Junior Year



Some of you have noticed that this blog is chock-full of Easter eggs, inside jokes, and running gags.You may catch some of them from time to time. Like the use of Eminem videos or my constant misspelling of waste (waist). Those are pretty obvious, others are not. But I think most people might have caught my high school comparison by referring to the first year of the blog as Freshman Year and the second year of the blog as Sophomore Year.  OK, maybe not everyone, but some of you might have noticed and came to the conclusion that the third year would be Junior Year. And you’d be right.

Back in those first 2 years I couldn’t wait to get to the third year. Not only because I wanted to post some fun things with #Three, but I thought I’d be spending a lot of time on Junior aka Joe Jr. aka Flukeyou.

But as I mentioned, this year ran away with me. Plus how much more can I say about Fluke? We can go back and forth as he ignores the truth about what he and his lonely hearts club did, while he ‘ll come back “cocaine canning, cocaine canning”  and “your blog sucks”, and my favorite, “you are a zero”.  In fact, the last thing Fluke wrote here hit all three of these:


Yes, I’m a zero (I did give myself that name), yes my blog sucks (but it does have its moments), and no one gives a fuck about what you have to say about the Cannings. Leave the poor family alone all ready. You have no proof anyone is covering up for Hackett and the years of you bashing your neighbors has produced nothing, not one person to come forward and collaborate any of your stories. Well there’s your parents. But all they have is what you say, they really can add no more light (or truth) to the matter. In fact it’s my belief that if your parents weren’t there saying they agree with the things you say, people would have written you off long ago. Still, I think it’s very hard for you to find someone to listen to your disgruntled lies now… am I right?

Yea, even though I haven’t written much about you this year Fluke people got your number. And hey, that’s not just because of me. People had your number before I came along. I just proved it beyond any reasonable doubt. So yes, just like with Dorothy and Cristin, people can come here and see countless posts showing all your lies, games. and agenda.  And if anyone comes asking about any of you, you know I do my best to set them in the right direction But really Junior, it’s the people who know you, have met you, or interview you who come up with their own opinions on what you have to say. And again, you can find those things all over this place. No wonder you think this blog sucks.

Yes, there are plenty of posts throughout my blogs showing examples of what others have come to think after personally hearing Juniors so-called “facts” and LISK mathematics (LISK=Hackett) . But the best is something new, from the recently aired  The Killing Season on A&E. Joe Sr. and Jr. appeared to tell their tale and give their proof. And the last thing said about the Scalise’s I find very telling:

“Are the Scalise’s shedding light on a community wide conspiracy, or are they part of a conspiracy  devoted to demonizing Hackett?”

Isn’t that good? I wonder where else this has been said over and over… oh yea, this blog. In fact you might be able to find me saying this word for word someplace. Yes very telling. See, I’m no super man, others can see what I see. Shoot, others have a better chance to see it, I’m just a guy on the west coast reading and listening to it all.

So Fluke, there’s no need for me to continue… I can never post about you again and it wouldn’t matter. People see you for what you are. So hopefully we have seen the last of you here on  Zero’s World. I’m done with ya. That battle was won, and you Junior, lost. I suggest you just keep quiet now, because no one really cares about your neighbor slandering anymore, they just want to know more about what Flukeyou said throughout all this. Which, yes, you can find right here in my many Flukeyou posts. For now, that’s good enough for me.

Just one last thing:


Are you freaking serious? No, Junior you don’t have to answer that. You know why? Because everyone knows this answer already. People knew it before I proved it. You need to stop pretending you think no one knows you are Flukeyou. That might be one of your biggest self-induced delusions. Did you forget that it’s mentioned on pages 339 and 340 in Robert Kolker’s book Lost Girls? Did you forget that Jen and Cristin (people you worked with as Flukeyou) already gave that up long ago? Did you forget Cristin taped you telling the story of where the nick name came from?


How bad does my blog suck now?

46 thoughts on “Junior Year

  1. Hey Fish Boy, take your pacifier and go sit in the corner and think about your hard on for Dr Hackett. Just keep your mouth plugged so no else has to listen to your insanity.

    Zero, thank you for no more Fish Boy. Like real fish, his shelf life was short and he’s just smelling up the place.

  2. Omg LOVE THIS! It surely is about time that Joey is EXPOSED once and for all! Back in the day it was comical to some people to read Joey Scalise’s rantings about CPH = LISK but the truth is that there is absolutely nothing at all funny about how he posted the exact details about where to find SG’s body. Look into those eyes people. Tell me if you can’t see what I warned all of you so often about. It’s time we start letting everyone know the truth. FLUKEYOU = LISK.



    Josh had him on camera right in front of him and he didn’t even realize it (or did he???). John Ray has rolled his eyes many times about Joey. Mari knew it all along but she just couldn’t find the courage to withdraw her lawsuit against CPH and file a new one against the only person on this earth who was able to lead the investigators DIRECTLY to her daughter’s remains and personal belongings!

    MM7 was smart enough to figure it out before she incriminated herself as an accomplice. Dorothy… well what can we ever say about Dorothy that would ever make any logical sense?

    Now that Burke is out of the picture and now that Spota is being asked to resign maybe for once we will have a detective step forward and reveal their true suspicions about Flukeyou and his secret motives to frame Hackett.

    Joey, you were always a snot-nosed whining girl. You never once could man up to anything in your life so it does not surprise me that you went all girly when Josh asked you if you are Flukeyou! You are so pathetic Joey. Why don’t you just head back down to Florida and hide with all the little old ladies at the community center or go and try your pathetic attempts to catch a few fish off of the dock before the dockmaster chases you away again. Don’t even think about attempting to work again because you and I know what a disaster that was because you are such a screw-up that you can’t be relied upon to follow the most simplest of instructions.

    Just turn yourself in Joey and save all of us another pathetic season of bad tv shows all searching for a “Monster” when in fact you are nothing more than a girly coward!!!!

  3. The GB4 and SG could very well have been killed by Fluke. It doesn’t take a mastermind to strangle petite prostitutes and dump them along the highway where he can drive by DAILY!!

    • I agree, it doesn’t take a mastermind to kill petite girls and dump the bodies. However to do it for decades, to have the opportunity to evolve and no one connect deaths until years later and to keep it quiet, that takes some smarts. Personally, I think he’s jealous that it’s not him who acted out his sick fantasies. You all know better than me, so I’ll sit back and read. Thanks for all the insight everyone.

    • and here’s PS149. Forgive me for being a little more skeptical of this one. Is this THE Ps149, from websleuths, is it also the one who spoke the truth about Fluke on LISK.com because I have tried to talk to you forever, you got back to me once on wensleuths and then nothing. you know I have nothing but respect for you if this is. your comments were always directed away from the games and was one of the top voices of reason when it came to Fluke, so i hope this is really you, I’d love to chat off blog about things, i have learned not all things need to be put up on blast.

  4. ZERO thanks for this blog. I tried to reference it over on Webslueths and I was put on timeout because of being accused of having a personal vendetta against Joey. Apparently the power that be DO NOT want me to expose him. It seems everyone likes it nearly packaged as the doc did it.

    • thank you. yea, i cant go to websleuths I just cant play by those rules when you see others getting away with all sorts of bully tactics there. I’m not trashing websleuths, but i just dont fit in there. If this is really PS149, I welcome you to the blog and hope you will stay a while. Your input is greatly appreciated right now as I try to put some kind of finish on this place and those we know have agendas.

  5. And same for me… please promise not to expose my true identity because I have female relatives too who I do not want to bring attention to.

    Thanks bro!

    • lol, is this real? I have no idea who you are PS149, but if this isn’t nerd right now screwing with me, then once again you 2 are pointing at a connection between you 2 (nerd said way back that you 2 were friends) If you 2 do know each other than maybe I do have an idea who you are. just don’t be like the other side and try to keep the games going. Let’s end it.

  6. It’s me Zero but I did just realize that although the email address I prvoided was once valid, I no longer have access to that email (and providing my work or my newer private email address would reveal who I am).

    Anyway, did you see the news today???

    With the FBI now on the case they linked the 1997 torso of “Peaches” to the remains of the African American Jane Doe 3 (who is also the toddler’s mother!). This supports my theory that Ocean Parkway was merely a convenient dumping site for organized crime groups, prestitution rings, etc…

    No way GB4 or SG are related to a torso killer from the 1990’s. Even Fluke can’t be blamed for those murders!

  7. I guess part of my fear Zero with contacting you via email is that you will reveal to others my real name. Actually, I don’t know for sure that you are not LISK or that someone who you are in contact is one of the killers. I fear for the lives of the females whow are close to me.

    I want to contact you. Just not certain if I can absolutely trust you.

    • well, I can be trusted, still i hear ya, if you are not who you say youy are or just wrapped up in the games, then yes i put it out there. But PS149 has never been on my radar as a gamer. very straight forward.

      • I don’t think that is ps149. A friend of Nerd though. I know when we last spoke about nerd we strongly suspected a Figat. And I’m still not fully sure it’s not him. But there is another name now. One that I heard about long ago, but didn’t look to much into. I am now though. More on all that later, I really want to hear more from nerd and this ps149 first. So hopefully they stick around.

      • Yes, Linda was in my car and we jammed out to Eminem! Fucking a Linda, that was a few years ago now, it’s unbelievable this is still going on, on that part I agree with Nerd. But it is, and here we all still are. Let’s hope these new smoking guns actually lead somewhere. Let’s hope that people are tired of games and helping those games continue. Let’s hope people start seeing mental health issues and the effect it’s having in the internet in the proper light and not keep feeding the crazy bears. Let’s hope the trolls of the internet didn’t just elect the next president to further us down that road…. hope… there always hope.

  8. Zero can be trusted. And he’s definitely not lisk. You’ve never seen him identify me (not that I’m hiding, I always use my real name) or the other regulars here. The only names he ever reveals are the gamers, and they bring that on themselves.

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