Down A Few Levels I Go Again

The title kinda references the rabbit hole I’ve gone down dealing with all the nuts out there, stuck in delusions. But it also represents the depth I am willing to sometimes sink to deal with a nut like John… I mean Jason.

I posted links to the blog on SMG’s Memory Facebook and a couple of comments for Jason Edwards. I really hate to carry on a comment feud on that page… but yes, I am willing to sink to the depths of others to make a point. Go ahead, judge me, I deserve it.

Still, this guy just brought the best (worst) out of me, I guess. Here is some of what I wrote:

zw to john jason

I need to point out, this is an edit, when I first wrote it I wrote John instead of Jason… we’ll get to that in a second. I also need to say that I do feel a little bad carrying on like this on that page… but this guy really is an asshole. Just look at his reply:

john edwards to sero

Can you believe this guy? He makes a comment implying he found proof Dr. Charles Peter Hackett is a serial killer by posting a link that is of a Dr. Peter Hackett, totally different people… and he still wants to act like he’s some cool guy and those who called him out on his mistake (purposely made wrong accusation, your choice) are the dummies.

I’m gonna speak right down on his level and make this all crystal clear, because I really don’t have time for this idiot and I just want him to get it so we can all move on:

  1. Yes I made a mistake, wrote John instead of Jason. I kept seeing John Edwards…lol, sorry about that. As you can see I did correct it.
  2. The reason you might want to apologise is because you linked an innocent man to a serial killer case in your comment. Or maybe because your comment could be seen as real information due to the way you wrote it and therefore it messes with the open LISK case. But mainly you might want to apologise because, you were wrong, and made a mistake. That’s what people do when they make mistakes, they apologise. Like I did when I made that mistake with your name. I called you John, I was wrong, your name is Jason, you corrected me, I apologised, and I corrected my mistake. That’s how it usually works.
  3. I have nothing here… I totally agree.
  4. Yes, we all will post what ever the fuck (no need to mask the bad words here) we want.  And when we do we should expect reaction to what we post, especially when it’s wrong. Bottom line, you were like super-duper wrong, you do get that, right? I think you have Trumpitis, and can’t just admit you were wrong, apologise, and move on. Moving on…
  5. There’s that word again… “seem”. They all use it on me. Remember this is the internet and nothing is as it “seems”. I’m not mad… I’m entertained by some really not so bright people. Some do get mad at the things being put out there, and with good reason. Wait, did you mean mad as in crazy? Well, that’s totally different… and yet quite really the same.
  6. No, but some cheese would be nice.
  7. This is a good one… again with the “mad” comment, since I still don’t know if you mean angry or crazy, we’ll skip it. Regardless, I have never applied for any college, most of my readers know I got out of school in the 10th grade. But as I think we will prove by the end of this post… your education seems to have failed you and you shouldn’t be bragging about what schools you went to. I mean this high school drop out has quite the jump on you when it comes to the smarts department… after all I knew that wasn’t the same doctor the second I saw your link. So I got ya there. But there’s more, isn’t there…
  8. Oh, I was really nice… I thought maybe you were just stupid and therefore went easy… I think you see that now. And calling me sweet pea ain’t gonna make me any nicer.
  9. Man, this one tops the cake for stupid. Since I knew you were wrong, I guess I did my research. Again, it’s not so hard. First off… one is Peter Hackett, the other is Charles Peter Hackett, one has only one real leg, the other climbs mountains in Colorado and the Himalayas. But really just look at the pictures… not the same person. Again, number 9 is just plain stupid and shows exactly what we are dealing with here. The research I “claim” to have done was obviously better than any you did or didn’t do (because you were wrong.. very… very… wrong).
  10. I’m not sure what this means. Zero’s World is a page not an account. I do have other FB accounts as well as pages. Now if you are implying Donna is me… just don’t.
  11. Are you accusing me of slander? LOL. All the check marks of a nut. I don’t need to read it, I wrote it. There is nothing slanderous there. Just my take on your comments on an open Facebook page (one for a possible murder victim, I should add). Maybe you should reread them Mr. Harvard. Again, really Harvard? You don’t seem to understand much of anything for a “Harvard Man”.
  12. Dummy? Really? You end it by calling me a dummy? LOL! Well dummy (you called me a dummy, i called you a dummy… are we having fun yet?), let me use my head to come up with 3 more points before ending this.
  13. I know you are probably too self-righteous and too self-absorbed and too self-important (should I go on?) to realize you were wrong and should just remove your link and move on. It’s a memorial page… no place for you to go on how you have a right to be wrong and people shouldn’t be mad at ya. Just as it’s no place for me to play back-n-forth with a dummy. (I called you a dummy again, yes, lots of fun) And although I have no problem sinking to these levels to try to reach someone like you, I can’t stay there… I’ll drown. So don’t expect me to carry on this conversation there if you do decide to leave your very wrong link up or continue your loud mouth comments. In fact, you’ll see my comments disappear whether you remove yours or not… it’s just not the place for wrong information and loud mouth back-n-forth. And I’m smart enough to know that without Berkeley or Harvard.
  14. If that pride comes hitting way to hard and you need to give it back to me… do so here on the blog… or on the Zero’s World FB page. It’s a much better place for this kind of thing.
  15. This last one is from my wife… she is a Grateful Dead fan, and she said you should go back and listen to your albums again.

20 thoughts on “Down A Few Levels I Go Again

  1. That whackadoodle thinks we are the same person, hence the sweet pea comment. I think it’s funny that he thinks we are mad. We know what’s up in that whackadoodle mind of his. He’s listening to a bunch of psycho ladies and falling for their bs hook line and sinker, now that’s some funny shit right there. And taking it out on innocent people cause he’s all angry inside because he can’t work anywhere but a real estate company, despite the education. Hehehe. Guess that turned out to be a bad investment. Yup, he’s a real genius.

    • Lol. I didn’t mention the fact that he is just a real estate agent even after all that education… and not a very good one from what I hear, lol. I bet mom and dad are so proud.

      • reminds me of the the time Cristen thought CPH was a world famous poker player (or was that a ‘friend ‘ that hackett supposedly murdered by OD??) Lol, down the rabbit hole again… at least MM7 admitted Fluke fed her the wrong info!!

  2. Jason is a douche canoe.

    Zero, you are kinder than me.

    Donna, (because I know you are different people) your comments to him were respectful and appropriate. I’m sorry you were attacked for stating the obvious THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT DR HACKETTS! Like I said before, I hope the Dr Hackett he linked pursues charges.

  3. BTW Jason, I would think a Harvard/UC Berkeley graduate would know, slander is the spoken defamatory statements, libel is written defamatory statements What you linked about Dr Peter Hackett of Colorado is written, therefore libelous. You linked him to serial killings without proof.

      • No problem, Donna. This guy is claiming to be a crack Harvard researcher, but can’t tell these are two different people? CPH is easy to find, he was all over the media when the victims were found. He’s disabled and not exactly in shape to climb mountains. PH is an outdoorsman, who happens to share part of the name of the Dr from OB. Hold the presses!! This Harvard researcher cracked the case! After all what are the odds of someone sharing a partial name? Hummm. Let’s ponder that. Pretty good, i would say.

        Daniel Patrick Moynahan said: “You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts.” Can’t make it up as you go along.

        There’s something about his writing that looks very familiar. I feel like I’ve read comments from him before, perhaps under a different name. I will have to find the time to look into it.

    • lol…Dope, what a waist (hee) of half a million in education…hey, any good 2 bedrooms with lots of storage ‘john’??

  4. CA1, all the whackadoodles start sounding the same after awhile. They’re all angry people getting revenge because life hasn’t gone the way they want it. This guy is a real winner. Lol. He NEVER stops complaining. This guy can’t wipe his ass without sending a complaint to the manufacturer that the paper isn’t soft enough for him. Seriously, he’s something else.

    • Donna, I agree they do begin to sound alike. However, they don’t all make the same mistakes. An example would be ” do you want a Kleenex with that wine?”. Most people say “would you like some cheese with that whine”, meaning you’re complaining. What on Earth do tissues and wine have in common? I’ve seen that somewhere before.

  5. What made me mad, YES, I AM MAD, is he attacked Donna for no reason. Then he tried to make it sound like she was wrong and up to no good. Like Zero said all he had to say is my bad, take it down and an innocent man wouldn’t be hounded. This is not a game. I don’t get why some people don’t understand that.

    • I am not sure if this guy purpopsely did it or is just a “victim” of the “internet reality” which mean he is so used to getting in the “back-n-forth” online that he saw us as an attack and was ready to jump right in on us for correcting him. i get that, and don’t really care. I was upset at what he said to Donna, but i can understand it if he is used to dealing with people who just want to fight to fight. But in the end his wrong link still remains… and to me that speaks volumes. I am tempted to write one more post on this… but as with most of these self centered “intenet warriors” they back down imediately to my in your face logic and run away pretending it’s not worth dealing with. I don’t know if that’s a compliment since most of them are willing to go years in back-n-forths with each other but don’t want any part of me or the readers here. yes, i’m taking that as a compliment… for all of us!

    • for anyone interested, i have ‘shared” a few of Mr. Harvards, facbook gripes on the ZW Facebook. No need to comment or like, I know that place is dangerous… but you can go look and have a laugh… I might turn it all into a post… but i might just m ove on… so much still to get to. The guy sure does do a lot of complaining though for someone who can’t take critisim at all!

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