Still Crushing


Dorothy left that on one of her new internet stomping grounds Americans For Trump:

And there’s more… oh yes, there are more. But first I need to pull the curtain back on the blog for a second to explain how things work behind the scenes of what gets written here.

I know it may seem like I’m constantly stalking Dorothy to see what she’s writing about me. Dorothy definitely sees it this way. She tells everyone who will listen that I’m stalking her. The truth of course is just the opposite, she stalks everything I write… I’ve proven that time and time again (and I am about to prove it one more time). But still I know people must wonder how I keep up with her everywhere. I will admit that back when this first started, back when Dorothy, Cristin,  Jen, Nerd, & Flukeyou were wrapped up in their twisted games, back when Dorothy got Nancy to post my name all over the internet, back when trolling screen names were everywhere  I chased it all the time. Putting each of their names in my google search to see what they were saying and what they had said. I spent hours and hours, days and nights looking into all of them.

But that’s not how it works now. I just don’t have the time to chase the same old shit over and over for hours on end. I mean I think if anything, this blog shows, not much has changed over the years in what Dorothy or Joey have said. I mean yes they tweek their stories from time to time, and Dorothy loves to add new characters to her stories (yours truly being one of them), but mostly, it’s the same crap over and over.

It’s not that I don’t still go chasing from time to time, it’s just this blog really took a step off the public posts and into private chats and discussions.  I’ve talked about this before. Off blog I have met some great people and have serious discussions about the things being said out there. And it isn’t uncommon for someone to write me and let me know they came across Dorothy mentioning me or the blog.

And this is exactly what happened when it comes to these Trump page rants. I checked my messages on the ZW FB :  and someone gave me the heads up:


There was a link to the Trump page (linked above) where I found these little nuggets:



You are reading that right. Dorothy wants to blame me  for “planting” some internet story on Trump. Jesus Christ… the last thing I need right now is to get into it with some Trumptards. Ugh! That probably won’t help me much there. I have to point out Dorothy calls herself  “a witness in the Gilgo case”. Damn, she just never stops. My favorite part is after the many comments over the last 3 years where she has said she has given all my info to Police, Detectives, and FBI… she now  wants to sick the DOJ on me. You can’t see or hear it, but I am cracking up… a literal LMFAO moment. If only they can “trace the IP addresses”, damn, that’s good.

Is there more? Of course there is. But first once again, let’s pull that curtain back. This is gonna stray a little, but hang in there, we will be returning to Dot and Trump.

While I was gathering screen shots for this post, I received a message from another reader about Dorothy:


I clicked on the link and was surprised (somewhat pleasantly) to see someone had mentioned my blog there. But it wasn’t anything to do with Dorothy. As far as I know any way. Someone on the thread (and you can go to it and see it for yourself on page 10) mentioned a comment left on my  blog back in February by TAL. Some of you long time readers probably remember it. But for those who don’t, here it is (just as the person who posted this in the thread above warned, it is kinda long):





There was also a second comment left on my old LISK blog from TAL:


I can understand why the person from the Crime Watchers thread would find this comment interesting.  Many people did. And even though we are straying heavily from Dorothy and The Trump Page (I promise we will get back there), I can’t help it, you know how it works, the posts go where the posts go sometimes. I went to this Crime Watchers thread expecting to find something new from Dorothy and they were talking about the TAL comment. That’s how it works sometimes. And just to sort out any confusion (or create more), it’s understandable that the above comments left by TAL would make my readers think of Dorothy. These types of stories are all over the internet and have been circling for years. I can tell you first hand that a lot of these stories come right back to Jen (story of a friend who was told by a foreign woman that she was married to LISK), Cristin (story of Dr. Hackett being an internet stalker), Dorothy (story of ex-husband being LISK), Candyce (the many stories of being choked, drugged, and abducted, yea most of those come from her), and Fluke Scalise Jr. (stories of parties at Brewer’s and a group of Oak Beach neighbors covering up for Dr. Hackett). Yes, there are lots of stories that when chased back, lead you to this group of… what’s a good word here? I call them crazy and nuts all the time, but really it’s worse than that. This is a group of really fucked up people and not one word is bad enough to explain what they are (Stick that in your pipe and smoke it). But there others out there, with their own cryptic stories all claiming the cops won’t listen to them or that they are afraid to go to the cops. Are any of them real? Good question. One we are gonna dive into using TAL as an example, sorry TAL.

When you read the comments on my blog left by TAL 3 questions arise. Who is TAL? Why, after all these years, did he choose to tell his story on my old blog? Is what he wrote real? All fair questions. Let’s start with the first one.

After these comments appeared on my old blog I wrote an Email to them.  They seemed to be someone who had just found my old blog (but I get that a lot as long time readers know. And some are new readers, but some are new screen names from old “friends”). Still I looked into who they might be… it wasn’t hard to figure out. In fact anyone paying attention would have seen it all out there (almost like clues to be found):


Yep, right there on the Praying For Shannan Maria Gilbert FB page, in between Dorothy Dog Shit, is a very similar story. OK, the same story. So TAL is Tom LaSala. See easy if you were paying attention. I have to admit, Tom chosing to tell his story mixed in with Dorothy’s rant is questionable. Maybe my reader is right and Dorothy is connected to this somehow. We all know Dorothy goes on and on about James Burke being involved in the LISK murders. Of course most of that comes from her detective friend Peter F. (saw him on TV the other night, not at all what I expected). He has been obsessed with Burke long before the Gilgo Beach bodies were found. Hey Pete, you might have noticed I have been mentioning you a lot lately in comments and posts… that’s called foreshadowing). Still just because Tom LaSall’s story involves James Burke doesn’t mean Dorothy or Petey have anything to do with it. Though it doesn’t mean they don’t. But to be fair, with Burke’s current place of residence, everyone is starting to question just how deep does his  corruptness go? I’m not any where ready to say Burke is a serial killer and Long Island LE and government officials were/are willing to cover it up for him, but it’s obvious they didn’t want FBI or anyone else poking arround in their affairs. Alright we are way off track. gotta start pulling this back.

I spoke to Tom via a few e-mails and he seemed like a nice guy. Which is why I never put all this out in a post like this. But there were things that bothered me about him as well. And I guess, bottom line, that is why it’s coming out now, well that and the fact others are discussing it on the Crime Watchers thread an a reader asked me to try to help clear it up. So I’m trying.

My biggest issue was that he came to my blog with it in the first place.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for anyone who takes the time to comment on any of my blogs, and to drop such a colorful story, well I am thankful. But my blog is known to chase after the crazy stories and hearsay out there. It focuses on disproving and calling out the so-called nuts. So yea, not the place to start I would think.

Then to write the story again under your Facebook account in between Dorothy comments. Again, not the best way to be taken seriously. Still, like I said, he seemed like a nice guy and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and not seem like I attack everyone who comes to my blog… I know it feels like that sometimes. I get it Dorothy, I really do.

What really got to me is the vanishing act.So many come here, blurt stuff out and are gone. I don’t trust that. Stay a while, get to know the place. Those hit and runs are way to Fluke like, and when people do it, they lose all credibility with me. I mean, Tom drops this bomb shell and doesn’t come back to answer any comments from others. Hit and run. Even stranger than that, was at this time, there was a reporter/writer going around wanting to talk to anyone who felt they had info on the LISK case. He was writing an article for Honeysuckle Magazine. He had been on my blogs and seen the TAL comment and wrote TAL an e-mail (you can see in the comment, that TAL made a “unique” e-mail just for the comment calling himself a “LISK witness”). Now when TAL/Tom wrote his comment, leaving that e-mail, he must have expected people to write him. And here was someone doing a story on LISK, the perfect chance for Tom to get what he said happened out there after all these years (yea waiting 6 years to tell his story, made me also wonder about Tom. It’s the second question from above: Why wait so long to tell his story? Maybe he was afraid of cops like he said. Maybe the recent arrest of Burke made Tom remember that night. But to me waiting for 6 years just doesn’t add up). You would think Tom would have jumped at the chance to talk to the reporter. Nope. The reporter wrote me telling me that he saw the comment and wrote the guy (Tom) but he didn’t want to talk to him (reporter). This puzzled us both and since I was sharing e-mails with Tom at the time I asked him why. He told me I was the only one he trusted at the moment. Strange, but I have to admit it felt nice to read. In fact Tom praised me and my blog quite a bit and said other than my blog and the Shannan page, he didn’t think he would put his story up anyplace else, Again, it felt nice to read such praise, but it also felt like a snow job (winter pun intended). I mean he was telling me how I’m the only one discussing the LISK case that he trusted and how cool he thought I was, but come on, why? And if you really thought I was so cool and my blog was the best place out there on this (the first part is true I guess, but my blogs are far from the best out there on any subject other than Fluke and Dorothy) , I mean if Tom really felt that way, so strong, that he wasn’t gonna tell his story any other place… where’d he go? Why not stay at the one place he felt worthy of getting this off his chest (after 6 long years), stick around and stand by what you wrote? Yea, I just don’t know if I buy it.

Which brings us to the third question on TAL‘s comment (we covered enough of the second one about why he waited so long to tell his tale in parentheses, right?) This is the main question, yes? Is what TAL wrote real? Did it happen? There are just to many questions for me to believe it happened. Doesn’t mean it didn’t, but in the end I just don’t think so. Tom seemed like a nice guy, but  there are just to many strange things about him and his actions that I just can’t get my head around. For a third time in this post I apologise Tom. And I tell you, as I did in  our e-mails, if what you wrote in those comments really happened, and you think you saw something back in 2010 that is related to the LISK case, if James Burke himself really came out by himself to question you about what you saw… there are people who you can go to. Go to the FBI, go to the press. Right now people are talking about these cases again. Burke’s arrest has sparked new reasons for answers. So if you really believe you are a “LISK Witness”, you should stop at nothing to get the truth out there.

I’ve said this to everyone, even Dorothy at one time. But I’ve also said to everyone (Dorothy all the time), don’t spread rumors and outright lies that fit your own agenda or crazy delusion. And if TAL would have stuck around, maybe we’d have a better idea of where he really stands in all this. But he didn’t. No updating e-mails and he never returned to the comments. Now this could be my fault, I haven’t tried to send any new e-mails or messages through FB. Which brings us back to this post’s running theme, I just don’t have the time to chase down things that don’t lead anywhere but endless circles.

To take it one step further (a step too far probably), it wasn’t just the comment I was unsure of. Even though I say again, Tom seemed like a nice guy in our e-mails, the few things I did find on him made him a new strange character in the LISK Onion. You see Tom is in a Long Island local band called Electric Caves. And he writes a blog. One post in particular caught my eye:

Smells like MK ULTRA

Wow Bob Wow! Am I right? TAL sure can write. I know where he is getting a lot of that, but man he put it all together so beautifully, it almost seems plausible (for those who didn’t take the time to read the whole post, I understand, but man you missed out).

Alright, take it for what’s there. I could go deeper into my thoughts on it all, but it’s better you all come to your own conclusion. I never got into all this back in February and maybe I should have. The whole thing was strange, and I’ve seen plenty of strange since I started writing these blogs. Again it may all be crap and I should have just left it alone, or maybe TAL is a witness like he claims and his story of Burke needs to be looked into by proper authorities, or maybe there is some place in between where most things lie.

I’ve spent enough time on this. In the end I didn’t know what to think of TAL‘s tale or TAL himself. I hope he has gone to the proper authorities if what he says did indeed happen, and he feels he saw something that could help the Gilgo Beach case. That’s on him. I welcome him back anytime if he has more to add. I want to thank my reader for bringing this all to my attention. I’d also like to thank Sabra for not only reading my blogs and the comments (the comments are the best part), but for posting a link to the Crime Watchers thread. I hope you and any others who find their way here from the thread stay and read. Feel free to comment too, I swear they don’t all end up in posts like this. But it seemed the time to deal with this comment and I thank all of you who helped it come about. I still leave it on each of you to decide whether this is something worth discussing  or to leave it alone. I hope this helps with that decision in someway.

Now back to Dorothy and Trump. When we last left off, Dorothy was reporting me to the DOJ (see little twists, but the same old shit). From there she got quite nasty:



If anyone out there still reading can’t see why I continue to write posts like these, well, look at my inspiration. She say’s I “claim to be a minister just like gang bang Nate Parker does”. WTF?!? What kind of stretch is that to get her delusions across? Remember it, because it’s gonna come up again in a minute. She calls me a drug addict, not true. She says I’m connected to parties at Joseph Brewer’s house, also not true. She wrote that I claim to have grown up in Cali, raised by a single mom, my friend’s mom was killed by a serial killer, that I have 7 kids, first one born when I was 16 or 17 (a week before my 17th birthday, to be exact). It is true I have said all that before, not all in one place, but yes I have “claimed” all this, and more importantly, it’s all true. And fuck you Dorothy for trying to throw in some of my personal stuff, especially my Mom, friends, and kids. You should know by now how that get’s to me, and well, here we are with another long post (over 3 thousand words right now) that didn’t have to be if you could just curb your school girl crush on me. You see, I was reading all these new things you (Dorothy) were writing about me to my wife. She couldn’t believe your obsession was still so strong with me (see, she’s smart enough to see how things really are). She said, ” You should write a post and call it ‘Still Crushing'”. I thought it was a great idea. Thanks Sassy!

Best part was when she says I use a voice-changer device to sound African-American. Damn, she worries a lot about me sounding “African-American”.  That to will come up again in the next part.

Dorothy ended her “zero rant” on Americans For Trump with this:


Which is where this post began. I could end it here, by saying something like:

No Dorothy, the Feds have not arrested me, and unfortunately for you the blog still goes on… for at least a little longer.

But there is something more important that needs to be said here. Because, to be honest, and I usually am, I can care less what Dorothy writes about me on a Trump page. It’s kind of ingenious in a way, get me waisting (spelled wrong) my time with people who I clearly will clash with. I doubt Dorothy put that much thought in it though. She’s the type of delusional individual who would support Trump and I’m guessing, Americans For Trump is just another place she goes.  And everywhere she goes she has to mention me. The problem is that she doesn’t just go to places like Americans For Trump, she goes to places like Shannan Gilbert’s FB Memorial page or other open cases out on social media hoping for prayers and helpful tips and instead getting Dorothy.

I recently posted about one of these places that Dorothy has now attached herself to:

This is a page on Facebook set up to help find a missing person, and as I posted before, Dorothy declared war on my blog in the comments of this site:


Yes, this is where Dorothy is just beyond fucked up and shows just how far she’s willing to go to stalk me (like that Dorothy, I added that sentence just for you). Screwing with another open case,  messing with people who are hurt and hoping for answers, and she uses me and my blogs to do it. Yes, beyond fucked up. And she wrote more since then. But before we get to that and end this post (I know it’s a long one, thank you for sticking with it), we are going to pull back the curtain for a third time:

I did not find the “Help Find Missing Jennifer Kesse” page on my own. Again someone sent me a message:


Someone on the Jennifer Kesse page had seen Dorothy’s comments, Googled her name and found my blog. She was worried enough about Dorothy’s sudden interest and unusual tactics that she took a chance and contacted me on Facebook to tell me about it:


I of course told her just how crazy I thought Dorothy was. I told her that it wouldn’t be long before Dorothy wrote about me and sure enough this new reader soon would write me to tell me about the “war declaration” Dorothy left on the page. I couldn’t help it I had to write a post, not just to defend myself. not just because I wanted to try to help the page see the trouble of letting Dorothy continue there, but because this new reader had written me and asked for my help. She felt helpless in stopping Dorothy:


So yes I wrote a post:

Did it help? I think most of us know the answer to that. A few people on the page said they were gonna block her after reading my post, but if you go there you will see Dorothy is all over it still, and many people are discussing things with her (Dorothy) like she really knows what she is talking about. This could be because that page is plagued with all sorts of people even nuttier sounding than Dorothy. Crazy psychics feuding over what they can and can’t prove. I feel sorry for the people running the page, I know this is not the intentions they made it for. But there is not much more I can do about it. I wrote a post explaining it all and Dorothy is still allowed to make comments like this:


There she is, bringing up Nate Parker again (I haven’t googled it yet, and I’m guessing he’s not a nice guy). Saying that I sound African-American, AGAIN. And ONCE AGAIN telling the internet how I attacked her “relentlessly”. This post will be seen as an attack as well, I’m sure. But I just am trying to show you all how dangerous getting involved with Dorothy can be. And this comment should hit it all the way home:


Damn, Cristin, Dorothy brings you up more than I do. Most of us know Dorothy is talking about Danny Boy, MM7’s husband. Most also know MM7 worked quite a bit with Dorothy at one time. And yes Cristin (MM7), Dorothy is mentioning you on a missing persons page, saying you might “sing” to the feds about you ex-husband. I’m sure both you (Cristin) and your friendly, ex-husband love how she (Dorothy) carelessly threw out the phrase “sex trafficking”.

See? Dangerous!

I swear to you, this is where this post would have ended, should have ended (It’s longer than most short stories). But when I sat down to write it the other day I realized I had some new private messages from Dorothy. Yep, while I was planning this post, Dorothy, out of the blue sends me a message. That’s just how it works sometimes. Dorothy still sends me private messages on Facebook from time to time, though I haven’t answered her there for years. Here was another I wasn’t gonna reply to:


Damn, that is a good question though. Way to deep to get into now. You don’t want to have to read another four thousand words or so on why we all wear masks to hide our true selves. Yea I didn’t think so. But I did like the timing of this message, it was right after I posted a “voting selfie” on Facebook and Twitter:


Yep, I was wearing a mask. But that mask is a inside joke, well more of a running gag.  Glad to know that you are still watching my every move Dorothy. It sets you up for a very big fall when I finally bring an end to this all.You’ll see.

I got another private message from Dorothy soon after that one, this one a little more to the point:


There ya go Cristin, man I hope you are reading all of this. One more time Dorothy writes about some snuff video I embedded somewhere. And you Cristin, found it, do I have that right? Please, one of you crazy ladies put an end to this lie. Something if true, you should be able to prove easily enough. But it’s not, just more dangerous lies Dorothy is allowed to say over and over again. And some of you listen to her. How bright you all are. Sorry if that sounds arrogant. But I told ya, working with Dorothy is not wise.

And that’s where we will end this post.

74 thoughts on “Still Crushing

    • Lol, what can I say I was inspired. t took a while to write as well. A couple days just to get all the pic snips in place. There is go Ing be a few wordy posts through out December. It’s cold out side, so why not stay in where it’s warm and do some reading.

  1. I don’t know what to say. I cant believe she hasn’t been institutionalized years ago.

    TAL is interesting. I can see what he’s saying happened, actually happening. I would like to hear more from him.

    • Yea, I don’t want to say he’s not being truthful and last thing I wanted was to discourage him from telling his story to the right people. But he is a an interesting character.

  2. Wow haha – Zero really the need to share my public name and life on here? Putting myself and family at risk for what reason? For trying to help? What I saw is true to this day and how do you know I didn’t speak to other authorities? I don’t have time to continuing following blogs for years. Out of respect it would be nice to have my name removed.

    Much love and I still think you run a good blog

    • Damn, that was quick. Too quick.especially for someone who doesn’t have time to “follow blogs for years”, lol. I said I had no idea if you took your story to authorities. I hope you did. I am a little puzzled that you’ve think I put your name out there. You did that on the comment you left on the SG page. I really did just let it all stay off my blog. But as you’ve see, people are seeing your comment and want to know more about it. Still I am not trying to put anyone in danger, ( I have heard this before,Dorothy and Cristin said I endangered them with my posts. I have a hard time since all I put is out there already. But I will think about this.

    • Thanks for the kind words again. But can you answer one question for me so I can try to understand this better? How did you feel putting that comment on my blog would help?

      • Dude – you commented on my website that generates right to my personal email. Not to hard to respond orderly. 😃☝️️

      • Gotcha, I linked your blog and it notified you. Well, welcome back. You came left your comment and were gone. You must have known people were gonna want to know about . So please answer me this one question, how did you think it would help by leaving that comment on my blog.

  3. Because IMO you are the best researcher on the case – with more info than the fucking FBI. Does your investigate work prove my case there? For anyone interested – I don’t watch television, really don’t give a shit about culture and live off my own expereinces. Go read my website, you really think I want to talk to these assholes? I remember you saying you don’t live on LI, but hell this whole thing from my personal experience makes the first season of HBOs True Detective loook tame.

      • I have to bring up culture and television because I know this case constantly gets heat nationally because of low level bull shit TV shows. This is real life to me I’m not just commenting on a board for the sake of it.

      • Alright, I definitely am not saying what you wrote didn’t happen. But I don’t see how you think anonymously posting it here will help anyone. And since you approve of my blog, you must know how I look deeply into things that come my way. But again, it was because they were discussing it on a LISK thread that I felt the need to rehash all this. But in all honestly you can’t help without coming out publicly with your story, which you kind of did on the Shannan page. So I don’t know what people expect me to do with all this… I blog about it,you all get that right? You are correct that I don’t live in LI, but to all those who do, if your police are so bad, if there are cover ups for serial killers, than you all need to come out and stand up and change it.

  4. I did what I had to – and spoke to where I had to as well. What does me posting on a blog do on top of that? Let you know there are real cats out there who don’t see this as some form of entertainment so you can see there are people out there with unique stories and experiences (obviously you’ve noted mine stands out; I wonder why… the truth often stands forth alone).

    Zero, I wish the highest level of corruption we have was political and authority figures covering up or being linked to a serial murder but that’s low leve. The height of corruption here makes that look like a drop in the bucket and most certainty a result of everything else. Long Island and NY in general isn’t like 99.9% of this country.

    I’m on a lot higher radars than your website – /9 maybe all your doing is boosting my website so thanks.

  5. Anyway – now that I’m ‘back’ anyone have any real questions for me?

    Why did I disappear for 6 years? Well I wouldn’t say that it’s called raising children and actively.

    • Tom, I spent many hours driving the “long way by the beach” to clear my head or that way home because I left a bar and wanted ocean air. Was very common for me. So I totally get you driving there. I honestly can’t remember ever passing someone out of their vehicle, since I passed so few vehicles going by the same time I was there, I would have noticed.

      I know you saw a vehicle, but did you see enough of the person to give a description?

  6. Tom, to be fair to zero, if you comment somewhere and have an interesting or odd comment, you’re gonna get looked into. Between your comments places and dorothy going around the internet looking for you, it’s bound to happen. Hell, I’ve been looked into and accused of being all kinds of people and all I did was comment here. There are all kinds of crazies starting all kinds of trouble and lies and zero is the only one willing to go looking for the truth and have these nuts exposed for what they are.

  7. And dumbass dorothy, cut the shit already. Zero is not a criminal. It’s all in your sick demented head. And the only people that believe your lies are as fucked up in the head as you are.

    • Hey Donna!! I hope all is well with you!

      Dorothy doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She’s mentally ill and I’m positive LE is aware her leads are really vendettas against her perceived enemies. I’m positive she’s become a joke they tell each other when they hear from her.

    • OK, this is nerd right? it has to be. Man I have been looking into you lately, but maybe you know that. Is this a coincidence ? Does this have to do with a like I got recently from a Joe. Is it the noreast stuff? something brought ya back. and I’m glad to see ya. I am planning a post on you that seems to connect to some people that may connect to someone else, you know how that goes. But really you know i like you NERD, don’t run away so soon, I have a million questions. most are my own curiosity, and don’t have to be discussed in public, so hit me up, or send me a message on my facebook. or continue to comment. Just so happy to see you.

      • Okay so long as you promise NOT to reveal my true identity because I have female relatives and with a killer still out there I cannot take any chances.

      • I’m debating on if you are fucking with me or if this is the beginning of the end of these games. Nerd you have fascinated me from the beginning, you are one of the main reasons the blog zero’s world came to be. But wherever this is going i welcome it.

  8. Hey ca1! Yeah, I’ve no doubt that she’s on the nut list. The only ones that fall for her crap are as messed up as she is.

  9. Oh look, it’s nerd. Is this one of those sock puppet things or are you the commenter from long ago? Cause if you’re the real nerd, things are about to get real interesting.

    • shh donna, lol. soon though, very soon. figures just when I’m ready to put an end to this blog it starts to get interesting again. alright, first a little fish boy needs to be discussed, let’s give nerd some time to get convertible, he did just return. a little early i may ad. but that’s alrigtht

    • um, yea no offence, but that proves nothing. nerd knows that, so anyone talking to nerd can know that. Oh MM7 and everyone she talked to knows that. Hell i’ve even mentioned it once or twice. I have no need to go at PS149… NERD has played a lot of screne name games so i do have interest there, but still, I’m a NERD fan. So some real conversations with him would be nice. I have to admit I’m not buying all this.But i hope it’s you. there are several ways to prove it though if you really want to. the easiest is this. I shared only one corespondence with the real PS149, I wrote him and he asked me one question… what did ya ask me?

      • Press conference with the escort that accuses Burke of rough sex AT GILGO!! Check out the links i sent…@30pm eastern rime……..John Ray links THIS ESCORT, BURKE AND HACKET?? This JUST HAPPENING.



    • Lol, yea so many people so much alike. No wonder when this all started many of us felt it was one but out there playing screen name games…. nope several nuts playing screen name games.

    • Yes I sat it. Again, Burke is a dirty cop. We all agree, and yes he may be linked to LISK, so I’m paying attention. Hopefully things are moving now, in the end it won’t be about who was right or wrong or who made up what…. not if the truth is found out and killer or killers are caught. So let’s all just keep hoping for that, Burke Hackett, Bittrolff, or anyone else…. let’s just get to the truth.

      • Yes… I’m with you. My only fear is we have been here before… But that was with Burke leading. This time people are gonna roll. And even if this latest John Ray news conference has nothing to do with LISK it keeps the pressure on for the case to be solved. That is good. And with more tv shows drawing attention to how involved it all is… more people asking for answers. My mom saw killing fields, knew I had been blogging about it and called to ask me who I thought LISK was. Lol, she never read my blog before, but the show brought her here, poetic and just how I find lots of you readers. Point is, the more public interest, the more pressure on LE and politicians, the better.

    • I do want to point out that this was put out there by John Ray…. just saying. Plus we all know now Burke slept with prostitutes… until real connections are made let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Face it, you guys live in a corrupt place. And it seems to be a breeding ground for serial killers. More so than other places, I don’t know. But there are some serious stuff to unravel here. Not all it is connected to LISK, but it all deals with some fucked up people. It’s time for it all to start unraveling!

      • John Ray (eyeroll)…What a character, which is all ill say for now Zero 😉

        However, This escort said she was cooperating with LE, and that one the Detectives outed her to an “outsider”, like us…put her name out there!! How irresponsible if thats true!! Not for nothin, but if thats true, this woman is in real danger, from LE, on ‘the street’, and from ‘the nuts’ who’ve inserted themselves into this case…That means someone has inside info!! Who are these IDIOT Detectives!!!!???
        Supposedly, she needed protection, and good Ole John Ray just appeared..Hmmmmm, all so crazy!!

        Re Burke: Yes, he has a history with Escorts…But to be ‘partying’ with them and DRUGS at Oakbeach, during the time the GB4 went missing???!! Sorry, Its MORE than just disgusting corruption, which BTW, i BUY every word of it…

        I thought it was a ridiculously ‘loose’ connect he made between Burke and Hackett….Flight 700 huh, we KNOW who loves THAT story…Just who has John Rays ear these days?? I shudder to ask??

        and again, how the Hell does JS not make a POI list?? How could Mari NOT have seen this herself?? Nerd says she ‘didnt have the heart’ to drop the case against Hackett?? why the hell not?? Dont understand, nope, doesnt make ANY sense… So tired of feeling like i should be doing more, yet WHO TO TRUST regarding LE??

      • Yea, it’s all still a mess, but people are seriously trying to unravel it. And when they look into some of the nuts they find us and quickly see the truth… that’s a plus in my book. And even if there is no truth to Burke parting at Oak Beach (bit wow bow wow, if that’s true) the pressure is on. It needs to stay on.

      • Z

        Sorry but I can’t believe Mari didn’t drop the case because ” she didn’t have the heart”. Either someone (s) convinced her he was or she wasn’t looking for justice. What mother would want the wrong person tried for the murder her daughter, if she wanted justice? That defies logic.

      • this is all nuts at the moment… more echo chambers than maybe even at the beginning. Mari can not defend what she has said or not said, but yes, all the people talking now are doing what we have come to know all to much about the lisk case, half stories half myths trying to get someone to talk. and I cant help but think John Ray is starting to worry about where he is gonna get paid from. He’s worried he’s got nothing left… so we shall see where his latest news conference goes. Again at least the pressure is on again.

    • Exactly!! WTF is that about??!!…I dont like any of it my friend. Cleared, at least publicly almost IMMEDIATELY…You know what i fear the most, too much was ALLOWED to go uninvestigated for far too long…The idea that the killer/killers have had such a time advantage if nothing else! How the F are we (the public) supposed to believe in SCPD??? In one freakin thing put out there in 5 damn yrs!! How i wish Dormer would talk…The public should hold some kind of, IDK, protest…I mean maybe a FB event?? A flash protest again SCPD?? Would LIers even care?? Land of the ‘Trump’ sign on the front lawn???…. IDK…Look, When i called the FBI last year, local FBI, i couldnt find anyone who knew what the hell GILGO was?? Yet so many of the GAMERS have claimed theyve gone to authorities…and i DONT mean Batshit crazy Dorothy price Hill (you dope YOU)….

      Shit, many of the victims STILL not identified???!! In this day and age??!! And people like us, Like Josh, CIVILIANS, are making the connections, are MORE CONCERNED with this case??!! What a mess. I know MANY of us have put more effort than our own lives demand into all this shit, yet the likes of BURKE and friends have been muddying the water from the jump…

      BTW, youre next Joe…After all is said and done, with all the crap i have to deal with lately, I WILL GO TO LAW ABOUT YOU. A call to the Feds now WILL NOT BE IGNORED…or i will go to the press…Now that ‘we’ actually have some press connects….Unlike you Pussboy…

      What a mess…

    • I have not listened to it yet. I guess before I start giving opinions I should, plus I got to go see what nerd wrote me. I will be back and Finnish reading these comments later. Also lots going on in Facebook and private messages. All in 2 days, lol. I am gonna catch up and I will be back.

    • Exactly my thought re: the speedy Brewer clearing.

      Always thought it was bullshit he wasn’t looked at more. Its bc he knew Burke was doing the same crap and Burke didn’t want to get caught!

      Finally after 2 years of being pissed at Burke for likely being a serial killer he is getting what he deserves!

      • Annie! Hey, hey, the gangs all here! Lol. Alright I have had a question since this whole conference hit. And it is who did the “non” working girl/burke accuser first give a rip on. That question may have been answered and like all things LISK related it leads to more questions. Make sure everyone is here to read the post tomorrow. A long over do post is about to blow up some more games. And when all these new questions arise, I will need all your help to get through it all.

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