Welcome To The RNC


In just a few hours the Republican National Convention will begin, and it promises to be very entertaining. In fact the theme planned for the week-long convention is said to be entertainment. Wnhich might explain this:


Who the hell put Chachi in charge? I kind of get it. Scott, like many other celebrities just can’t help but shove their political views on the rest of us as if the kid from Happy Days should be the one to give us political advice.

Don’t get me wrong, remember I’m an 80’s kid (TCTH called me on that and was very right) and Happy Days was  my favorite show growing up. In fact many people used to compare me to Chachi while growing up. (I was also called Richie Cunningham a lot, but that goes without saying). I guess me and Chachi had a similar look, which I’ll take, nothing wrong with being compared to a television heart-throb, but let’s remember, “Joanie Loves Chachi” sucked big time and “Charles In Charge” would have sucked just as much if it wasn’t for the kid from “Eight Is Enough”, he made the whole show. Actually they both had a good chemistry the “Charles In Charge” show. They were also great in “Zapped” together, but I’m getting off topic.

I get it though, the theme is Entertainment (take that in for a second, the Republican National Convention theme is entertainment) and they need some celebrities to sell the theme, and Chachi is an entertainer who has been on FOX News saying good things about Trump as well as doing fundraisers for him. So yes Chachi gets to tell us why Trump makes such a good entertainer… um I mean President. Who else is set up to speak (entertain) at the RNC?

Trump’s family of course, that should be entertaining. Not really, I grew tired of them long ago. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are very smart and without them Trump wouldn’t have a chance (they keep him from going way to far off the track), but for me, they are a little too involved and I don’t want a Stepford family acting as President of The United States. That’s just me though, and I’m sure it’s an opinion I should just keep to my self. Who else?

Maybe Sarah Palin and Chris Christie, that should be very entertaining.

Ben Carson will be there, he’s always entertaining.

Rudy Giuliani is supposed to speak, though I don’t know why. Yes, he’s entertaining, but haven’t we heard enough of his racist propaganda?

Ted Cruz will also be speaking. How entertaining would it be if he says some of the things he was saying about Trump just a few months back:


I do will be that entertaining, but there’s always hope.

I think it’s more entertaining looking at who won’t be there.

Jeb Bush is skipping the convention. No surprise to Trump I’m sure, too low energy to show up. But the other Bushs (the Georges) will also not be there. Since they are the only 2 living Republican presidents, it kinda seems like a big deal for them to skip RNC.

But it does seem to be par for the course (a golf idiom in a “Trump Post”, gotta love it) the last 2 republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and John McCain will most likely also be RNC no-shows.

Maybe the biggest surprise on the “no-show” list (maybe not) is Ohio’s Governor John Kasich. The convention is being held in his state. His police will be protecting it. The show is in his home. But it don’t look like he will be making an appearance:


Yes, this is gonna be one entertaining RNC. I will be watching every night.

I can’t end this post without pointing out the dangers and hypocrisy that are surrounding this convention. There are going to be lots of protests outside the RNC and as we have seen over the past year, it can get out of control. Added to the danger, Ohio is a right to carry state. Which means there will probably be people with guns out there. I think it’s safe to say there will be crazies out there. See where I’m going?

Don’t worry though, no guns will be allowed in the actual convention:


I’m confused, aren’t Trump and the Republicans for the second amendment? Aren’t they BFFs with the NRA? Don’t they think there should be no “gun free” zones? Don’t they say schools would be safer if there were guns in them to stop criminal shooters? Don’t they think everyone should carry a gun? I would think Trump would want his supporters to be able to protect themselves. I guess they don’t really think it would be safer for people to be armed in the case of someone sneaking a fire arm in to use it for unlawful, hateful actions. All that tough talk over the last year at the expense of senseless tragedies, was just that, tough talk. when it comes to their own safety, they like guns in the hands of professional authorities. Interesting.

Well, at least it’s safe inside the convention. Outside it might get a little “old west” though. Which only makes the job of law enforcement even more dangerous and much, much harder to do:


And of course republicans can’t go against the second amendment:

Ohio governor Kasich: No authority to revoke open carry gun law

Jesus Fucking Christ! That’s politics for ya!

Entertainment is comedy and tragedy. And unfortunately  we are bound to see too much of both at the RNC this week.

That’s Entertainment!

10 thoughts on “Welcome To The RNC

  1. Quite a stellar lineup for the RNC huh? Scott Baio was the best they could do. Lol

    You remember 8 is Enough? I loved that show! You’re talking about Willie Aames. He was the guy on with Scotty Boy.

    Loved the little problem they had with the Mrs speech. Oops! Plagiarism is frowned upon!!!

      • Yea, Last night Chris Matthews from Hardball, mentioned a tweet that said the Republican party had “Jumped the shatk”, at first he said that the phrase came from “welcome back kotter”, I yelled “happy days” at the tv just as Chris corrected himself. No one connected it to Scott Baio but he did mention Garry Marshal was the creator of “Happy Days” and everyone sighed. I was like what? Please tell me Gary Marshal didn’t die, but of course that is what happened.Happy Days was my all time favorite show growing up and my top three was rounded out with Mork & Mindy, and Laverne and Shirley. All from Garry. RIP Garry Marshal!

      • Speaking of Garry Marshall and the great shows he made for my childhood, does anyone remember the one about an Angle who came down to help some kids in an orphanage? It only lasted a few episodes I think. Like Mork, the angel from the show first guest stared on Happy Days to set the show up.

    • Yes, Willie Aames was great in Charles in charge. The 2 of them had great chemistry, and Willie played a great “dumb” friend to make Scott actually look smart, something he did not look on the news right after his appearance at the RNC. As for 8 is Enough, never missed an episode. I was I like 2nd grade at its highlight (when Nicholas burned the house down) That was when I first started liking the name Nicholas. Of course you all know of my love for Nikki Sixx, well it all began with Nicholas Bradford. I’m an 80s kid, but life began in the ’70s

      • I didn’t remember the show, so I googled it. “Out of the Blue”. I think I remember it now because I remember the episode that launched it, where Chaci sells his soul.

        I also remember the episode in CA where Fonzie jumped the shark. Who knew it would spawn a saying the way it did?

      • Yes, the chachi soul selling episode. That’s where the angel guy came in. That and the Mork episode are 2 of my favorite. I always liked when they did that. I will have to Google out of the blue. I have always liked the phrase “jumping the shark” I use it here whenever I write a post about Candyce. It’s great that the phrase is being used so much in politics when most people have no idea where the phrase came from. Being a California native the episode where Richie and the gang come to California ia and Fonzi jumps a shark was my all time favorite even if it is known as the episode that went to far.

      • Just looked up out of the blue. Man I barely remember it. I guess I was wrong about it being at an orphanage. I may not remember it but I know I never missed an episode, lol.

  2. I vaguely remember that show. And really only some cute guy with brown hair and pretty eyes. Don’t recall the premise of the show at all

    • Hey Donna!!

      Can we talk about the shooting of Charles Kinsey? I mean, WTAF? He was aiming at the autistic guy, but hits the victim.

      But wait there’s more….he shot 3 bullets!

      But wait there’s more…he’s former SWAT!

      I hope he sues HUUUUUGLY!!!

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