Dorothy Declares War

Dorothy seems to have a new place to spread her slander and misinformation, as well as a new open case to mess with. She has some how found her way to a missing person case and a Facebook page set up for people to share information on the case:

It’s too bad these places are used by nuts like Dorothy  for their delusional agendas that exist only in their heads.

I don’t know much about this case and therefore will not comment on it. But it worries me to see Dorothy interacting with so many there, connecting dots the way only Dot Girl can. I know those on that page have been warned about her, and if any of you find this blog, I will warn you once again. Dorothy will not help you. She will miss direct and add suspicion to people who have nothing to do with it. She will claim she has answers and that she is working with F.B.I. and others when all she is doing is trying to fit her ex-husband and online enemies into your tragedy.

You continue to amaze me Dorothy, at the depths you will sink. You also continue to distress me with the lack of feelings you have towards all the people your internet activity messes with.

You can go to the FB page yourself to see Dorothy at work setting up more innocent people for the fall. (Well, those of you who don’t have Dorothy blocked and vice-versa.) I don’t recommend commenting there, though it is hard not to call Dorothy out (a really screwed up deja-vu), but remember, it’s a place where people are trying to find a missing loved one.

I am going to post 3 of her comments from the page. Again I am not trying to get in the middle of another open case, I just hate to see Dorothy screw with more people who are already hurting and searching for hope… But Dorothy’s hope is false hope:


As you can see, Dorothy has all her bells and whistles going off in that comment. Someone coming forward, filed reports to law enforcement, mention of Shannan Gilbert, Burke and Brewer connected somehow… the only thing missing is Dorothy’s ex-husband, but if you read through Dorothy’s comments on the page you will see plenty mentions of her ex and how he tried to strangle her… that delusional agenda comes through in the end. If you do go and read Dorothy’s comments on the FB page you will see her mention all sorts of familiar names:


Seems Dorothy forgot CKB dropped the B. But the fact Cristin is still part of Dorothy’s internet games really is troubling. MM7, that’s on you. You helped her in her delusional internet chases. Maybe you should take a break from your internet duets and explain one last time how much of the stuff you and Dorothy found together really added up and how much she added to her crazy delusions. I mean you really are partially at fault for many of her slanderous rants. It’s up to you, do what’s right or let this monster you help create continue on in her destruction.

Does Dorothy mention Figat in that comment? She sure does. Un-freaking-believable. You see, those on the JK page may not see the games at play in that comment, but many reading here can, and I’m sure you see why my concern for the page and those who are there thinking everyone there is trying to help. Again it’s sad that the worst of the internet finds its way to all parts of it. Nothing is safe or sacred.

But this is what happens when crazy meets desperate. And it is happening all over the internet, it just seems Dorothy is the poster child. She leeches on to these open cases, chases down unrelated issues, mixes in other open cases, confuses people with similar names, includes names of people she encounters online, and connects it all to her ex-husband. This is what she does, there is no denying that. And those who help, listen, or encourage her allow her to continue on in this destructive manner. (How many times do I have to say that?)

This third and last comment from Dorothy I’m posting from that page is my favorite and the real reason for this post:


WTF Dorothy?!? Mentioning the ZW Blog on a missing person page is really messed up. It’s messed up towards me and my readers to implicated us in another open case. It’s messed up to lead people from that page on a wild goose chase. But it’s messed up towards yourself Dorothy, because you are leading them all to the truth about yourself. I know you probably don’t get that, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna explain it to ya.

Again, people desperate for answers colliding with internet nuts. It’s a troubling situation that is becoming an epidemic (I believe I mentioned this long ago). I can’t stop it from happening with this sucky blog. I know that. We all know that. But I can’t not try (Double negatives are never good). Besides Dorothy declared war on the blog. I mean “just because countries did not instigate conflict does not mean that they weren’t prepared and covertly gathering Intel”.

Again, WTF Dorothy?!?

If you want to continue posting this blog on sensitive sites, fine, there’s nothing I can do about it.

If desperate people want to rely on crazy internet trolls, fine there’s nothing I can do about it.

But don’t think I’m not gonna take this “declaration of war” lightly Dorothy. (More double negatives… this is getting ugly)

You mention how you “covertly gathered Intel”. I don’t know if it was so “covertly”, we all know you went to Cristin and Detective Petey to get information about me. And I’m pretty sure they both came up with zero since you have to make everything up. Yea, “covertly gathered Intel” is a very laughable phrase in the context you used it in Dorothy. But I’m no longer laughing. I’m tired of all the misdirection. I’m tired of all the games.

Dorothy, you declare war at a time I just want to surrender. That is one of the dumbest things you have done so far. I accept your declaration of war. Your 2 little “Intel” gatherers will be some of the many casualties in this short war (one way or another the end is near). That should make Cristin happy. Sorry, but this is war. Pete doesn’t even know what’s coming yet. Maybe you can clue him in Cristin.

“Covertly gathering Intel”, LMFAO!

I think it’s safe to say, no one is safe in this final “war”.

15 thoughts on “Dorothy Declares War

  1. And Dorothy is still spewing her lies. Really Dorothy? Telling people that Zero attacks you and sent you recorded messages? Do you even know how to tell the truth? Well, I sure know how to tell the truth. And Dorothy, keep telling your lies and your truth is gonna be everywhere your lies are. I suggest you get your ass to a psychiatrist and work on your childhood issues. And go ahead, say how dare I say anything about your spectacular family. There’s far more proof of that than the lies you spew. You want a war Dorothy? Just say the word and you’ve got one. Just remember that line you love so much. What’s done in darkness will be brought to light. Your darkness, Dorothy, yours.

  2. So… Jennifer Kesse was likely abducted and murdered by a Latino construction worker. Video has been released of him, but it is too grainy to see his face. He is thin, likely Latino, and was working construction near her home or work. That’s all that has EVER been publicly divulged about that unsub.

    Also, Amanda Summers? Try ASHLEY Summers (say her name!) who very likely could have either been a victim of Castro (her location and vitals point that way) or she could have been a runaway. Something that Dot has flat wrong is that it has never been publicly stated that Ashley was seen by the other girls (Amanda, Gina, and Michelle) and I believe it’s Bc They never saw Ashley. Investigators have speculated she could have been a victim, but there has been zero proof.

    If Natasha had an escorting ad down in FL that honestly does interest me.

    Both cases she mentioned are cases that have interested me as well.

    • The Kesse case is like many other open cases, hard to be sure. I understand why many think it could be a construction worker from the building. But do we even know for the person in the video is involved? I’d like to look into it more, but that page has me scared. People discussing stuff with Dorothy, trolls and psychics (are those2 different things?) Cryptic videos, and last I saw people were starting to turn commenters into POIs. Yea I have seen this show before and I just don’t know if i want to witness all that allover again.But I do have a few more things to say about the page and the goings on there. I know I should move on, and there is plenty to move on to… But that page is bothering me.

  3. FYI for Da Beautiful Zero world Peeps: 1st,

    Sry, Burkes on my radar BIGTIME..who wouldnt love to talk to his longtime prostitute lover?? Bet the FEDS are…Annie, whats her name again??

    Oh yeah, will you join me and chat Tues?? 2nd,

    • Was up watching news coverage on election last night and stumbled onto a people magazine news show about LISK. They talked about Burke, but what really surprised me was it discussed JB the aquarium guy. If that is so not connected as we have been told, why bring it up now in a news show talking about new revelations? Reminds me of when the other news show brought up the time out dolls. If these things have already been said to be unconnected, why do they still pop up?

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