and all the other victims RIP..She seemingly had three strikes against her on this earth…Forgive me for speaking my mind, im sick of curbing my thoughts after all these years of disgusting, untrue lies and rumors allowed on THAT PAGE…Its shameful..IMO

  5. Hi Zero
    I have been catching up on all this stuff of late since the DNA Link established the Human remains at Gilgo Beach to Peaches Torso found in Hempstead Lake Park in 96.

    I have a couple of questions

    Has anybody possibly considered Shannon Gilbert DID in fact suffer a manic episode? She was reported as suffering from Bipolar disorder & it would not beyond the realm of possibility
    That alone or a mix of drugs ( as was suggested by LE – SG remains really did not have much soft tissue left to run efficient Toxicology tests) – would it be that surprising that her was accidental? Yes of course The Driver Pak & Brewer are suspicious. But Pak returned to the scene w/ SB boyfriend Alex Diaz(?) the following day to continue search – likely he bounced as LE arrived in Oak Beach responding to 9-11 calls.
    Just saying sometimes things are far more simple than we imagine

    Another thing – While Brewer & SG allegedly discussed Trans sexual In prostitution business – which would assume occurs often enough – John Doe Asian male Victim did not match the Methods of Operation of either set of corpses ( the initial 4 or the 5 dismembered ones including Peaches & Baby Doe) – It is a possibility Vict John Doe was a homicide by an upset john

    I have not checked but has anyone thought of the location of bodies & the old club The Oak Beach Inn? I only ask this because when SG initially went missing I associated the two together ( although it was likely closed before Shannon went missing ) – I recall the cliental was all over the map there & in fact when bodies started turning up in the swamps out there my first assumption was organized crime victims – Now it is quite clear that was NoT the case

    Lastly – just a quick search on the Amanda Beinlich link – A Facebook profile – buffalo transplant from Brooklyn if I recall correctly – said to have stated a friendship w/ Melissa Barthelemy native Of Buffalo

    Anyway thanks for the info – & geeze good luck w/ oddballs out there

    • Hi Patrick! I personally change my mind all the time on who I suspect. There are so many sleazy characters, it’s hard to pick just one.

    • The discussion of Shannan having an “episode” has been everywhere including all over this blog. I think more people feel towards this way now, than her being a victim of a serial killer. I have even commented about a time when I was 17 and someone laced a joint with PCP and passed it my way. I did not now it was packed and only took one hit. But that was enough to send me into a state of panic and distress. I am not gonna get into details, but I ended up running down the steet, tore off all my clothes and took on a group of 7 cops thinking they were some kind of demons from hell. A l of to go three at 17, but I luckily came through it, stronger and wiser I should add. I had spent 3 days (no joke) strapped to a hospital bed in case of relapse. So a bi polar episode or a bad reaction to drugs taken unknowingly to Shannan or not have always been part of the discussion, in fact it is what LE says happened. I think there are things that keep people from totally accepting it, for one, it’s just not for sure so there are gonna be questions, also LE was selling the idea of accidental drowning before Shannan was found, there are all the strange people in Oak Beach who put themselves in to the middle of the case, the 911 call from Shannan has not been released so everyone is left to guess what might be on it, and of course a mass dumping ground of girls with similar drug and/or profession, including the use of places like back page to advertise their services, all that and more just keeps people wondering if there is more to it, a connection. But I think we all agree regardless of what we think happened to Shannan, all questions are important to ask. There are several deaths/murders here and each of them deserve to be solved. So as for you question about the Asian male, in also agree, it could be something else. We could have one out of the ordinary serial killer. Ewe could have 2 or more serial killers using same dumping ground, some of the bodies may be totally separate from the it here, such as angry John or spouse or boyfriend, or pimp. And organised crime or group of “hobbies” is also something we have all discussed. And let’s not forget Pete’s obsession. BURKE. he’s up shit creek right now, and we’ll deserved from what it looks. Burke or another cop has been talked about in some places constantly. Just about every idea or aspect has been discused. And it should be. Until these cases are solved, all questions are valid…. well accept Dorthy’s. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Don’t need to search than hard. Fluke often talked about 2 shacks in OB. There are a few reasons Fuke brings them up, but one of those reasons is that potato sacks were kept there. Sacks that were used in potato sack races.

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