Let’s Get Down To Bussiness

“Let’s get down to business
I don’t got no time to play around what is this?
Must be a circus in town, let’s shut the shit down
On these clowns, can I get a witness?”

Oh no, he’s quoting Eminem lyrics, this isn’t gonna be good. Shall we get started?

dph email1

dph email2

dph email3

I have posted this e-mail before (Dorothy often began her e-mails with “DO NOT POST THIS ON YOU BLOG”, and I just get a kick out of posting them, in fact Dorothy I may put all your e-mails in a book someday… pipe, smoke it, you know the drill Dottie) and I have gone over how most of these names meant nothing to me back then, but with hindsight, you can see it all at work.

I’m not gonna get into all of that old stuff again. But you are all welcome to read through the e-mail and get what you want out of it, there is plenty to discuss there (and like I said we have discussed a lot of it already). I want to focus on one line from that name dropping masterpiece:

“Cristin also had me meet former NYPD Pete Fiorello. He knows ALOT about corruption in Suffolk County.”

This is where we are gonna start.

At the time I had no idea who Pete  was. And there were so many names. But this one would come up again and again. Dorothy said he was a detective she worked with and she mentions him a lot. From what I  know (and I know a lot) Pete worked with Dorothy and Cristin… so that already is a bad start. So working with Dorothy… strike 1.

As I looked more in to this Pete guy I saw that he was once indeed a cop, I started wondering if he was PS149… he isn’t. The more I looked into him I realized he was another one of these nuts who is obsessed with their LISK POI. I mean Fluke has nothing on Pete. POI obsession… strike 2.

But then Cristin brought the ex cop up to me back when Dorothy started doxing me. LOL, well she tried anyways, but she never believed any of the real stuff about me, not when the stuff she made up was so much better for her delusional agenda. Still, Cristin had called me, wanting to ensure me she did not pass any info about me on to Dorothy. I wasn’t too upset, I had let plenty enough personal info of me slip through, that it wasn’t to hard for anyone to figure out who I was. Shit, it only took Son Of Man a few hours once he started looking. I wanted people to know I was just who I said I was… it made it easier to see through Dorothy’s tangled web of what I have always called, Dorothy Dog Shit. I’m getting off track… let me jump back on… So Cristin said she didn’t think Dorothy found anything on her own. Even though I said to her all I just wrote here, she still didn’t think Dorothy could have figured it out by herself. Cristin then mentioned a detective that Dorothy worked with… guess who? Yep… Petey!  Since then Dorothy herself had mentioned Pete helped her with putting together some kind of dossier on me that she has turned into the FBI. LMFAO! So it seems like this Pete guy, this ex cop, wannabe detective, looked into me for the queen nut troll herself, Dorothy Price Hill. That’s a big strike 3!

But Dorothy says in the e-mail above that it was Cristin who introduced Pete to her. So how much did Cristin work with Pete? And although Cristin insisted she never discussed me with Dorothy, there are many places where Dorothy has said they looked up things on me together. And I’m pretty sure they did. Some of my friends that Dorothy went after in comments I know came from stuff Cristin looked up (‘Member Tattoo Mike? Yea, I member).

So for a while now I have been keeping Pete on the back burner, seeing where he stood in all this and why he would work with a nut like Dorothy. So far I have not met one credible person who worked with Dorothy. Remember that list includes, Jen, Fluke, and MM7. Well, Pete, it’s time to come off that back burner. Welcome to the blog!

It will be nice to have someone new to write about, I know everyone is tired of Fluke and Dorothy. I have covered that side of it in quite detail. It’s time to take a look at the other side… the side that followed that group of nuts from Websleuths to LISK.com to Catching LISK and finally to my blogs, where they would all scatter. We can’t discus that side without bringing up NERD or PS149. And right here I did bring them up. I had a few things posted here that I had figured out. Some of it was wrong, but enough of it was dead on. Since this post has been sitting around all year this is part that I decided to take out since NERD contacted me  a few weeks back and came clean. Yea, lots of what I had written here was right on. Thank you to those who helped me along the way. NERD, I wanted desperately to know who you were. Now I do, so there is no need to go on any more about this. I’ll just say PS149 is not Hackett, as if I even have to say that, lol. I really don’t think it matters much, other than MM7, I think I was the only one concerned with who NERD was. And that was mainly because I thought they could be some help figuring out some of the Websleuthers involved in the game aspect of this. All in all  the stuff we talked about leads right to where I knew it all really began. Websleuths! And that’s just where this post went next:

When I first started blogging about LISK.com, people told me I should check out Websleuths. They said that’s where Fluke and MM7’s games really started. From there, feelings on Websleuths were mixed. Some said it was just as bad as LISK.com with  clicky commenters who pounce on ya if you ain’t part of their group. They said it was full of self-righteous trolls  and so-called insiders playing all three sides of the coin (front, back, and the circular rim). While others told me that Websleuths was full of good people just trying to help and that it’s moderators do their best keeping out the trolls. Both sides were right. Although it would be a while before I would finally check out Websleuths and see this for myself. You see at the time there had been some issues at Websleuths. There was an inner fight between the sites owners. As well as an issue with some of its sleuths sleuthing each other, which resulted in a handful of them (including Flukeyou and MM7) being kicked off the site. The site also went through some operational changes making it only possible to read on the site if you made an account for it. Just knowing that much about it kept me away. I had enough dealing with the screen names of LISK.com and Catching LISK, I had no intentions of going through countless more on another site.

I would eventually make a Websleuths account though. And yes, there are some good people there and yes some of the moderators try to keep the troll games away. But it’s no different from any other place on the internet and has seemed to fall way to catfish and sock puppets. I know a lot of you are gonna argue with me on this point. Tell me that Websleuths has helped solve cases, identify Johns and Janes, and gives arm-chair detectives a chance to get together and help. All very, true but dosen’t chance what I just said about it. Let me remind you… Jennifer G. is on Websleuths. Flukeyou was on Websleuths were made such a mess they kicked him off. Cristin and Candyce were on Websleuths, were kicked off, but they both told me they just made new accounts and got back on. So this is the types of sleuths setting the stage for its threads. And although I have really only checked out the LISK threads, I am told this kind of stuff goes on in other threads as well.

And before you try to say that’s just a small handful who were quickly kicked out (and then went right back in), let me move on with this post and get to the good stuff. The Websleuthers who may have connections to Dorothy. They may have been some of those screen names that followed over to Cristin’s blog, because it had a few Websleuthers there, that I’m sure of. They are definitely candidates for the nut gallery. And they are definitely playing the same types of games as Dorothy, Joe Jr, Jen, and Cristin.

Let’s start with To Kill A Mockingbird, aka kitty katy, aka Alice Cooper aka Oak Beach, aka Chris Lovejoy, and countless other screen names. You don’t know how long I have been wanting to deal with you. You seem more bi-polar than anyone I know involved in this, and let’s not forget, we had the likes of Nancy, Son Of Man, and Dorothy Price Hill. You outshine them all!  And it’s not just the multiple screen names you use all over social media. One minute you are helping John Ray and the next you are trashing him. You claim you were friends with Mari but you call the Gilberts liars. You claim to have all sorts of inside information that can prove what really happened to Shannan, but every time you put something up, you quickly yank it down. You go around telling everybody how wrong they are, but what have you done? You say you’ve done so much and I agree. You’ve done plenty to fuck with people. Well, we are about to get way up in your shit sweetie. I’m pretty sure you saw it coming though. I definitely have left some clues. Welcome to the blog TKAMB!

Now most of you don’t know this, but TKAMB sometimes works with another Websleuths member you know as Hawkshaw. They make quite the dynamic duel. Hawkshaw, I’d welcome you to the blog, but I already did that up above.

Who else? Hoot Owl? Yea, what’s your connection to Dorothy? Or is it TKAMB? I can’t shake the felling you are one of them or know one of them… You definitely like to play games like one of them. Why? Feel free to answer anytime. Oh, and welcome to the blog! Though I have a feeling I also already welcomed you above.

That leaves us with MCME. I have been watching you for a while. You claim to be an Oak beach insider… and that may just be true. All the more reason for me to keep my eye on you. A few names have come up on who you might be (It’s great how you all sleuth each other, it makes it so much easier for me). One of those names is a familiar one and keeps coming up. I’m not gonna drop it though… I’m trying hard not to be a name dropper like Dorothy up there in that email. Besides when you let enough time pass, most of you out yourselves or one of your buddies do it for ya. MCME, you have said (wrote) a few things over the years that have me wondering about you. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it you who said you walked your dog in the marsh where Shannan would later be found? Didn’t you say she wasn’t there? I find these comments hard to believe. And if I’m right and you did make those comments, well that just makes me wonder if you are connected to any of these other nuts. If I am remembering wrong and you did not make those comments, please let me know, I don’t want to be putting out wrong information. Either way, welcome to the blog!

As I sit here reading over this post and coming up with some clever way to end it, something like I’m here to remind you that bullshit does not pay (it’s from the Eminem song above, don’t tell me you didn’t listen to it, go, listen to it) Anyways, as I sit here looking at this post I know that once I hit the “Publish” button I am opening up a whole new can of worms. Heading deeper into that rabbit hole. Peeling another layer off that onion.

I’m my own worst enemy.

62 thoughts on “Let’s Get Down To Bussiness

  1. Thank you ZERO.
    On so many levels I say thank you to you and I shall be forever grateful. Mainly for once and for all putting to rest that I am not Charles Peter Hackett or LISK (and for keeping my real name off out of three blog since I am not related in any way to this case other than through Websleuths.com where all I tried to do was bring to seek the truth and help solve the case.

    So much to say about this post. I’ll try to get to it tonight.

    • Lol, I think of this song from time to time, when I hit a good post or 2. I’m surprised I haven’t used it for a post yet. If you guys likeed the last few posts the next one is gonna knock your socks off. Just call me the fire marshal!

  2. As you once was kind enough to write about Truthspider (loriginal here: https://liskdotcom.wordpress.com/tag/brendan-murphy/) and give us this intel;

    So who is Truthspider? This was posted on LISK.com October 2011:

    GQ Magazine UK Article About The Long Island Serial Killer Case

    The article is informative yet it also contains this entertaining twist;

    Remember the movie “Dinner For Schmucks” where the corporate execs bring these people who they know are idiots together for a dinner party where the idiots have no clue they are being made fun of? Well this GQ magazine article features real life “Idiots” who agreed to be interviewed for the article because they thought that GQ seriously was interested in their so called “Expertise”.

    I don’t know which idiot I find to be the most pathetic. It’s either the two self-declared superheroes “Zero” and “Shade” in their full body uniforms or the poor weasel amateur detective from Long Island named Brendan Murphy who is driving around the beach in his bullet proof van spying on the residents with the van’s built in periscope!!!!

    These idiots are really entertaining. Sick part is, not one of them realized that they were being made a mockery of when they agreed to the interviews and photo shoots?

    Now here is the really sick part- I joined that website Websleuths.com to view the posts made by Brendan Murphy as he mentions in the GQ article. I have identified him as having the username “TRUTHSPIDER” on that website. Sick thing is, this guy is OBSESSED with Dr. Charles Peter Hackett. He is so obsessed with the doctor that his avatar photo on Websleuths is a picture of the doc. I also found numerous discussions where this guy Brendan “Truthspider” Murphy (if that is even his real name) has posted all sorts of fake information about Dr. Hackett. It’s almost as if he is trying to frame Dr. Hackett for Shannan Gilbert’s disappearance as well as all of the LISK murders.

    Even crazier, in that GQ magazine article and on Websleuths, Brendan Truthspider Murphy admits that he has strong ties to law enforcement and a thorough knowledge of law enforcement because his dad is a former prosecutor for the district attorney’s office and has very much political pull because he now works for one of the largest law firms on Long Island. Likewise, Brendan Murphy admits that he has a thorough knowledge of Gilgo, Oak Beach and the entire Jones Island area from Jones beach to Robert Moses because his grandfather built over 80 homes there and Brendan was involved his whole childhood with constructing docks and bridges.

    The article talks about the former drug enforcement agency van that he purchased. It’s bullet proof, sound proof, has a battery well and a dry ice pellet air conditioning system as well as a periscope. Sounds to me like it’s the perfect crime scene on wheels. He can abduct someone and park that van anywhere to murder someone without anyone on the outside knowing what’s going on or having the ability to stop him. And since it looks like a law enforcement vehicle and since he portrays himself as an “amateur detective” who is hot on this case, he can easily pretend he is law enforcement without anyone thinking otherwise.

    At the very least, someone had better alert the authorities or Dr. Hackett’s family to be on the lookout for this stalker and his 1989 Ford Econoline van. This person clearly has something wrong with him. just look at how he is holding his hands in that photo in the magazine. it’s as if the GQ magazine editors are sending a message to all of us that they keyed in on this character for a reason.

    Submitted through email by: Lance

    When I read this post the first thing I thought was, SOME ONE ELSE CALLED ZERO?

    So let me just state now, I am not this Zero.


    And now that I just went and read this article in GQ (link above), I again want to say, I am not that Zero.

    I also wonder who ” William Wallace” is. The article says he is (or was, the article is from November 2011) a poster on LISK.com, but unfortunately I have never seen any post or comments by this Screen Name, but it seems we do have our Truthspider, at least that’s what was portrayed on LISK.com, with the Screen Name “Brendan” posting there. But as we have seen and will see, any one can be anyone on LISK.com.

    For now let’s assume that the SN Brendan on LISK.com is also Truthspider and he is the guy interviewed in this GQ article, or if not Brendan then maybe John as was recently posted on MM7’s blog.

    Margaret Sherick says:

    February 20, 2013 at 8:57 pm and by the way all you dumb asses wasting your time writing useless shit on this blog, Truthspider is not Brendan Murphy. TRUTHSPIDER IS JOHN MURPHY. His dad is DANIEL J BYRNES, a NYS SUPREME COURT LAW CLERK for a judge in the Riverhead Supreme court. His brother, MICHAEL MURPHY was a LIFE GUARD for many years before he joined the Navy. JOSEPH SCALISE (FLUKEYOU) is the DIRECTOR OF LIFEGUARDS for long Island. That is how FLUKEYOU and TRUTHSPIDER have a connection.



    Now go back to whatever useless shit it is that you old farts do and also stop writing about AMANDA!!!

    So maybe Flukeyou and Truthspider aren’t the same, but two guys who joined together to help solve this, one a sleuther/private detective with a SUPER SCOOBY VAN and a resident from the community who knew a lot about other’s who lived in it. This would make Flukeyou the very person that many have been hinting at for a long time… Joey Scalise.

      • That’s what I’d love to know! Did it start with TS or JS!

        FYI TS has spent time on Fire Island (by his own admission on WS). One of the victims was found on fire Island. (FI JD) If we used JS’s math TS=LISK. 😂😯😱

  3. Then there is Nancy. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.

    She’s from SHIRLEY.


    One peek at her is all that is ever needed to know the truth;

  4. Happy New Years to y’all, with much love and much joy, and yes much laughter at Dot Hill – be sure and have too much fun and try to remember it all

  5. “Listen, it’s like poker!
    You can play your best, but you got to know when to fold your cards
    And take a rest
    And know when to hold your cards and hold your breath,
    And hope that nobody else is stacking the deck,
    Because I don’t need to tell you that life isn’t fair,
    It doesn’t care, it arbitrarily cuts off your air, and like
    You I want someone to say it’s OK
    But in the truest parts of our hearts everybody’s afraid
    We just unappreciated and overwhelmed
    Fighting so hard to hide our fear that were scaring ourselves
    You understand when I’m saying, cause you always did
    But it’s different in the words of a cowardly kid

    Slip out the back before they know you were there
    And at the worst you’ll see nobody cares,
    Cause you don’t wanna be around when it all goes down
    Even heroes know when to be scared!”

  6. “I slipped out the back before they know I was there
    I know you felt unprepared
    But every single time I was around, I just bring you down
    And I could tell that it was time to be scared!
    That’s why I slipped out the back before you knew I was there
    And I know the way I left wasn’t fair
    I didn’t want to be around just to bring you down
    I’m not a hero but don’t think I didn’t care!
    That’s why I slipped out the back before you knew I was there
    And I know the way I left wasn’t fair
    I didn’t want to be around just to bring you down
    I’m not a hero but don’t think I didn’t care!”

  7. One last post from me for 2016. Just have to say that one thing that MM7 did get right was the Feingold connection and now “Leanne” has stepped forward to confirm it all;

    “#BreakingNews On #LiNewsRadio
    In the wake of Thursday’s revalations that a prostitute, Leanne, claims she had sexual contact with Suffolk’s former police chief, #JamesBurke at parties in #OakBeach in 2011, a source close to the investigation revealed today that the home is directly across from one owned by Robert Stricoff, and the address registered to Friends of #SteveBellone, the current Suffolk County Executive. The source also revealed that the parties may or may not have begun at Stricoff’s home, a house purchased from Harry Feingold in 2004. Feingold spent 10 years in prison on drug charges and was known to have run an escort service following his release.#LongIsland #LiNews”

    This confirms what this famous post by Hawkshaw has cemented into our brains;

    Lead [-]

    Posts: 4982
    Jan 12 13 4:03 PM
    631-516 Politics Star Blogger
    TAGS : None

    “Investigation”, if you want to call it that. I have been away for a very long time. I was constantly assured I wasn’t banned…it must have been a ‘computer glitch’. And Howdy Doody doesn’t have wooden you know whats.
    I suspect that soon after this post goes public I will be having another round of glitches.

    OK, my general sense of the situation is the cops have so many ‘bodies’ lying around the place they can’t possibly pursue the case because it will involve some pretty interesting people in Suffolk politics, law enforcement, and the business community. I believe there is a connection with the murders and the sex and drug trade in Suffolk, mainly, in the area where the bodies were found.

    Too many unexplainable ( to me, at least ) began happening that aroused my suspicions:

    1. Joseph Brewer, the Oak Beach resident that secured the services of Shannan Gilbert appears to have been quickly eliminated as a person of interest. We know Shannan was a prostitute whose services were secured by Brewer from her advertisement on Craig’s List. Mr.Brewer was to have mentioned to say he didn’t hire her for sex.. She wound up dead not far from the Brewer house and after she made a 23 minute phone call to the 911 operator saying, among other things: “they are going to kill me.”

    2. 4 other ‘advertisers’ on Craig’s List were also found dead at Oak Beach………..I didn’t know Oak Beach had a special cemetary for prostitues.

    3. The medical examiner and the police commissioner said Shannan died from unknown causes. The then-police commissioner said she must have been on drugs and became disoriented. Must have been entagled in the brush, panicked,fell into the mud and drowned. He also said her clothes which were not found on her body must have gotten hooked on the brush and tore off her tight fitting jeans. BUT SHE WASN’T MURDERED………..

    4. /TOM SPOTA jumping head first into the issues. Mr.DA, let the investigation proceed. You have plenty of time to get involved once they have a perp.

    5. The unfound rumor spead around that the owner of a Deer Park Nursery business was the killer. How did that one go viral on the Internet, Mr.DA?

    6. A detective writes a letter to Newsday describing the valient efforts made to identify the persons involved in the deaths of the 10 persons found. He said he heard Shannan’s 911 23 minute phone call and said there was no evidence she was in distress. Sure, everybody calls 911 for a chit chat at 5am and speaks for 23 minutes. Funny thing is the PD or DA won’t release the tape for everyone to hear and judge for themselves what is BS and what is NOT BS.


    In the 1980’s there was this fellow that lived in the Town of Islip and Babylon that was a very big drug dealer. His name was Harry Feingold. We know he was a drug dealer because he was convicted of such in Suffolk County court. But a funny thing happened on the way to prison….he made a detour and went to a federal prison to serve out his time. The SIC corruption investigation and a federal investigation promplty ensued.

    In 1995, Harry was released and it has been shown he went into various parts of the sex business. He advertised freely on the Internet and in papers. He usually had gals described as strippers or prostitutes on his arm. Maybe he kept a piece of the drug business, maybe he did not. But now he is engaged in what most believe to be the reason why all these gals were murdered : sex and drugs.

    In the Year 2000, Harry comes back to Oak Beach and buys a house located at 58 Savannah. He pays $225,000.00. In May of 2004 he sells the same house for $825,000.00! Real estate records during that time ( 2004) place the value near 450K. It really takes a strange turn. The new buyer that appears to have paid a 400K premium for the house is none other than the Town of Babylon’s IDA Chairman, Robert Stricoff. Gee, I hope he isn’t making deals for Babylon using that formula for the taxpayers.

    Mr.Stricoff is also supposed to be a fund raiser for Stevie Bellone. I am told the Savannah location is now HQ for all things Bellone and his policial ambitions.

    Now I am not any kind of expert on financial matters, but I think I am some expertise on crime. I kind of think that when a person of Mr.Stricoff’s stature gets involved in a financial deal and pays double the worth of the property then something is wrong.

    What do you think?”

    And take a look at this recent article describing how there is a divide now among the Democrats;


    Timeline of the feud
    1977. Richard Schaffer, 13, moves onto Marcy Street in North Babylon. Steve Bellone, six years younger, lives across the street.

    1995: Schaffer, the Babylon Town supervisor, hires Bellone as a $30,000 a year aide in the public information office.

    1997: Bellone wins a seat on the town board.

    2000: Schaffer becomes Suffolk County Democratic Party chairman.

    2001: Bellone becomes Babylon supervisor.

    2011: Schaffer raises almost $1 million for Bellone’s campaign for Suffolk County executive, and helps him secure the Democratic nomination. Bellone is elected in November.

    April 2013: Bellone meets with Schaffer, Babylon Town Democratic Party chairman Robert Stricoff and deputy county chairman Jon Schneider and presents a plan to reform county government. Bellone includes a list of 17 officials or party leaders he wants removed, according to Schaffer.

    December 2013: Against Bellone’s wishes, the Suffolk legislative Democrats pick Legis. DuWayne Gregory (D-Amityville) as the new presiding officer.

    January 2014: Schaffer says he is informed that Stricoff and Bellone are planning to try to oust him as county Democratic chairman. Stricoff’s attorney denies that such an effort took place.

    July: Schaffer begins an audit of the Stricoff. The audit, which finds that Stricoff overpaid himself as much as $125,000 in salary and expenses, is forwarded to the district attorney’s office.

    October 2015: Schaffer says Bellone breaks his commitment to help fund Democratic legislative campaigns. Schaffer loans the county party $80,000 and gets $115,000 in loans from friends.

    November 2015: Bellone wins re-election as county executive.

    April 2016: The state Board of Elections takes over Stricoff probe.

    May 2016: Bellone calls on Suffolk County District Attorney Spota to resign. Schaffer discourages county Democratic lawmakers from getting involved in the dispute.

    Now here is a thought… what if the placement of the bodies near Oak Beach was all part of a conspiracy to frame Stricoff/Bellone and make them look bad?

    What if it wasn’t a coincidence that officer Melia and his dog went sniffing around Ocean Parkway so many miles away from where SG was last seen?

    What if the Manorville remains and the Hempstead Lake state park remains were placed there AFTERWARDS to further bring heat onto the other side of this feud?

    It is clear that Spota & Burke were on the Schaffer’s side of this feud. They controlled the investigation. So many at websleuth believe that they were covering up for someone. What if it was blackmail or a conspiracy of some sorts to (like a power play?).

    What if?

    What if?

    What if?

    So many “What if’s”.

    Suddenly I find myself a HUGE John Ray fan.

    What in the world is happening?

  8. I think it’s important to note that Hawkshaw tried their best to get info out and try to figure it out. Some of his theories on what he believed was happening are starting to pan out – just like many of our theories have been proven or disproven over time simply by info. People need to make sure when to delineate theory from fact. That’s where we get into territories where there are massive misunderstandings. Hawkshaw really had a passion for figuring it out if memory serves correct.

    • yea, I know i’m gonna get this . But i see the whole picture, and trust me, it’s not good. wait till you read the next post. I know people like hawkhaw… sorry i just can’t. and not just because he worked with dorothy or looked up personal stuff on me. It’s because he’s part of all that is going on at websleuths that is bad. why waist time looking up stuff on me for a nut like dorothy, why work with dorothy at all. But again, I’m not even focused on that… I’m off that group for a minute. Hawkshaw and TKAMB… trust me they are toxic. And websleuths, sorry but It’s part of the game.

      • Yes if people would just read. I know you do Annie. Remember many had issues with you here and I stepped in. People all need to stop going at each other I agree. But this is not the place where that can stop. It’s going on out there everywhere, and not just in LISK sites. Yes I Sino down to show the truth. See it or not. It’s still the truth.

      • I think Annie just needs to get caught up a bit. She’s missed a lot of what’s been going on. Annie, I’m 100 percent behind zero and what he does here. He’s the only one trying to fix what everyone else ignores. And he’s doing one hell of a job. Once you catch up, you’ll see this.

      • I was kind of playing the narcissistic blogger for Maureen’s benefit. To go back-n-forth with crazy or stupid people is ridicules. I have to do it to show how dumb it is, as well to show all the trouble it has caused me. We are all our own worse enemy. It is the main theme here that no one sees. Annie is a prime example of how this blog does help. She reads between the lines and takes away good things. Annie as well as quite a few others is exactly why I take pride in my blogs. And we will get there. I sort of just pulled the curtain back again, didn’t want to yet. But it was worth it. Glad to see you back Annie.

  9. P.s. Spots. Reared the monster that is Burke imho. He made that guy feel untouchable and protected his corrupt ass all the way. I hope they all go away for a long time!

    • yes, that is true. and hawkshaw is in the position to know all about Spota and Burke. But as we all are learning (and I’m trying hard to show) insiders with obsessions do damage even if they are right about some things.

      • So who is HS?

        Is he a man who sincerely cares about getting justice for the victims found along OP? A man who believes that there is a real connection between the powers that be and the murders?
        Is he a man obsessed with exposing the corruption in SCPD and DA’s office? A man willing to use these murders to further his agenda?

        I always got the impression that his main motive is exposing the corruption. Still, I’d like to think he’s one of the good guys.

      • We are just about to get to pete/hs. You are correct on the second part. He was a cop whose son in law(also a cop) was kicked off the force. HS thinks his son in law was set up by Burke, but I don’t buy it. Still HS Dorothy especially know all about how corrupt the LI LE is so yes he has made some good observations. But he also can be an ass. Makes racist comments online, and my readers no I don’t do well with that. I wanted to contact him long ago, but I just figured he was someone I would clash with and I wasn’t looking to pick fights with an old man. But he worked with Dorothy. And now he works with TKAMB… And he is beyond obsessed with Burke. I just want people to know the motives and actions of those who are trying to narrate the LISK case

      • Annie just a reminder, when you first came hers you thought Hackett was LISK because of the games and lies on the internet. And last you were here you said Hawkshaw was a good guy trying to do the right thing. So what I doing obviously is helping show truth, and those who call me stupid or narcissistic or that I attack anyone or don’t know what I’m talking about.lol, man I don’t want to explain any more. Everyone just stop reading here. Drink the Koop aide and be oblivious in you content. I don’t care any more.

      • Oh I know. You read my posts and see what he has been saying for years. Racist mean stuff, he said he would kill jurors if he could! That’s my point. I may be just as bad as the rest going back-n-forth with them, but I’m showing everyone why I feel each of these p people should not be encouraged to do what they are doing, and we haven’t even gotten into Joh Rays influence on each of these nuts. But if I was to go away right now, after 4 years of showing what is really going on with people who connect themselves to the LISK case, it will just continue on. People still listen to DPH, and look how easy it was for Jerry to get into so many people’s lives and screw this shit up 3 times as bad as it was just a few months ago. When I’m gone it will all continue. I know this. Which is why I have to make sure my last posts on all this don’t hold back. But everyone can stop reading if they feel it’s all just mean attacks on stupid people. I suggest the opposite, read more and see it for what it really is. Either way, rest assured, my part in all this is coming to ban end.

      • I hope your part doesn’t come to an end 😦 I think its just sad that these people fuck with things and then have to be called out on it (b/c we dont fuck with them as you would say lol). Just the whole situation is sad. I think about the victims of the LISK case often and fuck man… is this the bullshit they died for? For people to use their deaths as a way to get attention or further their own agenda due to past grievance. I wont stop reading as I believe in what you are exposing. It is very important especially for people like me who almost were lead down the rabbit hole by these people who began to misrepresent the facts in the case. I honestly feel is they identify the unidentified persons in the case so much more will come to light for the FBI.

      • And the internet misinfo defo made me so confused and really is annoying so I understand why you want to expose it.

      • But really Annie, of course I agree with you. And we will get there. You are just ahead of schedule, lol. And Jerry’s sudden involvement in all this did set us back a little. I promise though, by the end of this blog all those things you just said will be adressed. Those who stick around long enough will see it. Read don’t read. I ain’t banging on people’s door and telling them to come here. Well Maureen thinks that’s how I do it. The end of this place is near. Everyone should rejoice.

  10. I think DPH IS TKAMB. Because of her language in the email she sent you (see other post) “sex/human trafficking” being words that SS TKAMB CLJ OB and others have consistently used to describe their own efforts to help in the case.

    Correct me if I’m mistaken but SS is the real person behind these posts right? Is SS also the person who “helped” put AC in prison for trafficking MW.

    Please correct/enlighten me if I’m wrong. I really want to know who’s behind the nonsense and I have no interest in spreading more misinformation.

    • I’m confused. You said you think tkamb is dph but you also put tkamb’s initials? Are you saying you think dph and ss are the same person? Or maybe I’m just reading your comment wrong?

      • It just seems like they are all one. Some thought Dorothy and Jen were the same person. And I admit, Candyce and Sussie seem like they are one person some times. But I keep finding real people behind it.I wish it was all one nut… But it is quite a few of them.

      • Well unless S.S. is another fake account she could be Dorothy. You know most people still tell me they think Dorothy is a fake account. But she is real. And SS is real. All real people unfortunately.

  11. It’s an interesting phenomenon. That there are so many nutcases drawn murder. 😱 I’m not referring to those of us who sleuth the case from a respectful distance. ☺ I’m talking about those who insert themselves into the lives of the families of the victims and those who play online games 😠 These people clearly don’t have any boundaries. It’s frightening.

    • Yea. And I know a lot of these same people do it in other cases. Dorothy had an attorney threaten to use her because of her interfering in the case and slandering of him and his client. But LISK does have circumstances that makes it a bigger target for this kind of interaction

      • I think the more these trolls/interlopers/sock puppets/idiots are exposed, the less fun it’ll be for them.

        Keep up the good work. It’s understandable to communicate occasionally online to the victims families ,(because they participate in online forums discussing the murders) but there should also be boundaries.

      • Thanks I hope your right we do see it happen with some of them… I don’t see how TKAMB can continue her tactics now. She needs to get rid of her multiple accounts and stop bad mouthing everyone and well… we shall see what she does. I still have a few posts to go on Websleuths and the likes of TKAMB… so we shall see how they all go from here.

    • And a lot of this group, mm7, Dorothy, Cansdyce, Nancy, Jen, had bad experiences with men and relationships. They relate to the victims and we’ll so much more… it’s just a conundrum. And when I first read at MM7s blog I thought it was fake, then I thought it was a serial killer stalking the internet, then I thought what ever it really is, it’s messed up, these people are really injecting themselves in the case. But I will be honest, that’s not hard to do. I tried not to sleuth or get involved with people in the case, the families etc. I was just writing about some sleuths or trolls or combination of them. But because they are all so involved in the case they can’t be separated. Missy Can and Mari heard about my blog and came to it. Reporters contacted me. To me I’m like WTF, how can it be this involved, how can so much information get passed around so easily and mixed with insane story’s, again if I put out all the emails I have gotten over the last 3 years. And everyone has collections of screen shots and emails and taped phone calls… it just takes on a life of its own.

    • As I’m sure is true for you, I cringe every time I had to submit something concerning an MP/UID to even Namus let alone contact a coroner’s office. I had to contact a family member of an MP once to request he put his DNA in the system to see if a match shows up. I wanted to throw up the entire time. It is not a fun or happy volunteer job. It takes a bit of your soul every time (even if you do provide closure).

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