#Three And Music


So one idea I had for #Three was to make a group of posts called “3 Songs“. where I would post 3 songs that all had something to do with each other. The first post was called “3 Songs”. But although I had the 3 songs pulled aside I didn’t write a post. These are the 3 songs:




See how they all have the number 3 in the titles? 3 Songs. The next post would have been called something like “3 Old Songs” and I would have posted 3 songs about getting old. Or maybe “3 Rock Songs” where I’d post 3 songs about rocks. Or something like that. You get it. Doesn’t matter, I never got to it and there just isn’t enough time left in this third year to get to it. Too bad ’cause I had lots of ideas for it, back when I first thought of doing it (the blog was still in year 2 so I had to wait) I would hear a song and say, that would be a good song for 3 songs and see what other 2 songs I could connect it to. It was fun that never got to the blog. Sorry about that. I hope you liked the 3 songs I had picked out for the post that never was.

The first one, “Three’s A Charm”, is from a band called Sea Hags. They are what some call glam metal or a hair band. I thought they were cool but they were kind of late to the party and missed out on the late ’80s  uproar for the excess of sex, drugs, and hairspray. Still if you find this song cool like I did, I would suggest checking out the rest of the self-titled album. You might dig it. The second is a little more well know, School of Fish’s “3 Strange Days”. I have always liked this song and in fact it inspired a very strange dream I had once, that took place over 3 days ( I wasn’t asleep for 3 days, but 3 days passed in the dream). The third song is Britney Spears, 3. I think it’s self-explanatory why I picked it (it’s called 3).

So there ya go. The real post would have probably been a little longer and gone more into each song, plus it would have been followed with other post, each with 3 new songs somehow connected. It might have been fun. Oh well.

I didn’t bring this all up for nothing though. For one I had these 3 videos sitting in an unnamed, unfinished post and I wanted to delete it or post it. Plus I wanted to lead into one last #Three post. It’s also about music…

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