Complaint Department Part 1

I know, I know, Mr. Harvard isn’t worth me wasting any more time on. There are so many things to get to (Prinnie and friends included me in some Tweets last night and today, and you know I want to get to those) Plus this guy obviously doesn’t want to continue… he’s as silent as a mouse. Though knowing what I now know of him, I’m sure he is sending in complaints somewhere.

But I felt one more post was needed to punctuated it all. Maybe I should list my reasons so Mr. Harvard will understand. Don’t worry. I’ll keep it simple… 3 points ought to do it:

  1. First off, trilogies are best… that’s just how it is.
  2. Just like most of you, I don’t like how he reacted to Donna. Totally uncalled for.
  3. And this is the main reason one more post is needed… he still hasn’t taken his mislink down from the SMG FB Page.

So here we go… one last post for one swell guy!

Most of this post will be a list of Mr.Harvard’s many complaints (heance the title). Let’s start with his most recent:

je complains about FB

I love this. Yes, Facebook can be wrong in the way it goes about these types of things… we’ve discussed it here many times. But I’m glad to see Facebook get’s it right sometimes. I also like how one of Mr. Harvard’s “Friends” commented on it:

je friend

I think Shayna knows her friend too well. But of course he doesn’t see it that way:

je not rude

Poor John… I mean Jason. He sounds upset… lol. Anyone who read the last few posts here knows exactly how rude Mr. Harvard can get… but let’s take a look at some more “not rude” moments in Mr. Harvard’s social media outbursts:

je on trump1

JE on trump2

je on trump3

je on trump4

Man, he likes them long numbered lists… lol. Now I doubt anyone reading here would mistake me for a Trump fan (except on April first), but this is ridicules. The thoughts are repetitive and unorganized. I love the 2 “lastlys”. In the end he just comes across as stupid and patronizing (not a good combination). Did this guy really go to Harvard? Shall we go on? Yes we shall:

JE pizza1

je pizza2

I actually understand his frustration here. I definitely don’t want coleslaw on my sandwich (I hate coleslaw). And the manager seemed to handle it wrong. But then again we are talking about Mr. Harvard, who knows how he really acted to his order being wrong. We have no idea what was told to the manager by his drivers or other employees about their experience with Mr. Harvard. well I’ll give him this one. But let’s be clear, this is a family run restaurant from what I see, and Mr. Harvard is pretty ruthless in his complaint. In my opinion there was probably a better way to go about it all… but that’s just me. I love how Jason is afraid to eat the food once it is finally corrected… I wonder how nasty Mr. Harvard really was to these people to be afraid they would do something to his food. I should point out the owner contacted Mr. Harvard, apologising and gave Jason a discount toward his next order. So I guess it pays to complain.

A side note here… I once worked at a pizza place right down the street from Berkeley College. Wouldn’t it be great if I once made a pizza for Mr. Harvard? It romanticizes the whole thing.


JE dragons leyr

Bitch… bitch… bitch. If the prices are too high, don’t shop there. Geez!

je complain about tattoo shop

This one is great, because Mr. Harvard gets called on his complaint:

je tattoo2

Mr. Edwards didn’t reply after that… what a surprise. At least he is consistent, leaves his crap up no matter how wrong he is.

More? Just a couple… I can’t read much more:


I pretty sure Mr. Harvard is telling a story of how he sweated a kid for his LSD (acid) not being good enough. Is this guy for real or am I being punked? Damn Harvard, you are one entertaining douche. Seriously. I laughed and laughed after each new bitch fest I read… that is until this one:

je twd1

I guess Jason also didn’t like the season finale of The Walking Dead. This is where he goes too far. (WARNING: TWD SPOILERS AHEAD):

je friends twd

je twd2

Where to start… first off, Joel, that is funny… “jump the shark” (shark is spelled wrong though). Funny but so wrong. They jumped no shark in this episode in my opinion and there are no plans to just end the show I’m sure. Also yes, Jason, there are lots of other crybabies out there bitching about it. And I say, would you like some cheese with that wine? (see what I did there… it’s cheese not tissue you smuck):

je twd3

Your lame.

LOL… totally being sarcastic there. Truthful but sarcastic.

je twd4

You should listen to your friend Shayna more… she’s a smart one, and I bet she didn’t even go to Harvard.

I get that there are a lot of people upset that didn’t like not knowing who it was Negan beat with Lucille, but to say the episode wasn’t good… well that’s just sour grapes. The episode was one of the best… and for most of the fans… what we were waiting for was Negan finally brought to life. And there was no disappointment there (well maybe one, and that was the lack of the F word, but that’s understandable) Negan was all we had been waiting for.

The episode was one of the best in my book, though I do agree the season on a whole had some questionable moments… still to say it was a disaster, well that’s just not fair. There was lots of good moments and episodes and the characters are going through some major questioning of what they thought they knew and have come to accept.

I think it was great for Rick to have to come to terms that he isn’t the top of the heap, and that the world is still very big with lots of bigger fish in it (This sentence is saying a lot more than it really is… you get it right Harvard?).

Oh, and there is already pictures out there of one of the characters beat to death… could be a fake… we will just have to wait and see. Sorry if that’s to much to deal with.

Damn Harvard… you bitch about everything and jump all over people when a mistake is made or it isn’t how you think it should be. yet your misleading and totally wrong link still sits up there. right next to how you went off on someone who was just trying to correct you. That’s ironic, right? I may have that wrong again… but it is funny.

You know what else is funny? What you said about Charles Manson:

je on manson

Yes, like most of us, he made some choices. You crack me up Harvard.

Well, you keep on doing your thing, being wrong and bitchen about others online because you don’t realize you are wrong. I really can’t waist (don’t correct the spelling, it’s spelled that way on purpose, so I’m told)  any more time on this so I’ll leave it with a song as we truck on:

Although I prefer the Tesla version:

I’m totally fucking with ya Harvard… now go complain about it.








27 thoughts on “Complaint Department Part 1

  1. LMAO!!! He is pretty funny. He even had a long complaint about freaking marshmallows! And he’s an expert on EVERYTHING. I’m still mind boggled that someone actually married him. I’m picturing a numbered list of things she could do better I’m bed. Lol.

    • seriously. his tone is so very arrogant as well. he is desperately trying to come across as more intelligent than he actually is. he is that customer at my job that has to make everything difficult and then gets mad when you can’t follow along. I smell a rich kid that hasn’t worked a day in his life to support himself. Who wants to bet sonny boy has a hefty trust fund? This guy is so typical.

      • This is so great. I was totally gonna do something like that in the l last post but didn’t. That should stress the point Annie! And I know just where to put it to make sure it gets seen and hopefully understood.

  2. WTF? Has this guy ever had a good experience? Probably not since the common denominator is him.

    TWD ending was what I expected. Cliff hangers are called that for a reason. If you don’t like it, pick up the remote and change the damn channel. No one is holding a gun to your head making you watch it. Every year I can’t wait until October, this year is no exception. Last night hubby said he doesn’t want to wish the summer away, but he can’t wait to see who gets Lucilled. I think it’s Abraham. See? True fans talk about it. We don’t jump on FB and bitch about what we didn’t like. I thought the first half hour was slow, that’s an opinion. I did t bash everyone over the head with it. I posted memes and jokes about how Carol is gone one day and they are all captured. He needs to lighten up before he has a stroke.

    Still laughing at him falling out of his attic and blaming the tattoo artist for the damage. LMAO!

    • Yea, the consensus in my house is Abraham also. Though it went down much like the comment, Negan even saying the same thing as he laid into the beating, “taking it like a champ”. But if they go the comic route so many will be upset. Abraham seems to be the safe bet. And I say skip the summer let’s get right to October… I live for October, and can’t wait for a whole season of Negan!

      • I think Abraham because he stood up to Negan. I think Negan will use that against him. It would make sense if it is Glenn, like in the comic. It sets Maggie up for running Hilltop. The only thing that holds me back from saying Glenn is that they change up a lot of deaths for the show. Kirkman said it’s a beloved character, he didnt say one of the original Atlanta group. It could be anyone but Rick or Carl based on the ending.

      • Yep… and the discussions in my home have been along these lines. Everyone in my house watches TWD and several of us read the comic as well. Well I haven’t read it in a while, but I can ask my son or brother and they keep me up to date on it. Abraham puffed his chest out and stood up to Negan, but Glen jumped out of line and is the one in the comic…by the way I have seen pics online of Glen beat to a bloody pulp. I think they are there to fool everyone. I think they tested Glen dying last season and but don’t know if they will do that to us again… But is Abraham a beloved enough character… if they go real bad it will be Maggie…But my wife doesn’t think it will be a female. She’s probablly right. Abraham seems to be the safe bet. Tragic but not too tragic.

  3. I know I said this was the last one… but the little link Annie shared here (that i shared on the smg facebook) really got mr harvard upset…. he insists he is not black and does not live where that jason Edwards lives… lol. he also thinks I’m donna. I want to move on, but I’m guessing i won’t… we will get to that Honeysuckle article soon i promise, as well as ug and ccc, all that… but I’m stuck on stupid for a minute I think.

  4. Yes like who is the real LISK? Who is murdering prostitutes in NY as if no one cares about them? Have any more murders occurred on part of LISK since Amber? Was he really involved in law enforcement? Was he really smart of to back off once he felt the heat or did he kill himself once the bodies were found (forever confounding me as to why no one has looked at the suspect in the AC case who’s last name began with an S)? Was he a cop or a contract worker? High IQ or Low IQ? Lucky to get away with it or smart enough to fool us all?

    • Sorry to take so long… my head is spinning and the world seems like a very distant place to me at the moment. I have several posts sitting in limbo dealing with so many different things… and all these questions of course need to be asked,and so much more. Again I wonder if this is the place for this. Maybe I need to focus on one thing instead of this hodgepodge of internet craziness. Right now though I’m stuck on my Prince albums. But I will say this… I plan to focus on some new posts finally.

      • oh goodness our dear departed prince. a man who had more diva than Diana Ross and more talent in his tiny pinky finger than anyone trying to emulate him presently. He was a bit of a bitch, but its hard not to be when you are a genius and everyone else is an emotional/mental midget.

      • Im thinking of you Zero, As the tragic news of YET another mass shooting in Orlando unfolds…Stay strong all!!

      • I was about to sit down and finally write a post… about how fucked up things are getting. And I turned not tv…. I truly am shook to my core. World’s collided here… radical Islam, internet influence, mentally instability, religious hatred and homosexual bigotry, failure of the fbi and gun laws. It’s fucked up and needs to be our final wake up call.

      • Amen!!!!

        If we concentrated on how we are alike , instead of how we are different, the world would be a better place.

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